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Welcome to Soul Resources simple, step by step Mind Exercises

Create a place in your mind where you can be stronger, more resilient and able to embody your highest potential.

Mind Exercises using the Intuitive Learning Circles are like solving a puzzle where you can access answers to important questions and integrate them into your daily life!

By looking at a situation that concerns you from many different angles, you are able to solve your own puzzle. Mind Exercises give you a method that calms the emotional centers of your brain and retrains your mind to think more clearly. In addition, emotions can be felt and more easily released, which prevents stuffing, anxiety and stress.

Explore What You Can Do with Mind Exercises ~ 

♦ Learn how to tap into positive, life affirming energy and thoughts 

♦ Get help processing difficult emotions and confusing situations

♦ Improve cognitive function and decision-making skills

♦ Activate your instinctual knowing and natural self-healing abilities

Best of all, you are in charge! With each process, you can go as deep or as light as you choose – and at your own pace.

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Gifts from the Rainforest

Your Online, Interactive Manual for Self-healing
Available exclusively From Soul Resources LLC:

Animal Totems for Inner Guidanceby Rheanni Lightwater

Medicine for Healing the Modern Mind (Revised Practitioner’s Edition)

$59.95 Print Retail  |  $40.00 PDF Ebook

11” x 8 1/2” Spiral bound Manual
200 pages (157 illustrations)

Inspired by Design Therapy from the native tribes of the Amazon, the fifty eight Intuitive Learning Circles from Gifts from the Rainforest are healing and divination tools for anyone who wants to accelerate their spiritual growth and intuitive abilities. Included in the revised edition are eleven Animal Medicine Tutorials and additional ways of Making Friends with the Helpers of Spiritual Manifestation.

♦ Find emotional healing  ♦ Deal with repetitive habits & attitudes that keep you stuck  ♦ Develop common sense  ♦ Learn to trust your gut instincts.  ♦ Receive messages from plant, animal & nature spirits.

Animal Medicine Tutorials for Inner Guidance

Your Online Intuition Training To Facilitate  Self-Healing

Explore how you can use the Intuitive Learning Circles from Gifts from the Rainforest to accelerate your spiritual growth and intuitive abilities.

Tutorials and Mind ExercisesLearn self-healing techniques that are a fun way to help you:

  • Discover completely new ways of handling yourself
  • Break harmful habits that weigh you down, gently
  • Call on power animals for spiritual guidance and protection.

Learn about the Animal Medicine Tutorials


Animal Totem Tracks

Your Seasonal Membership Club for Personal Growth 

Learning to work with Animal Totem Tracks with Gifts from the Rainforest are part of a self-directed journey into the New Paradigm.

Mind Exercises - Animal Totem TracksChoose from five different tracks for each season:

  • 5 Plant or Animal Guides to assist you with self-care and personal growth
  • Develop a new working relationship with Mother Earth
  • Meet the challenges presented in the Aquarian Age
  • Make friends with Snake, Jaguar, Condor, Llama & Plant Spirits

 Learn about the Animal Totem Tracks


Chakra Balancing with Reiki Chakra Keys

Your Personal Energy Clearings for the Primary Chakras

Chakra balancing can clear toxic energy out of your system which improves both your physical and psychological health. This selection of chakra healing exercises uses Reiki Chakra Keys and Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs to help you generative life-affirming energy to form a healthy connection with Earth.

Mind Exercises for Reversals During RetrogradeThe Reiki Chakra Keys are a powerful way to direct and receive healing:

  • Step by step balancing exercise for each the primary chakras + more
  • Psychological implications for each chakra using Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs
  • Regular updates to help you adapt and stay on track with your health and psychological goals.

Experience Chakra Balancing with Reiki Chakra Keys

Special Project: SOS for Creating Your Path of Joy

Your mental / emotional resource for Resilience, self-healing and wellbeing in the New Paradigm.

Many people who want to explore our Mind Exercises come here to clear creative blocks and find answers for how to create the life they dream of living. This stress management collection nurtures empathic or highly sensitive people on their creative journey of healing and personal growth.

