Resources for Healing Hate

Release the Binding Energy of Hate

Many people are having a difficult time healing hate and keeping their hearts open to hope and peaceful possibilities.

Healing Hate through Heart OpeningHealing hate is a big topic of concern, so let’s talk about the energy of hate and how it affects our energetic system.

I learned early on in my intuitive practice that hate is a binding energy. What I mean by that is when you “hate” something, your thoughts, your mindset and your energy gets very hard and constricted – not to mention your heart.

The same goes for anger, however, anger is more of an immediate reaction – it usually comes up to let you know that something is off – something is wrong that needs your attention right away. Anger is your friend when it’s telling you that there’s some aspect of a situation that’s isn’t good for you and is contributing to your experience of unhappiness.

Healing Hate and UnhappinessYes, you read that right! I’ll repeat it – anger is a very useful emotion when it motivates you to get centered and take productive action to change something that’s causing you harm. It gives you the energy to pull yourself out of complacency and disloyalty to your own highest good.

The I Ching talks about these kinds of situations in the text of Hexagram #36 Censorship:
“…in areas of personal and spiritual development, this situation can help you learn to accept times of evil. If one attempts to aggressively deny or ignore evil, then evil is often nurtured in one form or another. Good and evil are as much a part of the cosmos as night and day. It is much easier to develop a sound character once evil is acknowledged and accepted as part of the world. ~ The I Ching Workbook, R. L. Wing

The trick to navigating anger is what you do with it after the heat of the moment. Do you use that energy to go for the results you really want or do you get stuck in it? Does hate take control over you?

Hate is stuck anger hardened into a whole belief system and feedback loop.

People like to bond with each other through hate, because it’s easy to feel justified when we can get others to agree with us.

We fixate our attention on the object of our hate and send angry thoughts toward it, thinking that somehow doing so will make it go away and ease our suffering. We generalize about people and refuse to accept that there might possibly be anything good about the object of our hate. We revel in the energy boost that anger creates and narcissists are especially good at taking advantage of that group energy.

Simply put, when we let our anger harden into hate, we get caught in a powerful collective feedback loop and miss the opportunity to transform a harmful situation for the better.

Resources for Healing Hate

There’s an old saying, “What I believe about you, I awaken within you.” To understand that better, compare the thought to “what I put out, comes back to me.”

These are the premises of the Law of Reciprocity, or Karma.

Karam and Healing Hate

If I buy into the idea that what I put out comes back to me at all, it would be pretty hard on me if I were to put out that any particular group of people are lying, cheating, dangerous, predators!

That kind of generalization simply is not helpful. Not only is it untrue, it would also cause me to:

  • Bind myself to the “lie” even more strongly
  • Cheat myself out of a lot of potential friends and supporters
  • Create dangerous situations for myself by feeding the seeds of violence in myself and others and,
  • Stamp out my own potential to be happy.

Yet returning hate for more hate is how the feedback loop gets maintained. When will we decide to stop feeding this self-perpetuating trap and step out of it?

Just to clarify what we mean by karma here –
Karma = Cause & Effect
i.e. I have a thought. I make a decision. I act on the decision.
Whatever I have followed through on has natural consequences.
Cause & Effect = Karma.

Since 2001, I have been developing and using the Intuitive Learning Circles with Reiki, Energy Healing, Hypnotherapy and practical shamanic practices to optimize my own spiritual growth and assist others in finding their way through the maze of our collective dysfunction.

This collection of Mind Exercises and Transformation Games is devoted to helping us to find a way out of this karmic bind.

Healing the Emotional Roots of Hate

How can we transform the stress and suffering that comes with the mindset of hate? I suggest that we start by enhancing our inner guidance. After all, we don’t want to run off in the heat of our anger and do something that is actually hurtful to us!

Take a few minutes with this Circle to breathe and relax. Calm your senses and bring them into balance. Some may be turned up too high and some may be too low.

Take some deep breaths and let your shoulders drop. Adjust the volume to perceive your situation clearly. Notice how that calms you emotionally. Do that both crossed and uncrossed over the midline of your body to achieve greater mind body integration.

Mind Body Integration

Mind Body IntegrationThe Intuitive Learning Circles work best when you look at each symbol both crossed over the midline of the body and uncrossed so that the correction is more complete.

Why? Because the brain and the body communicate with each other through one set of channels when you are uncrossed and another set when you are crossed. If you can’t get the information one way, you might be able to get it in the other. The same goes for making corrections – we want whatever correction is needed to be made all of the time, not just some of the time.

If you try this, and it still doesn’t work, you may have an internal conflict or fixation that’s interfering with cognitive function. Not to worry. If that happens, scroll back up to the Conflicts and Fixations image above and relax into it.

