Midwinter Transitions

Intuitive Reading from the I Ching or Book of Change – Midwinter Transition.

In this intuitive reading, Soul Resources offers a variety of SOS formulas and Transformation Games using the Intuitive Learning Circles and the I Ching to enhance your midwinter transition from 2023 into 2024. 

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Chinese Zodiac

It’s nearly the end of the Chinese Lunar Year of the Rabbit, which will transition to the Dragon on February 10th, 2024, which is a very popular archetypal energy.

Midwinter Transitions - The Year of the DragonThe positive qualities of Dragon are: Energetic, Confident. Ambitious. Intelligent. Generous. However, the negative qualities can also be: Unstable. Intolerant. Lack of persistence. Unrealistic.

Complimentary Zodiac Signs are Monkey and Rat.

The Dragon’s Secret Friend is Rooster.

His energy goes decidedly against Dog.

However, don’t get ahead of yourself. The Dragon’s energy will not make itself known until much closer to the Lunar New Year on February 10th.

Stay present with the positive Yin Water Rabbit archetype that’s been in effect since last January 22nd, 2023. Call upon her gentle energy to invite more peace and prosperity into your life as we go through multiple midwinter transitions at the beginning of 2024.
Allow her quiet courage and cooperative nature to inspire new paths to take and ways to communicate with one another. If you’re interested, gaze softly at her Feng Shui Mandala and meditate on the nature of her energy.

The Year of the Rabbit - Midwinter TransitionsThe beneficial qualities of the Rabbit are: Docile. Peaceful. Fertile. Tender. Quiet. Gentle. Cautious and Considerate. Her connection with Family, Community and Prosperity is legendary.

Rabbit is also considered by many to be a trickster, yet those who’ve made friends with her can receive very clear warnings when  something’s amiss. Because she’s so finely attuned to the passing scents of predators, she knows quick and clever ways to escape from any danger she may sense in her vicinity. If you ask nicely, she will help you to do the same! Here are some questions to ask:

Does Rabbit sense any present concerns for you? If so, are they nearby or off in the distance? Is there a rabbit hole that would be better for you to avoid? What is her advice?

She’s also very good at sniffing out prosperity by finding the tastiest morsels, the coziest warrens and following the most profitable opportunities. Does she sense any valuable opportunities for you? What tasty morsels do you have the opportunity to enjoy in your near future? What changes would benefit you to make right now?

If you’ve been tired and exhausted, Rabbit recommends that you take a look at  the Completion Stage of our Happiness Power Circle for some solutions.

Influences from the Tarot

The Tarot Major Arcana Card for 2024 is # VIII: Strength (2 + 0 + 2 + 4 = 8)

The basic meanings for the Strength card are: Power. Action. Courage. Commitment and Magnanimity. The number 8 is the infinity symbol upright.

Subconsciousness is the Woman in this card and the image suggests that she has the Lion in complete control. This card conveys the potential for an expansion of consciousness that makes for greater control over our instinctual animal natures.

However, in reverse it can mean: Abuse of power. Despotism. Weakness or Discord.

In some Tarot decks, Justice is the number 11 and in others it’s the number 8.

The meanings for the Justice card are: Equity, Karma. Balance. Discernment. Descrimination. Illumination of truths.

Reversed: Imbalance. Bigotry. Bias. Prejudice. Excessive severity.

Needless to say, the playing out of Karma and karmic law is front and center in many people’s minds during this election year. The potential for anything to happen is possible. For a more positive outcome, the archetypal energy of Justice will need to be activated through a willingness to pierce through the darkness of denial and ignorance. Do we have the ability to do that? Are we willing?

That brings us back to the primary Tarot energy for the year –  Strength

Strength often represents the great cosmic force in the human organism called kundalini. Whenever working with the instinctual forces of nature, one must be careful and patient, otherwise things can go wildly out of control.

The key to awakening the power safely is to learn how to control your body, your mind and your emotions. The same is true for how you can effectively navigate the volatile energies that will rise and fall unexpectedly.

Centering yourself and learning how to stay balanced in difficult situations are the most important skills to master. 

Understanding the Larger Picture During this Midwinter Transition

With all these influences coming together, 2024 promises to be a year abundant with unconscious fears and misperceptions bubbling up to the surface. If you’re wise, you’ll take the time to examine them. Unconscious karma could be causing a problem that will throw you completely out of balance.

The reasons why things haven’t been going well are going to make themselves known. If you double down on resisting the Truth, it could be very painful. If you’re paying attention and willing to make corrections, you’ll find amazing opportunities to set things right that have been amiss for a very long time.

