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Transcendence through Snake Medicine

Self-care and Personal Growth through Gifts from the Rainforest

Snake Medicine - Animal Totems#7 Snake Medicine announces transcendence and initiation into a new stage of life. By peeling away any “old skin”, we are able to move on freely.

Have you noticed  a fundamental change in yourself or in a relationship that needs to be consciously attended to?

Is there some extreme behavior you have outgrown and need to let go of?

Healing Action: See yourself and your situation as they really are. Let go of old, negative habits. Shed old personalities and extreme behavior.

Snake Sheds its Skin

The snake renews itself periodically by shedding its skin,
revealing a new and more vibrant version of itself.
Like the snake, you have transcended
the limitations of who you thought you were.
Your appearance no longer suits you.
Peel away the mask that hides your beauty.
Honor the old.
Celebrate the new.


Mind Body IntegrationMind Body Integration

For best results, gaze softly at the Circle both crossed over the midline of the body and uncrossed so that the communication is more complete.

Intuitive Learning Circles help you access your inner guidance and self-confidence to make proactive changes. Simply relax and gaze at the Circles while contemplating its message and positive affirmations. Your intuition will come forward and give you the help that you seek.

Further Exploration into Snake Medicine:

Gifts from the Rainforest #7 Snake Medicine
Snake Medicine

You have activated your spiritual will and are now moving toward a higher purpose for you and your world. You’re ready to go beyond the extreme “either/or” mentality and graduate to the “and” consciousness of balance and unity.

You’re beginning to understand that things are not either black or white, good or bad – swinging from one extreme to the other. They exist together in the vast continuum of all that exists between Heaven and Earth.

Let the dual aspects of Snake teach you how to strike a meaningful balance. She may advise you to expel extreme ideas that have been poisoning your hopes and dreams. She knows that ideas are like air – they are everywhere, traveling freely, belonging to no one. If you like an idea, apply it to your life and pass it on. If you don’t like it, just let it go.

With this new perspective, you may want to revisit lost hopes and see if you desire to incorporate them back into your life. The way to do this is to bring different levels of yourself into balance by addressing the following forms of extravagance and ignorance:

  1. Complete unfinished business.
  2. Clear up debts that you owe or are owed.
  3. Speak up regarding issues that have been bothering you.

  4. Be done with disloyalty towards your Soul’s purpose, such as petty dramas and ego games.

  5. Come back into your power. 

Doing these things will help you set yourself right with the natural flow of the Universe and give you new energy to accomplish your dreams. The critical mind may object, often very loudly, however you now recognize that the ego is not to be trusted when it comes to matters of integrity and/or personal power. These are significant blocks that have hindered inner transformation up until this point. If you ignore them, your energy will be drawn back into feeding negativity and fear.

If you are dealing with your shadow side and healing disloyalty, shed any lies that you may have been telling yourself. These lies come in the form of extremes, denial, jealousy, judgment or vengeance, which have created imbalance and illness within you.

Shamans often refer to this kind of healing as “uncrossing your path”, and the truth is, we always do it to ourselves, usually by following someone else’s path, rather than our own. Successfully making this transition into Unity and Love will expand the possibilities regarding where you can go.

See yourself and your situation as they really are. In that way you will rid yourself of indecision and move forward into your higher good.

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Snake Medicine is an excerpt from Gifts from the Rainforest

Available exclusively From Soul Resources LLC:

Animal Totems for Inner Guidanceby Rheanni Lightwater


Inspired by Design Therapy from the native tribes of the Amazon, the fifty-eight Intuitive Learning Circles and animal totems from Gifts from the Rainforest are self-healing tools for nature lovers who want to accelerate their spiritual growth and intuitive abilities.

Snake is one of the Guides you can follow with Animal Totem Tracks.

♦ Find emotional healing  ♦ Deal with repetitive habits & attitudes that keep you stuck  ♦ Develop common sense  ♦ Learn to trust your gut instincts.  ♦ Receive messages from plant, animal & nature spirits.

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