Access Intuition through Gifts from the Rainforest

How to Use Gifts from the Rainforest to Access Intuition:

Access Intuition through Gifts from the RainforestThere are forty-nine Intuitive Learning Circles™ in Gifts from the Rainforest. Each Circle imparts the teaching and healing medicine of its plant, animal or nature spirit. You can think of them as communication tools that help you access intuition that comes from your Soul!  



Below is an introduction and abbreviated overview of the Circles in Gifts from the Rainforest and how you can use them to access intuition – quickly!

Each plant, animal and nature spirit communicates through its Circle and can be used in several ways:

1. They can help you access intuition that comes from your heart rather than your ego so that you can bring greater clarity and more positive energy to the choices you make.

2. They can be used as divining tools to help you access intuition and understand how you are currently relating to your world, what might be getting in the way, and what an appropriate response might be.

3. Working with the Circles and their medicine can assist you in breaking through mental resistance and promote emotional detoxification.

4. Most importantly, they help you to affirm and strengthen your connection to your true nature through the plant and animal kingdoms.

Please note – The Circles will help you gain deeper insight into your situation; however, with some, you might experience a release or energetic reorganization. You might also be guided to use another healing modality, such as plant essences, herbs, essential oils, etc.

To have your own experience with how to use the Intuitive Learning Circles™ simply read the instructions and then follow through on the inner guidance you get while you gaze softly at the Circle.

Step One: Slow down. Relax and take several breaths while you gaze with a soft focus at the Master Circle #49, Old Sol. Let your mind gently roam through your current situations or considerations. By gazing at this symbol, you can access intuition and important information that comes directly from your Soul or Higher Self. To find out which Circle your Soul wants to use to help you, simply ask for a number between 1 and 49. If you’re working with someone else, you can ask them to look at Old Sol themselves and come up with a number between 1 and 49 that will help them most right now.

Access Intuition with Old Sol

“What number between 1 and 49 would help me right now?”

Make a note of the number and then scroll down the list to access intuition and your inner guidance about your situation.

~ Could you use some guidance from Soul Prayer Charts?

1. Animal Spirits – the animals are our partners in creating an abundant and peaceful life. By observing their behavior and the role they play in their environment, we can learn to adapt and make the most of the circumstances we find ourselves in.

What do you need to adapt to in your situation?

Healing Action: It’s time to adapt. Take ownership. Set things right. Listen to your heart.

2. Vulture – the circling vulture reminds us that there will always be those who feed off of the misfortunes of others. Trusting our gut instinct will help us to distinguish true assistance from exploitation.

Are you in any danger? If so, what will help?

Healing Action: Become aware of unconscious fears and transmute them. Identify and avoid dangerous situations. Cultivate Discernment.


3. Alligator – the alligator signals hidden danger from the ego. Releasing the control others are holding over us enables us to follow our true passion. Now is a time for objectivity and Soul guidance.

Are you letting your ego run this situation? If so, how is it trying to control you and what would help?

Healing Action: Move your fears to the side. Stop fueling negative tapes from the past and decide that your Soul is in charge now.


4. Raven – raven represents the principle of change. Acceptance allows harmony and prosperity in any circumstance.  Seeing raven may indicate a need to recover core energy to be more resilient.

What, if anything, do you need to change or recover?

Healing Action: Let go and go with the flow. Become willing to change. Reclaim your connection to your Higher Self and core energy.


5. Wasp – wasp knows not to take rejection personally.  Her advice is to use the sting of unpleasant events to keep us moving and on track.

Do you need to find a better route to your destination? Are you tapping into a “hive mind” that is poisonous to you?   In this situation, what do you need to let go of?

Healing Action: Overcome disappointment and move on. Block the influx of negative energy. Find gratitude in difficult circumstances.


6. Praying Mantis – the mantis instructs us in mastery over our base instincts. Still the mind and become an instrument that spirit moves through effortlessly.

What are you paying attention to? Is this a productive use of your time and attention? What would your spirit ask you to focus on instead?

Healing Action:  Focus. Clarify your attention and intention. Dispel confusion. Be ready to act.


