Returning to Danger

Are You Returning to Danger or Ready to Advance?

Rheanni Lightwater - Returning to Danger
Rheanni Lightwater

Transformation Game - Returning to Danger Kuan Yin’s guidance about returning to danger springs from the I Ching, an ancient book of divination that follows the flow of the cosmos. She has been helping us through these Transformation Games to transition from the old economic paradigm based on greed and fear to a new paradigm of co-operation, equality and sustainable prosperity. Because of that, her advice and instruction comes from a different perspective than ours.

To help you better connect with her assistance, she uses the Intuitive Learning Circles to communicate with you through meditation, affirmations and visualization.

Kuan Yin’s I Ching Readings and Transformation Games can help you to identify problems, change your focus to positive solutions, ground yourself and get in the present. Simply relax and gaze at the Circles while contemplating Kuan Yins words. Your intuition will come forward and give you the help that you seek.

Welcome to the I Ching Reading and Transformation Game for: Hexagram # 24 – Returning and #28 Danger

Returning to Danger
Are you RETURNING to a dangerous, old pattern or ready to advance forward into a new beginning?

“At the time of RETURNING to new beginnings is the implied end of an old cycle. Study the phase you are now exiting. It is a cycle. It had a beginning and you are experiencing its end. The reason for certain things that may have been unacceptable or confusing to you are now apparent. The contemplation of the return of the these cycles can lead to profound inner knowledge. The Chinese refer to this hexagram as the apparent pattern of the intelligence of Heaven and Earth.

You are aware of the need for a new beginning and have the courage to make the change. By observing your faults with objectivity and resolution at this time you will gain the strength of character necessary to overcome them.  ~The I Ching Workbook, R.L Wing

Mind Body IntegrationMind Body Integration

For best results playing a Transformation Game, look at each Circle both crossed over the midline of the body and uncrossed so that the correction is more complete.


Returning to Danger – A Transformation Game

This Game uses the Intuitive Learning Circles to help us understand what’s causing us to RETURN to habits that lead us into danger time and time again. Why are we not learning from it? You can use this game to explore what that’s about and see if there’s something you can do to transcend your own harmful habits.

Step One: Access Your Gut Instincts.

Relax and gaze softly at this Reiki Chakra Key that opens and balances your Third Chakra located at your Solar Plexus (the soft area in the front where your ribs go up). This chakra gives you access to your gut instincts and essential nature.

Returning to Danger

When people talk about the second brain that’s in your gut, this is what they’re talking about. Give yourself plenty of time to strengthen your connection.


Step Two: Clear Attachments that Block Clear Perception.

In times of DANGER, you may come face to face with a variety of hazardous materials. This exposure can cause great damage to your energy system and knock it out of balance, leaving you much more vulnerable to exploitation from predatory or narcissistic individuals.

Are you exposed to this dangerous energy?

If you ever wondered why narcissists are so attracted to fossil fuels and other toxic pollutants, one reason has to do with the sticky and toxic manner in which their own toxic energy field can glom onto other people and take them over. Pollution effectively makes it easier for them to do this. Pollution also makes it easier for them to engender more narcissistic followers.

There Are Things That Can Be Done To Help

Let the Star Chakra Key below help you clear your energy field of toxins. Relax and mend any energetic wounds that are associated with toxic materials such as smoke, chemicals, heavy energies or viruses. Allow your energy to neutralize and detach from toxic energies or those who would take advantage of your weakened state.

Like a healing balm, imagine that a loving coat of peace and comfort is pouring down over you.

Clear Attachments - Returning to Danger


Step Three: Balance Your Senses.

When your are in danger of RETURNING to a harmful pattern, It’s essential to see things as they really are. See if you can remedy any “blind spots” or confusion by gazing softly at this Reiki Chakra Key for the five senses, together with these positive affirmations:

“I reclaim and balance my five senses.”

“I use them to be present and make sense of my current conditions and environment.”

“They help me to clear blind spots and confusion.”

“I use them to be aware of DANGER and find helpful solutions.”

“I sense things as they are really happening.”

Note: You may want to go back up to the Chakra Key for Detachment to strengthen the clearing action.


Step Four: Activate Your Instinctual Nature.

Tune into your psyche, your instincts and your connection to the natural world. Doing so will help you pay attention to signals from Nature and learn to respect the power of Mother Earth’s energies.

“I connect with my natural instincts, my timing and Soul resources.”

“I pay attention to my environment and allow it to inform me about elements of concern.”


Step Five: Repair Jagged Energy Reversals and Blockages.

Your energy may be having a difficult time adjusting to all the significant internal or environmental changes that are taking place. Sudden reversals, blockages and changes in momentum can cause our subtle energy fields to react in unusual ways. This Correction Key can help you correct any blockages, rough static, glitches or reversals that may come up.
Relax with it for a few minutes until things smooth out.


