Open Your Heart and Reunite with Nature

How to Open Your Heart with Gifts From the Rainforest ~

Open Your Heart through Gifts from the RainforestThere are fifty-eight Intuitive Learning Circles in Gifts from the Rainforest. Each Circle imparts the teaching and healing medicine of its plant, animal or nature spirit. 

Rheanni Lightwater
Rheanni Lightwater, Author

You can think of them as communication tools to help you access intuition that comes from your Soul.  

Gifts from the Rainforest is the foundational guide for the Intuitive Learning Circle method.

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Making Friends with the Helpers of Physical Manifestation

This Game has three goals:

  1. Animal Totems - Opening Your HeartTo open your heart to a method for communicating with nature and your Soul through the Intuitive Learning Circles.
  2. To develop your intuition and ability to look within for answers. 
  3. To improve your level of personal power and discernment for living appropriately in the New Paradigm.

Open Your Heart to Reorganize Around the Common Good

In order to adapt to the many changes that are happening in our environment, our minds will have an easier time navigating the journey if we have signs and maps to help us find our way. Navigating life under the guidance of our Soul is the primary purpose of the Intuitive Learning Circles.

A Layout and Foundation for the Common Good

For example, if you meditate on the “map” provided in this image, your mind can get a better grasp of what it can organize around in the New Paradigm we’ve entered and how we might be able to co-create common ground for the common good. 

Relax for a minute or two with this template for common ground based on cooperation, joy, equality and balanced prosperity.

If you are able to, go ahead and relax into it to create an imprint. Put your feet on the floor and ground yourself.

Open Your Heart and Reunite with Nature

Within this new terrain, it will be tremendously helpful to develop respectful, reciprocal relationships with the Helpers of Physical Manifestation in Gifts from the Rainforest. This process takes time, trust and a sincere intention to ask for and receive their guidance or medicine.

Each Helper has its own unique medicine, which is explained in the aphorism and “Further Explanation” sections of the post. One Helper might have medicine for dealing with difficult people (for example, Parrot #18), while another might help you to focus better, such as Praying Mantis, #6.

The Helpers are like new friends that can really assist you if you’re willing to slow down, open your heart and get to know them. This Transformation Game will help you to create a healing relationship based on common ground for the common good with whatever Helper you want to get to know next.

Open Your Heart

Begin by going to Old Sol #49 and reading its message.

Through this Circle, symbolized by the Sun, you can connect with your Higher Self. All the other Intuitive Learning Circles only work through your Higher Self or Soul in order to avoid false guidance.

You will be using “Old Sol” to tell you which Helper would be good to get to know next. You can also use it to confirm guidance that you get or formulate questions and intentions that are important to you.

The next step is to gaze softly at the Circle itself and take several relaxing breaths. It doesn’t really matter what part of the image you’re looking at and it isn’t necessary to figure out what the lines or circles do. Just let your intuition guide you.

If you find yourself criticizing or doubting yourself, that’s your critical mind trying to take over and control your thinking. Just set it aside and bring your attention back towards opening your heart.

Now that you’ve read the directions, it’s time to ask your first question. Look at the Circle and ask your heart:

“Is there an issue or situation that I could use some guidance with right now?”

Old Sol

Answers may come in the form of words, a symbol, an impression or a feeling. What ever comes to you, write it down, even if it doesn’t seem to make sense at first.

Also, it’s important to take the the time to include your heart center and listen to it. If you’re all up in your head, chasing after thoughts, that’s not really intuition. Gently bring your attention down into your heart area, slow down and listen for quiet, heart centered messages.


Once you have an issue, ask Old Sol for a number between one and fifty-eight and take the very first number that comes to you. The number you come up with is the number of the Helper and Circle that you most need to make friends with right now.

What number between 1 – 58 does your Soul want you open your heart to? 

Write the number down, go to that Helper in your copy or the online book and read about its medicine. Notice if there are any messages that stick out to you.

Next, gaze softly at the Circle (both crossed and uncrossed) and relax. Breathe deeply a few times. Imagine your mind can gather up all the unconscious information it has about this medicine. Now you’re ready to go through the series of Circles in the first section of the game.

Mind Body IntegrationMind Body Integration

For best results playing a Transformation Game, look at each Circle both crossed over the midline of the body and uncrossed so that the correction is more complete.

If your mind goes blank, go here to clear the blockage.

Section One: Open Your Heart and Clear Obstacles to Communication

1. Earth ~ Our early life conditioning is often the biggest obstacle to spiritual connection and guidance. Gaze at the Earth Circle with soft eyes and breathe deeply with each affirmation:

“In accordance with my highest good…

… I unearth all harmful societal / tribal conditioning that prevents me from connecting with my Higher Self through my heart.”

“I uproot all harmful conditioning that would prevent me from making friends with the _________ Helper I have chosen.”

“I disentangle from all tribal conditioning based on ignorance or harm that would block clear and cooperative communication.”


2. Seed #37~ Pretend this Circle is like a communication device. You ask it a question and an answer comes back to you in the form of words, an image, a feeling or a symbol.

