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Changes that Keep You from Following Your Path

Rheanni Lightwater - Following Your Path
Rheanni Lightwater

Transformation Game - Following Your PathKuan Yin has been helping us through these Transformation Games to transition from the old economic paradigm based on greed and fear to a new paradigm of co-operation and sustainable prosperity. Today, her advice about following your path is from the I Ching, an ancient book of divination that follows the flow of the cosmos. Because of that, her advice and instruction comes from a different perspective than ours.

To help you better connect with her assistance, she uses the Intuitive Learning Circles  to communicate with you through meditation, affirmations and visualization.

Simply relax and gaze at the Circles while contemplating Kuan Yins words. Your intuition will come forward and give you the help that you seek.

Mind Body IntegrationMind Body Integration

For best results playing a Transformation Game, look at each Circle both crossed over the midline of the body and uncrossed so that the correction is more complete.


Welcome to the I Ching Reading and Transformation Game for: Following Your Path with The CHARIOT:

The collective unconscious has long looked for guidance from the Tarot to guide them. Because of our collective experience, we have universal symbols and patterns that affect us, whether or not they are often used in our own culture. Many archetypal symbols give us a sense of peace and focus, and are used more and more commonly.

The Tarot Major Arcana Card for 2023 is # VII: The Chariot

In numerology, the year 2023 breaks down to the number 7.  2 +2 +3 = 7.

The sacred number 7 represents completeness and is considered the number that connects Heaven and Earth. Gathering together disparate things makes a unified whole, as in 7 days in a week, 7 chakras, 7 musical tones, color rays and vowels. God rested on the 7th day, etc. In reverse, it can pull  things apart as in the 7 Deadly Sins, the 7 Karmic Cycles or 7 Levels of Karmic Debt.

VII: THE CHARIOT represents several constructive ideas that can definitely help when so much is going on. The basic meanings of this card are forward momentum, action or progressive activity through the balancing of opposing forces.

Following Your Path
The CHARIOT from the Cosmic Tarot

The image of the charioteer suggests that we be the drivers (mind) in charge of our own vehicle (body) and that we steer with the long view in mind (spiritual). Through determined effort and willpower The Chariot inspires us to take courage as we embark on our journey.

On the reverse side, it could also be a warning to us that we’re heading for danger and it would be better to stop and wait for a solution to reveal itself.

Perhaps we can tap into the positive aspects of this archetype to overcome adversity and develop the self-control needed to stay on track in the midst of so much confusion.

Good questions to ask when the Chariot card shows up are:

Am I in the Driver’s Seat?

Am I the Driver in my own chariot? Am I safe in the vehicle I’m using?
Do I know where I’m going and whether or not it’s a good idea?
Am I going off in the wrong or too many directions?
Am I sensing and deciphering the meaning of this situation correctly?
Am I operating under an illusion?Am I heading for danger?
What is needed to regain healthy control of this situation?

If you’re feeling as though you’ve gotten off track, here is a quiz to help you figure out how you might get back in the driver’s seat and head in the right direction.

Is something happening that’s keeping you from following your path?

Being on your true path implies that you are following a course of action that fulfills the needs and desires of your Soul. Multiple paths conjure images of choices, confusion, free will and getting lost. Last year, the karma for a lot of CONTRADICTIONS, serious CONFLICT and no win situations was activated. As we move fully into into 2023, collective fear, confusion and disorientation continues to run rampant. To see where you are with that, use this sequence of Circles:

Does it feel as though you’re heading back into an old, repetitive and abusive cycle?

Following Your Path

Are you chasing after a no-win situation that’s in CONFLICT with what’s best for you?


Do you feel your vibration is low? Is something draining your vitality?

Rainforest Tree - Following Your Path

Are toxins and attachments clogging you up and bogging you down?


Are you feeling out of sync with your natural cycles or the cycles of Nature?

Moon - Following Your Path

Angry and Abusive Energies Can Cause Confusion, Fear, Defensiveness and Blockages in Our Minds.

Remember that the primary purpose of the unconscious mind is to preserve and protect the body. Therefore, if you’re exposed to things that are abusive or taking you into harm’s way, your mind would normally take action to protect you.

