PTSD Workbook

SOS – Self Care for Post-traumatic Stress

Help yourself and others process and recover from emotional stress and trauma with this innovative PTSD Workbook.

SOS PTSD Workbook

Soul Oriented Solutions Practitioner and Client Edition

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8 1/2 x 11” Spiral bound Manual
192 pages

SOS Self-care for Post-traumatic Stress is a ptsd workbook of five self-care formulas and six mind exercises, with additional activities that help retrain the mind and manage the symptoms of post-traumatic stress gently through the Intuitive Learning Circles.

♦ Deal with feelings of anxiety or confusion about the future ♦ Release emotional stress from past relationships or family dynamics ♦ Improve your resilience and outlook on life  ♦ Find inner peace regarding power struggles and moving forward ♦ Establish healthy boundaries!

Are you working with people who have symptoms of PTSD ONLINE?

Our PTSD Workbook with 11 Self-care Formulas and Mind Exercises is a perfect solution!

Mental Health Practitioners, survivors and support groups can use this ground-breaking collection of visual meditations to shift debilitating thought patterns and regain balance.

PTSD Workbook Online!Each formula gently interrupts feelings of hopelessness or confusion and replaces them with renewed clarity and life-affirming solutions that spring from the person’s innermost resources and wisdom. The Circles and symbols work online beautifully and provide a positive framework to refocus attention and recover mental balance. Going through a sequence calms the emotional centers of the brain and opens up new neural pathways for more positive thinking, which significantly reduces stress and allows one to think more clearly.

The sequences can be used in certain situations to manage long-term feelings of distress or hopelessness. The eleven situations covered are:

  1. Coping with Serious Illness or Loss
  2. Stabilizing After a Traumatic Event
  3. Clearing an Overwhelmed Mind
  4. Quieting a Busy Mind
  5. Grounding in Your Power and Potential
  6. Recovering From a Panic Attack
  7. Reconnecting the System After a Shock
  8. Calming a Stressed Body and Mind
  9. Managing Dyslexia and Stress
  10. Letting go of Other People’s Problems
  11. Dispelling Self Doubt and Paranoia

All self-care formulas heal and rebuild collapsed energy!

When used in combination, these natural remedies can provide long term support to alleviate post traumatic stress and its accompanying symptoms including:

  • Stress induced dyslexia
  • Chronic emotional turmoil or physical pain
  •  Anxiety and feeling fear about the future
  •  Grief, guilt, shame or helplessness
  •  Shock, shutting down or being overwhelmed.

Intuitive Learning Circles - PTSD WorkbookSelf-care tools for mental health practitioners

Soul Oriented Solutions can definitely help practitioners stay balanced themselves and prevent burn out. If you work with others, use these exercises regularly to keep yourself clear and maintain healthy boundaries.

Notice your thoughts as you look at each image.

You might get ideas that could be very useful to you, your organization or the people you work with.


“Old emotions as well as memories that need new perspectives come up and are handled beautifully. In a way, they are washed away and lifted to higher grounds, leaving behind gifts of healing and new beginnings.” ~ D.G.Villena-Mata, Ph.D., Fellow and Diplomate in Traumatic Stress

“An easy and effective method for healing an emotional or spiritual crisis.”
– Ruth E. Francis, Book Marketing Consultant

“Combining healing insights from many sources, Ms. Lightwater has created a system of powerful yet easy to use visualization tools that, used in conjunction with breathing and meditation prompts, allow both mind and body to relax, expand and generate positive energy…”         ~ Victoria Erhart, Reading New Mexico 

“It’s difficult for someone with PTSD to meditate and find some clarity. This process is like coming up from underwater and taking a fresh breath.”          ~ Cornelia Sachs, Eutony Movement Practitioner

Rheanni Lightwater - Author PTSD Self-care
Hypnotherapist and Energy Practitioner

Rheanni Lightwater provides online training for practitioners using her unique method to provide safe mental and emotional relief for PTSD in times of crisis or radical change. This Practitioner/Client edition includes five formulas and six mind exercises that nurture and provide guidance for those who are suffering from emotional stress, trauma and ptsd.

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Soul Resources LLC Guarantee

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