7. Snake – Snake medicine announces transcendence and initiation into a new stage of life. By peeling away any “old skin”, we are able to move on freely.

Have you noticed  a fundamental change in yourself or in a relationship that needs to be consciously attended to? Is there some extreme behavior you have outgrown and need to let go of?

Healing Action: See yourself and your situation as they really are. Let go of old, negative habits. Shed old personalities and extreme behavior.


8. Piranha – the piranha sends unmistakable messages to go another way. Learn to recognize what is in your best interests.

Is a change in direction or intention in order? Are you leaving pathways open to old patterns of suffering? Are you open to pathways that contradict your highest good?

Healing Action: Close the pathways, opening and doorways to old sources of pain and suffering. Follow the path of your highest good and true destiny.


9. Lizard – the lizard is a master of adaptation. Letting go of things that no longer work for us allows us to adapt to the world as it is.

Are you holding onto abuse? If so, what would be the purpose in doing that?

Healing Action: Separate from negative thoughts, behaviors, or beliefs. Drop old plans or relationships in favor of new ones.


10. Ant  – This kind of Amazonian Ant medicine serves as a painful reminder of how the flow of Love can be blocked by “slave maker” patterns of attachment and control. 

Do you feel that someone is trying to get you to do their work for them?
Conversely, are you expecting unreasonable help from others?
Either way, are you willing to set things right?

Healing Action:  Free yourself. Detach from harmful energies or people. Let go of your prejudices and disentangle from negative energy, attitudes or obligations


11. Raccoon – raccoon is known as a trickster and troublemaker, however, when we learn from our misfortunes and choose differently, we free ourselves of burden and blame.

Are agreements creating conflicts in your life? If so, can you tell what they are?

Healing Action: Access agreements and Soul contracts held in the central nervous system.  Release completed Soul Contracts. Renegotiate agreements that no longer serve you and realign your goals. Establish new contracts that support and benefit your highest good. Detach from harmful attitudes.


12. Rat – rat says to keep a clean house and learn from what has been wasted. When we do this, we are affirming our spiritual growth and continued happiness.

Are you being dumped on physically? Mentally? Emotionally? Spiritually?

Healing Action: Clear the landscape of your mind, body and spirit. Let go of emotional and mental garbage. Make room for blessings, rather than curses.


13. Stingray – stingray medicine repels influences that are causing us harm. Keeping your attention on the truth allows you to separate from ignorance and doubt.

Are you under attack? If so, what would help? Is there something you need to do to protect your energy?

Healing Action:  Create protection for your personal space. Access information about your internal bagua map. Position yourself correctly. Protect yourself by activating the shaman’s “Ring of Fire.”


14. Otter – the river otter is the epitome of playful, good-natured fun. Remembering to have fun is good advice to take seriously.

Are you working too hard? If so, what would help you have more fun?

Healing Action: Refocus your energy on having fun. Be more playful. Smile, laugh, enjoy a joke!


15. Spider – spider understands how to position herself for abundance. Patience and faith can always be rebuilt under any circumstance.

Are you connecting with sustainable prosperity? If not, what would help?

Healing Action: Build a web of light and positive energy to fuel your dreams. Connect with natural prosperity. Disconnect from wealth based on greed, scarcity, warfare or betrayal.


Protection16. Armadillo – armadillo provides protection to the innocent and trusting. Call on her power to shelter you in times of attack.

Are you exposed to violence, darkness or negative energies? 

Healing Action: Use the light of the Sun to identify and dispel darkness, fear and entities of harm or malice. Pull yourself out of harms way by releasing your agreements with it.


17. Jaguar – jaguar exemplifies fierce determination. When using his power for our greater good, we can accomplish amazing things.

Are you accessing your courage? If not, what will help?

Healing Action:  Reclaim your courage, strength and determination. Visualize a ring of fire surrounding you and your environment.


18. Parrot – this bird knows how to handle inflammatory remarks and condemnation. By remaining calm in the face of emotional outbursts, we develop mastery over our minds and our reactions.