But what if part of you is still caught up in the past? Is it possible that you (or a part of you) is motivated by fear or running down a path that isn’t in your best interest?

Your mind might get confused and unable to recognize what’s happening. And, if your mind tends to be stubborn, it could even double down on getting defensive, fighting or running even faster.

Confusion could become even more difficult if you spend a lot of time around people who are projecting their own fears and confusions onto you. One example is when society, television advertising and the media make huge investments into influencing your choices through fear, rather than Love.  

If you recognize any part of this as being a problem for you,  take a look at a few steps for following your path that will help you move with the positive influences of The CHARIOT with fewer detours and diversions.

Following Your Path

Step One – Identify fears and procrastination:

If you’re ready and willing, you might be able to identify a harmful obstruction and decide that you want to free yourself from it.

This Intuitive Learning Circle from Gifts from the Rainforest transmits a distinct warning. Gaze at the Circle softly and tune into your body. Do you feel uneasy or exposed to danger?  

Following Your Path
Vulture Medicine

Notice how distracting this energy is. Sometimes it warns you about a real danger and sometimes it’s just pulling you off track. It could be coming from the media or other people. Ask your gut, “Am I actually in danger? Are any of my important intentions at risk? If so, what is going on? Where is it coming from and what’s it about?”


Find A Solution for Following Your Path

Step Two: Clear the Conflicts

Notice how this energy might bring up feelings of confusion or powerlessness. These conflicts could impair your health or well-being in serious ways, so it’s well worth it to address them and clear out the landscape of your mind right away.

“Am I experiencing distractions, confusion or poor health?”
Note: There may be more than one.

To help you release any CONFLICT, imagine that the lines in this Circle are going loose and limp like strings of spaghetti. Do that both crossed and uncrossed. It’s time to let go and incorporate some courage!


Use the Intuitive Learning Circle below to release conflicting or harmful agreements on a neurological level. Look at the Circle and consciously imagine any “contracts” that are outdated or causing confusion are unlocking all the way up and down your spine. Here are some global agreements that might be useful for you to release: 

“I release all agreements or obligations that keep me stuck in the past or pull me into someone else’s agenda.”

“I release agreements to be motivated or trapped by fear.”

“I let go of any lies that restrict my freedom and autonomy.” 

“I release all agreements, beliefs, or obligations that I’ve been tricked or forced into against my free will.”

What other agreements can you think of that might be good for you to release?       “I release ___________.”


You may have been misled by other people’s agendas or pulled into CONFLICT against your will. This includes early child-rearing techniques, mistaken ideas or expectations from society through education, the media or religious upbringing.

Gaze softly at this Soul Prayer Chart and consciously imagine uprooting any out-dated conditioning that’s planted in the landscape of your mind like old, dead roots and throw them into a fire to burn up. Here are some sample agreements that might be useful for you to uproot:

“I uproot conditioning I have about people pleasing and needing to follow other people’s paths or agendas.”

“I let go of burdens that are imposed on me through family expectations or through outdated genetic conditioning.”

“I release conditioning that I’ve been tricked, coerced or forced into.”


Step Three: Clarify Your Energy

Rational Thought Chakras

After releasing all that, your senses may have gotten clogged, leaving you disoriented. Clearing them up will help you as you’re following your path. This Reiki Chakra Key to help you get them back online.

“I gather up all of my senses and use them to perceive what I need now to be healthy and more co-operative with my Soul.”

“I use them to discern the difference between healthy life force and a negative or invading energy.”

“I use my senses to ________ and _________.”


Soul Star Detachment and Correction Keys:

Your energy may also get stuck on distractions, distortions, harmful entanglements or toxic influences. Relax and meditate on this Soul Star Detachment Key for a few minutes to help you detach from them. Like a healing balm, imagine that a loving coat of peace and comfort is pouring down over you – soothing your body and mind.

Use this affirmation:
“I am willing to neutralize obstacles and detach from them.”


You might also be having a difficult time adjusting to all the significant environmental changes that are taking place.

