Reciprocity Tutorial – VII

Taking Aim on Reciprocity with Gifts from the Rainforest

ReciprocityAnimal Energy Medicine for Healing the Modern Mind – Tutorial VII

  • Enhance your intuition and self-healing abilities
  • Heal negative karmic and energetic patterns
  • Change destructive attitudes, habits and behaviors
  • Create new templates for self-love and joy
  • Guided meditations to hear your inner guidance


Rheanni Lightwater - Spiritual Guidance & Mentor
w/ Rheanni Lightwater

There are 58 Intuitive Learning Circles in Gifts from the Rainforest. Each one represents and transmits the healing medicine of a plant, animal or nature spirit that lives in the rainforest.

In this tutorial, we’re going to learn how we can use the Intuitive Learning Circles to train our ability to direct and control our personal energy to manifest our highest good!

Organizing Principle of the Intuitive Learning Circles: Use Your Energy Effectively.

You can use the Intuitive Learning Circles to practice how you’re using your energy to create better outcomes, however, your intention, whatever it may be, cannot be completed until you have followed through and taken action in the real, physical world.

That’s why whenever I really want to accomplish something, I spend time with #14, River Otter. That’s because River Otter is a Master of cause and effect, reciprocity and knowing how to have fun while doing it! He knows that no matter how difficult life gets, things are not as bad as they seem. You can bring fun into doing almost anything.

Let Otter give you a quick lesson in reciprocity. 

Gaze into the Circle and imagine that Otter is there with your Soul, coaching you with a smile. He wants you to know that good-natured fun comes from the sheer joy of doing things just for the pleasure of doing them. Take away the have to’s, should haves and second guessing!

Step One: Centering. Otter - ReciprocityGet present in your body. Use your breath with Otter’s Circle to gather up your energy and awareness into the central area of your solar plexus and heart. This is your potential energy or life force – what some people call chi’, mana or life force.

Practice this step alone to improve your balance and self-confidence.

Breathe into it. Eventually, you’ll feel a ball of potential energy to fuel your objective and be able to hold it!

Be sure to do that both crossed over the midline of your body and uncrossed.

Organizing Principle: The Golden Mean.

Otter knows that “what you put out come back to you” is an essential principle to master if you want to create the preferred karma and good will needed for true prosperity and happiness.

Step Two: Self Awareness. Let Otter help you examine what kind of energy you’ve been sending out into the World. Soften your gaze at his Circle, and ask yourself:

At the moment, what am I putting out? 

Am I being positive? Negative?
Am I being too extreme?

When I send this life force out, is it splattering all over the place? Do I know where or to whom that energy has been going to?”

Whatever you’re putting out, is that what you would like to experience in return? Consider for a few moments how what you’re putting out might be related to what you’ve been experiencing. What has been coming back to you?

Step Three: Focused Attention. Now let Otter help you change your experience for the better. Place the words ‘focused attention” in the center open space of Otter’s Circle. Then, consciously bring your full attention to those words, until you have a clear focus on them. Next, you may ask yourself what you would like your attention to be focused on. Once you have the words that express your objective, place those words into the center open space and bring your attention in on them.

Especially if it feels like your energy is scattered, use the Circle to aim your energy clearly and directly into the center.

Step Four: Reciprocity – the Game of Taking Aim. Now you’re ready to play target practice by engaging with the center of the Circle like a bull’s eye. Wait until you can sense clear, direct energy coming back to your center.
It’s like playing a game of ball, whatever you toss out to the bull’s eye in Otter’s Circle, he will toss it back to you and you can feel it in your gut!

Practice with this for a few minutes to improve your concentration and control over how you use your energy.

Now check to see what happens when you add the intention of having fun. While you keep playing with it you’re learning how to consciously direct your energy toward a goal and align multiple objectives with each other. This creates unity of thought and an improved sense of direction!

Even better, if you want to change what you’re putting out, you can practice with Otter before you actually go out into the world and do it. What other things might you prefer to experience? Confidence? Courage? Trust? Joy? Clear communication? Try adding them one at a time. Keep throwing the ball back and forth until you get a good flow going. This “game of taking aim” increases your stamina, enriches your intentions and is the essence of reciprocity.

What else can you learn from Otter? As you can see, this fun little game is a great way to re-align your goals if you’ve been having trouble with that. Maybe you have a project you’re working on that just never seems to line up or fit together. Take each component of the plan one at a time and add them to the center bull’s eye until you can get that reciprocal back and forth going.

Healing Tips:

  • If there’s an aspect of your project that just won’t go into the center, it’s a good indication that something about it needs to be reconsidered or let go of entirely.
  • You can use the Intuitive Learning Circles to practice how you’re using your energy to create better outcomes, however, your intention, whatever it may be, cannot be completed until you have followed through and taken action in the real, physical world.

Summary: If you send out negative energy that scatters out in a lot of different directions, you get a lot of scattered, negative energy back. 
If you send positive, focused energy out, you get clearer, more positive energy back.
If your intention includes things like fun and gratitude, what you get back is even better!  

Now that you’ve learned to play the game of give and take, Otter and the Circles in the next Tutorial can help you create a whole new template for reciprocity and sustainable prosperity by Understanding Karma.  When you learn how to include yourself in the equation, lots of things get a whole lot more fun.

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The Intuitive Learning Circles should not be considered as an exclusive method of treatment. The appropriate medical or psychotherapeutic authorities should be consulted for the diagnosis and treatment for any medical or psychological condition. The information and practices described in Gifts from the Rainforest or this website are best considered as an adjunct to orthodox medical or psychological treatments.

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