Reform Your Relationship with Your Environment

Reform and Liberate for the New Paradigm

First, a word about environmental changes and getting a grasp on the larger picture… Most people know on the unconscious level that a shift has occurred. However, the conscious mind may still be acting as if everything’s still the same. In order to REFORM and LIBERATE ourselves from the old paradigm appropriately, our minds will need signs and maps to assist us to navigate the new terrain. That is the reason and purpose for all the symbols and Intuitive Learning Circles on this website.

For example, If you meditate on the “map” available in this image, your mind can get a better grasp of what it can organize around in the New Paradigm we are in. This is the imprint of common ground based on cooperation, joy, equality and sustainable prosperity.

Reform and Recalibrate for the New Paradigm

Whenever conditions change, it follows that we’ll need to REFORM our intentions and LIBERATE our outmoded relationship with our environment.

For years, Kuan Yin has been saying that the way we humans have been living will have to radically change. Luckily, I was willing to listen and took some time every day to be sure I knew my relationship with my environment. Now that the flow of the Tao (the Gate of Life) is operating out of the influence of Air, rather than Water, many, many, many conditions have changed and are continuing to change at a far quicker pace than they ever have before.

This Transformation Game contains her latest advice after the “still point” of the Solstice season between 2022 and 2023.

As always, her advice is direct and to the point.

Kuan Yin's Transformation Games - Intentions and Feng Shui

REFORM and Recalibrate How You’re Interacting with the Flow of Life or Chi’ ~

The change in the quality of energy flow is significant when its dominant quality changes from Water to Air.

The Element of Air is about mental activity: Rational thought, putting concepts into words, discernment, understanding, decision. Successful projects include these components:

  • Clear messaging.
  • Clear intention (single-minded, straightforward, simple).
  • Motivation to cooperate.
  • Access to beneficial karma that will support the objective.

Intentions and Feng Shui - the Air Archetype

Therefore, unity of thought, simplicity, being straightforward and having the karma to follow through will effectively “cut through” any difficulties you’re having with your environment.

Check in with these questions:

Are my thoughts positive?
Is my intention clear?
Is my motivation life affirming?
Do I have the appropriate karma and reasoning to follow through successfully?


Reform Your Agreements

The energy of our agreements are important to release as part of this transformation because our agreements organize how we navigate through life. We each have agreements about ourselves, our relationships with others and our relationships with life and the environment. Some Soul Contracts are individual, while others are collective and tribal. You can keep them, you can break them or you can renegotiate them.

Your nervous system also holds the energy of those agreements. This Circle can help you to release or renegotiate any agreements that no longer serves you. To let go, start at the bottom of the line and the bottom of your spine.

As you move up, you can imagine a violet flame LIBERATING each vertebrae from the chains of outdated, oppressive agreements – all the way up to the top of your spine. Be sure to do that both crossed and uncrossed.

By doing so, you free up a lot of energy and effort that’s tangled up with the way things used to be which could be creating a lot of confusion or even health problems for you.


An environmental shift of this magnitude requires both internal and external changes.

Make new agreements with yourself to REFORM how you are interacting with the Elements of Water and Air so that you can work with them, rather than against them. Think about the difference between how you move when you’re wading through water as opposed to strolling down the street. It takes much less effort to move through Air.

Release how you interacted with the Water dominated, emotional energy of Pisces and make new agreements to mindfully generate life with the Air energy of Aquarius.

“I REFORM how I utilize the Elements of Water and Air to create life in the New Paradigm.”

“It will help to slow down and use much less force for accomplishing my aims.”


In addition, the out-dated system of the Patriarchy currently affirms that you use and pollute the Land in whatever way you like. Rather than cultivating Mother Earth’s resources in a sustainable way, this system has aggressively extracted them and used her as a garbage dump for leftover trash and unwanted emotional garbage.

Release your agreement to use Earth in that way and set up new agreements for a healthy and equitable relationship with the Land.

“I release agreements to use Earth as a dumping ground.”

“I also release any agreement to be used as a dumping ground myself.”

“Instead, I choose to plant seeds of karma that will result in equitable co-operation, healthy balance, sustainable prosperity and personal responsibility.”

“I choose to respect myself and the Earth.”


Another agreement to change would be to SOURCE your intentions for life from a place of gratitude and joy, rather than from a grumpy, greedy or vengeful place.

“I release agreements to source from conflict, greed, resentment or revenge.”

“I now Source from Gratitude and Joy.”

If you have a copy of The Essential Human, ask if all aspects of your Essence are on board with making this change…


Another change that’s needed is in how we relate to and utilize the Element of Water.

Release your agreement with STAGNANT YIN ENERGY

Unfortunately, many people use toxic, stagnant yin water energy to process their feelings and to interact with others. This “stuck” energy relates to current social tendencies such as apathy, resistance, self-pity, co-dependence and laziness. Meditate on this symbol for a few minutes and then release any agreements you have to utilize it in your internal or external processes:

“I let go of old, heavy, stagnant or destructive flows of Water.”

Utilize pure Water to process and clear emotions.

Instead, make a conscious choice to activate a new relationship with the Element of Water – fresh and purified to gently clear emotions, imbalances and the residual effects of past indifference and abuse.

This affirmation will help you make an actual adjustment in how you relate to and utilize this precious resource:

“I now make a conscious decision to use pure, life affirming Water to process my emotions and create vibrant  health.”


There are also changes around the archetypal Animal energy from the Chinese Zodiac: 

We have just left Year of the Black Yang Water TigerThe arrogant, grandiose and ferocious nature of the Tiger has left it’s mark in obvious ways throughout the past year.

The Year of the Yin Water Rabbit officially started on January 22nd, 2023.

Reform and Recalibrate with Rabbit

The beneficial qualities of the Rabbit are said to be: Docile. Peaceful. Fertile. Tender. Quiet. Gentle. Cautious and Considerate. Her fertility and connection with Family, Community and Prosperity is legendary.

Her more challenging qualities are liable to be: Irresolute. Skittish. Stubborn. Timid. Escapist and tending to Procrastination.

Rabbit is considered by many to be a trickster, however, if you are willing and able to make friends with her, she’s very good about warning you when somethings amiss. Because she’s so finely attuned to the passing scents of predators, she knows quick and clever ways to escape from any danger she may sense in her vicinity. If you ask nicely, she will help you to do the same: Does Rabbit sense any present danger for you? If so, is it near or far? Is there a place or activity that that would be better to avoid? What is her advice?

She’s also very good at sniffing out prosperity by finding the tastiest morsels, the coziest warrens and following the most profitable opportunities. Does she sense any valuable opportunities for you? What kind of activity would benefit you most right now?


Finally, the nature of chi’ or life force flowing through the Tao has changed to an Air based flow rather than the previous Water based flow.

Let this symbol help you make the adjustment needed.

“I close down all harmful energy channels from the old paradigm.”

Divine Protection for Difficult Beginnings
Divine Protection in the New Paradigm

“I allow my mind and body to acclimate to this lighter, quicker life force.”
“I learn to receive generative life force and use it in my relationship with my environment.”

Of course, this will all take some time to integrate. The adjustments needed won’t just happen on their own. In this new environment, having integrity in thought, word and deed is the best way to manifest genuine happiness. It’s worth it to take your time as you learn to navigate all these changes. Be proactive and intentional with what you want to set up for yourself.

‘Know what you want, know what makes you feel good about your Self, know what brings you into harmony with others. These are your guidelines and principles’.”

So that’s a lot of changes to adjust to. If you need to you can go through Future Pacing to clear up any harmful energy patterns.


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