This is how you can use the Circles and their Helpers to communicate intuitively with your Soul or Higher Self. Try it out by asking the Seed Helper:

“What is preventing me from following the true guidance of the __________ Helper?”

Make a note of your answers. At this point the answer(s) may or may not make sense to you yet, so just write them down and continue.


3. Alligator #3 ~ Now it’s time to discover thought processes, emotions or behaviors that are preventing a helpful connection with your chosen Helper. Look into the Intuitive Learning Circle for Alligator and ask the following questions one at a time:

“Can I tell what the problem is?”

“Is it about a behavior? A habit? An attitude?”

“Is it emotional? Conceptual?”

“Is it a blockage in how I’m interacting with my environment?”

“Is it a misunderstanding about how I’m using my energy?”

“Is it an attachment or entanglement?”

“Is there more than one thing preventing clear communication? If so, what are they?”

“Am I perceiving this situation correctly and truthfully?”

4. Divine Protection ~ Recalibrate your energy to adjust to the new generative flow of life force based on the Air element. As you gaze at the symbol, allow your breathing to become lighter and easier. This chi’ moves quicker and you don’t need to work as hard as you used to in order to accomplish something. Imagine you can use this symbol as a filter for interacting with your chosen Helper more effectively.

“I am open and clear to utilize generative life force.”

Bring your awareness to the center black circle. What do you think is blocking open communication? Whatever comes to you, write it down because that phrase or idea has important information that could help you understand more about what you need to do to help yourself.

Once you’ve done that, look at the Circle and ask your heart:

“How would my life be better if I were friends with the ________ Helper I have chosen?”

Again, write your answer down.


The Importance of Soul Contracts

5. Raccoon #11 ~ Raccoon is the primary animal totem that handles Soul Contracts which are agreements you’ve made on a Soul level to help you experience who you are more deeply. When you have completed the karma of a particular experience, you can move on to other experiences. However, your nervous system will keep repeating the feedback loop for that karma until you have consciously released the contract and integrated the lesson into your consciousness.

Raccoon Medicine bypasses your critical mind and goes directly into the nervous system to release completed contracts. As you look at Raccoon’s Circle, relax into your spine. Go through this list of potential agreements that might get in the way of truthful communication and genuine help:

A. “I release all agreements, contracts, allegiances, obligations or vows that prevent me from communicating clearly with my Higher Self and receiving help.” 

B. “I release all agreements, contracts, allegiances, obligations or vows that prevent me from communicating clearly and receiving help from the true spirit of the __________ Helper.”

C. “I release all agreements to put up with disorder, lies, deception, hostility or _____________.”

D. “I release all agreements, contracts, allegiances, obligations or vows that prevent me from benefiting from and utilizing the medicine of the _________ Helper.”

Releasing contracts and agreements of this kind significantly loosens the grip that the ego has on your mind, body and spirit. Energy can begin to move differently for you now and negative patterns are more easily changed to benefit you.


Clear your energy of entanglements and destructive toxins:

Continue breathing while you use this Soul Star Detachment Key to relax and mend any energetic wounds that are associated with negative attachments or toxins. 

Like a healing balm, imagine that a loving coat of peace and comfort is pouring down over you.

“My energy system can easily and effectively, neutralize and detach from interfering energies.”

Relax and sense your overall energy. If it feels stuck or sluggish, stay with the Key until the energy lets go and smooths out. 

Congratulations! Going through the first section of this game has helped you to release attitudes, behaviors and beliefs that are getting in the way of good guidance that comes through your Soul. When you are ready, go through Section Two below, where you will reconnect with essential components of your personal power and effectively redirect your energy and attention towards positive and life affirming ways of being.

Section Two – Open Your Heart to Receive True Help and Guidance 

This part of the game uses charts from Soul Prayer Charts, the companion piece to Gifts from the Rainforest.

Use Soul Prayer Chart #13 for Divine Connection to help you.

“My Heart is open. My Soul is in charge and I am empowered to connect through joy and gratitude to this Helper.”

Open Your Heart

“I ask for and receive help from the 
 ___________ Helper and its medicine.”

“I am empowered to co-create a New Paradigm –
based on common ground for the common good.”

Smooth Out Your Energy: You might be experiencing difficulty adjusting to all the significant environmental changes that are ongoing. Sudden reversals, blockages and changes in momentum can cause your subtle energy fields to react in unusual ways.

As you look at this Soul Star Correction Key, do you notice any rough glitches or reversed energies going on? If so, relax with it for a few minutes until things smooth out.

“Jagged, disjointed glitches in my sensory system are being repaired.”

“All shut downs and reversals are gently corrected.”

Continue crossing and uncrossing over the midline of your body until you can feel the unique energy of your Soul coming through.


Set Things Right: If needed, use the To Each Their Own symbol which will help you sort out emotions, karma and other issues that don’t belong with you and reclaim the things that do. 

As you look at the chart, first visualize sending back other people’s issues and energies that may have attached to you for any reason. Return them to where ever they belong – through the Light – thus “setting things right.”  Be sure to do that freely, with a sense of forgiveness.

