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Todays Intuitive Reading Helps You Navigate from the Energies of the Past to the Energies of the Present.

Todays Intuitive ReadingTaking part in Todays Intuitive Reading makes you part of a collective movement to complete our transition from the old societal paradigm of greed and fear and step into a New Paradigm based on co-operation, equality and living in balance with Nature.

Our Mind Exercises and Transformation Games are developed to help you go within and navigate positive change! Our goal is to strengthen mindsets and behaviors that feed joy, personal responsibility and sustainable prosperity.

Todays Intuitive Reading is brought to you by Rheanni Lightwater and Soul Resources LLC. 

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Rheanni uses the I Ching or The Book of Change ~

“The I Ching may be the oldest book on the planet. Like the Old Testament, the pyramids, and the great Gothic cathedrals, The Book of Change was a cooperative effort spanning many centuries… early authors of the I Ching observed the stars and tides, the plants and I Ching Workbook - R. L. Winganimals, and the cycles of all natural events. At the same time, they observed the patterns of relationship in families and societies, the practice of business, the craft of government, the grim art of warfare, the eternal human dramas of love, ambition, conflict, and honor. They made no attempt to create a fixed chart of the cosmos. Instead, they organically grew a guide to the way things change: a marvelous, fluid, interconnected systems of relations…

The I Ching Workbook, R.L. Wing

The reading is accompanied by a variety of Transformation Games and Mind Exercises by Rheanni that are intended to help you get present, grounded and centered so you can actualize your heart’s desire in the New Paradigm. 

Rheanni LightwaterRemember, the I Ching doesn’t work like horoscopes, there’s really no set way to predict what the next Hexagram might be in advance, so these readings are always a work in progress! Thanks in advance for your patience.

Universal chi flows organically and we are a part of it. What we do affects it and we are affected in return. Of course, it’s wisest to work with the cosmos and follow the flow rather than trying to control or resist it. Because of that, learning to navigate the flow consciously is what I consider the ultimate in both creativity and spiritual growth.

Understanding the Larger Picture ~

When a roller coaster is being flung this way and that, it’s natural to grab onto something that you think will help to stabilize you. However, if you’re clinging to something that is itself unstable, you are actually making your situation worse, whether you’re aware of the mistake or not.

Todays Intuitive ReadingIt may seem, in the moment, that the larger the structure, the safer you’ll be and that encourages you to grip even harder. This is a classic survival response and completely understandable.

You may feel safer for a moment, yet once you’ve given over the weight of your body to a larger structure that is in DECLINE and falling down, the gravity and force of the fall is exponentially greater.

The I Ching: Managing the DECLINE.

This DECLINE is completely natural and cannot be stopped.

“This decrease is in accordance with the forces in the cosmos and therefore perfectly natural and completely unavoidable…

Accept the DECLINE and respond appropriately by simplifying your life. A sincere and simplified approach to life will prevent you from making serious mistakes and will improve your sense of timing. If you find the DECLINE unacceptable and continue the pretense of more opulent times you will fall into error and out of touch with reality.” – Hexagram #41 DECLINE, The I Ching Workbook, R.L. Wing

The good news is that if something is falling apart in your life, the situation is following the natural flow of DECLINE. Let it go and find MODERATION instead. Trust your inner guidance to help you make corrections in your direction or attitude.

To counteract your tendency to cling, it’s essential to:

1. Unearth and let go of situations that are unstable or that no longer NOURISH you.


Todays Intuitive Reading

2. Focus your energy on INTERNAL STABILITY and UNITY.

Oneness and Unity - Todays Intuitive Reading

This is the reason Kuan Yin encourages us to stay in the I Ching Flow of  MODERATION whenever possible.

“The ancient Chinese text describes finding MODERATION as the best way to make progress amidst chaos. The suggestion is to disengage from confusing extremes or opinionated attitudes and instead, follow the guidance that comes from within. In almost any situation, if you are able to walk the middle road between extremes, there will be improvement in whatever you undertake.”

