Emotional Drama

Detaching From Emotional Drama

There are times when you know that you’ve gotten caught up in emotional drama and the best thing for you is to simply let go and “let it be.”

SOS - Detaching from Emotional DramaHowever, “letting it be” in the midst of the kind of emotional drama that’s going around now is not always all that simple!

We’re often advised by well meaning folks to “just take some deep breaths,” “meditate,” “get present by looking at your hands,” “look around at your surroundings” or “go for a walk.” These are all very helpful and certainly not bad advice.

And yet…

What if you’ve tried all that and the tightness, the doubt, the negative thoughts, the nightmares – the intense emotional drama keeps coming back like a magnet and sticking to you like glue? 

As you gaze softly at this Reiki Chakra Key for your Third Eye, ask yourself:

“What is actually stressing me out?”


You may feel like you’re powerless, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Take a few deep breaths with your attention on this Circle and its positive affirmation.


Choose to Detach

Sometimes it pays to get really creative with sticky, complicated emotions. This mind exercise is a creative way to use your natural Soul Resources proactively.

Start by gazing softly at the symbol below and just let your mind wander. You can conduct an unconscious search throughout the underlying cogs and mechanisms of your mind. You might even be able to find where the glitch is.

At some point, your attention will settle on an unresolved emotional drama.

Give a name to the emotional drama that’s visiting you right now. Have fun with it. Take whatever name comes to you without judgement.

The name of my emotional drama is “_________________”.

Continue your inquiry:

“What is the false narrative that I’m believing
about myself in this situation?”


Use this Circle of #1 Animal Spirits to help you communicate with your emotional drama:

Hello, “_____________”.

“What are you doing here?” and “How can I help?”

Don’t jump to any conclusions or make concessions. You are merely gathering information.


Ask another question using #14 Otter: “What emotional pattern are you diverting my energy to?”

The pattern is called “________________________________”.

On a scale of 1 -100, what percentage of your energy are you currently sending to the pattern?


If you don’t want your energy to be sidetracked into that emotional pattern anymore, use this Circle, #32 Condor, and call on her creative life force to let go of old habits and behaviors.

Mind Body IntegrationRelax and let the lines going in towards the center of this Circle go limp and loose. Or, you could melt the pattern like an iceberg melting under the heat of the Sun.

Do that both crossed and uncrossed over the midline of your body until your connection to the pattern is completely dissolved.

Deal with Projections

Emotional DramaAre unrealistic demands, shame or blame part of that emotional pattern? If so, use #18 Parrot Medicine to find those projections and break them apart. After all, they’re only reflected thoughts.

Shatter those thoughts like mirrors in a House Of Mirrors – or echos in a huge Echo Chamber.


You’d be surprised at how many projections there are out there!

Take a deeper look at how often people, organizations, social systems and the media project their expectations on you. No wonder you’re feeling anxious or doubting yourself!

Go ahead and break those projections apart as well. Keep breathing!


Ask the medicine from #9 Lizard to get more information:

“Am I holding onto abusive persons, activities or obligations? Am I ready, willing and able to let them go?

This is where it can help to open and close your hands. Move your body around and shake it off. In your mind, see yourself letting go and sending the abuse to the Light. You’re ready to leave the situation and settle down in a safe place – where you are free from the emotional drama!


Get some extra help from this symbol to neutralize any sticky attachments you’ve been feeling…

“I detach from destructive energies; including those that come from family members, co-workers, organizations, illnesses, and ________________.”

Keep relaxing until you feel clear.


Once you’ve released the stickiness, you want to make sure that this particular pattern doesn’t come back again. Use this image to help you dissolve any destructive mental or emotional patterns from your mindset.

“I relax and let my part in this emotional drama go.”

This is a positive way to use projections. Visualize any dark, threatening or heavy energies lifting up and away from you, disappearing into the Light. Keep doing that until you see yourself standing in a beautiful, open field under a clear blue sky!

Relax and let the systems that support the emotional drama collapse… it’s time to let them go completely.


Resolve to stop the energy drain from your body, mind and spirit. Leave behind harmful habits, distractions and drains:

“I close the door on any drain or strain on my time, space, attention or energy.”


Close the doors in your mind that lead to any harmful pathways that are better for you to stay away from.

“All holes are sealed and healed.”

“I follow the direction of my Soul’s protection.”

It may be like there are too many tabs open on your internet browser. Close them all down in your mind so that you may have some peace.


Finish by redirecting your energy to your own life; your health, your happiness and peace of mind… 100%!


You now have a powerful and creative way to deal with projections and emotional drama.

This is a great time to take a deep breath and go for a walk out in nature (always a good idea)!


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Rheanni Lightwater, Reiki Master Teacher

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