Truth Mandala - Midwinter Transitions

“The Truth has no Master and is indebted to none.
Therein lies its power to set us free.”


Changes in your environment have been very unstable and will continue to aggravate the volatile social and political environment. Once the Dragon comes in, the energy will really take flight! 

♦ The I Ching offers some good advice about how to change with all the changes.

♦ Poor communication is at the core of many of our difficulties. Using the I Ching flow of MODERATION will help turn things around.

The I Ching

I Ching Workbook - R. L. WingThe original intent of the I Ching was based on an Eastern philosophy of observation and marking changes in natural and human events. Through many centuries and contributions from shamans and master teachers, including Lau Tzu and Confucius, the Book of Change was developed into a full philosophy for applying beneficial human conduct to varying circumstances. The Art of Feng Shui is part of that philosophy.

Navigate Volatility through MODERATION

The I Ching energy has been traveling in a multiple highway pattern for some time and it’s likely to remain that way for much of the next year.

Todays Intuitive Reading - ModerationWhenever that happens, it’s best to find the flow of Hexagram #15 MODERATION or “the Middle Road” to help you keep your balance. The original text offers some specific advice to follow for this Midwinter transition:

“This is a good time to bring some equilibrium to your more personal relationships. Examine your deepest feelings and see if you are harboring any extremes in your expectations or selfish desires in your motivations. Try to moderate any unrealistic ideals.

Your inner development now requires a modest and sincere attitude. Do not indulge in extremes of any sort, and instead strive for MODERATION in all that you do. It must be understood that acting with MODERATION means not only limiting the obvious excesses, but also exposing yourself to new areas of experience. Through MODERATION you can now gain some real control over your destiny. In this way you use the balancing tendency of the current forces to center yourself. This inner equilibrium aligns you with the tao, thus bringing you into harmony with forces that can work for you…”

Second Line

By maintaining a careful inner MODERATION, your outward actions gain influence and weight… A thoroughness in your actions brings good fortune.” ~ Hexagram #15 MODERATION, The I Ching Workbook, R.L. Wing

Soul Resources Offers Support for Your Journey: 

As you can see, a confluence of energies is coming together during this Midwinter Transition that will require youth find new resources and to make new decisions in order to stay grounded and centered.

To help you exercise greater discernment at this pivotal juncture, we offer help and assistance through specially chosen Mind Exercises and Transformation Games that you can select through the SOS Symbol and your intuition.

SOS - Soul Oriented Solutions - Midwinter Transition
SOS Symbol

Good questions to ask are:

~ As I start out this year, what karmic seeds have been planted and are ready to be activated? 

~ Is that what I really want to receive?

~ What do I need to exercise greater discrimination about?


Gaze softly at the SOS symbol and ask for a number between 1 – 5.

Scroll down to that number in the list of games and exercises below and check out what that process has to offer you.

Transformation Games and Mind Exercises ~

1. Assess how you’re seeing things – Are you seeing it right?

Strength is sending you a message: “You’re not seeing something the way it really is. Step back and take a closer look at how past habits may be drawing you into a situation that is not in your best interests.”

2. Develop a clear perception of where you’re going.

Traveling the Middle Road may sound boring and uneventful, especially if you’re used to being flung from one extreme to the other. Strength wants you to know: “All true mastery is self-mastery and only a Fool would forge ahead into the darkness without a map and proper guidance from their Soul.”

3. Assess how well your projects are nourishing you.

How well are you nourishing your relationship with your projects and yourself? Before you take off in 2024, you may want to stop and take an honest assessment about how well they are nourishing you. Keep in mind that what you put out comes back to you – even if you’re putting out something that isn’t actually yours. If your efforts are not nourishing you, who are they nourishing?Strength says, “Knowing your limits and what brings you Joy will keep you centered and strong.”

Recommended Transformation Games and Mind Exercises to Keep Your Energy Clear of Debilitating Toxins. 

4. Chakra Balancing for Physical and Psychological Issues. 

Advanced Chakra Healing for Midwinter TransitionsThe sheer amount of changes happening in our environment require us to find innovative methods for staying clear of stuck and conflicting energies.

Kuan Yin has helped put together a selection of Transformation Games and Mind Exercises that delve into deep chakra healing designed to help you clear out toxic substances from your environment and psychological stress associated with the challenges of our times.

Self-care Formulas

5. SOS Soul Oriented Solutions: Overwhelm Help Whenever You Need It ~

Like the many energies flying this way and that, the needs of people, organizations and institutions will skyrocket. If you are a person who normally wants to help, the limits to your capacity for compassion is going to be increasing strained. If you’re struggling during this midwinter transition, you can access these formulas at any time.