When we can pull back and come from a place of MODERATION, we can observe our situation from a more objective perspective.

The Chinese Zodiac 

CONTRADICTIONS abound in the last quarter of the Tiger’s Year (2022).

2022 Year of the Tiger - Todays Intuitive ReadingAlthough the Cosmos is moving in DECLINE, a great number of the population here on Earth are caught in a polarized state of CONTRADICTION.

The ferocious Black Yang Water TIGER is certainly part of the dynamic. His powerful energy pounces on conflict and amps it up.

This CONTRADICTION partially explains the sudden extreme events. In everything from politics, to jobs, to matters of public health –  the rest of 2022 will continue to dance in duality. What will help you follow your path?


Soul Resources To Navigate Contradiction: 
Soul Oriented Solutions for Todays Intuitive Reading
SOS Symbol

This leads us to the movement of the Collective Psyche, which is upward this year. Our better angels are advising us to rise up and above the CONTRADICTIONS and darkness that festers below by following MODERATION.

As always, Kuan Yin offers her help and assistance through a specially chosen collection of Transformation Games, Mind Exercises and Self-care Formulas.

Gaze softly at the SOS symbol and ask for a number between 1 – 9.

Scroll down to that number and check out what that process has to offer you.

Transformation Games and Mind Exercises ~

1. Find MODERATION and Let Go of Buying Into Other People’s Agendas.

CONTRADICTIONS between what is reality and what some people want you to think takes some sorting through. Taking the time to find MODERATION can keep you from getting pulled into abusive places and situations that don’t even exist anymore.

2. Stay Out of Trouble – Keep to Your Own Lane.

It’s a good idea to keep tuning into your gut instincts to shed some light on potential situations where you might be better off staying out of the way. This Mind Exercise will bring intuitive hits, hunches and other unconscious information up to the surface to be examined more closely.

3. Let Go and Move On.

If you’re dealing with DECLINE with an attitude of ‘I need to stop what’s happening,’ you will actually be giving a bad situation more fuel and prolonging it, rather than letting Nature take its course. This Transformation Game will help you accept and let go.

4. Be Flexible So You Can Change with the Changes.

You might get overwhelmed by the speed and amount of confusing changes taking place. It’s helpful to know how to change gracefully while keeping your integrity intact.

5. Stop Disaster Thinking.

Turn your attention away from all those problems that are draining your mind and energy and start facing on what you can do that will help.


Navigate Confusion & Compassion FatigueSOS Self-care Formulas and Mind Exercises can help you navigate CONTRADICTION and restore yourself:

6. Overwhelm Help. Most of us are completely exhausted by all that’s happening – and we know that the pressure will only go up. When you come up against physical or mental overwhelm, exhaustion or collapse, these self-care formulas provide a helping hand back to balance.

7.  Self-care for Grief, Illness and Loss. Many people are feeling drained by deep levels of exhaustion and grief. To help you close the drains, go through this simple self-care exercise.

8. Clear Perception. If you’d like to navigate contradiction, you’ll need to develop clear perception so you’ll know that you’re heading in the right direction. This mind exercise will help you uncover several reasons why you might be unconsciously heading in the wrong direction.

Chakra Healing and Clearing ~

Recommended Transformation Games and Mind Exercises to Keep You Moving with the Flow, Rather than Against it.

9. Advanced Chakra Healing.

The sheer amount of jagged, jumpy and CONTRADICTORY energies indicates that we need to find innovative methods for handling radical energy reversals and be conscious about it.

Kuan Yin has helped put together a whole medicine cabinet of Transformation Games and Self-care Formulas that specifically address our chakras and their accompanying psychological challenges. See the full selection and explanation here>

Visit Our Online Directory for SOS – Overwhelm Help to Protect Against Collapse.

If you are struggling with the massive amount of stress and confusion going on around and through you, you can access help from these specially selected Self-care Formulas

Overwhelm Help for Nourishing

Thank you for joining with us for Todays Intuitive Reading and creating a New Paradigm based on common ground for the common good!

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