Electro-magnetic Poisoning and Chakra Polarity

Welcome to a Powerful Clearing for Your Primary Chakras

and several additional chakras that will activate a stronger connection to your Spirit above and to Mother Earth below! We’re going to use Reiki Chakra Keys to help you clear electro-magnetic poisoning and other pathogens from your energy system while you balance the polarity of each chakra for increased energy. 

Rheanni Lightwater, Medical Intuitive

This is a great healing meditation to go through while moving or stretching. I love to do it while I’m riding a recumbent bike. Lately, because of the increased pathogens in the atmosphere, I‘ve been guided to go through it on an “as needed” basis. One common sign that you need this formula would be if your electronics start going haywire. Your own unstable polarity could be interacting with your equipment! If you’re a highly sensitive person like me, you might want to go through it as a daily self-care routine…

Transformation Game: Clearing the Polarity of Your Chakras ~

There are hundreds of chakras located throughout the human body. Aside from the seven basic chakras that are well known, there are secondary spiritual chakras activating new levels of consciousness and essential chakras that govern the proper functioning of your body. That means every organ, gland and joint has at least one chakra. When the polarity of one or more of these chakras go out of sync with the others, you may feel unstable or off balance physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually.

Electro-magnetic poisoning and virus’s like the coronavirus can cause the chakras to go out of balance.

Electro-magnetic Poisoning and the ChakrasWhen you spend a lot of time around technology, it’s easy to build up a toxic load of EMF’s in your energy system.  As a Medical Intuitive, I see this process beginning when electro-magnetic debris starts zapping around and jamming up the flow of energy in the chakras. If this “shock to the system” isn’t cleared regularly, highly sensitive people  can eventually experience what’s known as electro-magnetic poisoning. The online magazine, Healthline lists possible reactions to EMF’s including: disturbances in your sleep, including insomnia, headache, depression and depressive symptoms, tiredness and fatigue, dysesthesia (a painful, often itchy sensation), lack of concentration, changes in memory, dizziness, irritability, loss of appetite and weight loss, restlessness and anxiety, nausea, skin burning, tingling and changes in the electrical activity of the brain.

Although the symptoms are vague and hard to diagnose, people suffering from electro-magnetic poisoning can experience significant disturbances in their mental health and physical wellbeing.

So, how can we expel electro-magnetic poisoning?

Fixation and Electro-magnetic PoisoningFirst, you want to make sure that your energy system is cleared of all the little  “shocks” and fixations.

  • On a mental level, these fixations often show up as rigid or dogmatic thinking.
  • Emotionally, you can get stuck in a low vibration, like fear.
  • On a physical level, the fixations show up as chronic tension derived from conflicts  we’re holding onto.
  • Spiritually, you might be clinging to dogma that’s preventing you from being as happy as you could be.

If you’ve been feeling stuck in any of these behaviors, this could be one reason!

To shake those fixations up a bit, imagine that you can use the Intuitive Learning Circle to help you relax and let all the lines going in towards the center of the Circle go loose and limp. Or you can imagine that there’s an iceberg of tension melting away. Let these positive affirmations help you: 

“I relax and release chronic tension from my body. I let go of conflicts.”

“I soften my thoughts around extremes or rigid behavior.”

“I relax and melt away the fear and tension in accordance with my highest good.”

Take your time and move around if you feel the need. Be sure to breathe deeply and often!

Once you’ve done that, you should feel your system beginning to relax. Next, set a simple intention about polarity. For example:

“This is a clearing for me to balance my chakra system so that it’s flowing in harmony with life affirming polarity.”

Start going through the different Circles for the chakras in the order laid out below. Spend approximately a minute or two meditating on each symbol. The Reiki Chakra Keys are helping you to shift harmful polarity and let go of electro-magnetic poisoning. I’ve used them myself to help me move viral energies out of my system!

You’ll probably feel a lot of energy moving. That’s all right, it simply means the symbols are working with Reiki energy to cleanse toxins out of your chakras and then balance them.

As you meditate on each Key, consciously visualize the toxic energy clearing out of you and going to the Sun. That way, you can be sure that you’re not dumping debris on others or our precious Earth. You will know you’re done when the energy calms down. Then you can move on to the next Key. At the end of the sequence, additional Circles from Gifts from the Rainforest will help you get your energy settled and grounded.

Please note: Never send destructive energies into the Earth, she already has too much to handle now. Use the Earth for planting seeds of happiness and life – not death!

So, let’s get started with Part One!

Begin with the Fourth Chakra Key (Heart): Think about someone or something that you love very much. Feel that tender feeling in the center of your chest. This is where the Fourth Chakra is located and its energy radiates out, like a star with “Yang” energy.

A balanced and clear Fourth Chakra vibrates with the color GREEN. This is the center of your Being and the focal point for a healthy chakra system in the New Paradigm. It’s often called the Heart Chakra (please note that you have other chakras that bring energy in and out of your actual physical heart and their polarity generally runs more Yin or receptive). To balance the polarity in your 4th chakra, gaze at the Circle while using this positive affirmation:

“This chakra is connected and flowing with life affirming polarity.”