SOS for Overwhelm

Innovations Self-care Personal Growth-Environment


Rheanni Lightwater - Midwinter Transitions
Rheanni Lightwater, Author and Mentor

If you are interested in a private or group coaching, contact Rheanni Lightwater.

Rheanni (Ray-ah-nee) is the Author of Gifts from the Rainforest. In her private practice, she conducts Reiki Attunements / Trainings, Mind Body Healing sessions and Feng Shui Environmental Clearings

Sessions with Rheanni (Ray-ah-nee) are available online or when you visit Santa Fe. To schedule an initial consultation, contact her at 505-271-4612 MST or email: [email protected].

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Intuitive Learning Circles should not be considered as an exclusive method of treatment. The appropriate medical or psychotherapeutic authorities should be consulted for the diagnosis and treatment if there is any medical or psychological condition. The information and practices described on this website are best considered as an adjunct to orthodox medical or psychological treatments.

Root Chakra

Root Chakra Balancing to Stabilize Your Foundation

This mind exercise has been put together to help us stabilize and get support for our lower bodies and more “feminine” energies through the First or Root Chakra.

Our root chakra governs the physical body, our instincts and the assumptions we have about life. Its color is red and is located at the bottom or root of your pelvis. Free flowing energy in your 1st Chakra is essential to generating healthy life energy and having a strong connection to Mother Earth.

Root Chakra - Reiki Chakra KeysGaze softly at the Root Chakra Key, then ask yourself:

“Do I have a strong foundation for creating physical health?” 

“Am I able to maintain a stable connection with the Earth?

If not, can you pick up any impressions as to why that might be? You may want to make a note of what comes up.

“Am I having trouble finding support for my projects?”

“Am I generating creative or destructive fire?”

Are violent or abusive experiences interfering with my health or vitality?

The health of your Root chakra could be involved with any of these issues. It’s quite easy for toxins and poisonous energies to build up in this energy center and sabotage your ability to manifest.

Continue  your inquiry with this Intuitive Learning Circle from Gifts from the Rainforest:

Do you feel that you’re entangled with others?

Does it feel like you’re out of balance because of changes in your environment?

Or, are you being affected by poisons or negative energies?

If so, you can go through this exercise for some re-organization and relief.

Mind Body Integration

Mind Body IntegrationFor best results, go through this Mind Exercise gazing softly at each Circle both crossed over the midline of the body and uncrossed so that the correction is more complete.


Bring your Root Chakra online.

Activated Chakra System for the New ParadigmBegin with this Reiki Chakra key for the 1st or Root Chakra. It’s also known as the “Base Chakra” and for good reason. It holds the foundational structure for your energetic and physical health.
When it’s out of balance, it can hold space for violence, abuse, illness and destructive energies. That’s why it’s so important to keep it cleansed and functioning in right relationship with the Earth.

As you softly gaze at this Key, get connected and balanced. Use this affirmation to help you:
“I connect with and bring my attention to my Base Chakra.”

The Base or Root Chakra


Clear violent energies, illness and debris from the 1st Chakra. 

Use the natural vibration and color of the Root Chakra to clear away toxic energies. If you are a Reiki practitioner, this is an ideal opportunity to beam Reiki into the symbol. These positive affirmations will help:

“My Root Chakra is open and clearing out toxic energies.” 

Soul Star for the Root chakra

“Destructive energies and karmic entanglements are leaving and going to the Light.”

Please note: In the Intuitive Learning Circle method, we always send what needs to be cleared to the Light, never into the Earth.
She already has too many destructive energies to handle now.
Let’s respectfully help the Earth bring herself back into balance by planting seeds of happiness, health and life instead!


Establish an intention to create healthy, proactive protection in your foundation and Root Chakra.

Use this Intuitive Learning Circle  to help you gather up the needed unconscious information.

“I ask for assistance from my Soul to create a healthy structure for protection and connection with Mother Earth.”


Integrate protection and communication from the New Paradigm.

Adapt to the new energies by using this Soul Prayer Chart for Divine Protection to help you close down harmful energy channels from the past.

“I close down all harmful energy channels from the past or from  _________.”

Once they’re closed, you’ll find that your chakra centers are more open and receptive to the generative life force (chi) that is available in the New Paradigm. You can “install” this symbol like an adaptive filter for the lighter, quicker energy of Air.

Then, visualize opening up to generative energy channels that connect with your Soul and help you to communicate clearly.

“I connect with the  generative flow of chi’ to successfully manifest and communicate.”


Bring your Balance Chakra into the mix.