Is someone trying to get a reaction out of you? Are you caught in a maze of projections? Are you stuck on judgement and criticism? If so, what would help?

Healing Action: Stop taking things personally. Take control of your reactions. Get out of the way. Reject and dissolve projections.


19. Fly – the fly warns us when we are revisiting self-destructive habits. It’s better to empower our best interests – health, creativity and life!

Are you getting sucked into a toxic pattern from the past? If so, what will help?

Healing Action: Close off or expel negative manipulative energy. Stand up for yourself and stop enabling the pull of destructive habits.


20. Dog – dog medicine teaches us to recognize dishonesty for what it is. Remaining loyal to ourselves allows us to regain and retain our personal power. 

Are you chasing your tail about something?
If so, can you tell what it’s about? What can you do to be more productive?

Healing Action:  Let go of patterns of disloyalty and gullibility. Commit to your true Self. Be loyal to who you really are. Have faith. Develop discernment.


21. Oyster – the oyster receives without judgment. When we openly receive life, we release effort and struggle.

What are you willing to receive? Is that in your best interest? Are you in the best position to receive blessings?

Conversely, is it time to stop tolerating an irritant and expel it from your home?

Healing Action: Open your heart to receptivity. Develop your ability to make something useful out of irritating situations.


22. Mosquito – the mosquito is a reminder to stop listening to all the buzzing in our heads so that we can remain focused on our best interests.

Are you listening to harmful thoughts, groupthink or locked into destructive attitudes? If so, what would help?

Healing Action: Calm down your busy mind. Turn off electronics and media for a bit to clear confusion and mob mentality. Meditate.


23. Tree Sloth – the tree sloth peers out into the darkness with clarity of vision and moves very slowly, if at all. He advises that it’s often very wise to watch and wait. Know what you want before taking action.

Are you trying to do too much at one time? Are you clear about what your true priorities are? Is there so much going on that you can’t follow it all? If so, what will help?

Healing Action: Slow down. Narrow your focus. Be more selective. Make some priorities for yourself.


24. Electric Eel – the energy of the electric eel conducts electro-magnetic life force that unifies body, mind and spirit. Being grounded in the truth of who we really are allows us to remember our wholeness.

Are you scattered or fragmented? If so, what would help?

Healing Action: Remember who you are. Recollect yourself and get grounded in the truth. Check for reversals or polarity problems in your meridian system. 


25. Mermaid – mermaid is symbolic of unconditional love. Opening the heart to receive support and angelic guidance will bring protection as we travel the sea of life.

Are you having enough compassion for yourself in your situation? How can you increase it?

Healing Action: Stop struggling. Face the truth. Accept help and support.


26. Bat  – bat medicine is the power of not knowing. When we allow our intuition to guide us, we are open to miracles.

Does your intuition need a boost or redirect in your current situation? If so, what would help?

Healing Action: Tune into the vibration around you and increase your awareness. Access intuition and special gifts.


27. Hummingbird – hummingbird brings the gift of joyful living. Raising ourselves out of ignorance, heavy thoughts, feelings and beliefs allows us to experience love and beauty.

Are you experiencing joy? Are things too complicated? What would help?

Healing Action: Take a break from your ego. Release misunderstandings and the pressure from agreements about sorrow and obligation. Bring in joyful service and oneness with your true nature.


28. Monkey – Monkey medicine carries a warning that we’re spending too much time fighting and finding fault with others. Life has so much more to offer!

Are you caught up in a curse, grudge or or bad attitude? If so, how can you help yourself? What would you rather be doing?

Healing Action: Release damage done from group think, curses and holding grudges. The remedy for your problem lies within. Forgive your Self.


29. Chigger – chigger reminds us to detach from whatever is irritating us. When we offer no resistance to the negative attitudes of others, there is nothing left for them to feed on.

Are you taking things too personally? Do you seem to be surrounded by irritating people or situations? If so, can you tell how many and what the irritation is about? What might help?