Creating Your Path of Joy provides mental, emotional and energetic help to enhance your health:

  • Reclaim your power
  • Stimulate self-worth and resilience
  • Develop a close connection with your True Self.

Learn about the possibilities in creating your personal Path of Joy

See all Soul Oriented Solutions for Self-care and Personal Growth


SOS – Self-care for Post Traumatic Stress

Your PTSD Workbook for Emotional Stress & Trauma

SOS Self-care for Post-traumatic Stress is a ptsd workbook of eleven self-care formulas and mind exercises, with additional workshops and activities that gently retrain the mind and manage the symptoms of PTSD or secondary trauma through the Intuitive Learning Circles.

Soul Oriented SolutionsSelf-care for Post Traumatic Stress is an excellent resource for those who want help with:

  • Feelings of anxiety, fear or overwhelm
  • Managing symptoms of post traumatic stress
  • Physical, mental, emotional and spiritual stress due to abuse.

Learn about the PTSD Workbook

See all Soul Oriented Solutions for Self-care and Personal Growth

Innovations Self-care Personal Growth-Physical

Rheanni Lightwater

About Soul Resources LLC

Mind Exercises using the Intuitive Learning Circles have been created by Rheanni Lightwater and published by Soul Resources LLC.

These self-healing tools have been tested extensively online in clinical and classroom settings, with both children and adults. In many cases, the Circles have helped them make choices to move out of chaotic, destructive situations and into a place of greater health and harmony.

Innovations Self-care Personal Growth-Physical

Mind Exercises are an award winning form of cognitive learning and nervous system rehabilitation based on the contributions of many innovative systems of natural healing and personal growth.

Mind Exercises activate right/left brain integration.

The geometric patterns in the Intuitive Learning Circles engage your right brain (imagination & intuition). The images suggest a mild trance, which introduces relaxation into your somatic and autonomic nervous systems (the parts that are responsible for controlling bodily functions without conscious direction, like breathing or your heartbeat).

Right Left Brain Integration

The accompanying message, question or affirmation brings your left brain into play (linear thinking & logic) which improves comprehension. The result is a dynamic system for intuition training, self-exploration and personal growth!

The images work by having you breathe deeply while you look at them with a soft focus for one to two minutes. A longer or shorter time may be necessary. In a Mind Exercise, each Circle has a simple question or suggestion that goes with that stimulates your awareness and self-healing abilities.

When you engage with Mind Exercises, this is what you can receive ~

♦ New, more nurturing ways to relate to yourself, other people and the environment

♦ Resources for being present, centered and grounded in the New Paradigm – even when you’re dealing with anxiety, shock and learning difficulties. 

♦ Regain trust in yourself and develop greater confidence as you navigate life”s challenges.

♦ Develop the ability to look within to find answers that have seemed out of reach. 

Increase Somatic Awareness and Get Centered ~

You may want to move around and stretch your muscles. Great. Do it! The mind learns better when the body is involved.

Relax and Calm Your Nervous System ~

Any truly effective healing method uses relaxation and the breath to calm the nervous system. Mind Exercises help you relax and connect with your own internal rhythm.

Expand Creative Thinking ~

Any question or affirmation that accompanies an Intuitive Learning Circle stimulates your cerebral cortex; igniting possibilities, solutions and self-awareness.

Wholistic Learning ~

Learn how to activate your intuition and use it in balance with other aspects of learning, such as common sense, logic, observation and instinct.

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Life Coaching Through the Power Circle of Happiness

Wholistic Life Coaching Program – The Power Circle of Happiness>

To schedule: Contact Rheanni Lightwater by calling or texting (505) 271-4612 or email: [email protected]

Learning to self heal is an essential part of developing our human potential.


Powered by Animal Totems, Plant & Nature Spirits from
Gifts from the Rainforest

Animal Totems - Gifts from the Rainforest
“Your Helpers of Physical Manifestation.”

