Grounding in the Truth and Your Power

A Mind Exercise for Grounding In The Truth ~

Grounding in the Truth

Many people realize how important grounding in the truth is because external power struggles can so easily uproot us from the truth about what’s best for us.

Staying centered requires that you know how to use the power of your mind to control your own energy.

To find out if this Mind Exercise can help you, gaze at the symbol in this picture for a moment and ask:

  •  Are you having difficulty getting and staying grounded?
  •  Do you feel caught up in a power struggle?
  •  Do you need to disconnect from a meddling or intrusive person?
  •  Are you feeling trapped by other peoples agendas?
  •  Have you been wasting energy on the past?
  •  Are you worrying or fearful about the future?
  •  Is it hard to think straight or get dependable guidance?

Here’s how Grounding in the Truth works:

Put both feet flat on the floor and start with your arms and legs uncrossed. Simply gaze softly at the images while you repeat the affirmations that go with them for several minutes. Relax and breathe. Here’s an example:

“I reclaim and balance my five senses.”

“I use them to be present and aware so that I can actualize my Soul’s purpose.”

“I use them to help me protect myself and resolve my concerns appropriately.”

“I am aware of what’s most important.”


In times of difficulty or CONFLICT, your energy might feel very jagged or erratic. Take a moment to smooth things out with this Correction Key.

You will probably feel a lot of energy moving – that’s all right. It just means that the Circles are working to focus your mind and clean up your energy.

You will know you’re done when the energy calms down and you can think clearly. Then you can move on to the remaining Circles with each of their affirmations to complete the process.

Once you’re done, remember to relax and allow your energy to settle.

Mind Body Integration

Mind Body Integration For best results, look at each symbol both crossed over the midline of the body and uncrossed so that the correction is more complete.

Feel free to move at anytime in any way to help you embody your experience!

Step One: Begin by accessing a strong connection with your Soul Resources.

We each have our own Soul vibration that amplifies our own autonomy, integrity and good health. Check how your connection is doing with this Soul Prayer Chart and this affirmation:

“I access my unique Soul Vibration for clear and true guidance.”

You’ll know it’s right if the “vibe” feels right in your solar plexus.


Step Two: Establish a strong intention stated in the positive.

You might want to write it down. Examples:

“I maintain my integrity and am true to myself.”

“I gather my resources to be successful in my current endeavors.”

“I disengage from this power struggle.” etc.

“I ________________.”

Step Three – Integrity

Strengthen your resolve by detaching from harmful sub-conscious distractions:

“I stop wasting my energy on lies, mind games and no win situations.”

“I disengage from family patterns of control, intolerance and/or grievance.”

“I release all subconscious agreements to tap into other people’s energy or to allow them to tap into mine.”


Step Four ~ Self-determination

Connect with your breath and affirm to yourself:

“I reclaim the energy, power and gifts of my Soul.”

“I use them to be present and alert.”

“I use them to actualize my Soul’s purpose.”


Step Five – Centering

Bring your awareness and vibe to your heart center and keep breathing:

“I am centered and my heart is strong.”

“I call on my deepest guidance to be present with me.”

“I let go of anxiousness, pain and sorrow.”

“I maintain healthy boundaries. My life is my own.”


Step Six – Balance

Take all the time you need with the Earth Chakra Key until you feel stable and balanced. See if you can still feel your Soul Vibration.

“I slow down and step carefully.”

“I feel the Earth beneath my feet.”

“I am connected with Mother Earth.”

Grounding in the Truth


Step Seven: Integration

To help you ground, gaze softly at this symbol and ask your Spirit to help close down destructive energy channels from the past. Then, ask to be filled with generative life energy and connect with life affirming channels of communication. 

Cross and uncross your hands over the midline of your body as many times as you like until the transformation feels complete.


Step Eight: To Each Their Own

Gracefully release all issues, karma and emotional baggage that don’t belong with you:

“I surrender other people’s issues, emotions and karma so I can uncross my own path.”

Once that feels complete, call back what genuinely belongs with you:

“I set things right so that I may move forward in peace.”


Step Nine: Grounding

Place both your feet on the ground with your hands on the inside of your knees. Relax and allow your energy to organize into a balanced flow. 

“I am re-organizing around what’s important.”

“I am aligning with the supportive energy of Mother Earth.”

“The Earth supports me and I am grounded.”


Step Ten: Completion

Close off the doors and pathways that lead you away from your Soul’s intended path. While gazing at the Circle, imagine any holes or pathways that might have come open during this meditation. They are the ones that are finished and you are done with.

“All completed holes and pathways are healed and sealed.”

“I follow the direction of my Soul’s protection.”

Congratulations! Your energy is more your own and you’ll have a much easier time staying grounded now. Remember, a person whose energy is balanced and grounded benefits everyone. Be sure to take some time to relax and rest.


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