Healing Action: Decide that your reactions matter. You don’t have to take on negativity when it isn’t really about you. However, irritations that return over and over again are there to remind you that something is a problem. Release any conditioning or agreements you may have to ignore the message or unknowingly internalize negativity. Imagine that you can open yourself up and expel whatever is bugging you by sending that irritation up to the Sun for transformation.  Let this Circle help you find where your energy has been leaking and fill those places in with Divine Love.


30. Fish School – fish embodies compassion and forgiveness. By letting others see our light, the world becomes a better place.

Are you hiding your light? Is it being interfered with? If so, what would help?

Healing Action: Join with people of like-mind. Radiate the best of who you are. Let your light shine. Follow the light.


31. Dragonfly – dragonfly guides us with the magical powers of imagination. Tuning into the elements of nature gives us access to true abundance or what is called “good luck”.

Are you working with your natural powers in your situation? What might strengthen your relationship with them?

Healing Action: Accept your personal dream and your connection to the natural world. Allow your imagination to help you tap into your heart’s desire. Listen to the wisdom of your power animal.


32. Condor  – the condor soars through the high mountain skies and shows us how to spread our wings to burst through our limitations.

 Is your mind and energy flowing freely in support of your higher good? Are you being run by the wounds of your past? How can you find freedom?

Healing Action: Clear shock and fixated trauma. Release inner conflict and any mental or physical fixations through relaxation, movement and pure life force.


33. Llama – llama is the adventurous guide to the mountaintops with an uncanny sense of timing and direction. He encourages us to lighten up and leave behind what does not work for the journey.

Are your decisions unclear?  Is your sense of direction or timing “off”? If so, what decisions do you need to change or clarify?

Healing Action: Let your spirit guide you rather than your ego. Making decisions that come from the Soul will lift you above perceived limitations.


34. Butterfly – butterfly is about nourishing ourselves differently, so that we can care for ourselves properly as we go through changes in our lives.

Are you nourishing yourself correctly? If not, what needs to change?

Healing Action: Metamorphosis. Pay attention to how you are nourishing yourself. Accept nourishment. Realize you are no longer who you were.


35. Flamingo – flamingo urges us to cut loose from the mundane world. Expanding vision and imagination is essential for making our dreams come true. 

Have you activated your imagination in a way that will create happiness and good health? Are you using it constructively to generate your highest good? If not, what needs to be done?

Healing Action: See yourself and your situation from a distance. Stimulate your imagination by seeing things from a different angle. A change of perspective is needed.


36. Plant Spirits – healing on the physical level is accomplished by bringing ourselves into harmony with nature. Plant spirits embody that experience.

Are you accessing your true nature? Is the breath of life stifled in some way? Are you approaching your healing in a natural and beneficial way? If not, what might help?

Healing Action:  Connect with Natural Healing. Check your breathing. Receive guidance about helpful plants, teas, herbs and fruits. Allow yourself to release harmful experiences so that you can heal.


37. Seed – Like the Seed, we all have a blueprint for our greater good on a structural level. Within it is revealed the divine plan, the soul’s purpose – even the true source of difficulty in ones life.

Are your seeds of karma ready to be activated, cleared or set right? If so, what would help?

Healing Action: Get to the root of the situation by examining the origins of your karma. Things are not as they seem. Sort out and purify the seeds that are causing harm. Nurture your life-affirming seeds with beneficial energy. Consciously plant new seeds that will help you create your true hearts desire.


38. Shamans Leaves – when the mind goes into survival mode, it often causes more harm than good. Shamans leaves are specially chosen to shake out resistance and fear on the mental level.

What are you afraid of? What would you like to shake off? What mental constructs needs to be cleared away? What would help you do that?

Healing Action:  Become aware of how the critical mind is controlling you through fear and panic. Do not abandon your efforts – persist. Shake it out. Now is not the time to give in.


39. Yarrow – the yarrow flower heals on the emotional level and facilitates the release of negativity and sadness.

Is there an emotion that throws you off balance? What would help?

Healing Action: Detach from harmful emotions. Develop self-care habits that encourage balance and stability. Decide that you aren’t responsible for what other people are feeling.


40. Mapacho – the elders of the Amazon rainforest have used mapacho tobacco for centuries to carry their prayers to spirit for manifestation. They know that if our prayers are unclear or filled with conflict, our results will be so also.

