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About Soul Resources LLC ~

We provide professional intuition training, life coaching and personal growth in Santa Fe New Mexico.

Personal Growth in Santa FeTechniques include: Reiki, Grail Reiki, Hypnosis, the Intuitive Learning Circles™, Medical Intuition, Regression Therapy, Energy Kinesiology, Feng Shui Consulting, Space Clearing, Chakra Healing & Past Life Clearing.

Our Story

Soul Resources, LLC was first formed in Portland, Oregon by Rheanni Lightwater and Bob Morrison in 2001 as a response to the unprecedented mental and emotional distress that began in America on 9/11. Their initial mission was to develop and teach effective techniques for helping people accept and adapt to change more readily.

In 2007, the couple moved their company to Albuquerque, NM where they taught Reiki and other mind/body healing methods. In 2011, Soul Resources became an Approved School by the American Board of Hypnotherapy to instruct professional Hypnosis Certifications.

Today, Soul Resources LLC is located in Santa Fe, New Mexico where both Bob and Rheanni conduct private sessions and professional training for personal growth.

Meet the Soul Resources Team

Bob and Rheanni have been life partners since 1998.

Rheanni was a bodyworker in Pasadena, CA when she met Bob, a teacher and professional musician. Together, they began a spiritual and healing journey that continues to this day.

Rheanni Lightwater


Personal Growth in Santa Fe through Advanced Energy Medicine.

Rheanni is a Colorado girl, so she feels right at home in Santa Fe. Before she got into the Healing Arts, Rheanni was in the theater and did some work as a stuntperson. Her thing is energy (life force) and how it moves or doesn't move. She specializes in trauma resolution, feng shui and is an award winning creator of the Intuitive Learning Circles™.

Robert S. Morrison DCH


Personal Growth in Santa Fe through Hypnotherapy.

Bob is a Pittsburgher transplanted to the West and prefers it here. He has worked extensively with drug and alcohol addiction issues. His thing is teaching people to trust themselves using hypnosis, life coaching, transpersonal healing, past life regressions and music.

Oh, and the Steelers. GO STILLERS!!!!!!

Why do clients choose Soul Resources?

  • We speak from experience and act from a genuine place of understanding.
  • Sessions are cooperative and of high integrity in an atmosphere of mutual respect.
  • Classes and sessions are fun, interactive and interesting.
  • Online sessions and groups trainings are available.
  • Techniques used are diverse and can range from general counseling to regression therapy or other transpersonal techniques.
  • We are knowledgeable, helpful and well educated.
  • Session prices are reasonable and are an exceptional value.
  • Client service does not stop after the session. On-going support, groups and classes are often a part of the treatment price.
  • Mutual trust between client and therapist is a priority.

Personal growth issues that we work with…

  • Relief for Job and Family Stress
  • Support for PTSD, Chemical Sensitivities & Serious Illness
  • Trauma Resolution
  • Emotional Distress - Fears and Phobias, Anger, Resentment
  • Goal Achievement - Career Goals, Sports Enhancement, Test Anxiety, Memory Enhancement
  • Relationship and Prosperity Issues
  • End of Life Issues
  • Boundaries, Energetic Protection, Attachments and Soul Retrieval.

Soul Resources Also Publishes Self-help Books

We are the exclusive publishers of the Intuitive Learning Circles™ inspired by the cycles of Nature and wisdom from various indigenous cultures. The technique is derived from "Design Therapy" as practiced by the native people of Peru. Both Rheanni and Bob have studied in the Amazon Jungle with various shamans from the Shipibo and Mestizo cultures.

The Intuitive Learning Circles™  have been tested extensively in medical clinics, individual therapy sessions, public schools and personal growth workshops where they consistently produce remarkable results.

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Today, the Circles are a motivating force of Soul Resources LLC and its mission of making support available to the general public through classes, this website and our on-line bookstore.

Soul Resources LLC is your Resource for Personal Growth in Santa Fe!

Find out how we can assist with online intuition training and group training to support your journey of self-care and personal growth in Santa Fe.

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