Animal Totems for Inner Guidance

Animal Totems for Inner Guidance - Raven

Communicating with Nature for Inner Guidance

Nothing can help us to change our perspective like the medicine of a plant, animal, or nature spirit from the rainforest. Learning to communicate with these helpers is a process that takes time, trust and a sincere intention to ask for and receive their particular medicine. In this Shamanic series of Intuitive Learning Circles™, there are abundant plant, animal and nature spirits that share their message and transmit healing energy.

What Gift from Nature Has Guidance for You?

Take a look at the title covers for our Shamanic Guidance Collection of books and eclasses. Choose what kind of intuitive readings or animal totems for inner guidance you may need for Mind/Body Healing today.

Use the Soul Circle to help you choose.

Which cover below catches your attention? 

Old Soul

Guidance from Your Soul

In the jungle, shamans wake up every morning and connect with Nature. This beautiful practice gives them power, focus of mind and reaffirms their connection with the Earth and Creator.

We can follow their example using animal totems for inner guidance from Gifts from the Rainforest.

Manifest Happiness Circles

Manifest Happiness Circles

Be true to who you are as you manifest your life! This dynamic and interactive series transforms core issues in your life to organize around joy. Examine beliefs, projections, identities and relationships to manifest happiness on all levels – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

Relate to Your Kids Joyfully

Relate to Your Kids Naturally

Magic Circles Telling Stories is an activity book for young children with  56 Intuitive Learning Circles™. Each Circle inspires understanding and appreciation for nature and the world around us. Foster your child's imagination, creativity and story-telling fun at bedtime or playtime.


Learn How to Use Animal Totems for Inner Guidance

  • Enhance your intuition and self-healing abilities
  • Heal negative karmic and energetic patterns
  • Change destructive attitudes, habits and behaviors
  • Create new templates for self-love and joy
  • Guided meditations to hear inner guidance.


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