Energy Medicine for the New Paradigm

Awakening the Essential Human

Awakening the Essential Human is a Unique Form of Energy Medicine for the New Paradigm Developed by Medical Intuitive, Rheanni Lightwater

The mission of Awakening the Essential Human is to help you consciously use your energy and emotions to create self love, inner peace, sustainable prosperity and vibrant health.


Your Essential Self is In Charge of Your Life Energy

The existence of the Essential Self is discussed in many cultures and disciplines. Other names would be the Authentic Self, the Psyche, the Golden Child or the Basic Self. Regardless of what it’s called, you can think of it as your “I am,” your true essence and direct connection with the rest of the cosmos through your Higher Self.

Your Essence is in charge of how you use your personal energy or mana.

Learn To Work With Your Essence To Make Changes and Create Your Life...

Your mind and personal ego cannot make changes without the cooperation of your Essential Self. If you're feeling stuck, the issue is not just about your thinking. It's also about how you're using your energy (or how others are using your energy).

Without mana and the presence of your Essential Self, your Higher Self doesn’t have the dense energy that’s required to create things in physical reality. Therefore, the cooperation of your Essential Self is 'essential' to manifesting your intentions.


What Does Your Essential Self Need To Manifest Your Hearts Desire?

What words spring into your mind?

Consider the symbols below that will help you to choose what kind of intuitive readings or energy medicine for the New Paradigm you need for Mind Body Healing today.

What catches your attention? 

If you feel blocked, you may be dealing with a past shock or fixation. In that case, go to healing emotional pain first, then come back and choose!


1. Refocusing

Protection and Rehabilitation from Nightmares, PTSD and Illness.

Emotional Calm

2. Clearing the Air

Transform Emotional Imbalance - Change the Ingredients You Use to Create.

Energy Medicine for the New Paradigm

3. Reclaim Soul Energy

Creating Emotional Healing, Wholeness and Soul Retrieval.

Blood Pressure

4. High Stress

Reduce Stress, High Blood Pressure, Overstimulation and Hypertension.


5. Yin / Yang

Correct the Polarity of Meridians and Archetypal Energies. Clear Obsessions and Compulsive Behavior.


Do You Need an Advanced Protocol from Energy Medicine for the New Paradigm?

Ask yourself: What is the priority that will bring balance to the situation?

  • Clearing Agreements and Attitudes
  • Unlocking Physical Pain
  • Basic Centering
  • Awakening the Sleeping Self
  • Awareness Recalibration
  • Resiliency: Unlocking Abuse
  • Restoring Awareness
  • Resolving Reactivity
  • Additional Supportive Modalities

The Essential Human - An Advanced Practitioner's Guide

Energy Medicine for the New Paradigm ~

"Emotions are channeled through our bodies on the electrical current of our meridians. This energy can be predominantly negative or positive. Too much negative energy makes one tired, ill, anxious and it contributes heavily to the experience of pain. The purpose of "The Essential Human" is to make energetic corrections so that we are channeling more balanced, life affirming energies."

~ Rheanni Lightwater, CKP, CHT


The Essential Human

Soul Work and Trauma Resolution

The Essential Human series has 7 additional protocols available that:

~ Transform harmful attitudes, emotions & energy patterns
~ Explore the energy of the meridians and the archetypes that represent them
~ Rehabilitate emotional sensitivity and assist trauma resolution
~ Reprogram spiritual and emotional resources for greater happiness.

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The Essential Human can only be purchased in conjunction with private intuitive mentoring sessions with Rheanni Lightwater. Sessions are available Online using Zoom or Skype, or you can meet her in person in Santa Fe, New Mexico (Mountain Standard Time). Call 505-271-4612.