Primary Chakras - The 4th Chakra

Visualize any electro-magnetic debris going to the Light.


Next, gaze at the Fifth Chakra Key for the chakra located at your Throat:

“This chakra is connected and flowing with life affirming polarity.”

A balanced and clear Fifth Chakra vibrates with the color BLUE. Visualize any blockages or heaviness going to the Sun.


Continue with the Sixth Chakra Key for your Third Eye at the center of your forehead:

“This chakra is connected and flowing with life affirming polarity.”

A balanced and clear Sixth Chakra vibrates with the color Purple. Send toxic energy out and to the Sun.


At the top of your head is the Seventh Chakra Key, often called the Crown Chakra:

“This chakra is connected and flowing with life affirming polarity.” 

Primary Chakras - The Seventh Chakra

A balanced and clear Seventh Chakra vibrates with the color WHITE. Feel the toxic energy moving up, out of the Crown Chakra like a fountain and going to the Sun. Continue until you feel calm and stable.


Keep moving up now and imagine an energy center located about 2″ up from the top of your Crown Chakra. This is what I call your Soul Chakra and it connects you with your Soul energy coming from the Divine Mind:

“This chakra is connected and flowing with life affirming polarity.”

A balanced and clear Soul Chakra vibrates with your unique Soul COLOR. Let the positive energy of your Soul calm and strengthen your entire system. It helps for you to think about activities and things you’ve created that fill you with joy!


Just above your Soul Chakra is the Divine Mind Chakra, which transmits Divine Love energy through your unique connection with Divine Source.

“I connect with my Divine Mind Chakra to receive pure, Source energy.

Grail Reiki Healing - Divine Mind Chakra

Your Life Path Chakras are positioned on either side of the Crown Chakra about one inch out. These chakras carry your potential coming into this lifetime.

“These chakras flow with positive, life affirming polarity.”

When the polarity between these two chakras are positive and balanced, a treasure chest of gifts is unlocked that can help you on your path. Keep breathing!

Take a moment to dissolve any buildup of toxins with this symbol.

Consciously relax and then tune in for a minute. Visualize the toxic energy clearing out of you and going to the Light.

You will know you’re done when the energy calms down.

Then you can move on to the second part of the clearing!

Part Two:

Now that you’ve balanced the upper chakras, let’s move down to the center of your body to the Third Chakra, located at your solar plexus (the soft area where your ribs go up):

“This chakra is connected and flowing with life affirming polarity.”

A balanced and clear Third Chakra vibrates with the color YELLOW. Remember to let the chakra relax and release any stuck or fixated energy, sending it to the Light.


About 2″ below your navel is the Second Chakra:

It’s also known as the Spleen Chakra because of its deep connections with emotions, nourishment and immunity. View this symbol to help you adapt to the appropriate structure, function and connectivity needed for your health at this time:

“This chakra is connected and flowing with life affirming polarity.”

Primary Chakras - The Second Chakra

A balanced and clear Second Chakra resonates with the color ORANGE. Visualize any toxic energy or entanglements going to the Light.


Next, let’s clear your First Chakra located at the base of your pelvis (sometimes called the Root or Sacral chakra).

It may be time for you to release some old connections to harmful patterns from the past:

“This chakra is connected and flowing with life affirming polarity.”

Primary Chakras - Root Chakra

A balanced and clear Root Chakra vibrates with the color RED. Visualize any heaviness, illness or toxic energy expelling to the Light.


Now its time to connect with the Earth Chakra, located directly below your feet:

“I connect with Mother Earth and am grounded in life nourishing energy.

A balanced and clear Earth Chakra vibrates with your unique energy signature or Soul Color. Consciously feel your feet joyously connecting to the ground.


As we finish this clearing, let’s strengthen the hara lines that connect all the chakras, like a beautiful web of life.

“The hara lines between my chakras are mending, healing and strengthening.

Imagine that these tiny lines are healing themselves throughout your body and reorganizing around optimal health.


Finally, take a moment to let everything blend and flow together while you keep your feet on the floor to finish grounding.

“My energy is flowing in harmony and grounding in life affirming polarity.”


You’ve balanced the polarity of the seven primary chakras and connected additional chakras that will enhance your health, intuition, personal growth and creativity. Now, your energy will be much clearer – more stable and grounded. Remember, a person whose energy is balanced and grounded benefits everyone. Be sure to take some time to relax and rest.

Go through this process as often as you need to. Let it help you stabilize from recent changes in the Universe.

This Transformation Game uses healing symbols and affirmations from Grail Reiki and Reiki Chakra Keys for advanced chakra balancing and clearing.

If you’re looking for deeper healing, you may need a private energy clearing or it may be time for you to be attuned to the Reiki energy yourself.

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