This Chakra is located right on the on the tip of the tailbone and regulates balance within the Tao (the Underlying Principles of Nature) and the dynamics of Yin and Yang energies.
It has a lot to do with keeping us stable, especially when dealing with difficult or threatening situations.
Let the Balance Key help you stabilize and make a strong connection with your First Chakra.

“I am balanced and can stabilize even in the midst of conflict.”

Install the adaptive filter for Divine Protection.


Release attachments and the damage they cause.

Because of the sheer amount of tragic and heart breaking events we’re encountering everyday, we need to address the possibility that our energy is probably damaged and/or struggling with attachments.
Use this Soul Star Detachment Key to relax and meditate on for as long as you like. Like a healing balm, imagine that a loving coat of peace and comfort is pouring down over you.

“My energy system is easily and effectively neutralizing interfering energies and detaching from them.”


Correct reversals and blockages.

When our system are under extreme stress, the chakras and/or meridians can start running in reverse or shut down entirely.
Relax and let this symbol help you make corrections to problems including allergic reactions, reversals and misdirections.

“I repair any glitches, holes or blockages in my energy system.”

Take all the time you need to let the energy smooth out to where you can begin to feel the energy of your Soul coming through.


Make sure your Soul is in charge of this balance and your healing.

Confirm that you’re using your own Soul vibration to construct your new foundation based on energetic autonomy and integrity.
Allow the energy of your Soul to come in and fill your consciousness with its life giving vibration. While gazing at this Soul Prayer Chart, think about physical activities that you genuinely enjoy doing. Then ask yourself:

“What color, feeling or vibration comes to mind?”

This is your Soul Color. Let it fill your body, your mind and into your aura.


Clarify your Soul signature. 

Just like when we sign our names, each of us has an energy signature that identifies us and whatever we have created. If that signature is marred, obscured or out of balance, we become susceptible to increased projections, confusion, fraud and mistaken identities.

Don’t let that happen to you. Clear and balance your energy signature to deflect these issues with this chart.  Visualize erasing any false markings or “graffiti” out of your energy field.

“I clear away any energy signatures that are not mine.” 

“I know who I am. My signature is distinct from the signature of others.”


Connect with the Earth Chakra.

Activated Chakras - Earth and Root ChakraThe third energy center to include in this balance is the Earth Chakra, located directly below your feet. This is your natural energetic connection point to Mother Earth.
The old foundation has used the Earth primarily as a commodity to be exploited or as a dumping ground. Repair your personal power by establishing a healthy connection with this Earth Chakra Key:

“I activate and empower a respectful Earth connection.”


Again, strengthen your connection and communication channels through the Divine Protection chart.


Having a Clear Root Chakra Works with Your Agreements to Help You Create Vitality and Healthy Support.

That includes the contracts or agreements around support, stability, strength and vitality. Look deeply into the Circle and consider the people, the places and the organizations that could be affecting you in a negative way. Those relationships may not be over, but surely they are going to change! Free up your energy with this Circle by letting go of those agreements.

“I let go of all Soul Agreements that are complete – over and done with.  I allow the necessary changes to take place.”

Release sub-conscious agreements to hold space for dangerous or violent energies. Clear out destructive entanglements that contribute to illness and low energy. See completed debts, vows and resentments burn up like old contracts in a beautiful, violet flame.

You may want to surrender your involvement with a  project,  a person, an organization or a special place that’s no longer serving your needs. Surrender it by releasing that Soul contract into the fire.

“I have completed my experience with you. It was an important experience and it’s time now to be done with it.”

Release Agreements with the old paradigm or status quo.

When these chakras are unified and communicating with each other, it’s possible to access deep seated cultural and religious agreements that keep our bodies enslaved to the status quo.
Look deeply into the the Circle and release agreements that are harmful to your wellbeing and vitality:

“I detach from destructive foundations and energy patterns.”

If you’re a Reiki Practitioner, beam the Distant Healing Symbol into the Circle to help you unlock the chains clear them out. Visualize them collapsing like old structures crumbling into nothingness.
Continue until the space is cleared.


Connect with a map of creating common ground for the common good.

Now, you’re free to organize your new foundation into this template for the new paradigm based on common ground for the common good.
Meditate on this template for a few moments and when you’re ready, gently lower your new “roots” to  connect with the elements of this map.

Connect with the communication channels of Divine Protection to help you stabilize this new foundation.


Integrate your new foundation with your Essence at the Third Chakra.

It’s important that your foundation get integrated with your “home base” template located in your Solar Plexus Chakra.

Relax with your 3rd Chakra at your solar plexus (the area where your ribs go up in the front).
Your Essential Self is most efficiently located there to help you manifest, create happiness and maintain health.
When your Essential Self is clear about where it’s new foundation is and how to communicate with it, you’ll have a much easier time getting grounded and staying that way.

