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You know we’re navigating through tumultuous times. The Intuitive Learning Circle is a place where we can connect with Nature and explore self-healing at a time when our choices are more important than ever. We’ve put together some extraordinary innovations in self-care and personal growth to help you:

  • Intuitive Learning Circle is a fun place to learn about intuition and following your inner guidance.
  • Heal emotional stress and bring balance into your system.
  • Deal with anxiety by creating courageously.
  • Transition successfully from old patterns of dysfunction into a new paradigm of equality, cooperation and balanced prosperity!

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Overwhelm Help

Intuitive Learning Circle - Overwhelm Help

Our self-care formulas for overwhelm use the Intuitive Learning Circle method to gently interrupt unhealthy brain activity and then replace it with constructive thoughts and energy flow. They are simple and easy to follow by design. When going through a formula, think of it as being gently led from a dark place into the light.


Todays Intuitive Reading follows the flow of the I Ching or Book of Change to help you navigate the tremendous shifts we’re going through.

The Year of the Yang Wood Dragon is in full swing. Challenging energies to be aware of in this archetypal energy are currently Instability & Intolerance.

Our Transformation Games, Mind Exercises and Self-care formulas will help you adapt to these gentler energies by calming your mind and emotions.

These are interactive processes that activate your self-healing abilities. You can clear negativity and create a new mindset that supports equity, sustainable prosperity and co-operation for the common good.

We also offer Access to  a Library of Animal Totems, Plant Medicines and Natural Healing for practical instruction and guidance.

Currently featuring: Piranha Medicine.

Piranha Medicine

Explore How the Intuitive Learning Circles Can Help You:

Explore the Intuitive Learning Circles

How do they work? Can they help you clear up your blind spots?


We Have Personal Consulting Services Offered by Soul Resources, LLC. Choose Hypnotherapy, Medical Intuition, Reiki or other mind body healing techniques for:

  • Enhanced Immune Response
  • Respiratory – Breathing and Heart Health
  • Overstimulated Nervous System and Immune Response
  • Digestive and Intestinal Health
  • Sleep Difficulties and Nightmares
  • Chemical Sensitivities and Static Electro-magnetic Clearing
  • Emotional Support for Trauma Resolution and Compassion Fatigue

Feng Shui Consultations

Intuitive Learning Circle - Feng Shui & Mind Body Healing

Have your home or business cleared of energetic baggage using Rheanni Lightwater’s special brand of Intuitive Feng Shui.


Intuitive Learning Circle is Published by Soul Resources LLC ~

Robert S. Morrison and Rheanni Lightwater

We’ve been helping people navigate change through innovative methods like Hypnotherapy, Reiki, Energy Medicine, Regression Therapy, Feng Shui and Dream Tending since 2001.  On our journey, we have developed pragmatic, down to earth solutions and resources that we know make a difference in reducing stress, cultivating increased intuition and navigating change.

Engage your self-healing abilities and activate the New Paradigm for you and your clients through innovative books, healing manuals and online classes.

We are publishers of groundbreaking self-healing tools that will support you on your healing journey.


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Subscribers receive our Todays Intuitive Reading Updates and are invited to take part in online mentoring and energy medicine sessions.

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The SOS Quick Guide give you access to processes that work intuitively to clear negativity and create a new mindset that supports equity, sustainable prosperity and co-operation for the common good.

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