Todays Intuitive Reading

Todays Intuitive Reading Helps You Navigate from Chaos to Calm.

Todays Intuitive Reading

Taking part in Todays Intuitive Reading makes you part of a collective movement to transition from the old societal paradigm of greed and fear to a New Paradigm based on co-operation and the healthy nourishment of mind, body and spirit.

Our Mind Exercises and Transformation Games are developed to help you go within and navigate change! Our goal is to strengthen mindsets and behaviors that feed joy, personal responsibility and sustainable prosperity.

Todays Intuitive Reading is compiled by Rheanni Lightwater for March 8th to 22nd, 2020.

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Rheanni uses the I Ching or The Book of Change ~

“The I Ching may be the oldest book on the planet. Like the Old Testament, the pyramids, and the great Gothic cathedrals, The Book of Change was a cooperative effort spanning many centuries… early authors of the I Ching observed the stars and tides, the plants and I Ching Workbook - R. L. Winganimals, and the cycles of all natural events. At the same time, they observed the patterns of relationship in families and societies, the practice of business, the craft of government, the grim art of warfare, the eternal human dramas of love, ambition, conflict, and honor. They made no attempt to create a fixed chart of the cosmos. Instead, they organically grew a guide to the way things change: a marvelous, fluid, interconnected systems of relations…

The I Ching Workbook, R.L. Wing

The reading is accompanied by a variety of free Transformation Games and Mind Exercises by Rheanni that are intended to help you get present, grounded and centered so you can actualize your heart’s desire in the New Paradigm. 

Rheanni LightwaterRemember, the I Ching doesn’t work like horoscopes, there’s really no set way to predict what the next Hexagram might be in advance, so these readings are always a work in progress! Universal chi flows organically and we are a part of it. What we do affects it and we are affected in return. Of course, it’s wisest to work with the cosmos and follow the flow rather than trying to control or resist it. Because of that, learning to navigate the flow consciously is what I consider the ultimate in both creativity and surrendering.

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Gaining a Larger Perspective on the I Ching and Rat Energy

The Year of the Pig is officially over and we’re now into the Chinese Year of the Rat. The White or Golden Rat energy is yang (masculine), and started officially on February 4th, 2020. That means we’ve completed a 12 year karmic cycle and are preparing to launch into a new cycle. Rat energy is known to be active, fertile, filled with energy and industrious. Although Mr. Rat is generally friendly, he does have his downside, as all Chinese Zodiac animals do.  In reverse, they attract clutter, are self-absorbed and feel perfectly comfortable in unhealthy environments! That may be fine for a Rat, but that kind of behavior could be devastating for others.

The major consideration during this next year will be keeping your environment and thinking clear. Illness, outdated thinking and unhealthy patterns of neglect could be a real problem if you aren’t careful. By the way, all this fits in perfectly with 2020 being the Year of the Emperor within the Tarot system.

The #IV Emperor is about male authority and the effective (or ineffective) management of physical reality, particularly the land. It’s easy to see how the Rat’s management style might make for some pretty interesting scenarios over the next year. 

How is Rat energy mixing with the current I Ching Flow – March 8th to 22nd, 2020?

So where are we right now? The I Ching flow split up into the multiple highways pattern again around January 30th (read more about that below). In the meantime, you can utilize the energy of #12 Rat from Gifts from the Rainforest to get an idea of what’s going on with you and what might be helpful. Ask your Self:

Rat Energy
Rat Energy – Gifts from the Rainforest
  • Are my thoughts racing? Am I too busy to stop and take a deep breath? (If so, stop now and clear the clutter from your mind)
  • Is someone meddling in my business in a way that will start causing problems if I don’t deal with it soon?
  • Am I overly concerned with what other people are doing, rather than taking good care of myself?
  • Are others being negatively affected by my actions or inaction?If so, call I tell what’s happening and what I might do to correct it?

The overriding message coming from Rat energy at this time is: “Clear the landscape of your mind regularly, because there is quite a bit of litter. Let your mind calm down and notice how the body calms down as well.~ Gifts from the Rainforest, R. Lightwater

What About That Multiple Highways Pattern in the I Ching Energy Flow?

Todays Intuitive Reading - Finding ModerationThe first time I experienced the “multiple highway” phenomena consciously was in 2009 and it’s no coincidence that the political and economic “flow” became very unstable then.

It happened again this last year between the end of May and the Solstice in December – another period marked with high volatility and political drama.

The best way that I know how to explain it is by sharing with you what Kuan Yin has shared with me through her Transformation Game called Finding Moderation in the New Paradigm. This is what she says:

“Let’s use the analogy that describes this period of time to a massive highway system that has thousands of different freeways available for you to travel on – or not, depending on what you choose…

Some of those freeways are traveling on the I Ching energy of Hexagram #6 CONFLICT, which is marked by a lot of sudden stops and starts, resistance and polarization. When traveling on highways of this sort, The Book of Change warns about trying to force issues in business, political or personal relationships. Forcing will only escalate the myriad of conflicts into an out-of-control mess. Better to step back and re-evaluate how you’re approaching your situation and make changes based on your true priorities.

A great number of other freeways are moving in the flow of Hexagram #26 DETERIORATION where things are falling apart at an alarming rate.

Another is #11, SHOCKING and there is a lot of CONTRADICTION #38. As you might guess, those who are traveling on these freeways are feeling unstable, confused and very ungrounded.  If this is where you are at, The Book of Change still warns against forging ahead with your plans. You will simply be advancing into #47 ADVERSITY or possibly even disastrous DANGER, #29. 

