Intentions and Feng Shui

Feng Shui Intentions for Prosperity

Whenever conditions in our environment change, it follows that intentions and Feng Shui will need to change as well.

For years, Kuan Yin has advised me to stay away from making intentions frivolously or to ask for so many new things that I unwittingly create chaos, conflict and/or confusion. Happily, I’ve chosen to listen and take the time to create that habit in myself. Now that the New Paradigm is operating out of the flow of Air, rather than Water, many, many, many conditions have changed and will continue to at a far quicker pace than they ever have before.

So, whenever I set intentions for the Feng Shui in my home or office, I always ask for and follow simple, down to earth guidance from the most dependable Source I know, Kuan Yin.

As always, her advice is direct and to the point.

Kuan Yin's Transformation Games - Intentions and Feng Shui

“In the I Ching Hexagram #21 REFORM there are several points that will help as we explore what needs to happen in our intentions and Feng Shui:

‘The time calls for energetic REFORM… Either an inferior person who is working against you or a situation that has developed at cross purposes to your life is interfering with the attainment of your aims. These obstacles must be sought out, reformed, and thereby eliminated. Success will come through the enforcement of laws and the administering of justice. There is neither possibility of compromise nor hope that the problem will miraculously vanish. It cannot be rationalized or ignored, and you cannot maneuver around it. It is a tangible, real, and self generating interference in your life, and must be severely reformed before it causes any permanent damage to you…

… Personal relationships without defined guidelines, reasonable expectations, reciprocal considerations and clear plans for the future are now in danger of dissolving into the chaos being generated by the current situation. Misunderstandings and confusions will become more common unless firm, clear headed action is taken to dispense with whatever you perceive to be an obstacle to union. There are times to avoid confrontation, to sublimate deep feelings, or to retreat and await a more opportune moment for action. This is not one of those times. Energetic REFORM will bring favorable results.

There could not be a more appropriate time to examine your character and determine the extent to which any delusions, rationalizations, or habits have usurped control of your judgement. Know what you want, know what makes you feel good about your Self, know what brings you into harmony with others. These are your guidelines and principles. Other factors that assume control of your behavior or your health or that create inner discord are the obstacles that must be overcome. Be firm, unemotional, gentle, and clear in annihilating them and thereby reforming your Self and your environment.’  ~The I Ching Workbook, R.L. Wing


To help you get a grasp on the larger picture, you may want to know about other important environmental changes before you continue with the game…

Intentions and Feng Shui

Part I: Calm Down and Get Focused ~

These selected Intuitive Learning Circles will help you focus and re-organize your intentions. Simply gaze softly at the Circles while you contemplate the question or positive affirmations that go with each one.


Your senses may have gotten all knocked out of balance.  

Gaze softly at the Circle and take a moment to consciously gather up all your senses. Bring them into balance so that you can perceive things more clearly.  Imagine you can adjust the volume for seeing, hearing, feeling, tasting and smelling the things that are in your immediate surroundings.


When we’re adjusting to this new energy, the chakras and other subtle energy systems may start running in reverse or shut down entirely. Relax and let this symbol help you make corrections.

Repair any reversals, holes or blockages affecting your energy system.

Take all the time you need to let your energy smooth out.


Your intuition may need balancing because of elevated emotions.

Use this Circle to help you get your senses and intuition focused to the right level so you can perceive things correctly, which helps with emotions.

Some senses may be turned up too high and others too low.

You can adjust them now like the volume on a radio dial – just right!


Turn your attention inward first, to be sure that you are fully balanced, present and clear…

Begin by making sure that you are internally balanced. Your Essential Self is properly placed in an open and balanced Solar Plexus Chakra located where the ribs go up in the front of your body…

“My Solar Plexus Chakra is open and balanced.”

“I reintegrate my Essential Self into its proper home.”

Take all the time you need. With so many changes going on, it’s very possible that your Essential Self has gotten displaced or disoriented.

Plus, there could be a lot of old, even non-existent connections there that need to be expelled.

If the energy around your solar plexus feels stuck or heavy, use this chart to help you gently clear them out.

“I release and clear out toxins, interference and attachments that are harmful to me under the current conditions.”



Without being firmly positioned in the “home base” of your solar plexus, it’s very difficult to access the clarity and stability we need in these times. Use this affirmation:

“I am grounded and connected in my solar plexus.”

“I am upright and facing forward.”

“I make firm connections with what I need for stability.”


Heart Healing

This has been a very difficult time and our hearts are having to deal with a tremendous amount of grief and loss. Give yourself some time with this Reiki Chakra Key to reconnect and repair your Fourth or Heart Chakra.


Take a few minutes to help the energy clear even more with this Soul Star for the Heart Chakra. Breathe and relax until you sense positive energy radiating out.


