Mind Exercises

What if you had simple, step by step Mind Exercises that helped you be stronger, more resilient and able to embody your highest potential?

Mind Exercises using the Intuitive Learning Circles are like solving a puzzle where you can access answers to important questions and integrate them into your daily life!

By looking at a situation that concerns you from many different angles, you are invited to go deeper. Each exercise helps you calm the emotional centers of your brain and retrain yourself to think more clearly. Emotions can be felt and more easily released, which prevents stuffing, anxiety and stress.

Best of all, you are in charge!

Rheanni Lightwater

About Soul Resources LLC

Mind Exercises using the Intuitive Learning Circles have been created by Rheanni Lightwater and published by Soul Resources LLC.

These self-healing tools have been tested extensively in clinical and classroom settings, with both children and adults. In many cases, they have been the extra step that helped to transform chaotic, destructive situations into ones of greater health and harmony.

So, let’s explore the Intuitive Learning Circles and our Mind Exercises – what are they and how do they work?

Mind Exercises - Intuitive Learning Circles


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Intuitive Learning Circle Mind Exercises are a form of cognitive learning and nervous system rehabilitation based on the contributions of many fine teachers* and innovative systems of natural healing and personal growth, including:

Cranio-sacral Therapy, Hypnotherapy, Neuro-linguistic Programming, Somatic Education, Hanna Somatics, Biosomatics, Reiki,  Five Element Theory, Dream Work, Trans-generational Soul Work, Peruvian Shamanism, Hawaiian Huna, Regression Therapy, Feng Shui, Touch for Health, Vispassana Meditation, Applied Kinesiology, Tibetan Energy Work and Focusing.

*Special thanks is due to the late author and Chiropractor, Dr. Victor Beasley for his influential book, Intuition By Design. Without his ingenious design for energy geometrics, the Intuitive Learning Circle method would not exist.

They activate right/left brain integration.

The geometric patterns in the Intuitive Learning Circles engage your right brain (imagination & intuition). The images suggest a mild trance, which introduces relaxation into your somatic and autonomic nervous systems (the parts that are responsible for controlling bodily functions without conscious direction, like breathing or your heartbeat).

Right Left Brain Integration

The accompanying message, question or affirmation brings your left brain into play (linear thinking & logic). The words give you a structure for analyzing your relationship to a variety of concepts and possibilities for movement, healing and creativity. The result is a dynamic system for intuition training, self-exploration and personal growth!

The images work by having you breathe deeply while you look at them with a soft focus for one to two minutes. A longer or shorter time may be necessary. Each Circle could have a simple question or suggestion with it that stimulates your self-awareness.

Now that you know how they work, are you ready to experience some introductory Mind Exercises to improve your learning and decision making abilities?

Great! Gaze gently at the Circle and take several relaxing breaths…

Benefit #1 Open your heart to learning something new ~

Mind Exercises - Heart Chakra

Benefit #2: Increase somatic awareness and get centered.

You may want to move around and stretch your muscles. Great. Do it! The mind learns better when the body is involved…

Benefit #3: Relax and Calm Your Nervous System ~

Any truly effective healing method uses relaxation and the breath to calm the nervous system. Gaze softly at the Circle below and breathe deeply several times to help you create homeostasis. It helps if you can inhale through your nose. 

Breathe in on the count of three and slowly exhale on the count of five.

Slow down. Take your time. Connect with your own internal rhythm.

Intuitive Learning Circles for relaxation

Let any heaviness or anxiety that you may feel just lift up, out of your body.

Keep in mind that everyone has a different response as they explore these Mind Exercises.

With each process, you can go as deep or as light as you choose – and at your own pace. Simply engage with the Circles through your imagination and the suggested positive affirmations.  

Many people report that they move, rotate, vibrate or even change colors. This simply means that they’re working with you to stimulate creative brain activity. Just continue to relax and gaze at the Circle until it appears normal to you.

Benefit #4: Expand Creative Thinking ~

The question or affirmation that accompanies an Intuitive Learning Circle stimulates your cerebral cortex; igniting possibilities, solutions and self-awareness:

Relax and gaze at the center open area of this Circle. Ask yourself:

“What is something I would like to learn more about?”

If the Intuitive Learning Circles spark your curiosity, here are selected mind exercises for you to explore further:

Mind Exercises: Learning in the New Paradigm SeriesMind Exercises - Retrain Your Mind

Many people who want to explore the Intuitive Learning Circles come here because they’re experiencing a lot of negativity and frustration.

If that’s something you’re dealing with, this would be a good mind exercise for you to start with: Retrain Your Mind To Go For Joy.

It’s a great place to start with this learning method, because it explains some of the basic foundational principles.

How to be More Intuitive

How to Trust Your Gut Instinct

Mind Exercise 2: Intuition and Inner Guidance

Mind Exercises - Clear PerceptionIf you’re concerned about what direction you’re heading and how you can cultivate your inner guidance through animal medicine, you may be interested in Clear Perception.

This is a great exercise to help you slow down, get grounded and tune into your gut instinct by following the guidance of dog medicine. The process  will help you be sure you’re staying on track with what’s really important for you right now.


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Mind Exercises should not be considered as an exclusive method of treatment. The appropriate medical or psychotherapeutic authorities should be consulted for the diagnosis and treatment if there is any medical or psychological condition. The information and practices described on this website are best considered as an adjunct to orthodox medical or psychological treatments.

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