If the Intuitive Learning Circles spark your curiosity, keep reading to find out if you would like to become a member of our Learning Community:

Agreements for Participants Who Sign Up for Membership

The purpose of agreements is to help us navigate reality and Raccoon knows that sometimes everything seems like nothing but a huge pile of garbage. He says, “I like garbage and you do not. How about if we work on this problem together?” If this is agreeable to you, here are some of his organizational tips:

  • Working together effectively requires an agreement to do so.
  • The original agreement or Soul Contract naturally has the most potent energy and effect.
  • Participants in a working agreement don’t have to have the same point of view, however, having the same or similar goal is required for a successful working arrangement.
  • Sometimes the goals of individuals within a group get out of alignment. When that happens, goals need to be re-aligned by re-negotiating them.
  • If common ground cannot be reached, it may be time to let go of the arrangement entirely.

Agreement: The Universe Works Through Agreement

As members of this group, we all agree that our agreements matter. We keep agreements that are in our best interest and let go of those that no longer serve us. 

Affirmations: “I keep what’s working for me and let go of what isn’t.”
“I operate out of my power, rather than my reactions.”
Suggested Exercise: The Power of Your Word.

Agreement: We’re Learning To Go for Joy & Stop Being So Hard On Ourselves.

The goal with all games and exercises on this site is to go for joy, not perfection. If you are willing to let go of “winning” or “being right” at all costs, you can find out more about what we mean by Going for Joy here. Retrain Your Mind to Go for Joy.

Agreement: We Do Our Best to Work With the Earth, Rather Than Against Her.

Respect the EarthHow can we find solutions for living with this planet that will work? Most of the time, we react to problems by jumping on board a quick solution – any solution – and then try to change the situation by force.  Intuitively, our hearts know that forcing things won’t work in the long run. Ultimately nature takes its course and we have to face the truth: “Our problems cannot be solved from the same mental position they were created from. A transformation of consciousness is required to get from where we are to where we want to be.” ~ SOS – Soul Oriented Solutions, Rheanni Lightwater

Respect for the Earth.

Agreement: We Are Flexible and Communicate Honestly About Our Experience

None of us knows exactly what’s happening and what will help us move forward successfully in the New Paradigm. Participants agree to remain open and flexible so that we can expand or refine our ideas. We also do our best to communicate truthfully and cooperation. We are able to be honest and admit when an idea isn’t working and flexible to retract it without a lot of judgement or drama. Heartfelt Communication.

Agreement: We’re Each On Our Own Journey

We all want to make sure that we’re staying on track with what’s most important for us as individuals. This Mind Exercise will help each of us to cultivate our own inner guidance so we can do our work, be true to ourselves and loyal to our own paths. If you feel you might be getting lost or traveling out of your depth, go through this exercise first.  Clear Perception.

Then, if you’re still having trouble, contact your mentor.

Agreement: We Promote Safety and Protection for Members of Our Community

Mind Exercises are a process in self discovery and have the potential to significantly improve your powers of perception, self-healing and manifestation. Those who are willing to look at themselves honestly will greatly benefit. A mind without courage to look at itself honestly cannot expand and learn new ways of being. If you believe that someone is lying or scamming, go through this exercise to get clear about what’s happening. Know When Someone is Lying. 

Then, if you’re still concerned, contact your mentor. 

Agreement: We Keep Emotional Drama and Projections to a Minimum

We understand that these are tumultuous times and circumstances are changing rapidly. Naturally, many delusions, projections and emotions are going to come to the surface and elevate us. We can keep our part of an elevated situation in check using this SOS Exercise. Emotional Drama.

If, after you go through this exercise and you’re still having trouble, contact your mentor.

Agreement: We Keep This A Safe Place to Play and Realize Our Highest Potential.

Our games often explore childhood memories and conditioning that can bring up conflicting, sensitive emotions.

We aim to use our imaginations and Soul guidance to ask for the very best outcomes possible. A great example is this Mind Exercise: Adapting to Success.


Powered by Animal Totems, Plant & Nature Spirits from
Gifts from the Rainforest

Animal Totems - Gifts from the Rainforest
“Your Helpers of Physical Manifestation.”

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Mind Exercises should not be considered as an exclusive method of treatment. The appropriate medical or psychotherapeutic authorities should be consulted for the diagnosis and treatment if there is any medical or psychological condition. The information and practices described on this website are best considered as an adjunct to orthodox medical or psychological treatments.

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