“I send issues, emotions, karma and energies
to wherever they need to go to heal.”

Once you’ve returned what needs to be returned, relax and let the symbol help you reclaim whatever belongs with you, for example, your own gifts, talents or karma and intentions. Ask your Soul to position them correctly so they can either be cleared or utilized to benefit you.

“I reclaim my own issues, energies and karma
so that I may handle them in accordance with my highest good.”


Dissolve Destructive Blueprints: Now it’s time to dissolve mental and emotional patterns that keep you at odds with yourself and your new friend. Use this symbol for dissolving destructive blueprints to identify and disperse any harmful personal, societal or familial patterns that have come up in this process. See them disappear like old cloud banks dissolving into pure sunlight:

“I release into the Light all destructive patterns that keep me from reuniting with Nature.”

“I dissolve all pathways that keep me connected to harmful patterns.
I surrender them to the Light completely – and with Forgiveness.”

Please note: Never send destructive energies into the Earth, she already has too much to handle now. Use the Earth for planting seeds of health, happiness and life – not illness, unhappiness and death!


Closure and Completion: Once the patterns are cleared, give your heart and Soul some relief through closure.

“All doors that lead back to guilt, blame, abuse and suffering are sealed and healed. I follow the direction of my Soul’s intention.”


Finish by closing down any harmful energy drains from the past. An energy drain could be anything – a false belief, an outdated plan or some kind of individual or collective behavior that drains your life force. Use Fly Medicine to visualize the drain(s) deconstructing and closing down.

“I deconstruct old behaviors and shut down any drains to my energy.”

Once they are closed down, use the Circle to find where the voids are and fill them with loving, life affirming energy!

“I fill in the leftover void with healthy, life affirming energy.”

Excellent! When you open your heart and reunite with Nature, you are accessing communication with your Soul that offers profound truth and transformation.

Access Generative Flow: Now is a good time to confirm that you’ve closed down old energy and communication channels from the malaise left over from the Piscean Age. Gaze softly at Divine Protection and allow it to help you get centered. Then, when you’re ready, bring your attention back into your Heart Center and let it integrate. 

“I surrender to the help and protection of my Inner Guidance.”

“My Heart and mind is open to receive generative life force.”

“I connect to the new communication channels available in the Aquarian Age.”

Keep breathing with the awareness that this new chi’ is much lighter and quicker than what we were used to in the Piscean Age. It will take some time to adjust!


Ground in the New Paradigm: Once you feel your energy has stabilized, ask about your relationship to the map for common good and common ground in the New Paradigm.

Are you gaining familiarity with this new template?

  • Does your Soul approve of what this map can open up for you?
  • Is there a place for you there and a path for you to move forward in a positive way?
  • Do you have a working agreement with this Helper for creating common ground for the Common good?
  • How do the Helpers feel about their relationship with you now?

Do you have other, related questions you would like to ask? Go ahead and ask them. Place your feet on the floor again and get grounded.

Finish the Game with Your New Friend ~

Now you can test how well this game has opened up your relationship with your Helper. Go to the Helper that you chose and think about the issue or problem that you wrote down at the beginning of the game. Come up with a simple question, like:

“How has my perception changed?”
“How can we work together to create the common good?”

Look at the Circle for your Helper and ask it. What answer(s) do you get? Write them down and follow through if needed. 

Tips for asking the totems questions and receiving guidance: 

• Keep your questions simple and about one thing at a time. 

• If you don’t get an answer, it may mean that your mind is fixated on a person, an event or something from the past. Mental fixations usually happen because of some kind of emotional or spiritual trauma. If that happens, go to Condor #32, and let its medicine help you to release the fixation. You will know the fixation is cleared when you can come up with an answer to your question. 

• Once you have an answer to your first question, do you have other, related questions you can ask? Go ahead and ask them. 

• Once you’ve finished, put the book aside. Now is a good time to rest, get out into nature, take a walk or otherwise refresh yourself. Allow the answer to percolate while you’re doing something else.

• For optimum results, go through both sections of this game with Old Sol #49 first, because your relationship with your Higher Self is of primary importance. After that, play the game for Animal Spirits #1 and Plant Spirits #36.

• After playing the game, spend the next week or so asking for guidance and help from the totem on a regular basis.

• If you are a practitioner and are planning to use Gifts from the Rainforest with others, ask questions about how you can use the totem’s medicine to help your clients and what will help you to be more receptive to its guidance.

• If you are a teacher, counselor or in a position to guide others, ask your Higher Self, through Old Sol #49 for protection, help and guidance. Ask for a symbol or sign that affirms you are on the right track.

Congratulations! If you are sincere in your requests and willing to follow through on the guidance you’re given, be prepared for increased dream activity, creative inspiration and opportunities for manifesting the common good!

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About the AuthorRheanni Lightwater - Clear Perception

Rheanni Lightwater CHT, CKT lives and practices in Santa Fe, NM. She specializes in mind body healing with family and relationship clearing using Kinesiology, the Intuitive Learning CirclesReiki as a Master/Teacher, Hypnotherapy and Shamanic Clearing Techniques.

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