Balance Your Crown Chakra

Welcome to a Transformation Game to Help You Balance Your Crown Chakra and Shift Your Consciousness:

Transformation Game - Balance Your Crown ChakraThe crown chakra is located on the crown or top of the head. When clear, this energetic wheel of light vibrates with the colors white and/or gold and influences the entire endocrine system via the pineal gland. If you can open and balance your Crown Chakra, you’re keeping an important link with your spiritual essence clear.

Not only that, when your Crown Chakra is open and integrating well with the rest of your body, you can tap into how you manage your natural cycles, hormones and rhythms that govern self-care and improve sleep.

These are all ingredients for a life affirming, peaceful state of mind.

Unfortunately, the proliferation of harmful toxins and electro-magnetic frequencies in our environment can clog up important energy centers. If you’ve been having trouble with your sleep or connecting with your inner guidance, you can go through this chakra meditation to help you let go of those toxins.

Begin with this Reiki Chakra Key for the five senses, which will help bring your perception of things into greater balance. Use these positive affirmations:

“I connect with and balance my five senses.”

“I use them to be aware of changes in my natural rhythms and to help me get balanced.”

“I sense things accurately – as they are really happening for me in the present, so that I can align with my highest good.”


Your chakras could be having a difficult time adjusting to all the significant changes that are taking place. Sudden reversals, blockages and changes in momentum can cause disruptions in our subtle energy system.

This Soul Star Correction Key can help you correct any rough glitches or reversals that you may be experiencing.

Relax with it for a few minutes until your sense of things smooths out and you can begin to feel the energy of your Soul coming through.


Next, open and balance your Third Chakra located in your solar plexus, the area in front where your ribs go up.

Reiki Chakra Key - Solar PlexusYour Psyche or Essential Self resides most effectively in your Third Chakra. This is the place where it can most effectively connect with the rest of your body. The existence of the Essential Self is discussed in many cultures and disciplines. Other names would be your Inner Child, the Authentic Self, the Golden Child or the Basic Self. Regardless of what it’s called, you can think of it as your gut instincts or “I am” essence. 

Keeping this “home space” clear and open is important, so take all the time you need!


Now that your Essence is present, let’s see if you can gently open and balance your Fourth or Heart Chakra. Gaze softly at the Reiki Chakra Key below for a minute or so.

When your heart center is open and balanced, you can naturally feel the energy radiating out into the world. You are a light in this world!


Next, open and align your Master Chakras with your Heart Chakra. This will help to clarify and empower your intentions.


Now it’s time to open and balance your Crown Chakra. Gaze softly at the Reiki Chakra Key below for a minute or two. When it feels like the energy is moving, actively imagine a channel opening up at the very top of your head – like a fountain, letting go of any blockage and interference that may be there.

“I decide to open my Crown Chakra and bring it into balance.”

Balance your crown chakra

Once the initial rush of energy is released at the Crown, the fountain will naturally subside. 


Let’s not forget to open and balance the chakras for your pineal gland itself (every gland, organ and joint has at least one chakra). The pineal gland produces melatonin, which helps maintain the sleep-wake cycle known as the circadian rhythm and regulate reproductive hormones. Be patient with this one because pineal glands often get clogged up with toxic residue.

“I relax and let my pineal gland relax and clear itself out.”


Now let’s strengthen and reweave the subtle hara lines that connect all these chakras like a beautiful web of light!


To finish this section, clear harmful thoughts and clutter out of the landscape of your mind. Imagine they’re like leftover garbage and you can simply sweep them all away!

Decide that you will no longer allow others to dump their garbage into your mind. Close the door that lets all that garbage in!


Congratulations! You’ve cleared and balanced your Crown Chakra and associated energy fields. Now you’ve set yourself up to function more effectively in the New Paradigm and shift your consciousness to accommodate your new intentions.



The following extra-intuitive activities aren’t required, but they can really help you excel in creating the very best of your talents, interests and passions…

The energy is changing! We’re moving from the Piscean Age (water) into the Aquarian (air), which works quite differently from what we’re used to.

You may need to release some agreements that are preventing you from ADAPTING to the changes. Use this Soul Contract Circle to identify and release conditioning that contributes to struggling, being fearful or out of balance. Simply gaze softly at the Circle while you use the affirmations. Actively imagine those old contracts burning up as you go through this process.

“I clear any agreements I have to panic, over-think or _________.”

I let go of harmful intentions, rhythms, patterns or energies.”

“I let go of harmful ideas, misunderstandings and false guidance.”

You might also want to make new agreements using these suggestions:

“My new agreement is to take good care of myself. I am a priority.” 

“I slow down and ask for help from my Spirit to ____________.”

“I am open to spontaneous suggestions from my Soul to __________.  Examples: Rest and relax. Take frequent walks in nature. Wash my hands thoroughly with a calm state of mind. Drink clear, refreshing water. Take epson salt baths and use cleansing products with natural clay, etc.


Take several minutes to gaze softly at #32 Condor from Gifts from the Rainforest. This Circle can help you de-magnetize static that contributes to over-thinking, fixations, conflicts or irritation.

“I relax and allow the stress to melt away with every breath I take.”

“I release my grip on feelings of confusion, fear or panic.”

“I let go of mental patterns of compulsive thinking
and being hard on myself.”

“I am open to gentler ways of thinking and being.”

You’ll know you’ve let go when you can easily visualize and feel a more relaxed way of being. “All aspects of my Essence are willing to relax and take it easy
so I can enjoy life better.”


Continue to breathe deeply with this Circle. Imagine that any resistance you may be feeling is loosening up and blowing away, like leaves in the wind.

You might want to move around, shake or rock your body to help you actualize it physically. Take all the time you need!


Let this symbol help you seal off any harmful energy channels that you’ve been open to (do that both crossed and uncrossed over the midline of your body).

“I close down harmful energy channels.”
“My mind and body are open to receive generative life force.”

“I connect with life affirming channels of communication.”


Now let’s see if you’ve cleared your Self enough to connect with your true hearts desire.

“What would I genuinely like to experience?”


What do you need to help you be in the flow with Nature and get back into sync with it?


Allow the energy of your Soul to come in and fill your consciousness with its life giving vibration. This is your Soul Color. Let it fill your body, your mind and into your aura.


Empower this new chain of communication channels with your Soul. If you feel like you don’t exist, imagine that your Soul can gently connect with your Essence through your heart center. Ask to be empowered in accordance with your highest good!

Breathe deeply while the adjustments take hold.


Once you feel empowered, finish the shift by sending any destructive mental or emotional patterns to the Light with this symbol for dissolving destructive blueprints. 

“I let go of outdated ways of thinking and emotional stress. 

I send all blockages and interference to the Light to be transformed.

Please note: Never send destructive energies into the Earth, she already has too much to handle now. Use the Earth for planting seeds of happiness and life – not death!


Once the patterns are cleared, give your heart and Soul some relief through closure.

“All leaks, tears or damages to my aura are repaired and refocused. 
My energy is my own.”


Congratulations! Once you feel complete, go back now to the Crown Chakra at the beginning of this exercise and see if you notice a difference in how the energy is moving. When your Crown Chakra is open and balanced, your consciousness, your mood and your natural cycles are greatly improved.


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