Dispelling Self-doubt and Projections

This exercise, Dispelling Self-doubt is an excerpt from the Soul Oriented Solutions PTSD Workbook by Rheanni Lightwater ~

 Use this mind exercise for dispelling self-doubt when you are:

  • Suddenly overcome with distrust or confusion
  • Sorting out what’s really going on in a relationship
  • Having trouble distinguishing what’s true and what’s not
  • Caught up in the past and need to clear the slate
  • Wanting to let go of thoughts or beliefs that cause you harm.

Dispelling Self-doubt Mind Exercise PTSDIt’s so important to understand that sometimes we’re tapping into a collective fear or the judgements of those around us – even if we’re in a basically healthy situation ourselves. Empathic abilities are more prevalent than most people would have you believe.

People are sensitive to each others thoughts and emotions more than ever, and it’s especially easy to tap into negative thoughts that you grew up with as a child because they’re so familiar. Yet, you don’t want to live in the past or under the shadow of other people’s projections.

When making decisions about what’s best for you now, you want to be able to distinguish between a thought or a memory and the reality of what’s really happening in the present.

Dispelling Self--doubt Projection-ReflectionThis self-care formula for Dispelling Self-doubt is here to help you clear away some of those projections and see things more clearly, from your own viewpoint. If your efforts to solve a problem are causing you to become overwhelmed and frustrated, go through this exercise and watch how your perspective changes! By playing, you’ll get to the bottom of what’s going on and access your intuition, which will give you constructive guidance on how to effectively come to a solution, at least for yourself.

Here’s how it works:
Start with both feet flat on the floor and keep your arms and legs uncrossed. Gaze softly at the Circle in Step One while you repeat the affirmations that go with it for several minutes.
You will probably feel a lot of energy moving while you do this exercise – that’s all right, that means the Circles are working to unlock a fixated pattern and get you ready for the rest of the exercise. You will know you’re done when the energy calms down and you can think clearly. Then you can move on to the remaining Circles with each of their affirmations to complete the process.

Mind Body Integration

Mind Body IntegrationFor best results, look at each symbol both crossed over the midline of the body and uncrossed so that the correction is more complete.

Once you’re done, your energy will be more your own and you will have a much clearer idea of what is actually going and what you can do about it.

Be sure to take some time afterward to relax and rest.

Dispelling Self-doubt and Projections

Step One:

Relax and gaze gently at this Soul Circle while you ask yourself this question:
“Is there someone or something in my life today that I don’t trust?”


Step Two:

Tune into this Circle to help you identify what’s involved.
Who or what is it about? There may be more than issue.
Is this real or a projection?
Is it a memory that seems real to you?


Step Three:

Make a mental list of the fears, assumptions and judgements that come to you. Include any beliefs about yourself, others or the situation in general that’s having a negative effect on you. Consider how things are appearing and what’s happened in the past. Is there a pattern of prejudice based on gender roles, status, sexual preferences, levels of experience, intelligence or general abilities?

Examples: Is there something about the physical situation? Is there an emotional component? Are you unclear about your role or responsibilities? When was the last time you felt this way?

“I assume ______. I’m afraid ______. My judgment is ______. I believe ______.”



Step Four:

Now that you have your list, go back through the answers and ask yourself:

“Are these things really true?”
“Do they have to be this way?”

Whether they are or not, see if you can move them further away from you or puncture them like balloons so that you can see them more objectively and not take them personally.


Step Five:

Imagine that your list of untrue thoughts and beliefs can be gathered up and gently burned until there’s nothing left but ashes. Go ahead and see that happening in your mind’s eye right now…

Now that you’ve burned them up forever, how much more calm is your mind?


Step Six:

 Is there any other garbage that needs to be dispelled?

Are you willing to let it go? If so, relax and see it clearing out.

If you’re not willing to let it go, why not?

Is it still serving you in some way?

Would it help to go through the formula again specifically around this garbage?


Step Seven:

If the garbage is gone and you feel clear, you’re ready to focus on productive activities that will help you create a happier life.

“I connect with productive thoughts and solutions.”

You may want to make a list of things to do that will help you now.


Step Eight.

Focus your attention and energy on these activities, like aiming at a bullseye.


You have freed yourself from the grip of projections, paranoia and self-doubt. Now would be a good time to explore the possibilities that you’re open to now.

Dispelling Self-doubt: Continuing Your Journey ~

The purpose of the Soul Oriented Solutions series is to give you additional resources to turn to when you are going through difficult times and need to stay strong. You are encouraged to share this information with others whom you feel might benefit from it.

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