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SOS – Self Care for Post-traumatic Stress

Help yourself and others process and recover from emotional stress and trauma with these innovative PTSD Workshops & Workbook exercises.

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SOS Self-care for Post-traumatic Stress is a ptsd workbook of eleven self-care formulas and mind exercises, with additional workshops and activities that gently retrain the mind and manage the symptoms of PTSD or secondary trauma through the Intuitive Learning Circles.

♦ Deal with feelings of anxiety or confusion about the future ♦ Release emotional stress from past relationships or family dynamics ♦ Improve your resilience and outlook on life  ♦ Find inner peace regarding power struggles and moving forward ♦ Get support for building healthy boundaries!

PTSD Workbook Online!Each self-care formula gently interrupts feelings of hopelessness or confusion and replaces them with renewed clarity and life-affirming solutions that spring from the person’s innermost resources and wisdom. The Circles and symbols work online beautifully and provide a positive framework to refocus attention and recover mental balance. Going through a sequence calms the emotional centers of the brain and opens up new neural pathways for more positive thinking, which significantly reduces stress and increases a sense of confidence and resiliency.

Mental Health Practitioners, survivors and support groups can use this ground-breaking collection of visual meditations to shift debilitating thought patterns and regain balance.

Introduction to the Intuitive Learning Circle Method and Practitioner Workshops:

  • A) FAQ – Tips for Unlocking Your Thoughts
  • B) Rehabilitating Neural Pathways for the Senses
  • C) PTSD and the Subtle Energy System

The Exercises:

The self care formulas and mind exercises work by gently interrupting unhealthy brain activity and energy patterns which are then replaced by positive thoughts and energy flow. They are simple and easy to follow by design. When going through a self-care formula, think of it as being gently led from a dark place into the light. The mind exercises go deeper to examine and rehabilitate behavior. The eleven situations covered are:

1. Restoring Health from Grief, Illness and Loss.

Sometimes, when we’re facing the serious issues of grief, loss, illness or tragedy, we need to consciously place ourselves in a more receptive frame of mind so that we can get genuine help when we really need it. This short formula will help you relax your body so that you can safely let go and reconnect with the  healing power of Love.

 2. Stabilizing After a Traumatic Event.

After a traumatic event, you can feel fragmented, shattered or lost in the chaos you’ve just experienced. It’s so important that you find gentle ways to put yourself back together. By addressing the feeling of isolation and reducing the impact of shock and fear on the nervous system, this self-care formula can help you reconnect fragmented parts of your Essence and energy so that you can integrate what’s happened – whenever you need it.

3. Clearing an Overwhelmed Mind. 

When you’re getting overwhelmed by an PTSD Workbook - Overwhelmoverload of emotions, it can take a while to untangle what it’s really about. It may feel like you need to be in fifteen different places at once. You might be over-extending yourself, carrying around too many burdens or putting pressure on yourself to solve an impossible problem. How can you get back to taking good care of yourself? This self-care formula will gently lift you back into a calm place with clearer perspective.

 4. Boundaries & Quieting a Busy Mind.

It can be difficult to shift your attention away from harmful distractions and busy thoughts. This self-care formula helps you learn how to consciously close those neural pathways so you can relax, let go of negative energies and return your attention to what’s most important to you. Use it anytime you’re distracted by a build up of everyday annoyances or bombarded by too much information.

 5. Grounding in Your Power and Potential.

Everyday we encounter situations where we’re being manipulated or caught up in power struggles that throw us off and waste our time and energy. This mind exercise gives us the tools to get grounded and centered again by using the power of our minds to control our personal energy through strong intention. In a very short time, your energy will be more your own and you’ll have a much easier time staying grounded in your Soul’s intended path.

 6. Managing Anxiety Attacks.

Many people feel powerless after an emotional outburst or anxiety attack. This extended exercise has three sections that will help you detach from and neutralize toxic emotions: 1) reposition yourself so that you can access your power. 2) rebalance key chakras that are routinely affected and 3) it will give you an opportunity to examine the underlying causes of your stress and what will help you deal with them in the future.

7. Reconnecting the System After a Shock.

This exercise will help you reintegrate your core energy centers with your Soul after experiencing an extreme shock or upheaval. Whether you’ve experienced a recent catastrophic event or need to release emerging body memories from the past, this exercise gives you an opportunity to begin again from a heart centered place.

8. Calming a Stressed Body and Mind.

If you’re feeling jumpy, strained or excitable, it is possible to smooth out your energy and calm your emotional responses. This somatic method uses neuromuscular points together with hypo-therapeutic suggestions to gently nurture a quiet mind and balanced flow throughout your body. Use this exercise to unlock a fixated pattern of pain or emotional reactivity that has become habitual and takes over your ability to respond in a balanced way. 

9. Managing Dyslexia and Stress.

Have you ever been on the brink of doing something big when that feeling in your gut keeps telling you to stop? We usually disregard warnings like these, yet there are very real reasons why pushing yourself may not be a good idea. Having stress induced dyslexia is one of them. Going through this exercise to clear up your perception and bring yourself fully into the present can clear up a lot of confusion and might even prevent an accident.

