Agreements and The Power of Your Word

Use the Power of Your Word to Reduce Conflict and Contradictions ~

The energy of the New Paradigm is here and everyone is going through significant changes in an effort to adapt. Most people want to move on from the chaos of the past few years. However, it’s a whole other thing to leave behind so many things! It bring up an immense amount of contradictory information to sort through and leave behind. It’s natural to ask, “How can I do all that? I’m only one person!” While it’s true that we couldn’t possibly fix everything that’s going on, there are a couple of positions a responsible person can take to ease the difficulty as much as possible. The first position is to keep yourself centered, aware of your priorities – and how both you and your priorities have changed. The second position to take is to understand how the power of your word plays into the mix.

In short, are your agreements working for you or against you? Could old, out of date agreements be actually perpetuating conflicts and CONTRADICTIONS that you are experiencing? If something about this rings true for you, read on...

Part I: The First Step is to Consciously Examine and Realign Out of Date Agreements.

Power of Your WordUnexamined agreements are often the cause of poor communication, stalemate, misdirection, failure to heal, unnecessary stress and inner conflict. That’s because your unconscious mind and nervous system may still be chained to an old directive that contradicts what’s currently in your best interests.

This is especially true if you’re dealing with outdated beliefs, unhealthy boundaries or any kind of emotional construct that just doesn’t hold up any more.

Straightening out your agreements with this Mind Exercise will streamline how quickly you can let go of what’s not working anymore and establish some new priorities with a minimum of internal conflict.

You can start here to update the power of your word using the Intuitive Learning Circles.

Recent events may have knocked the senses out of you!

Gaze softly at the Circle and take a moment to organize your senses and bring them into balance so you can perceive what’s actually happening for you clearly. 

Imagine you can adjust the volume for seeing, hearing, feeling, tasting and smelling!

Take all the time you need.


The next step is to relax as you gaze at this Key with the following affirmation:

“I am opening up to my potential and following my own life path.”


Take a couple of minutes to empower your ability to figure out what’s happening and what you need to do:

“I empower the ability of my mind to comprehend my current situation accurately.”


“I relax and put together pieces of my puzzle.”

Power of Your Word

“I release pieces of the puzzle that aren’t mine and send them to where ever they need to go to resolve themselves.”

Mind Body Integration

Mind Body Integration - Self-care for lossFor best results, look at each symbol both crossed over the midline of your body and uncrossed so that the correction is more complete.

Feel free to move at anytime in any way to help you embody your experience!

Excellent! Now let’s look Part II that includes at a short explanation about agreements, followed by Part III – a mind exercise to help you sort out how you’re using the power of your word through your agreements:

The mind is a recording device and is there to help you navigate physical reality by way of identifying things, communicating, making agreements and by blocking things out that will cause confusion in physical reality. Its primary purpose is to preserve and protect the body.

An agreement can be something simple like deciding that a plate is a plate or that the color red is the color red. More complex agreements are marriage and business contracts or taking religious vows.

Agreements are what organize collective experience and help us to navigate through life. If we didn’t agree what a hammer was used for, it would be difficult to build anything. If there were no agreements around a marriage, then it would be difficult to operate as a collective family unit. These agreements act as a filter so you can focus on relevant information and discard input that is irrelevant.

The mind records our experiences and acts on agreements that we’ve made. If agreements are in dispute or not being followed, chaos takes over. Let’s explore different kinds of agreements that might be causing you trouble:

1. Agreements with self. Examples: “I must be nice – I have to put the needs of others before myself”, “I’m not good enough as I am – I’m too tall, too short, too old,” etc.” 

2. Agreements with other people. Examples: “I have to keep working, no matter what”, “I’m the only one who can do it”, “I can’t trust anybody,” “We’ll be together forever,”etc.

3. Agreements with society. Examples: “Being successful = being busy”, “I’m not the right sex, race, or age to ______,” “I can’t, my religion won’t let me”, etc.

4. Agreements with the collective unconscious. i.e. the recorded memory of human kind. “This is the way my ancestors did it, therefore, I must do things the same way.”

We have our agreements about careers and finances. Examples: “There’s only one way that works to do this.” “I don’t care what happens to others, as long as I’m getting what I want.” “I’m helpless against the current economic conditions.”

Agreements imply certain obligations that shape our identities, beliefs and behavior. Examples: “I’ve always been the black sheep of the family”, “I said I would protect him, and so I will – no matter what”, “I have no voice in this situation and so I have no power”, etc. 

