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Todays Intuitive Reading Helps You Navigate from Conflict to Positive Purpose.

Todays Intuitive ReadingTaking part in Todays Intuitive Reading makes you part of a collective movement to complete our transition from the old societal paradigm of greed and fear and step into a New Paradigm based on co-operation, equality and living in balance with Nature.

Our Mind Exercises and Transformation Games are developed to help you go within and navigate positive change! Our goal is to strengthen mindsets and behaviors that feed joy, personal responsibility and sustainable prosperity.

Todays Intuitive Reading is compiled by Rheanni Lightwater for November 26th – December 4th, 2021.

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Rheanni uses the I Ching or The Book of Change ~

“The I Ching may be the oldest book on the planet. Like the Old Testament, the pyramids, and the great Gothic cathedrals, The Book of Change was a cooperative effort spanning many centuries… early authors of the I Ching observed the stars and tides, the plants and I Ching Workbook - R. L. Winganimals, and the cycles of all natural events. At the same time, they observed the patterns of relationship in families and societies, the practice of business, the craft of government, the grim art of warfare, the eternal human dramas of love, ambition, conflict, and honor. They made no attempt to create a fixed chart of the cosmos. Instead, they organically grew a guide to the way things change: a marvelous, fluid, interconnected systems of relations…

The I Ching Workbook, R.L. Wing

The reading is accompanied by a variety of free Transformation Games and Mind Exercises by Rheanni that are intended to help you get present, grounded and centered so you can actualize your heart’s desire in the New Paradigm. 

Rheanni LightwaterRemember, the I Ching doesn’t work like horoscopes, there’s really no set way to predict what the next Hexagram might be in advance, so these readings are always a work in progress! Thanks in advance for your patience.

Universal chi flows organically and we are a part of it. What we do affects it and we are affected in return. Of course, it’s wisest to work with the cosmos and follow the flow rather than trying to control or resist it. Because of that, learning to navigate the flow consciously is what I consider the ultimate in both creativity and surrendering.

Gaining a Larger Perspective on the Current Flow


More about this year’s Chinese Horoscope Animal: the Yin Metal Ox – February 12th, 2021 – January 31st, 2022.

Balance Conflicting EnergiesThe positive qualities of the Ox are generally described as strength, devotion, hard work, honesty and positivity. This is all good when you’re tapping into her good qualities.

However, the Ox can turn obstinate and opinionated. Especially lately, her energy seems to be encouraging amazingly high levels of resistance in some by aggravating the U.S. identity of being cynical and rebellious. The main danger in that happens when your ‘inner rebel’ rebels against you and those things that are trying to help you.

If your rebel identity takes over, you’re liable to be fighting against yourself and others when it’s really not necessary! If you’re facing a conflict or reversal of fortune, check in and see how you can shift your consciousness. Your health and your heart will thank you.

Exploring the Central Energy for the Holidays thisYear

It will be very beneficial know what’s motivating you while you travel through this holiday season. Keep in mind that even very simple activities can yield very different outcomes depending on what your motivations are.  For example, you could go to a party with an underlying motivation of “I’m going to impress everybody with my accomplishments,” or you might choose a motivation like, “I’d like to relax and enjoy reconnecting with the people I love and make some new friends.” You can see how an unconscious motivation “I’m here to prove I’m important,” might totally ruin a fun and beautiful experience.

The I Ching energy has returned to a multiple highway pattern and it’s not clear when that will end.

Whenever that happens, Kuan Yin advises me to “follow the middle road” or the road of MODERATION – the path that is guided from within.

Balance Conflicting Energies through Moderation“In difficult times, it’s usually best to move with the flow of MODERATION, Hexagram #15, where ‘The predominant forces … are in the process of balancing extremes and harmonizing interests.’ ~ The I Ching Workbook, R.L. Wing

The ancient Chinese text describes finding MODERATION as the best way to make progress amidst chaos. The suggestion is to disengage from extremes or opinionated attitudes and then follow the guidance that comes from within instead. In almost any situation, if you are able to walk the middle road between extremes, there will be improvement in whatever you undertake.

For example, it will be very beneficial know what’s motivating you while you travel through this holiday season. Keep in mind that even very simple activities can yield very different outcomes depending on what your motivations are.  For example, you could go to a party with an underlying motivation of “I’m going to impress everybody with my accomplishments,” or you might choose a motivation like, “I’d like to relax and enjoy reconnecting with the people I love and make some new friends.” You can see how an unconscious motivation “I’m here to prove I’m important,” might totally ruin a fun and beautiful experience.

In Moderation lies the key…

Here are some pertinent excerpts from the text of Hexagram #15 MODERATION, as translated by R.L. Wing:


“[The] tendency toward equilibrium and MODERATION is a natural urge in the universe. In the terrain of the earth, pinnacles are in the process of wearing down and valleys are filling up. Extreme poles magnetize and attract their opposites, thus neutralizing and moderating themselves. Nature balances itself with plagues, droughts, and cycles of overabundance, and human nature strives toward MODERATION in its tendency to reduce the excesses of the over powerful and to augment the needs of those who are desperately wanting.

