Clear Perception – a Mind Exercise

Intuitive Guidance Using the Medicine of Dog Wisdom: Clear Perception

Clear Perception - Dog MedicineYour gut instinct is an awesome inner guidance system and it has access to all kinds of information that you’re not consciously aware of. The only trick is that you need to be paying attention! 

Luckily, you can learn to use Dog Medicine with this simple Mind Exercise to hone your intuitive abilities and develop clear perception.

How to Use this Mind Exercise for Clear Perception

Know When You’re Heading in the Wrong Direction

There are several reasons why you might be unconsciously heading in the wrong direction. One likely possibility is that you’re being distracted and confused by all the chaos going on around you.

Your senses may have gotten all knocked out of balance.  Fortunately, dog energy works incredibly well to help you with your inner guidance system – warning you to slow down and get your feet back under you.

Gaze softly at the Circle and take a moment to gather up all your senses. Bring them into balance so that you can perceive things more clearly.  Imagine you can adjust the volume for seeing, hearing, feeling, tasting and smelling! Take all the time you need.

Intuition Out of Balance Can Over-ride Clear Perception

There are times when intuition gets out of balance and speaks to the unconscious mind  about “how we wish things were, rather than how they are.” In extreme, this makes us vulnerable to fantasy, illusion and those who would love to sell us up the river with false claims!

Certainly, we have all had wishful thinking about that miracle cure or fears about the terrible Armageddon that’s awaiting us all. However, if we get too distracted by fantasy, we may miss something that’s really important in the here and now. Dog medicine is here to tell us that something really important is happening right now and we need to be paying attention!

So, before you plunge into the great unknown, take a few minutes to play the Mind Exercise below, using the Intuitive Learning Circles™. If you follow the directions, you can develop Clear Perception, make friends with dog energy and get all kinds of insight and guidance. 

Get Your Feet Firmly Planted On the Ground

Relax and gaze softly at the center open space of this Circle while you repeat a few positive affirmations to yourself. If there’s a question, just be open to your gut response.

“I slow down because things may be moving too fast for me to sense the truth. “

“I’m willing to admit I don’t know what’s going on. Asking for help is a blessing.”

“Is my inner guidance sending me a warning?”

“Do I need to let go of something? Change something?”

“Does intuition want to redirect my attention to something else?”

“In either case, am I willing to listen and learn?”

You may be surprised at the answers that came to you. If it didn’t work, relax! You can go back and do it again.

Be sure to check the directions again and follow them if you’re not sure.


Use this next Circle the same way and ask:

“Am I willing to trust in the power of not knowing?”

“Is the ‘vibe’ around me helpful or harmful?”

“I allow clear perception to heighten my instincts and intuition.”

Very interesting, isn’t it? We instinctively know when the “vibe” is right or wrong, but we often don’t trust the message we get. We doubt and second-guess ourselves or we might try to force our way through.

Look at the Circle again and ask, “Am I heading in the direction of my best interests?”

“Am I making decisions that are in my best interests?”

“Am I taking actions that are helpful or harmful?”

If you’re not clear yet, keep going with the exercise. You may need a few more easy corrections before the truth emerges.

Clear Perception and Being Present

Clear Perception - Gut Instinct

Often, how well we listen to our inner guidance is affected by how present we are in our bodies. It’s called gut instinct because when we’re really present, we can feel it in our solar plexus (the soft area in the front where our ribs go up).

You can use the Circle below with its positive affirmations to help you become more aware if you’re feeling mixed up or confused. Just relax and breathe while you gently look at it for a couple of minutes. Feel free to move at anytime in any way to help you embody your experience…

“I am present and facing the truth.”

“I face the facts.”

Use Dog Medicine to Handle Your Agreements Appropriately:

Another reason why we might not understand what’s going on could be because there’s some kind of a problem with an agreement or commitment we’ve made on some level. In this busy, modern life, people tend to take their agreements too lightly and don’t realize how important their word is. Perhaps it seems like too much effort or too complicated. Yet, if you really want to stay on track, being clear about your agreements is super important. Especially agreements that you’ve made with yourself!

Here’s some tips about how to handle agreements successfully:

  1. We can keep our agreements and stay in integrity with our word.
  2. We can release agreements when they’re done or no longer serve us.
  3. Or, we can consciously re-negotiate them when they need to be changed.

It’s also a good idea to pay attention if someone hasn’t been keeping their agreements with us. If that’s happening, dog medicine suggests that it’s best to deal with the indiscretion asap. When we allow someone to break their word with us and say or do nothing about it, we lose our own integrity by being disloyal to ourselves.

It’s okay. Our situations are changing at a rapid pace and so are our priorities. To help you identify problem agreements, use this Circle to help you slow down again. Focus on yourself and your current goals.

“I bring my senses back into balance. 

I see myself and my goals as they really are in the present.”


Once you can perceive clearly, you may ask yourself:

“Am I trying to keep agreements that are harmful to me? Is it time to renegotiate a pertinent agreement? or Am I ignoring an important agreement that I need to follow through on?”

If so, can you what insights can you get?

If you ignore them, they may turn around and bite you!

Use this Soul Contract Circle to imagine that any harmful agreements you may have with yourself are like contracts that can be burned. Use the Circle to visualize all those contracts burning up into ashes. Here’s some affirmations to assist you if you like:

“I release all agreements that no longer serve me.”

“I let go of _______________.    I stop ____________________.”

Possible new agreements could be:

“I am loyal and true to my Self. My needs are a priority.”

“I have faith in my Self. I take good care of my Self.”

“I ________________________________.”

Use Dog Medicine to Help You Sniff Out the Truth:

To complete the correction in your perception, it’s important to realize where your attention has really been. Use the Circle below like you did with the others and see if you can determine what you’ve been focusing on consciously or unconsciously that isn’t in your best interests.

“What have I been paying too much attention to?”

“What action(s) do I need to take to truthfully correct the situation?”

Pull yourself back out of any fantasies, delusions or unconscious fears.

Energy Medicine for the New Paradigm



It’s very important that you be present, paying attention to your own actions and using your beneficial karma to create your life. Imagine those beneficial actions you’ve taken in the past are all gathered like seeds in the center of this Circle. Imagine that positive life force is traveling down the lines towards your karma, nourishing them and encouraging them to grow!


Now it’s time to redirect your attention to helpful people, opportunities and places. For additional help, ask these questions:

“What is my priority at this time?”

“What is my natural place in this situation – where do I belong?”

“Am I in the New Paradigm of love and co-operation or the old paradigm based on fear and greed?”


Finally! It’s time to close the door on all those misuses of your time, attention and energies.


“I close the door on any drain or strain on my time, space, attention or energy.”

“I follow the direction of healthy protection.”

“I trust the wisdom of dog medicine.”


You now have clear perception about what’s really important to you – and you have some guidance about what to do about it. Not only that, you’ve just gotten a key insight that’s going to save you a lot of trouble in the long run!


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Rheanni Lightwater - Clear Perception

Rheanni Lightwater CHT, CKT lives and practices in Santa Fe, NM. She specializes in mind body healing with family and relationship clearing using Kinesiology, the Intuitive Learning Circles™, Reiki as a Master/Teacher, Hypnotherapy and Shamanic Clearing Techniques.

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