We even have agreements about our environment – what it’s used for, how to treat it, who it belongs to and how it works. 

Part III: What Are You Giving Voice To?

Am I listening to my voice or someone else’s?

As mentioned before, the mind is a recording device and is there to help you navigate physical reality safely.

But what if your physical reality has gone through a significant trauma or upheaval?

What if you’re unconsciously accessing agreements that are no longer relevant or are now contradicting each another?

What if the voices in your head are just echoes of what someone else wants or what used to be?

Conflicting or out of date agreements cause confusion and blockages in your mind. That can create situations where you’re sabotaging yourself and don’t even know it. If you’d like to find out if that’s happening to you, ask yourself:

“Am I listening to messages, assumptions or agreements that are in conflict with each other? 

If so, can you tell what the messages are? “Are they about me? Others? About life? Do I believe them?”


Is this situation putting you in any danger? Are you being overly influenced by environmental energies?

What do you need to do to slow down and access your inner guidance?


Notice how your mind is confused about what action to take. Then, when you do make a decision, whatever agreements you have that are in conflict with that decision come up and create obstacles. These obstacles could impair your health or well-being in serious ways, so it’s well worth it to address them and clear out the landscape of your mind on a regular basis.

“Are these conflicts causing miscommunications, disharmony or poor health?”

To help you release the conflicts, imagine that the lines in this Circle are going limp and moving around like strings of spaghetti. Do that both crossed and uncrossed. It’s time to let go of any fixated thinking!


A Solution for Healing Inner Conflicts.

Use the Intuitive Learning Circle below to release conflicting or harmful agreements on a neurological level. All you need to do is look at the Circle and consciously imagine any “contracts” that are outdated or causing you harm are unlocking all the way up and down your spine.

Here are some “global” agreements that might be useful for you to release: 

“I release any agreements, obligations or vows that perpetuate harm to myself or others.”

“I let go of any agreement that’s based on lies or that restricts my ability to ___________ (breathe, take care of myself, support my current needs, etc.).”

Power of Your Word

“I release all agreements, obligations or vows that cause me to be indifferent or apathetic towards life.”

“I release all agreements, beliefs, or obligations that I’ve been forced into against my free will.”

What other agreements can you think of that might be good for you to release?       “I release ___________.”


Establish New Agreements or Renegotiate Old Ones that Will Help You Adapt to the Changes You’re Going Through:

“I now decide to love and respect myself. I have worth. My voice counts. I find excellent resources to help me be happy, healthy and prosperous.”

“I adjust to needed changes. I breathe freely.”

“I am true to myself and listen to my Soul’s guidance.”

“I am fully present and can easily adapt to necessary changes.”

“I make a new agreement to ___________________, etc.”

*Notice that you’re replacing the old agreements with supportive, new ones. 


Relax and Bring In Some Fresh Air:

Take some time to breath deeply. There’s a lot of change going on here! Use this Chart to imagine yourself letting go and lightening up for a few minutes.

Emotional Calm

If you can, you might even imagine you can relax the space around you. Go ahead and move around or stretch if you need to.


Let Go of Old Assumptions About How Things Are Supposed to Be.

There may be a lot of old family assumptions about gender roles, financial success or even personal freedom that you can gently detach from by relaxing and letting go, especially in your lower chakras.

“I relax and let go. I now assume freedom, joy and __________.”

Integrate the Light Into Your Throat Chakra ~

Meditate on this Reiki Chakra Key to clear and balance your Throat Chakra. Imagine there is a light that can turn on in your voice box. Relax and softly gaze at the symbol for a few minutes with these positive affirmations:

“My Soul is in charge of the power of my word. I speak truly and clearly.”

“I empower my word with light to communicate clearly.”

“I ask for my heart’s desire.”

Congratulations! You have updated the power of your word to create in alignment with your Soul. Thank yourself for taking the time today to release CONTRADICTIONS and learn how to be more congruent with your word – a gift that will make your life a whole lot better!

You’re probably already feeling much better. However, some of us would benefit from going deeper. If that sounds like you, take a quick break and come back to Part IV when you’re ready to finish this clearing.

Now that you’ve relaxed a bit and let yourself loosen up, you’re ready to take that deeper dive into freedom of choice and empowerment!

Part IV: Gently Detach from Collective Conflicts ~


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