Installing the Divine Protection filter in the solar plexus will help the information and energy channels get integrated for the benefit of your “gut instincts.”


Clear debris out of your Solar Plexus Chakra.

Use the Soul Star for the 3rd Chakra to clear out any old energies or interference from that area.
It may take some time, so go ahead and relax into it using Reiki to assist. Be sure to send them to the Light as well.

 “I expel toxic energies and old junk from my Third Chakra and send them to the Light.”


Repair and/or strengthen hara lines for improved communication and healing

The hara lines are like tiny webs of light that connect the chakras throughout your body. Sometimes they’re broken or damaged because of trauma, illness, toxicity or sudden changes in the sympathetic nervous system (fight or flight). This Circle gives extra energy to the hara lines that are involved with this balance.

“I repair and strengthen my hara lines.”
“My chakras are connected with my Soul properly through a golden web of light.”

This Circle also helps us navigate where we are and to organize our consciousness around being present. “I am inside of my body. Everything else is outside.”


Clear away the shadows with Divine Light.

Beam Reiki into this Soul Prayer Chart to radiate Universal Light and Love throughout your energy field.
Stay with it until all heaviness and darkness has completely disappeared into the Light.

Be sure to close out this healing with the Reiki Power Symbol.
“All pathways that lead back to harm or toxic energies are
sealed and healed.”


Detach from any allegiances with violence and confusion.

A necessary part of protection is about making sure that we’re no longer taking in harmful substances or energies that connect us with people or places we don’t want to go anymore.
Allow this Circle to help you drop any harmful ties, cords or entanglements.

“I release all harmful connections, cords and obligations with dangerous or abusive people, organizations or situations.”


Embrace closure and completion.

Be sure to close out this healing with the Reiki Power Symbol.

“All pathways that lead back to harm or toxic energies are sealed and healed.”

 “I follow the direction of my Soul’s protection and intended path.”

Close the pathways both crossed and uncrossed over the midline of your body.


You are learning to manage your energy in a conscious, balanced and nourishing way!

Now would be an excellent time to go for a walk out in Nature or exercise.

Be sure to breathe deeply!

About the Author of Clear Your Crown Chakra ~

Rheanni Lightwater
Rheanni Lightwater – Reiki Master Teacher

Rheanni Lightwater CHT, CKT live and practices in Santa Fe, New Mexico and has 25+ years experience in the art and science of mind body healing. Contact her for a private session if you still feel like you need support.

Ms. Lightwater’s mission is to assist people in creating healthy balance and harmony in their lives through energy medicine, hypnotherapy and feng shui clearing. Sessions are available online or when you visit Santa Fe. Contact her at 505-271-4612 MST or email: [email protected].


Disclaimer: This Mind Exercise should not be considered as an exclusive method of treatment. The appropriate medical or psychotherapeutic authorities should be consulted for the diagnosis and treatment of any medical or psychological condition. The information and practices described on this website are best considered as an adjunct to orthodox medical or psychological treatments.

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Level III is a One Day Training plus ongoing mentoring: $450.00, plus NM Sales Tax.

Innovations Self-care Personal Growth-Environment

Master/Teacher Reiki Training in Santa Fe 

For Master Level students who have completed all the previous levels and are well enough experienced in their practice to Attune and teach other students. Instructor approval is required for this level.

One Day Class w/ ongoing mentoring: $250.00

Innovations Self-care Personal Growth-Environment

Grail Reiki Attunements and Advanced Energy Healing Training

with Rheanni for those students who have received the Master Symbol and want to incorporate the Return of the Sacred Feminine and Masculine into their practice. Learn advanced techniques for manifestation, working with karma, soul retrieval, clearing curses and entities from spaces, etc. Call for more info: 505-271-4612.

Innovations Self-care Personal Growth-Environment

Reiki Power Circle

Also available are Reiki Eclasses featuring innovations in self-care and personal growth. Learn about our evolving energy fields, the philosophy and principles of Reiki and Grail Reiki along with tips and advanced energy medicine for the New Paradigm.

Extra Intuitive Activitties

If you’re interested in Reiki, you might enjoy this Transformation Game with Reiki Deva, Kuan Yin – Chakra Balancing with Reiki!

Innovations Self-care Personal Growth-Environment

Rheanni Lightwater - Reiki Training in Santa Fe

Rheanni Lightwater CKT, CHT has been practicing mind body healing since 1996 and is dedicated to connecting you to your highest potential!

Call 505-271-4612 or email Rheanni at: [email protected]

Innovations Self-care Personal Growth-Environment

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