Negative Thoughts That Keep You Stuck

Many people are feeling stuck and unhappy because they’re trying to control or avoid negative thoughts they’re having about themselves and the world around them.

The object of this mind exercise is to clear basic misconceptions about our negative thoughts and how “real” we think they are.

Negative Thoughts that Keep You StuckYou know the kind of thoughts we’re talking about – the ones that keep running through our minds again and again until we think we’re going to go batty! Or the kind that we just want to push away. The more we fight them or stuff them, the stronger they become until they start running our lives.

The truth is, thoughts are only concepts and have no power unless we give it to them. So, in the simplest terms, whenever we try to fight, control or sweep negative thoughts under the carpet, we are actually causing ourselves more suffering.

An example would be when you’re struggling with an event or something someone said and are spending a lot of time trying to figure out why you’re feeling so upset by it. Another example would be a repetitive need to prove that whatever happened was wrong.

The Compulsion to Repeat Negative Thoughts Fosters a Negative Karmic Loop

Negative Thoughts & Negative KarmaBy rerunning the conflict over and over in our minds, we feed a karmic feedback loop and continue to suffer as if that memory were actually existing now in the present. Perhaps it helps us to feel justified in our position, even though simply letting it go would give our minds more room to focus on things we actually want to have happen, which would help us be happier.

By giving a memory or a thought that amount of power, we actually limit ourselves and stay locked into the past. Our decisions and projections become fixated and immovable. This preoccupation with how real we think our thoughts are actually cause us to miss opportunities to be present and happy. Life energy or chi’ gets diverted and used to feed negativity, rather than our true potential.

Focus your thoughts on what makes you happy ~

When you can change your focus, your mind has the room integrate any positive changes that have taken place and decide what you like about them and what you want to continue or discontinue. In essence, you are creating an opening for happiness. Of course, you will still need to take action on those new thoughts! However, when you continually think negative thoughts about what you’re unhappy or dissatisfied with, you’re mentally digging yourself into an even deeper karmic cycle of dissatisfaction and unhappiness.

If it feels like something like this is going on in your mind, you might like to try playing a simple Mind Exercise using the Intuitive Learning Circles to help you loosen the grip of painful, repetitive thoughts and let go on a DNA level so that you can use your energy to fuel happiness rather than suffering.

Gently gaze at each Circle one at a time and consider the question or affirmation that goes with it. The process helps you to become aware of what kind of thinking is bothering you and make a different choice about it by relaxing and letting go.

Mind Body Integration

Mind Body IntegrationFor best results, look at each symbol both crossed over the midline of the body and uncrossed so that the correction is more complete.


Step 1:

Give yourself permission to relax with #49 Old Sol for a moment and get some help from your Higher Self that will give you distance from a negative thought, experience or memory that’s taking up a lot of space in your mind. 

Old Soul

Notice how easy it is to “rerun” this thought process over and over again and how it never really takes you anywhere positive or productive.


If something like that is happening, your mind has become blocked by a fixation. Luckily, this next Circle can help you release the feedback loop and take a gentler approach to what’s bothering you. Take several relaxing breaths while gazing softly at the Circle. Imagine all the lines softening or melting. Use deep relaxing breaths to help you.  

“I imagine that the block is loosening and the thoughts in it are moving around differently.”

Once the thoughts start moving, you may notice a whole constellation of related thoughts and feelings about yourself or others in the background.  Take several more minutes and let them start moving differently too.

Continue breathing and softening until the negative energy has stopped.


Since your chakras are wheels of light that facilitate the inward and outward movement of energy that rides on vibration, they are literally part of how our bodies “breathe.” Every organ, gland or joint has a constellation of chakras that brings the vibration of life into that area and releases toxins. That includes toxic thoughts that might be hanging out in your aura or the environment around you. When the motion of a chakra is stuck or withheld, you’ll know because your breathing will stop or become shallow.

Emotional Calm

To remedy this, look at the chart, breathe deeply and imagine that the space around you is actually relaxing and softening.
“I allow all affected chakras to resonate once again with the breath of life.”

You are now in a position to be more objective as you continue to Step 2 of the exercise.


Step 2:

Use these affirmations with the Circle below to imagine that you can make room in your mind for more open and positive energy to fill that “head space.”

“I let go of any beliefs that I am stuck, trapped or powerless. I make room for inspiration, self-respect and new ways to think about ‘happiness’ and what that would mean for me.”