Worldly matters can now be brought to success through MODERATION. Leaders should strive to firmly carry their objectives through to completion, not with a show of extraordinary force but with the continuing sincerity that springs from their true natures. Confucius says of this idea, “When a man enters public life he does not change from what he was in private life. How unflinching is his strength!” The self-evident, self-actualizing demonstration of purpose is the mark of great leaders acting with MODERATION.

In social relationships, avoid extremes. People who are overly intelligent or overly ignorant tend to extremes in their behavior and attitudes. You should now concentrate on establishing harmonious equilibrium with your fellow man and bring MODERATION and order to social institutions. This not only means avoiding radicalism and ostentatious values, but also tolerating weaknesses and inferior elements. “Everything in moderation” means just that.

This is a good time to bring some equilibrium to your more personal relationships. Examine your deepest feelings and see if you are harboring any extremes in your expectations or selfish desires in your motivations. Try to moderate any unrealistic ideals.

Your inner development now requires a modest and sincere attitude. Do not indulge in extremes of any sort, and instead strive for MODERATION in all that you do. *It must be understood that acting with MODERATION means not only limiting the obvious excesses, but also exposing yourself to new areas of experience. Through MODERATION you can now gain some real control over your destiny. In this way you use the balancing tendency of the current forces to center yourself. This inner equilibrium aligns you with the tao, thus bringing you into harmony with forces that can work for you.

Special advice to note from the Second Changing Line: “By maintaining a careful inner MODERATION, your outward actions gain influence and weight. You will now be entrusted with responsibilities. A thoroughness in your actions bring good fortune.”  ~ Hexagram #15 MODERATION, The I Ching Workbook by R. L. Wing

Soul Resources Offers Support for Clear Motivations: 

SOS - Clear Motivations
SOS Symbol

This is a period of time when it’s especially important to be clear about what you really want to experience and not to get pulled off track by dangerous distractions.

As always, Kuan Yin offers her assistance through a specially chosen collection of Transformation Games, Mind Exercises and Self-care Formulas. Her aim is to help you have a clear mind and heart so you can hear your true intuition as it guides you through some potentially volatile energies.

Gaze softly at the SOS symbol and ask for a number between 1 – 9.

Scroll down to that number and check out what that process has to offer you.

Transformation Games and Mind Exercises ~

1. Find Moderation Amidst Volatile Energies.

When the I Ching Energy is confusing and chaotic – striking a balance through MODERATION provides the greatest protection and stability.

2. Simplify Your Life.

Get help by simplify the clutter, complications or distractions that are pulling you away from what really matters to you.

3. Develop Precognition and Keep Out of Dangerous Situations.

You’ve probably had an experience of knowing that it just felt wrong to go to a certain place at a certain time. Then later, you find out that you were right. Something dangerous happened in that very same place and time! Use Your Inner Guidance and Gut Instincts to Get Out of the Way and Learn How to Be in the Right Place at the Right Time.

4. Handle Irritations Before They Handle You.

It seems that everywhere and every day, there’s more things to be irritated about. Don’t let them them drain your energy or send your mood downward, into the pits. Dealing with negativity with more negativity only increases the negativity. There is a way out that’s realistic and honestly acknowledges how difficult things have been.

5. Be Ready to Change with the Changes.

Many people feel anxious about all the changes happening –  this way and that! Lines of communication are undergoing radical transition, while others are as stuck and stubborn as can be. The old social structures are crumbling and new ones are rising from the rubble. No wonder you might be more volatile than usual and there should be no surprise if people get over-reactive and defensive. Do your part by handing your own confusion.

Essential Self-care for Balancing Conflict ~

If you are struggling with overwhelm and symptoms of ptsd, join us! Sign up for our new series – SOS – Navigating Loss and Compassion Fatigue.

SOS Self-care Formulas and Mind Exercises can help you navigate confusion and restore yourself:

Navigate Confusion & Compassion Fatigue6. Stay Grounded in Your Personal Power. External power struggles can so easily uproot us from the truth about what’s best for us. Staying centered requires that you know how to use the power of your mind to control your own energy.

7. Creating Internal Safety. When creative energy becomes stagnant or gets caught up in emotional entanglements, our physical, emotional and spiritual health suffers. This simple exercise is designed to help you go within and come up with important resources for staying healthy in your environment.

8. Learn to Change with the Changes. It’s easy to be disappointed about sudden changes in plans. Uncertainty seems to be everywhere. This formula can help you change more gracefully and let go of what needs to be released. 

Chakra Healing and Clearing ~

Recommended Transformation Game to Keep You Moving with the Flow In the New Paradigm, Rather than Against it.

Because the chakras react to and reflect other subtle energy systems, it’s most important that they function in a balanced and unified way in the New Paradigm. That means free of attachments and other toxic elements. This exercise is what I use to keep my chakras clear, balanced and free of conflicting energies:

9. General Chakra Clearing.

Go through a powerful chakra clearing using Reiki Chakra Keys to help you clear electro-magnetic poisoning and other pathogens from your energy system while you balance the polarity of each chakra for increased energy and spiritual integrity.

Thank you for joining with us for Clear Conflicting Energies and creating a New Paradigm based on common ground for the common good!

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About the Author of Todays Intuitive Reading

Rheanni Lightwater - Adapting to Change

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  • Respiratory and Circulatory Health
  • Overstimulated Nervous System and Immune Response
  • Digestive and Intestinal Health
  • Sleep Difficulties and Nightmares
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