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Would you like to experience a powerful form of intuitive, cognitive behavioral learning that trains your mind to clear confusion and focus better?

Questions about the Intuitive Learning Circles?Intuitive Learning CircleThe Intuitive Learning Circles are part of a simple, step by step method you can easily use to improve your comprehension and relax your stress!


Explore the Intuitive Learning Circles ~

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How does this method work? By activating right/left brain integration.

Right Brain Thinking = Imagination, Creativity, Intuition.

The geometric patterns of the Intuitive Learning Circles engage your right brain by going beyond your critical mind to relax your somatic and autonomic nervous systems (that’s the part that’s responsible for controlling bodily functions without conscious direction, like breathing or your heartbeat).

Right Left Brain Integration

Left Brain Thinking = Analytical, Logic, Linear.

The accompanying message, question or affirmation brings your left brain into play by giving you a structure for analyzing a variety of concepts and possibilities for self-exploration. The result is a dynamic system for developing intuition, comprehension and self-regulation skills.

Explore the Intuitive Learning Circles

These mindfulness tools have been tested extensively in clinical and classroom settings since 2001, with both children and adults. They have often been the extra step that helps people to prioritize and sort through what’s most important to them. The process uses relaxation and breath like biofeedback to calm your nervous system. By relaxing and gazing softly at the Circle, your right and left brain can meet and come into balance with each other. 

The best thing is – You are in control and can go at your own pace at all times!

The Intuitive Learning Circles are a great tool to help you retrain your mind to stop organizing around conflict and learn to perceive things from a more natural viewpoint.

Keep in mind that everyone has a unique response to using the Circles.

There are no “right” or “wrong” answers in these games because each person sees a situation from a different perspective. Auditory learners may “hear” the answers to the questions posed. People who are more kinesthetic might get a “feeling” and visual learners may “see” pictures, images or symbols. If you are very intuitive, you may experience any or all of the above!

Clearing Your Blind Spots

If you’re interested in exploring for yourself, this short Mind Exercise will get you started by helping you to clear out your blind spots.

Blind spots often block answers that are right in front of us. Clearing them out will help you to let go of outdated or irrelevant information and refocus on internally sourced goals that can help you live a more balanced life!

All you have to do is relax and gaze softly at the Circles while you gently contemplate the affirmations or questions that go with them.
Here’s an example:

“I reclaim and balance my five senses.”
“I fine tune them to be present and aware of my true nature and the world around me.”

“I use them to become aware of interference, obstacles and false ideas about ___________.”

Intuitive Learning Circles - Clear Your Blind Spot
“I focus on beneficial opportunities, solutions and ___________.”

A Note about Mind Body Integration~

Mind Body IntegrationThe brain and body communicate through different channels when a part of you is crossed over the center of your body.

As you go through the steps, cross and uncross a hand or foot over the midline of your body when you gaze at each Circle. Use a soft focus and breathe patiently. This will help you integrate your thinking more fully so that you can be more creative. If you have any negative self-talk, let it go by breathing through it.

Feel free to move at anytime in any way to help you embody your experience!

Some people say that the Circles move, rotate, vibrate or even change colors. Don’t worry. That just means they’re working. Your goal is to keep relaxing and gaze at each Circle until it appears normal to you.

Let’s start out by giving your mind and body a little freedom.

With blind spots, your mind may be stuck on distractions, distortions, harmful entanglements or toxic influences. Relax and meditate on this Soul Star Detachment Key for a few minutes to help you detach from them. Like a healing balm, imagine that a loving coat of peace and comfort is pouring down over you – soothing your body and mind.

Then, when you’re ready, ask yourself:
“What do I think is my biggest distraction to clear thinking?”

Are you willing to neutralize that obstacle and detach from it?

You might want to make a note of the answer that comes. Writing it out or journaling helps to clear conflicts out of your mind and get honest with yourself so you can begin to find true solutions.


You might also be having a difficult time adjusting to all the significant environmental changes that are taking place. Sudden reversals, blockages and changes in momentum can cause the subtle energy fields to react in unusual ways. 

As you look at this Soul Star Correction Key, do you notice any rough glitches or reversed energies going on? Relax with it for a few minutes until things smooth out.

You can repair any jagged or disjointed glitches in your sensory system.


The Intuitive Learning Circles use a simple format that emphasizes one step at a time.

Slowing down in this way helps to reduce feelings of anxiety and overwhelm.

When you’re relaxed, your senses can balance out and create a more harmonious state of mind. That’s when your imagination can gently open up, like a beautiful daydream. This softer, lighter way of being has a way of untangling problems and blockages. Use this simple affirmation to help you:  

“My mind is calm and relaxed – like a boat floating on the water.”


With this new perspective, you might get new ideas about how to approach your life more creatively. Let this Soul Prayer Chart help you tune into your own unique Soul vibration. As you gaze lightly into its center, allow your mind to drift to a time when you were happy or had successfully manifested an important physical goal. Notice if a particular color or felt sense comes to mind.
What color or felt sense relaxes you and feels good?

Relax into it even more. See if you can make it stronger and more vibrant. If so, that is your creative vibration or Soul Color.

Seeing things from the perspective of your Soul has the power to transform chaos and confusion into a life-long opportunity for creating greater health, harmony and happiness.


The Intuitive Learning Circles also use a Socratic style of questioning and answering that can open up higher levels of thoughtfulness and logical reasoning.

For many people, different sequences have been utilized to interrupt harmful misunderstandings and misconceptions. 

By continuing to ask questions from multiple points of view, your consciousness expands while your unconscious mind can easily let go of counter-productive thoughts and feelings. Each Circle could have simple questions or affirmations with it that stimulates your self-awareness. For example:

How are you feeling about your life right now?
Do you feel present and aware?
If not, what changes would help?


The beauty is, you are in complete control and have the power to choose whatever changes are necessary for you! 

Like little maps or navigational tools, the Intuitive Learning Circles  gently guide us to connect with new solutions and our Soul Resources.

As we navigate life’s difficult challenges, it’s a good idea to utilize the best cognitive abilities, the most beneficial energies and the strongest protection available to us.

Take a few moments and use the final Soul Prayer Chart in this sequence to help you close down harmful energy channels that have been draining your energy.

“I close down all harmful energy channels.”

Now you can connect with the most positive, generative energies that are available and clear out your blind spots.
Imagine new lines of communication coming in and connecting – like the lines connecting to the center of this circle. See yourself confidently moving towards a lighter, clearer mind space.
“I open up to positive, life affirming energies and use them to manifest
health, happiness and ________.”

Congratulations! You just cleared out one of your blind spots with the Intuitive Learning Circles.* This could be the missing piece for how you can let go of what’s been blocking you and open up to new possibilities! 


*You may find that after this short experience, you’ve learned something about yourself you didn’t know consciously and were able to release some pent up stress. In this self-healing process, it’s very common to have an epiphany followed by an outpouring of pent up emotions, tiredness or even a physical release. If that happened. Great! You may have saved yourself a great deal of suffering.

Keep in mind that each person has a different response when using the Circles.

Please note:  Some people experience nothing during a process only to have significant insights later on. While one person might experience an initial feeling of lightness after working with the Circles, another could feel exhausted. Whatever happens for you, make sure you allow time to take good care of yourself! Be sure to rest, drink plenty of water and get some exercise (movement is great for integrating new ideas).

If you have more questions, go to our FAQ page ~

Questions about the Intuitive Learning Circles?

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