Handle Irritations Before They Handle You

Is the Way You Handle Irritations Working for You or Impairing Your Health?

Mind Exercise - Handle IrritationsDo you handle irritations by cursing out load, flying off the handle or is it more like a slow burn?

Certainly, it seems that everywhere and every day, there are plenty of things to be irritated about. However, are you letting them drain your energy or sour your mood? Do they keep you up at night? Are you dangerously close to lashing out at others, even those that you hold most dear?

Well, if that’s happening, you’re certainly not alone. These are all ways that we keep “scratching the itch” and make bad situations worse.

This is a great subject to journal about for your own personal growth. You can turn irritations into positive progress, and this Mind Exercise is here to help you do that.

Simply relax and gaze at the Intuitive Learning Circles while contemplating the accompanying positive affirmations and questions. Going through the process will help you discover how well you’re handling irritations and what you can do to improve. 

So, get out a pen and paper and let’s get started…

An irritation is there to alert you of a problem. Use Chigger Medicine to slow down and tune into what’s bothering you.

What is a problem that’s been irritating you? Pick one and write it down.

Often, an irritation communicates on several levels. Ask yourself:

“How is this irritation affecting me physically?



What about spiritually?”

Does it remind you of something that has happened before? If so, how far back does it go?

In what ways do you keep “scratching the itch?”

Is that working for you? If not, are you open to an alternative path?

Keep writing until you feel you’ve gotten all the information.


Mind Body IntegrationFor best results, look at each Circle both crossed over the midline of the body and uncrossed so that the correction is more complete.

Engage in a Change in Perception to Help You Handle Irritations.

Because of recent changes in your life, It’s possible that your sense of this irritation needs a shift in focus. Look at your situation from a different angle or through a different filter. You can get some help with that by relaxing with these affirmations:

Rational Thought

“I reclaim and balance my five senses.”

“I use them to become aware of how my environment has changed.”

“I focus them to be present and aware of my current needs.”

“I gain clear awareness of alternative paths that hold beneficial resources, solutions, opportunities and _________.”


At any point In this exercise, you may need to handle blockages or reversals in your energy field.

Heal Blockages & Reversals

This is happening primarily because of the recent energy changes in the environment and our need to find new ways of handling ourselves to adapt to them.

Gaze at the Key to help you make any adjustments needed. Continue until you feel the energy smoothing out.

If you’re having trouble, call on your Soul to help you.


Relax and let this Circle help you adjust the volume on your senses so you can handle irritations from a more balanced point of view.


Some may be turned up too high, causing anxiety, tension and/or misinformation about what’s really going on. That happens most often with the senses of feeling and hearing. You can use this Circle to help you adjust the volume up or down to just the right level.

Relax and allow your mind to adjust to the best level for clear perception:

Bring your senses into balance and perceive your situation with clarity.


Check in with Fly Medicine to see if your energy gets drained by this situation.

If so, can you tell how often it happens and what mental process seems to trigger it?

It probably doesn’t surprise you that most of what’s irritating you is the fact that it’s so draining!


Check Into Emotional Patterns withAlligator Medicine.

Are there other emotional constructs such as compulsions, obsessions, attitudes, addictions, phobias or allergic reactions involved?


In this new energy, you might just be able to collapse them.

Emotional constructs don’t have the same power over you that they used to. What you decide about them has more importance now.

Go ahead and see what happens when you just collapse the emotional structures in your mind.


Check with Starlight to make sure that you’re navigating this situation correctly.

Are you beginning to understand your irritation differently now? Do you need to reorganize your thoughts? If so, how? Are you going in the right direction to solve the problem? What really matters here?


Let Praying Mantis help you focus on solutions.

This is a good time to write down specifics to help you clear away extraneous mental and emotional clutter. Get all that stress off of you by getting it down on paper.

What are some potential solutions in this situation that would really make a difference?

It might help to move, stretch, draw, doodle or journal via a stream of consciousness. Art often brings in creative inspiration and self-care from your Soul!

Let Rat Medicine help you get specific about what needs to happen to clear the irritation.

Is this situation genuinely detrimental to your physical, mental, emotional health? What about the spiritual level?

In your environment, is there something that needs to be re-arranged? Added? Does something need to be reorganized or removed entirely?


The Essential Human* If you have a copy of The Essential Human, now would be a good time to use the process on page 10 to help you make corrections for a healthy and full expression of the power that comes from your Essential Self. Choose from The Essential Human charts #1 – 42.

Detach from harmful emotional patterns and connect with beneficial qualities that will help you in this new energy. 

Emotional Calm


Make sure that your energy isn’t being drained anymore.

If it’s not complete, what else do you think is needed?

Make a note of what that is so that you remember to follow through.


Realign with the Light.

Are you open to the positive energy of your Source?

Are you willing to let the Light shine down upon you and your situation?

Most importantly, are you willing to forgive yourself for getting so irritated?

If so, this is a good time to let a white light of forgiveness clear away any darkness from around you. Stay with it until it’s cleared away completely. Be sure you feel at peace with yourself.



Let’s bring closure to this situation by closing any holes or pathways that might leave you open to that irritation and the darkness it brings.

“All holes are sealed and healed. 

I follow the direction of healthy protection.”

Congratulations! You now have a way to handle irritations more objectively, with a different perspective and without the intense energy drain! Now is a good time to go for a walk or relax.

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