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Soul Oriented Solutions

Soul Oriented Solutions Offers Support for Your Inner Journey …

If you are:

  • Looking for new ways of dealing with anxiety or emotional stress,
  • Having difficulty staying grounded and present in the midst of confusion,
  • Needing adjunct self-care techniques for burn out or serious illness,
  • A highly sensitive or empathic person, struggling to stay in balance,
  • Motivated to cultivate peace of mind while maintaining healthy boundaries, 
  • Interested in reprogramming yourself to enjoy life and be happier.

SOS – Soul Oriented Solutions is an online resource of over seventy Self-care Formulas, Mind Exercises and Transformation Games that provide mental, emotional and energetic support any time of the day or night. 

The therapeutic action that occurs while going through this method of self-healing allows you to slow down, calm your emotions, sort out your thoughts and gain some insight about what you need to do for yourself next.

Additionally, each process provides a loose structure for sharing concerns and making positive plans for the future. Use SOS in conjunction with talk therapy. The exercises are excellent for journaling to mark your progress and keep track of the important insights that often come up!

You Can Cultivate a Powerful, Daily Self-care Practice!

♦ Heal and rebuild collapsed energy from overwhelming loss 

♦ Alleviate secondary traumatic stress and its accompanying symptoms.


♦ Improve the ability to set healthy boundaries and autonomy

♦ Create a new path of joy for getting well after a serious illness

♦ Learn how to show up for yourself when learning to navigate Love .

Check into these empowering navigational tools that help you enhance compassion, reclaim your power, strengthen good boundaries, clear creative blocks and create the life you dream of living!

Innovations Self-care Personal Growth-Physical

The Soul Oriented Solutions Collections ~

SOS – Overwhelm Help

Soul Oriented Solutions - Overwhelm Help

If you’re not well or collapsing under the strain of modern life, it could be because you’re overwhelmed by environmental changes, illness, violence and loss that’s going on in the external world. Our first response collection of five SOS self-care formulas can be used to help you relieve the initial shock and pain. Always Free access!

SOS – Navigating Loss and Compassion Fatigue

Soul Oriented Solutions - Compassion Fatigue

If you have received sudden bad news, are having difficulty navigating your grief over a serious loss or want support for being more compassionate with yourself and others, SOS PTSD Self-care is a collection of thirteen online exercises that will help you stay balanced and manage symptoms of Secondary Traumatic Stress. Free access with a subscription to our Ezine!


Soul Oriented Solutions for Healthy Boundaries

You don’t have to fall victim to shame, blame, being scapegoated of feeling guilty. You may not be able to control what other people are doing, however, you can take change of how you respond. This empowering collection of sixteen Soul Oriented Solutions games will help you take charge while keeping yourself peaceful. Access through Paid Membership in our Learning Community! Coming soon – 

SOS – Creating your Path of Joy 

Soul Oriented Solutions - Creating Your Path of Joy

This resource of over twenty-six games is for you if you’ve experienced a serious health challenge and want to get back up on your feet. You know you have work to do and are willing to do it! You also know that putting too much pressure on yourself doesn’t help. Self-love and creating a joyful path moving forward are your priorities. Access through Paid Membership in our Learning Community! Coming soon – 

Coming Soon!
SOS – Relationships in Love

Far from making us happy, the social stigma of “marriage” or “commitment” often turns relationships  that could be filled with joy and mutual satisfaction into a lonely experience, filled with confusion. At worst, our hopes for love turn into a false tangle of demands, power trips and pretense. We have fifteen Soul Oriented Solutions for taking back your power and connecting with your loved ones out of joy, rather than suffering. Access through Paid Membership in our Learning Community! Coming soon – 

SOS – Resources for Healing Hate

Especially if you’re a good Samaritan or employed in one of the helping professions, confusion around hateful attitudes can easily escalate into dramas of monumental proportions. Without even realizing it, you can get seriously off track from priorities that are vital to your health and well-being. Plus, it can happen so quickly, you might not even notice it until you’re up to your eyeballs in confusing and toxic emotions. Fourteen processes have been put together to help you create change for the Common Good. Access through Paid Membership in our Learning Community! Coming soon –