Healing Hate: Releasing Agreements and Social Contracts

Next, I suggest that we release our agreement to hold the energy of hate in our nervous systems, as if it’s helpful to us! Don’t forget that many agreements to hate are based on social contracts from our ancestral, cultural and religious lines. Look at the Soul Contract Circle and imagine that you can mindfully send the symbol all the way up and down your spine, unlocking harmful agreements as you go:

“I gently release my nervous system from the binding energy of hate.”

“I release any agreement I have to buy into the energy and mindset of extremism and hate. I unlock ancestral chains that bind me. I release any vow I’ve taken to keep the destructive fires burning.”

“I release any ancestral/societal agreement I have to plant emotional distress and hatred in the ground or try to process it myself.

It’s time to stop perpetuating negativity in myself or Mother Earth. I now choose to create peaceful prosperity and understanding.”

Then, be more specific. Use the same Circle in a different way to identify and release agreements to hold hatred towards different people, groups or organizations that you feel are wrong. There are far more productive energies to use that will be more helpful to you, like a gentle violet flame.

If you’re willing, go through each item on your list with these positive affirmations:

“I release all my agreements to hate __________________.” (how people act, how hard my job is, how stuck I feel, etc.)

“I pull my energy back and release my agreements to react out of violence, resentment or revenge.”

“I release all agreements to mobilize the destructive energies of hate. I utilize gentler and more productive energies to manifest my highest good.”

Don’t forget to release any agreement to hate yourself! It’s amazing how much energy you can free up by doing this.

There are other agreements we can change to help us navigate out of the maze.

The out-dated system of the Patriarchy currently affirms that only certain classes of people are heard, respected. Release your agreements with that system and set up new agreements to organize around healthy and prosperous dealings in the New Paradigm that include balanced prosperity, equality and personal responsibility.

Agreements and Healing Hate


Another agreement to change would be to source your responses from a place of gratitude and joy, rather than from a fearful, greedy or vengeful place.

“I release agreements to source from fear, greed or revenge.”

“I decide Source from Gratitude and Joy.”


This symbol from Soul Prayer Charts helps you to interface with your environment more efficiently. Most of us need assistance in making the transition from the old paradigm of Water (Piscean Age) to the New Paradigm of Air (Aquarian Age). Relax and close down all heavy or destructive energy channels that your mind or body may still be open and vulnerable to.

“I close down harsh and harmful energy channels from the status quo.”

“I am open to generative Life Force to manifest improved health, happiness and communication channels.”

Healing hate requires a lot of change and in this new energy, it’s important that we be gentle with ourselves and take the time we need to integrate safely.

You’d be amazed at how much healing you’ve put into action with just this short introduction. Take a few minutes to contemplate the Master symbol for the Intuitive Learning Circles which puts you in touch with the deepest, wisest aspects of your being  – Old Sol.

Old Soul

“I release any ancestral tendencies to perpetuate hate, war or self-destruction.”

“I make a conscious choice to release shame, blame, revenge, resentment and societal patterns of self-hate.”

Healing Hate Compassionately.

How can we sort ourselves out of the roots of hate? 

Resources for Healing HateEspecially if you’re a good Samaritan or employed in one of the helping professions, confusion around hateful attitudes can easily escalate into dramas of monumental proportions.

Without even realizing it, you can get seriously off track from priorities that are vital to your health and well-being. Plus, it can happen so quickly, you might not even notice it until you’re up to your eyeballs in confusing and toxic emotions!

Now that you have an idea of what’s involved with freeing your heart and mind from the grip of hatred, you may want to get some assistance from Kuan Yin and her selected offerings of Advanced Transformation Games.

SOS - Soul Oriented Solutions
Tune into the SOS symbol to check in with your psyche. Which number feels like the process that you’re ready for now?

Entry Level and Support for Healing Hate:

  1. See It Right By Clearing Up Your Blind Spots.

  2. Keep Your Crown Chakra Clear for Good Guidance.

  3. Support for Your Reaction to Trauma Caused By Hate.

  4. Keep Yourself Empowered Even When Things Are Falling Apart.

Diving Deep Into the Karmic Core

Please note that most of these games are available only to members of our Soul Resources Learning Communities…

  1. Following Your Path with The Chariot.

  2. Open to INNOCENCE.

  3. LIBERATION from the Karmic Roots of Hate.

  4. Communicate with MODERATION on the Middle Road.

  5. Stuck in the Past.

  6. Navigating Out of Extremism and Cult Behavior.

  7. Negative Thoughts That Keep You Stuck.

  8. Let Go of the Cynic.

  9. Release Dangerous Patterns of Predatory or Narcissistic Behaviors.

  10. Letting Go and Moving On


Resources for Healing Hate draws from these Collections and Intuition Training Manuals ~

  • Change for the Common Good
  • Intuitive Learning in the New Paradigm
  • Soul Oriented Solutions – Navigating Loss and Compassion Fatigue
  • Divine Nature Activated

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