Are your intentions clear and getting effective results? If not, what would help?

Healing Action:  Send out positive, clear intentions or prayers. Examine your prayers for interference, conflicts or hidden malignancies.


41. Vine of the Soul – this is an ancient medicine used in ceremony to bring us back into union with our spiritual selves.

Have you given away your power? How can you effectively move out of fear and into courage?

Healing Action: Align with your inner knowing. Find a spiritual based process or ceremony that will help you determine what got you off track and how to regain balance.


42. Rainforest Tree – towering above the jungle, the rainforest tree beckons us to come into harmony with the rest of creation. Live with integrity and high energy.

Is your vibration running low? If so, what would help?

Healing Action:  Raise your vibration. Regain your integrity. Be who you really are. Use spiritual power to rise above control or manipulation.


43. Early Morning Storm – early morning storms bring objectivity and a fundamental belief in the beauty of life. A new dawn allows us to start fresh from wherever we are right now.

Is something obstructing your clear connection with good health, Hope, Love or happiness?  If so,  Is there information that would help from The Book of Change?

Healing Action: Clear the slate. Begin again by making a fresh start. Release attachments and dissolve attraction fields that no longer serve you.


44. Garden – looking beyond fear-based thinking brings us back to the beauty and nourishment of Mother Earth’s garden. Ability to plant and grow your dreams.

Are you in your garden or somebody else’s? Are you keeping things in your garden that are harmful to your prosperity? Are you holding onto gardens from the past that are a burden to you now?

Healing Action: Connect to the personal dream that lives in your heart. Live your own dream and protect it. Let go of what no longer serves you.


45. Rainbow – use the healing power of rainbow energy to cleanse and forgive. Activating our power to forgive will transform our world through the Law of Cause and Effect.

What are you putting out in your current situation? What would help?

Healing Action: Release and transform debt, toxic thoughts, energy and intentions. Send out Love and Forgiveness and receive them in return.


46. The Four Seasons – each season reminds us to follow the natural cycles of birth, growth, decay and regeneration.

Are you worrying about the future or stuck in the past? What would remedy that?

Healing Action:  Pull yourself into the present. Be in alignment with what is. Stand firm in the present.


47. Starlight – starlight aligns individual consciousness with universal truth to achieve clarity, order and clear guidance. It reconnects energy and awareness through the hara lines which center us.

Are you centered and present in your body? If not, what will help? Is there a physical trauma pattern that needs repair?

Healing Action: Time for a change in consciousness. Get present and in your body. Re-orient yourself by aligning with your spirit. Strengthen the golden web of light that connects your chakras.


48. River – River Medicine beckons us to calm down and flow with the river of life. When we allow this to happen, we can hear the truth of the heart more clearly.  This provides balance for reactivity and hypersensitivity.

Are your senses out of balance? If so, relax and align them again.

Healing Action: Balance and fine-tune the senses. Get more present. See things as they really are. Clear up wishful thinking. Calm down to reconnect with your Soul and the flow of life around you.


Old Soul49. Old Sol – like the sun, the Soul is ever present. When we allow our Soul or Higher Self to guide us, we hold that same power of light within.

What do you need to ask for inner guidance about? What does your Soul want? If there’s more than one thing, what is the priority?

Healing Action:  Calm. Clarity. Connection to our Higher Wisdom helps us access intuition.


57. Lamb – warns us about the harm we do ourselves by being overly docile when dealing with dubious people and situations. Learning proper protection and discernment is essential to surviving outside threats.

Ask: Do you have inappropriate boundaries with someone or something that doesn’t deserve your trust? If so, what do you need to gain more awareness of?

Healing Action: Tune in. Bring your attention to a low vibration in your field. Consciously detach from it and break its spell over you.

Learning to access intuition by communicating with nature spirits is a process that takes time, trust and a sincere intention to ask for and receive their particular medicine.

Find out how the Intuitive Learning Circles are communication tools that bridge the gap between literal modern thinking and the experience of intuition or inner guidance.

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