Step Six: Uncover Your Awareness of the Danger.

Gaze at this Circle that accesses your intuition and unconscious awareness of an old pattern you are in danger of RETURNING to now. Imagine that you can gather up that inner library of experience and see what kind of knowledge comes forward.

Take your time and let the information emerge. Ask yourself:

“What is the real danger about? Is something about to happen?
Is there something in my environment that’s a DANGER to me or others?
If so, where are they and what affect are they having?”

“How much harm is this situation causing for me and for others?”


Step Seven: Slow Down to Find Solutions.

RETURNING into DANGER often comes from being in too much of a hurry or trying to force something to happen.
Then again, sometimes it’s the opposite – we’re not taking action when we know in our hearts it’s in our best interest to do so!

Gaze softly at the Circle to help you slow down and pull together what’s really important. Take several deep breaths. Keep inhaling and exhaling until your mind has slowed down and you feel ready to approach your situation differently.

“I slow down and allow a solution to reveal itself.”

Step Eight: Apply Clear Perception to What’s Happening Now.

The DANGER may be upsetting. Don’t get carried away (remember that viruses, narcissism and other destructive energies feed off of strong emotions). 

Breathe with this Circle and let it help you adjust the volume and bring your senses back to a comfortable level. They could have bumped up too high, too loud or intense. You can balance yourself out.

Next, place the word “Solution” in the center of the Circle and imagine that you can send your energy in towards it. This teaches you to nurture solutions, rather than problems, by reframing your more positive intention with conscious, aware attention.

If you’re having trouble, you may need to make a couple of corrections that will improve your awareness of your situation…

Step Nine: Clear Dangerous Patterns and Power Games.

Most power games are based on gender, socio-economic status, ancestral lineage or religious beliefs. Is any part of you getting caught up in harmful power games?

If so, breathe deeply and gaze at this DNA symbol from Kuan Yin. The more relaxed you are, the better these work. Use the positive affirmations to help:

“I let go of manipulations and power ploys.”

“I decide to accept responsibility for my own decisions.”


“I cut through the smoke screen that blocks clear perception.”



“I cut through the lies and deceptions.”



“I let go of self-pity and gracefully take responsibility for
how I manage my energy and my life.”



“I choose to connect with Hope and Progress.”


Step Ten: Dissolve Destructive Blueprints.

Imagine that the symbol below can help you clear destructive patterns that are still blocking or threatening you. Lift them completely off of you and send them to the Light.

“I dissolve the dangerous patterns of ________ and any connection I have ever had to them.
I clear my field of destructive habits and the mental / emotional patterns that cause them. I send them all to the Light.”

Clear Destructive Blueprints - Returning to Danger

Please note: Never send destructive energies into the Earth, she already has too much to handle now. Use the Earth for planting seeds of happiness and life – not death!


Step Eleven: Close the Doors to Actions that Would Invite Further Danger.

Your unconscious mind knows what’s helpful and what’s harmful to your body, mind and spirit. It’s time to close the door on any harmful pathways that are still open and might lead you back into DANGER. See them disappear, as if they were never there.

“All harmful pathways are sealed and healed.”
“I follow the direction of healthy protection.”


Step Twelve: Adapt to the New, Generative Energies in the New Paradigm.

This symbol provides an interface and filter to assist us in making the functional transition from the old paradigm of Water (Piscean Age) to the New Paradigm Air (Aquarian Age).

“I close down any harmful energies from the old paradigm that I might still be open to. I access Divine Protection now.”

“My mind is open to receiving generative life force. 
I use this beneficial energy to protect and manifest life.”


Step Thirteen: Repair and Refocus Your Auras.

Finish the game by making sure the protection of your auric field is all sealed and healed – a finishing step that will increase your strength and focus even more!

“I put out __________ in alignment with my highest good
and __________ is returned to me.”

Step Fourteen: To manage yourself well in dangerous times, be sure that you are grounded and centered in the New Paradigm.

Get your feet on the ground and connect with the positive energy of Mother Earth.


Congratulations on your newfound awareness!

Thank yourself for taking the time today to clarify between habits that are helpful and those that aren’t. You’ve taken action to clear destructive habits and energies right now and as a result, saved yourself a lot of time and trouble. Not only that, you’ve let go of some epigenetic patterning that’s been cluttering up the situation. This is a positive step in the right direction!

“The time of DANGER can be especially good for inner development. By holding to fixed and virtuous ethics, by maintaining your inner vision and ideals, all things fall into a steady, tangible perspective. You will know your relationships to your environment, and in this way you can accomplish your aims. Although subjective, this perspective is now in accord with the problems facing you.” ~The I Ching Workbook, R.L Wing

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