Finish this section off by making sure that your energy isn’t being drained. Use Fly Medicine from Gifts from the Rainforest to seal the drains like old plumbing lines that need to be deconstructed and closed down completely.

After going through this, you may have a new appreciation for how much stress you’ve been feeling. Be sure to fill those places with Love and courage.

As you form your new intentions for your environment, be sure to take your physical and mental wellbeing into account.


Part II: Now You’re Ready to Assess Your Feng Shui ~

Turn your attention to your immediate environment. Allow the Circles and their questions to help you get clear information…

1. Slow down and get to the Source of what really needs to happen.

“I turn inward and connect with my Source. I learn to utilize the beneficial and generative flow of Air in my environment … landscaping, bedroom, office, etc.”


2. Use this Circle to help you focus in on your Feng Shui project. What, if anything, has recently changed in your environment? How have your circumstances changed?

You may want to make a list. 


3. Is there a general improvement, decline or is it just changing? 

Is there conflict? Chaos? Contradiction? Crisis?

Can you tell what might help? Just make notes for now.


4. Are there any agreements or decisions you need to reorganize?



5. Are there old, out of date intentions that need to be cleared out of your mindset?

If there are, imagine that you can clear any harmful intentions out of your prayer pipe! If there are collective societal intentions, clean them out as well and send them to the Light.


6. Now that you’ve adjusted your awareness, use this symbol to help you connect with the true meaning of prosperity and how it can be manifested.

“I connect to the abundance of balanced prosperity.”
“I engage with my true nature and make the necessary changes to create my highest good.”

Balanced Prosperity

As you go through the next section of this exercise, it’s good to keep the feng shui principle in mind about finding twelve objects you can move or rearrange in some way at the change of every season or during other times of significant change. For example, are there any elements to adjust, let go of or bring in?
Does an object, piece of art or need to be added, removed or re-arranged?


7. What is the best way to nurture and care for yourself now? Can you turn that into an intention to use for your entire environment?

Ask for a life affirming experience that’s general enough to allow positive change to occur and that makes sense under your current circumstances. That part is especially important, since we know the changes we’re going through are liable to continue for some time.

Old Soul

If you would like to utilize the assistance that’s available through Gifts from the Rainforest, this would be a good time to ask Mapacho Medicine for some guidance. Read about the medicine and use the Circle to help you gather up conscious and unconscious information that will help you get to the SOURCE or what’s needed. Then, return here to continue the Game.


8. Is there any protection that you need to add? If so, can you tell what might help and where it would be best placed?

See if you can add that information to your intention.


9. Ask for a team of Divine Help to assist you as you set up your space around your new intention.


Chinese Zodiac: 

This is the Year of the Yin Water Rabbit.


The beneficial qualities of the Rabbit are said to be: Docile. Fertile. Tender. Quiet. Gentle. Cautious. Considerate. Her fertility and connection with women’s health is legendary, although whether you consider that beneficial or not is entirely up to you!

Her more challenging qualities are liable to be: Irresolute. Skittish. Stubborn. Timid. Escapist.  Plus, the rabbit is considered by many to be a trickster, although her tricks are more likely to be along the lines of prank and small irritations, rather than serious deceptions.

With these generalities in mind, what do you gather you need to do differently to work with this energy? What is the message from this Archetypal Animal? Are there any warnings? Opportunities?
Is there something specific I could ask about that would be beneficial?
What would you need to do to make friends with her?



10. Gather up your self-healing abilities and instinctual nature. What message do you get from your own Power Animal? 

Are there any actions that should be taken?
Any that are best to avoid?
What about your Chinese Zodiac Animal?
Make sure that each of your guide are present and introduced to each other.


11. Now that you’ve engaged a cooperative team, what changes in your environment do you need to make to support your new intention? The changes could be inside or outside.

How might you bring light and balanced prosperity into your environment?”

Make a list of the inspiration that comes and you’re off to a good start!

Over the next few days, set up the energy in your environment to organize around your new intention. Remember to mindfully set the intention in your crystals and/or sacred objects and place them as you’re guided.



12. Finally, confirm that you’re 100% present. Open and close your hands. Notice the time, date and where you are.

“I am 100% in present time.”


Congratulations! You now have information that will help to prepare you for the challenging times ahead.

Next Steps

Once you’ve set your intention in the space, pay attention to what you start to attract. If you start attracting chaos, conflict or confusion, know that you need to reassess your intention and reorganize it.

Don’t waste your time beating yourself up for having made a mistake or not doing it “perfectly.” After all, this is a whole new energy we’re in. We’re at the very beginning of one Age, while the other is gone. Mistakes are going to happen! Just get back up, clear your mind and be willing to let go of your assumptions about how you thought things were going to be.

If you would like more in depth help for setting up your space, contact Rheanni.


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