SOS – Communication Challenge

The purpose of this collection of twelve exercises is to help you access unconscious information about what kind of healing might help you with your current communication challenges and build a new infrastructure for positive communications for the Common Good. Access through Paid Membership in our Learning Community! Coming soon –

SOS – PTSD Workbook

Soul Oriented Solutions - PTSD Workbook

SOS Self-care for Post-traumatic Stress is a ptsd workbook designed for health care practitioners and their clients. This manual includes five self-care formulas and six mind exercises, with additional activities that help retrain the mind and manage the symptoms of post-traumatic stress gently through the Intuitive Learning Circles.


Innovations Self-care Personal Growth-Physical

If you seek inspiration and emotional balance, you will find them in SOS – Soul Oriented Solutions

The symbols and affirmations in the self-care formulas gently interrupt unhealthy brain activity and replaces it with constructive, coherent thoughts and energy flow. Using the Socratic method of asking questions and looking at challenging situations from different angles stimulates your creativity and executive thinking abilities.

The mind exercises are like self-healing inquiries or puzzles where you can access answers to important questions and integrate them into your daily life. Once completed, each exercise helps you calm the emotional centers of your brain and retrain your mind to think more clearly. Emotions can be felt and more easily released, which prevents stuffing, anxiety and stress.

Transformation Games are inspired by Kuan Yin, using the I Ching and other spiritual perspectives to help you to identify problems, change your focus to positive solutions, ground yourself and get in the present. Simply relax and gaze at the Circles while contemplating the affirmations or questions. Your intuition will come forward and give you the help that you seek.

In all three styles, a powerful form of self-healing occurs where you can easily slow down, communicate with your unconscious and reorganize how you’re taking care of yourself.

Learning to self heal is an essential part of developing our human potential.

With the Intuitive Learning Circle method, you’re using the symbols as a prompt to gather unconscious information, organize awareness and illuminate solutions that come directly from your Soul. You are in charge!


Innovations Self-care Personal Growth-Physical


“Old emotions as well as memories that need new perspectives come up and are handled beautifully. In a way, they are washed away and lifted to higher grounds, leaving behind gifts of healing and new beginnings.” ~ D.G.Villena-Mata, Ph.D., Fellow and Diplomate in Traumatic Stress

“An easy and effective method for healing an emotional or spiritual crisis.”
– Ruth E. Francis, Book Marketing Consultant

“Combining healing insights from many sources, Ms. Lightwater has created a system of powerful yet easy to use visualization tools that, used in conjunction with breathing and meditation prompts, allow both mind and body to relax, expand and generate positive energy…”         ~ Victoria Erhart, Reading New Mexico 

“It’s difficult for someone with PTSD to meditate and find some clarity. This process is like coming up from underwater and taking a fresh breath.”          ~ Cornelia Sachs, Eutony Movement Practitioner

A word of caution:  Different people have different needs and this method is intended for people who are actively seeking ways to take better care of themselves. SOS is not recommend for people who are suffering from suicidal thoughts, depression, alcoholism and personality disorders or drug abuse.

Innovations Self-care Personal Growth-Physical


Rheanni Lightwater -

Rheanni Lightwater is a co-owner of Soul Resources LLC and also the creator and curator of this unique method of self-care called the Intuitive Learning Circles.

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The use of these self-care formulas and mind exercises are not intended take the place of appropriate medical and/or psychiatric care. If you are having prolonged or increasing bouts of anxiety, depression or suicidal thoughts, seek immediate medical help. 
The appropriate medical or psychotherapeutic authorities should be consulted for the diagnosis and treatment of any medical or psychological condition. The information and practices described on this website are best considered as an adjunct to orthodox medical or psychological treatments.

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