Luckily, there are also some freeways that are moving with the flow of MODERATION, Hexagram #15, where ‘The predominant forces … are in the process of balancing extremes and harmonizing interests.’ ~ The I Ching Workbook, R.L. Wing

The ancient Chinese text describes MODERATION as a the best way to make progress by disengaging from extremes and opinionated attitudes and follow the guidance that comes from within. In almost any situation, if you are able to walk a moderate and middle road, there will be improvement in whatever you undertake.

~To help yourself get into the flow of MODERATION, go through Kuan Yin’s Transformation Game.  

 ~ Important Things To do During this Time

~ Your chakras are likely to channel extreme and polarized energy, especially if you’re around a lot of electronics. It’s important to your health and peace of mind that your chakras be kept as clear and balanced as possible.

~ Don’t let the avalanche of shocking events or bad news threaten your mental, emotional or physical health. If you’ve experienced a recent shock (and most of us have) do something quickly to RESOLVE it and clear it out of your system.

~ A lot of people are worrying and fearful about the future. Misinformation, manipulation and chaos can pull you off onto one of those unpreferred highways! Stay grounded in the truth and use the power of your mind to control your own energy.

Other Things to be aware of

~ The “BS” Richter Scale will continue to escalate this year. If you’re not sure whether someone is lying or not, calm down and listen to your gut instincts.

~ Many people are realizing that their priorities have to change as they watch things deteriorate around them quickly! Take the initiative and repair your priorities now.

~ Because of recent public health fears, we can all benefit by becoming more aware of any danger that we might be exposing ourselves to and learning  what we can do that would actually help. 

“The time of DANGER can be especially good for inner development. By holding to fixed and virtuous ethics, by maintaining your inner vision and ideals, all things fall into a steady, tangible perspective. You will know your relationships to your environment, and in this way you can accomplish your aims. Although subjective, this perspective is now in accord with the problems facing you.” ~The I Ching Workbook, R.L Wing

Keep developing your spidey-senses! A lot of karma is being activated. It’s very important that you tune into your Inner Guidance and keep good energetic boundaries so that you don’t step into trouble.

In Closing ~

Check out the Transformation Games and Exercises below to help you keep your chakras in the flow of MODERATION until the multiple highway phenomena subsides.

“Your inner development now requires a modest and sincere attitude. Do not indulge in extremes of any sort, and instead strive for MODERATION in all that you do.” ~ Hexagram #15 MODERATION  The I Ching Workbook, R. L. Wing


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What’s Next? Personal Growth and Self Care Games for Rat Energy in 2020.

Recommended Transformation Games and Mind Exercises to Keep You Moving with the Flow, Rather than Against it.

Because the chakras react to and reflect other subtle energy systems, an imbalance in one of the seven Primary Chakras is usually an indicator of a deeper imbalance affecting many people. Therefore, we’re using the Primary Reiki Chakra Keys to help you identify what needs correction and bring new meaning to the old axiom: “When I heal myself, I help to heal the world.”

Directions: Gaze at each Circle and ask: “Is this chakra balanced?” If the answer is no, click through to the game or exercise and see if it helps.

Heal the Collective Karma of Abuse

The healing recommended on this level is associated with the Root Chakra. This Transformation Game helps you to stand up for yourself and release past patterns of instability and fear. 

I Ching Readings Today - The Root Chakra

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Creating Internal Safety

The balancing recommended on this level is associated with the Second Chakra. Go through this Mind Exercise to help you to get clarity about how well your personal space is supporting you in this dramatic time of change and what you can do to make improvements.

I Ching Readings Today - The Second Chakra

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Know When Someone Is Lying ~

The healing recommended on this level is associated with the Third Chakra. In times of accelerating chaos, your gut instinct is often the best lie detector and has all the information it needs – as long as you’re present and paying attention!  Stay grounded and trust your gut with this Mind Exercise.

!I Ching Readings Today - Third Chakra

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Balance Heart Polarity ~

The healing recommended on this level is associated with the Heart Chakra. The Heart Center is your go to place when you need to stabilize and organize your energy. Keep it clear and balanced with this Mind Exercise that helps you balance chakra polarity and release electro-magnetic interference.

I Ching Readings Today - Fourth Chakra

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Say the Right Thing for Conflict Resolution ~

The healing recommended on this level is associated with the Throat Chakra. As we continue into 2020, conflict resolution is front and center in relationships of all kinds. This Transformation Game will help you gently examine the contradictions in your situation and come up with how you can say and do the right thing.

I Ching Readings Today - The Throat Chakra

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Use Your Common Sense ~

The healing recommended on this level is associated with the Third Eye. Everyone has a “blind spot.” For some reason, we’ve been conditioned to turn a blind eye to certain things. See if you can remedy some of that by going through this Mind Exercise.

. I Ching Readings Today - The Third Eye Chakra

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Clear Electro-magnetic Debris ~

The healing recommended on this level is associated with the Crown Chakra. If you’ve been having trouble with your sleep or connecting with your inner guidance, you can go through this mind exercise to help you focus and re-connect with your natural rhythms.

I Ching Readings Today - The Crown Chakra

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Thank you for joining with us for Todays Intuitive Reading and being a part of the movement into the New Paradigm!

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Rheanni Lightwater - Todays Intuitive ReadingTodays  intuitive reading is put together by Rheanni Lightwater and inspired by – The I Ching Workbook by R. L. Wing.

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