Power Circle – Rabbit Tracks

Manifesting in 2023 with Kuan Yin’s Power Circle and Rabbit Tracks

Tuning in and going with the flow of nature is a difficult thing for most human beings. We’ve been trained since childhood to use force and effort to accomplish our aims. In fact, in many circles, it’s considered a weakness to behave in any other way.

Kuan Yin's Power Circles - Rabbit TracksSince 2009, Kuan Yin has been co-creating with us to find another, more peaceful way for you to manifest your goals called “The Power Circle of Life – Ten Stages of Natural Physical Manifestation.” This process has been inspired by Reiki, Tibetan Energy Work, Feng Shui and Hawaiian Huna, and has been developed for those who truly desire to create in alignment with Nature. In that way, they can experience the abundance and joy of surrendering to the flow of creativity or “happiness”.

The purpose of each Stage in the Power Circle of Life is to illuminate how you can be more in the flow in any situation and this year, Kuan Yin has partnered with the Rabbit Animal Totem to help us manifest more effectively in the New Paradigm…

Animal Totem Tracks with the Rabbit

It’s time to make friends with the positive Rabbit archetype and use her gentler energy to invite more peace and prosperity into your life. 

RabbitRabbit positive energy traits: Docile. Peaceful. Fertile. Tender. Quiet. Gentle. Cautious and Considerate.

Reversed energy traits: Irresolute. Skittish. Stubborn. Timid. Escapist and tending to Procrastination.

With this series of Ten Power Circles we will get to know the the gentle and considerate qualities of the Rabbit and utilize her quiet courage and quick response to danger.

Before you get started with the Power Circle, contemplate a few basic questions with the Rabbit Feng Shui Mandala.

If you’re tempted to go down a certain path, ask yourself, “Does this feel right? Could I be tricking myself?” The trickster aspect of Rabbit medicine knows better than to fight with things that are out of her league or to follow a path that has led to danger in the past.

If you’ve been down this road before, ask yourself, “What is the benefit of returning here? Has it yielded benefits in the past? How did they turn out? What, if anything, doesn’t smell right about this? What would be different this time?” Rabbit knows from experience that fear, malice and sabotage have a distinct smell. She knows when it’s wise to retreat and tend to the safety of her own burrow. In this set of games you will learn to recognize if something is off or out of sync. 

Not only that, Rabbit’s fertility and connection with family, community and prosperity is legendary. She lives in groups and has learned to be considerate of the neighbors living in her warren. Living in common ground is her home turf. What a lovely metaphor and teaching for us human beings at this time!

Rabbit Tracks in the New Paradigm

Invite the Rabbit’s quiet courage and cooperative nature to inspire new ways to communicate and relate with one another this Winter in the New Paradigm.

What Process Is Best for Me – Right Now?

There are 10 Stages of Physical Manifestation to choose from ~

Old Sol - Rabbit Tracks
Old Sol

 1. Inspiration
2. Attention
3. Intention
4. Adaptation
5. Perception
6. Organization
7. Decision
8. Determination
9. Celebration
10. Completion

Each Stage has a game that Rabbit and Kuan Yin recommends for successful manifesting in 2023. Please note: Many people are feeling completely stuck. If that’s happening for you, start with Blockages to Happiness.

The first step is to take a moment to look at Old Soul (your higher guidance) and think about what you’re hoping to create. Then, ask your heart:

“What Stage would be most useful for me to look at now?”
Or you could ask yourself:
“Which number between 1 and 10 represents the best self awareness process for me right now – or is the best place to start?”

Remember to take the very first number that comes to you, because that is your Inner Wisdom speaking or your intuition.
Once you have your number, scroll down the list and check out that process. You might be surprised at what you chose, because your Higher Self has access to information that you do not. Trust your first response and explore the exercise anyway. Rabbit is particularly good at sniffing out trouble that needs to be handled before you commit to jumping down that Rabbit Hole!

If you have a journal, make notes of important insights and ideas that come to you during the process, or use the back of the paper if you prefer. Feel free to sketch if you like. This is the intuitive way to determine which exercise is best for you right now!

Suggestion: Early on in your journey with Rabbit, go through Open Your Heart and Make Friends to develop a truly co-operative relationship!

Of course, if you want, you can always get help with Rheanni if you want more private coaching. Her contact info can be found at the bottom of this page…

1. Inspiration – Birthing a Heartfelt Desire

Power Circle - Rabbit Tracks InspirationRabbit says, “When you come upon tasty morsels and helpful resources, take full advantage of the opportunity.” Without a doubt, she recommends using prosperous energy to manifest prosperity. Enhance and refine your awareness of what is genuinely beneficial to your health, your projects and your relationships.