10. Whose Problem Is It?

Sorting out what your responsibilities are in relationships is a challenge, especially when you’ve tended to take on too many burdens. You are in the process of learning how to help without getting used. You could get defensive or go on the offensive, both of which lead to the blame game or an all out fight. Don’t give up! You can find the missing piece through this short exercise and objective guidance from your Soul.

11. Dispelling Self Doubt and Paranoia.

When you’re a highly sensitive person or have experienced a lot of trauma, you could easily get caught up in collective fears or judgmental thoughts from those around you, even if you’re actually in a healthy situation yourself. Learning to discern whether you’re under the influence of other people’s projections or not is a huge part of your healing process. This exercise is here to give you some relief by dispelling any projections and helping you to find your own positive outlook. 

Contemplating Exercises 

Taking a gentler approach through art has helped many people open up to their inner knowing so they can naturally shed light on situations that are overwhelming. These contemplating exercises are offered as a possible way to reconnect with important information from the Soul through contemplation, drawing, painting or journaling. 

The SOS PTSD Workbook is an excellent resource when you’re dealing with anxiety, post traumatic stress or emotional stress due to abuse.

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SOS – Self-care for Emotional Stress

Your PTSD Workbook for Practitioners & Clients
Available exclusively From Soul Resources LLC:

SOS PTSD Workbook

by Rheanni Lightwater

PDF Edition – Available February, 2024

8 1/2 x 11” Spiral bound Manual
223 pages

SOS Self-care for Post-traumatic Stress is a ptsd workbook of five self-care formulas and six mind exercises, with additional activities that help retrain the mind and manage the symptoms of post-traumatic stress gently through the Intuitive Learning Circles.

♦ Deal with feelings of anxiety or confusion about the future ♦ Build new neural pathways for improved relationships and communication ♦ Regain personal strength and power ♦ Find peace regarding your inner struggles to move forward ♦ Get support for rebuilding your life!

When used in combination, the resources available in the PTSD Workbook can provide long term support to alleviate post traumatic stress and its accompanying symptoms including:

  • Stress induced dyslexia
  • Chronic emotional turmoil or physical pain
  • Anxiety and feeling fear about the future
  • Grief, guilt, shame or helplessness
  • Shock, shutting down or being overwhelmed.

Mental Health Practitioners, survivors and support groups can use this ground-breaking collection of visual meditations to shift debilitating thought patterns and regain balance.

Self-care tools for mental health practitioners ~

Intuitive Learning Circles - PTSD WorkbookSoul Oriented Solutions can definitely help practitioners stay balanced themselves and prevent burn out. If you work with others, use these exercises regularly to keep yourself clear and maintain healthy boundaries.

Notice your thoughts as you look at each image.

You might get ideas that could be very useful to you, your organization or the people you work with.

Are you a mental health practitioner working with people who have symptoms of PTSD ONLINE?

Our PTSD Workbook with 11 Self-care Formulas and Mind Exercises is a perfect solution!


Request your copy by contacting Rheanni Lightwater at 505-271-4612 MST or email: [email protected].

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“Old emotions as well as memories that need new perspectives come up and are handled beautifully. In a way, they are washed away and lifted to higher grounds, leaving behind gifts of healing and new beginnings.” ~ D.G. Villena-Mata, Ph.D., Fellow and Diplomate in Traumatic Stress

“An easy and effective method for healing an emotional or spiritual crisis.”
– Ruth E. Francis, Book Marketing Consultant

“Combining healing insights from many sources, Ms. Lightwater has created a system of powerful yet easy to use visualization tools that, used in conjunction with breathing and meditation prompts, allow both mind and body to relax, expand and generate positive energy…”         ~ Victoria Erhart, Reading New Mexico 

“It’s difficult for someone with PTSD to meditate and find some clarity. This process is like coming up from underwater and taking a fresh breath.”          ~ Cornelia Sachs, Eutony Movement Practitioner

About the Author – Rheanni Lightwater

Learn about her journey with learning difficulties and PTSD

Rheanni Lightwater - Author PTSD Self-care

Hypnotherapist and Energy PractitionerRheanni Lightwater provides online workshops for practitioners using her unique method to provide safe mental and emotional relief for PTSD in times of crisis or radical change. This Practitioner/Client edition includes four self-care formulas and seven mind exercises that nurture and provide guidance for those who are suffering from emotional stress, trauma and ptsd.

Note: Certain electronic reading devices emit strong electro-magnetic frequencies that interfere with your ability to relax and shift your energy. For that reason, INTUITIVE LEARNING CIRCLE EBOOKS ARE AVAILABLE ONLY AS PDF DOWNLOADS. 

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Soul Resources PTSD Workbook should not be considered as an exclusive method of treatment. The appropriate medical or psychotherapeutic authorities should be consulted for the diagnosis and treatment for any medical or psychological condition. The information and practices described on this website are best considered as an adjunct to orthodox medical or psychological treatments.

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