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Welcome in the Lunar New Year: Say Hello to the Dragon and Goodbye to the Year of the Rabbit ~

The Lunar New Year is a time of significant transition. In the Chinese Zodiac, each Lunar year has its own animal personality, yin/ yang polarity and elemental qualities that the ancients used to assist them as they navigated life. There are twelve signs in the Zodiac Cycle which repeats every twelve years.

The Year of the Yang Wood Dragon has officially started on February 10th, 2024.

Year of the Dragon: 1928, 1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000, 2012, 2024, 2032…

Complimentary Signs: Monkey and Rat. Secret Friend: Rooster. Against Dog.

Positive Qualities: Energetic. Confident. Ambitious. Intelligent. Generous.
Challenging Qualities: Unstable. Intolerant. Lack of persistence. Unrealistic.

The Dragon’s Feng Shui Mandala below can give you a sense of what the archetype of the Dragon is about and how it may influence you. If you’re interested, gently contemplate its center and relax. When you’re ready, ask yourself these questions and journal the answers that come:

“What is the most important thing I can focus my energy and effort on during the Year of the Dragon?”

“What is the direction? Why is that important?
How can I utilize the energy of the Dragon to my best advantage?
Is there something I’m wasting time on? Something I’m not aware of?
If so, can I tell what they are and what would be the best thing to do?”

Allow your intuition to come forward and bring guidance from your innermost Self. 

This past lunar year, the Animal has been the Yin Water Rabbit.


The beneficial qualities of the Rabbit are: Docile. Peaceful. Fertile. Tender. Quiet. Gentle. Cautious and Considerate. Her fertility and connection with Family, Community and Prosperity is legendary.

Her more challenging qualities are: Irresolute. Skittish. Stubborn. Timid. Escapist and tending to Procrastination.

Rabbit is considered by many to be a trickster, however, if you were able to make friends with her, she may have taught you some very important lessons about being aware of your environment and sensing when something’s amiss. If you ask her nicely on the way out, she may make some last minute recommendations: What did you learn from Rabbit? Is there something else to learn? Does Rabbit sense any danger moving into the Year of the Dragon? If so, is it near or far? Is there a place or activity that that would be better to avoid? What is her advice?

As you consider how Rabbit’s energy has affected you personally, ask:

“Is there anything that I need to do or let go of? How can I make sure the Rabbit energy exits completely?” 


Feng Shui and Grounding in The New Lunar Year

As you can imagine, the Lunar New Year is an excellent time to prepare for new plans and personal growth for the future using the Art of Feng Shui. The seeds that are planted now are very close to being activated in the Spring.


Use this Soul Prayer Chart with your imagination to uproot any destructive tendencies or karmic seeds that you would rather not activate and grow in this New Lunar Year:

“I uproot any harmful karmic seeds, tendencies or “stakes” that may still be planted in the energy of the past year.”

You may want to be specific about some Rabbit characteristics that may have come up in you last year. For example, were you overly timid? Skittish? Stubborn? Did you procrastinate or go down too many rabbit holes? This is a great opportunity tend your own garden before those seeds sprout again!

“I pull myself out of any ‘rabbit holes’ that I am still stuck in.”


Use this symbol with positive affirmations to dissolve destructive blueprints of past extreme or indulgent behaviors. For example:

“I surrender destructive blueprints of wishful thinking, misconceptions and no win situations that sabotage my personal growth and happiness.”

“I send them to the Light. My Future is bright and clear.”

Always remember to release pain or harmful energies into the Light!


Before you can ground effectively in the Lunar New Year, are there any superstitions or emotional fantasies that you would like to move beyond and release to the Light?

“I let go of external, artificial expectations about how I should be.”

Moon - Lunar New Year

Is there anything that’s pulling you out of sync with your natural cycles or the cycles of the Moon? Are you willing and able to let them go? If so, release them to the Light as well.

“I am in sync with the Cycles of Nature and the Moon.”

“I honor and respect my own, personal cycles.”


Confirm that you’re using the generative life force of the Air Element to facilitate your transition out of the old and into the new:

“I close old energy channels that drain or depress me.”

“I choose to use generative life force to energize my path forward into the Lunar New Year.”

“I connect with life affirming directions and channels of communication.”

Note: This symbol can help you whenever you feel stuck, exhausted or confused.


There may be some conflicts, shock or energy fixations leftover from the past year that block your ability to perceive things clearly. If that’s the case, you’re not alone! Use Condor Medicine to help you soften and relax them.

“I relax and allow any frozen or tense thoughts to melt away.”

Breathe deeply and imagine the lines going in towards the center are going loose and limp like cooked spaghetti noodles until the tension releases.

There may be more than one. Do yourself a favor by taking the time now to resolve them so that you don’t carry them into the new year.


Bring your senses into balance so that you can be more present for the transition and see things as they are.

“How am I perceiving this? Am I accessing chaos, destruction or balance?”

If you’re accessing chaos, consciously turn the volume of your senses down so you can regain balance. If what you’re accessing seems dead or hopeless, turn the volume up to a more balanced perception of how things really are.

“I perceive my situation clearly.”


Respectfully close the door on the Year of the Rabbit so that you can open the door for what’s in the next Lunar New Year.


Now that one door has closed completely, another can open properly. Prepare yourself by activating and aligning with the creative energy and Fire of your Soul!


Welcoming the Year of the Yang Wood Dragon – February 10th, 2024.

As mentioned before, the beneficial qualities of the Dragon are said to be: Energetic. Confident. Ambitious. Intelligent. Generous. His popularity is based on a reputation for attracting good luck and prosperity.

However, his darker, more arrogant characteristics are: Unstable. Intolerant. Lack of Persistence and Unrealistic.

A Dragon personality can be generous to a fault, intelligent to the point of intolerance and so ambitiously confident that they can move forward too fast and forcefully, causing destruction for those around them. At best, this tendency seems rude and at worst, forcing and pushing things through often causes nasty karmic backlashes, especially in the New Paradigm.

The Dragon archetype can guard very unrealistic ideals that it will then hold against itself. It’s very sensitive to pain and will unexpectedly lash out vigorously when hurt or under attack. Respect is an important virtue. Establishing common sense and stable limitations will help restrain his more extreme qualities.

Yes. The male, vital Dragon is a very different energy to operate under in contrast to his gentle predecessor, the feminine rabbit!

With these generalities in mind, what do you think you will need to do differently to work with this energy?

What is the message from this Archetypal Animal?

Are there any warnings? Opportunities?

Is there something specific you could ask about that would be beneficial?

What would you need to do to make friends with him?


As you contemplate the answers you’ve gotten through your intuition, reinforce your ability to communicate and manifest with the generative energy of the New Paradigm and communicate what’s most important for you to remember.


Now that you’ve gained this new perspective and awareness about the Lunar New Year, put your feet firmly on the ground and place your palms on the inside of your knees. Let the symbol help you spin out discordant energies so you can get grounded and bring clarity into the New Year.

“I am grounding with an awareness of the new energies.” 

“I ground in the New Paradigm in accordance with my highest good.”

Congratulations! You may want to get up and move around to integrate this new information and the insights that you’ve opened up to.

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