Confirm that What You Want to Nourish Will Nourish You. (Three Parts)

2.  Attention – Focusing the Desire

Rabbit Tracks Power CircleRabbit warns, “If you don’t feel it’s safe to go down a rabbit hole, don’t go down it! If you decide to travel  a path that doesn’t feel joyful, you probably won’t enjoy it once you get to your destination!” Find a way out of this no-win situation by taking some time in the beginning to examine what’s really going on and make joy your priority.

Get a New Perspective by Going For Joy, Rather than Perfection.

3. Intention – Voicing the Desire

Power Circle: Rabbit Tracks - IntentionRabbit is known as a trickster, but she also doesn’t want to get tricked herself! “Make sure your intentions don’t have hidden sabotage buried in them. Be sure to ask for help from those who are liable to give it.” Commune with your Soul to create an authentic request that will bring together the needed elements for attracting your highest good.

Ask for Healing from the Past and Set New Intentions for Peace and Prosperity. 

 4. Adaptation – Expanding an Awareness of the Possibilities

Power Circle: Rabbit Tracks - AdaptationWhen something has gone awry with your plans yet another time, Rabbit recommends digging down into the details. “Be careful whose garden you’re nibbling from. Meddling in other people’s business is always a dangerous proposition!” You may need to go back to where the misunderstanding began to find the right pieces to your puzzle.

Use the Power of Your Word to Let Go of Old Conflicts and Confusion.

5. Perception – Activating the Imagination 

Power Circle: Rabbit Tracks - PerceptionRabbit tells us not to get tricked by our own imaginations. “Don’t let old habits and limitations fool you! When making changes or starting something new – make sure your vision is uplifting, safe and prosperous.” Are you seeing it right? What criteria are you using? If you sincerely ask for the very best you’re liable to get it.

Use Your Imagination to Help You Visualize Success.

6. Organization – Refine and Prioritize

Power Circle: Rabbit Tracks - Organization“Before you jump into a rabbit hole – first of all – make sure it’s yours! Secondly, check that you’ve got what you need to be peaceful, prosperous and happy. Thirdly – in case your plan doesn’t work out – make sure you have a way out.” Your Soul has a distinct feel and its own ways of creating happiness. Make sure your energy, efforts and direction are organized around and guided by your Soul.

Following Your Path in the Year of The Chariot.

7. Decision – Conscious Alignment of Energy

Power Circle: Rabbit Tracks - DecisionRabbit medicine has good advice about making decisions in CHANGING conditions… “Keep alert and flexible. Take advantage when true opportunities present themselves. However, things could change quickly. If you find yourself in a dangerous place, get out of there, post haste! When escape is out of the question, patiently wait for an opening or solutions to present themselves. Then, once they do – take quick action.”

Use Intuitive Guidance for Decisions and Specific Actions to Take.

8. Determination – Follow Through 

Power Circle: Rabbit Tracks - DeterminationFollowing through effectively is the Art of making sure your actions are timed correctly and that you trust your instincts about what you’re getting into. Let Rabbit help you develop an extra-sensory awareness about avoiding DANGER and being in the right place at the right time. “Train yourself to refine your senses. Fear and malice have a distinct smell, learn to recognize them.”

Develop Precognition and Stay Out of Trouble. 

9. Celebration – Experience of Success and Satisfaction

Power Circle: Rabbit Tracks - CelebrationRabbit knows that loving and taking good care of herself is the essence of her well-being and prosperity. She wants you to know that whether or not you know it, you are loved! Your true guides and angelic guardians love and care about you. “We just want to be sure you’re showing up for yourself in the ways that you need to be truly successful.”

Take a Quiz to Know How Well You’re Showing Up for Yourself.

10. Completion – Acceptance of the Circle of Life

Power Circle: Rabbit Tracks - Completion“The end of a cycle is the very best time to rest. Make sure your past business is finished so that you can be rested and fully able to commit yourself to the next cycle of creation.” Accept the importance of your karmic lessons and recollect yourself. Finish up any kind of business that needs finishing so that you can be more successful with what you want to create next.

Gather Your Essence and Integrate What’s Happened.

Please note: Many people are feeling completely stuck because they have chronic UNFINISHED BUSINESS where the psyche is unable to move on. If that’s happening for you, start with going through Blockages to Happiness.

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