SOS-Soul Oriented Solutions

Alternative Healing for Emotional Stress, Grief, Loss, Trauma and Anxiety

SOS Soul Oriented Solutions

SOS – Soul Oriented Solutions is an empowering navigational tool for anyone dealing with anxiety and stress.

SOS – Soul Oriented Solutions  Practitioner and Client Edition

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8 1/2 x 11” Paperback Journal
196 pages

If you need help dealing with the symptoms of PTSD, you can turn to SOS – Soul Oriented Solutions. This unique stress management journal nurtures empathic or highly sensitive people on their creative journey of healing and personal growth. 

♦ Alleviate post traumatic stress and its accompanying symptoms ♦ Heal and rebuild collapsed energy ♦ Improve the ability to handle emotional stress ♦ Help for insomnia or nightmares ♦ Natural remedies for relief from shock and panic attacks.

 Your Inner Journey from Emotional Stress to Self-love


SOS Soul Oriented Solutions is a self-help journal of nine alternative healing formulas by Rheanni Lightwater that retrain the mind, provide energy healing and help people to process emotional trauma and post traumatic stress using the Intuitive Learning Circles™. Briefly, the method works by gently interrupting negative brain activity and replacing it with positive input.

Alternative Healing for PTSD - Book Award WinnerRheanni LightwaterSOS Soul Oriented Solutions is a Winner in the 2017 New Mexico/Arizona Book Awards!

This valuable self-care tool has been revised and updated as a stress management journal! Use the self-care formulas in stressful situations to manage long-term feelings of hopelessness, grief and imbalance.

This is the SOS symbol that we use in this Soul Oriented Solutions journal. When you gaze softly at it (let your eyes relax) it can help you make choices, fine tune your intuition and listen to your gut instincts – even if you’re stressed out.

SOS - Soul Oriented Solutions

Once you’ve relaxed with it a bit, go through the list below of possible choices currently available and ask your intuition to help you select the protocol that’s best for your situation.

SOS covers nine situations. Which healing process will help you best?

  1. Coping with Serious Illness or Loss
  2. Stabilizing After a Traumatic Event
  3. Clearing an Overwhelmed Mind
  4. Boundaries & Quieting a Busy Mind try out the online version
  5. Grounding in Self-love
  6. Recovering From an Anxiety Attack
  7. Grounding After an Emotional Shock – get immediate relief with online version
  8. Setting Up a Safe Space – experiment with the online version
  9. Clearing Stress That Affects Memory

SOS – Soul Oriented Solutions is also very effective in handling immediate crises, such as accidents, disasters, violent incidents and triggered post traumatic stress responses.

SOS - Alternative Healing for PTSDThe therapeutic action that occurs while going through this method of alternative healing for ptsd allows you to slow down, calm your emotions, sort out your thoughts and gain some insight about what you need to do for yourself next.

Additionally, the formulas provide a loose structure for sharing concerns and making positive plans for the future. Use SOS as a journal to mark your progress and keep track of the good ideas that often come up!


“Old emotions as well as memories that need new perspectives come up and are handled beautifully. In a way, they are washed away and lifted to higher grounds, leaving behind gifts of healing and new beginnings.” ~ D.G.Villena-Mata, Ph.D., Fellow and Diplomate in Traumatic Stress

“An easy and effective method for healing an emotional or spiritual crisis.”
– Ruth E. Francis, Book Marketing Consultant

“Combining healing insights from many sources, Ms. Lightwater has created a system of powerful yet easy to use visualization tools that, used in conjunction with breathing and meditation prompts, allow both mind and body to relax, expand and generate positive energy…”         ~ Victoria Erhart, Reading New Mexico 

“It’s difficult for someone with PTSD to meditate and find some clarity. This process is like coming up from underwater and taking a fresh breath.”          ~ Cornelia Sachs, Eutony Movement Practitioner

Note: Certain electronic reading devices emit strong electro-magnetic frequencies that interfere with your ability to relax and shift your energy. For that reason, INTUITIVE LEARNING CIRCLE EBOOKS ARE AVAILABLE ONLY AS PDF DOWNLOADS. 

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Soul Resources LLC Guarantee

All Soul Oriented Solutions books offer alternative healing for emotional stress and should not be considered as an exclusive method of treatment. The appropriate medical or psychotherapeutic authorities should be consulted for the diagnosis and treatment for any medical or psychological condition. The information and practices described on this website are best considered as an adjunct to orthodox medical or psychological treatments.