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Completion – Rest and Restoration

This Completion Tutorial for the Power Circle will help you accept the Natural Flow of Activity and Rest, which is especially important during the Winter season.

Happiness Power CircleKuan Yin has been co-creating with us to find a peaceful way to manifest our goals called “The Power Circle of Happiness – Ten Stages of Natural Physical Manifestation.” This process has been inspired by Reiki, Tibetan Energy Work, Feng Shui and Hawaiian Huna, to help those of us those who truly desire to experience the abundance and joy of surrendering to the flow of creativity or “happiness”.

The purpose of each Stage in the Power Circle of Happiness is to illuminate how you can be more in the energy flow of Happiness in any situation and use the natural cycles of Life together with the true nature of your Soul to create your heart’s desires.

In this Completion Power Circle, you’ll get examples of some of the common pitfalls that could be interfering with your ability to manifest happiness…

STAGE 10: Completion – Acceptance of the Natural Flow of Activity and Rest

Before we move into a busy New Year, filled with externally driven agendas and intentions, it’s essential to allow time for rest and restoration. If you are feeling drained and tired, it might be helpful to consider how important it is to let go of any guilt or anxiety you may be feeling about it.

You have a genuine need to follow your own natural cycles. When you allow time for completion and rest, you are proactively preventing burnout and break downs in your immune system.

Completion and Rest Prevents Burnout

Stop. Slow down. Let go of the Guilt.

We are not separate from Nature. Our health and ability to manifest depends on how we handle the final Stage of Natural Physical Manifestation that we’re calling COMPLETION in the Power Circle. The mid-winter season between Solstice and the Lunar New Year is naturally a time of COMPLETION. Learning how to come into sync with the cycles of Nature is a big piece of how we can help ourselves and the planet.

Here are Tips for the Completion Stage from Kuan Yin and the Reiki Guides that explain why rest and acceptance is so important to the success in your upcoming year….

In our modern world, there’s a notion that one must be forever moving forward. This is reflected in the unchanging mechanisms of seconds, minutes and hours in a clock. “Time marches on,” “time waits for no man” and other such mantras give one the impression that they are missing out on something if they stop to rest. In fact, the opposite is true.

If you accomplish something important and do not stop to rest and center yourself, you are actually sabotaging yourself. This is because your energy has a natural process of re-organizing itself around changes in consciousness. If you do not get present and allow time for this, you cannot change and are stunting your own growth.

Release agreements about putting so much pressure on yourself and any other unhealthy agreements about time. 

“I stop fighting against or feeling guilty about my natural cycles.”

“It’s okay to be both active and receptive. I keep myself in balance.”

“I release unhealthy pressure and agreements about time. When I stay in the present, my Soul can be in charge of timing.”

“I release agreements to beat myself up because my body is having a natural  response. It’s okay to be tired and feeling whatever I’m feeling.”

“It’s okay to process and integrate the changes I have gone through.”


Balance & EqualityMasculine energy (Yang) is result oriented and serves us well in accomplishing our goals. However, in our society we tend to have a drive behind our work that often puts us into conflict with others and ourselves. The Completion stage of manifestation can give us guidance on how to extract the beneficial aspects of this drive and learn how to use them in a balanced way.

Once you have completed a project or a stage of a project, let your receptive Feminine energies (Yin) gather and do what they do best, which is to process. It’s important to rest, clear out the energy around that project, focus your thoughts on what makes you happy, and come to a place of peace before you begin the next stage or project. Allow your entire being to honor what you have accomplished and integrate the changes that have taken place as a result of all your efforts. If you have attended to the Stage of Completion and accepted where you are, your Psyche will be able to restore itself and will naturally open to new inspiration.

Being tired is most often looked upon as indulgence or a sign of weakness. Very often, there is also a sense of fear or anxiety around the concept of resting. Perhaps there’s a nagging idea that somehow you’re going to miss out on something or that you’ll appear lazy.

Actually, being tired is a natural and necessary response to having completed something. If you will allow yourself to feel tired, your body will naturally begin a shedding process. You may describe this as feeling sluggish, foggy, heavy, sad or possibly even a little dizzy. These are all beneficial, because they are the processes through which your body can clear out debris from the old consciousness you have now transcended.

If you’re having trouble letting go, you may want to make sure that you’re not taking on or perpetuating someone else’s issue about procrastination, over-achieving, perfectionism or poor self-esteem with Whose Problem is It? Even if the issue isn’t yours personally, you’re using up your own precious energy trying to process it, which may very well be causing a serious blockage for you.

This process gives your mind time to integrate the changes that have taken place and decide what you like about them and what you want to continue or discontinue.


In essence, you are creating an opening and groundwork for a new cycle of inspiration. If you continually think negative thoughts about what you’re unhappy or dissatisfied with, you are digging yourself into an even deeper karmic cycle of dissatisfaction and unhappiness.

If you’re feeling emotionally down and apathetic, you can gently Retrain Your Mind to Go for Joy.

This idea is very important, because it releases worry and allows acceptance of what is. Complete transformation is not possible without acceptance of what you’ve done, what you haven’t done and what is left to do.

If you haven’t allowed yourself to completely rest for a long time, your body will force you to take time through illness, accidents or your mind will simply become blocked.

It’s useless to become frustrated or struggle against the completion stage of manifestation. Doing so will only create more blockages. The best plan is to surrender, let yourself slow down and be still. Allow the process take its course.

If you can’t get past chronic exhaustion or pain, you can go to SOS for Collapse.  It may be that you’ve experienced a significant shock that’s preventing you from processing what you need to process. This self-care formula is designed to help you reconnect with fragmented parts  or your Essence and energy.


When you have completed a project or a stage of a project, it’s important to rest, clear out the energy around that project, focus your thoughts on what makes you happy and come to a place of peace before you begin your next stage or project. Taking care of yourself in this way allows your entire being to honor what you’ve accomplished and integrate the changes that have taken place as a result of all your efforts. Once you have processed the Stage of Completion and accepted where you are, you can naturally open to new inspiration.

ONE FINAL THOUGHT About the Power Circle of Happiness: 

Before moving on to your next Cycle of manifesting, it’s really a good idea to go over what you’ve learned from the last cycle and to truthfully answer how well you’re taking care of your self through self-love. Taking part in these gentle life reviews is a life affirming way to acknowledge and accept the many advancements you’ve made.

Congratulations! You can thank yourself for taking the time today to learn how Completion is an important ingredient of happiness – a gift that will make your Midwinter Transition a whole lot better.


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