Then do the same for the space around you. You don’t have to keep putting up with negative thoughts running around in your space and cramping your style! After all they’re just thoughts and don’t “belong” to anyone.

Imagine those old thoughts are like ashes that you’ve been holding onto. See yourself letting them go now and let the wind blow them up and away. Watch them disappear into the Light.


While you continue to relax your body, affirm:

“I tap into helpful, life affirming energy to nourish my mind and thinking processes.”

“I am filling myself and my space with life affirming thoughts and energy.”

“I acknowledge the thoughts and energies that are helpful and recognize those that are harmful.”


Keep relaxing and affirm:

“I pull my energy back from harmful memories or experiences so that I can be more objective and learn from them.”


“I close down destructive energy channels that are harmful to Life.”

“I open to the generative flow of chi from the Universe and connect with the new, life affirming channels of communication.”


Step 3:

As long as we agree with negative and repetitive thoughts, we can’t be open to new visions of who we have the potential to be. See if any of these suggested affirmations will help you to free up your mind:

“I release any agreement to buy into or uphold blockages to my happiness.”
“I release any agreement that these thoughts define who I am or what I can do.”
“I let go of harmful agreements with anyone involved with these thoughts.”
“I let go of any agreements I have to be controlled by others.”

“My new agreements are to live in the present and love who I truly am, etc.”
“I reclaim my power and free will. I protect myself.”
“I look for, find and utilize productive, workable solutions that nourish me.”
“I am a kind and powerful person who _____________.”


Step 4:

The next few symbols are from “Divine Nature Activated” and will provide us with epigenetic healing down to our DNA. The key is to relax as much as possible while looking at each symbol. It can help to imagine an actual DNA strand relaxing, healing and filling up with light – much like this picture.

“I’m ready and willing to sort through what is in my highest good.”


“I ask my Soul to assist my consciousness in connecting with genuine Hope.”


“I let go of any compulsive need to be right or to keep the conflict going in my own mind.”

“I welcome thoughts that offer positive solutions.”


“I ask the Divine to assist me in releasing worry and cynicism over the future.”

“I now keep my senses and my energy focused on the present moment.”


“I am a Divine Child of the Universe.
I am beautiful, innocent and trust that I am fully supported.”

Check to see if there are any other symbols needed from Divine Nature Activated to make appropriate corrections.
Ask for numbers between 1 – 73.


Step 6:

Connect and empower your ability to follow through by relaxing into this symbol called Divine Connection.

“I am empowered to manifest my highest good out of joy and gratitude.
I exist and what I say and do matters.”

“I connect with the power of joy that comes from my heart.”


Step 7:

Notice what’s caught your attention about this exercise. It may be initially confusing. Notice how all the wheels in your mind are going every which way! Take a minute or two to step back and objectively contemplate your situation. Let this Circle help you synchronize those wheels or pull the ones that don’t belong out completely. A question may come to you and if it does, go ahead and ask your question while looking at the Circle, like:

“What’s going on here? What kind of decisions have I been making?”
“Have I decided that things only work in one particular way?”
“What have I been putting out and is that really what I want to get back?”

“I let go of lies and falsehood. I stop trying to figure them out.”
“I let them go and make room in my mind for more positive, productive thoughts.”
“My thoughts and decisions begin to make sense.”
“They fit with each other and my life becomes happier.” 


Step 8.

Imagine that all negative thoughts about yourself or others are like a dark cloud that’s now dissolving into a clear, blue sky.

Continue looking at this symbol for dissolving destructive blueprints until all clouds are completely gone.

“I dissolve all negative thoughts like a black cloud that dissipates into a clear blue sky.”

Once you’ve done that, make sure you get all the negative attachments. Use the symbol to collapse any drains or channels that lead to or from any group think, herd mentality, conflicts, grudges or curses like old sewage pipes:

“I collapse any other negativity or attachments from other people who might be poisoning me or draining my energy.”

“I deconstruct habitual, negative thoughts and close up any drains that may have been open to them in my energy field.” 


Step 9:

Use this Soul Prayer Chart to repair and refocus your auras.

Be sure that you spend all the time you need with it. Your auras are an important part of having good health and protection!


You’ve just let go of an old mental pattern that’s been sabotaging your happiness and prosperity for a long time. After you’ve rested, you may want to go through this mind exercise again around other negative thoughts or memories that are troubling you. Be sure to take good care of yourself though by drinking enough water, etc. It’s always wise to be gentle with ourselves when integrating personal growth.

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