Sudden reversals, blockages and changes in momentum can cause the subtle energy fields to react in unusual ways.

As you look at this Soul Star Correction Key, do you notice any rough glitches or reversed energies going on?

Relax with it for a few minutes until things smooth out.

Repair any jagged or disjointed glitches in your sensory system.

Balance Your Senses

Making these simple corrections will help to reduce feelings of anxiety and overwhelm.

When you’re relaxed, your senses can balance out and create a more harmonious state of mind. That’s when your imagination can gently open up, like a beautiful daydream. This softer, lighter way of being has a way of untangling problems and blockages.

Use this simple affirmation to help you:  

“My mind is calm and relaxed – like a boat floating on the water.”

Step Four: Set Up Your Chariot To Navigate Freely 

If you’re feeling better, you could clear out some toxic entanglements and attachments that interfere with how well you can navigate. If you don’t have correct autonomy in your energy field, your spiritual growth can easily be stunted. By developing a strong Soul Connection, your boundaries become stronger, your inner guidance improves and you can stop being pulled this way and that by external forces that are trying to manipulate you.

“I release manipulations and controlling energies from my field.”

“I take the reins and responsibility for my own Chariot and direction.”
“I put my Psyche and Soul in the Driver’s seat.”


At this point, it will really help to clear attachments* to important Secondary Chakras that have a lot to do with how well you’re able to navigate without interference.

*With each of these symbols, feel free to scroll back up to the Soul Star Detachment and Correction Keys for deeper clearing.

Life Path Chakras ~

These two chakras are located on either side of the Crown Chakra and help to make sure you’re following your Soul’s Life Path, not someone else’s.


Challenge Chakra ~

This energy center is located just under the chin on the soft, fleshy part of the throat and helps you to keep your free will intact. Turn your weaknesses into strengths with patience and optimism.


Balance Chakra ~

This Chakra is located on the tailbone and regulates balance within the Tao. It keeps us stable when dealing with difficult or threatening situations.


Desire and Limit Chakras ~

These two chakras are located at each wrist and are often magnetically bound to each other – like handcuffs do in the material world. Imagine you can release the gridlock and redirect their energy to your Heart center.


Maturity Chakras ~

The will centers of these two chakras are located just below the tip of each shoulder blade. When the polarity between them is in opposition, it causes inner turmoil, indecision, resentment, and stubborn resistance to unity. Balance the male and female aspects of your personality to be in harmony with each other.


Sub-conscious Self Chakras ~

These two chakras are located over the Large Intestine one inch down and out from each side of the navel. The hold innumerable ancestral agreements and assumptions in place. Let go of rigid rules that restrict harmony and peace.


Step Five: Confirm You’re Using Your Own Energy

Use this Soul Prayer Chart help you tune into your own unique Soul vibration. As you gaze lightly into its center, allow your mind to drift to a time when you were happy or had successfully manifested an important physical goal. Notice if a particular color or felt sense comes to mind.
What color or felt sense relaxes you and feels good?

Relax into it even more. See if you can make it stronger and more vibrant. If so, that is your creative vibration or Soul Color.

Note: This may be a good time to go through Future Pacing if you feel as though there’s a lot of debris for you to clear away.


As you move forward with the Chariot, are you utilizing your preferred element for creating harmony, optimal health, financial stability and happiness?

The elements you could be using are: Fire, Earth, Metal, Water, Wood, Air or Ether. Each element has a particular style that your Soul resonates best with. Use the same test that you did for your Soul Color. If you’re using the style of an element that doesn’t work very well for you, it could cause a downturn in health, a lot of internal struggle or even unnecessary failure.

Make a decision to use your preferred element from now on to manifest success.


Get Centered in your Solar Plexus:

Relax now and let your 3rd Primary Chakra get connected, open and balanced at your solar plexus (the area where your ribs go up in the front).

Your Essential Self is also known as the Psyche and is most efficiently located there to help you manifest, create happiness and maintain health. When encountering this low vibration, your Essential Self could react and run away. You can correct that now.

It may take a little bit of time because this obstruction has probably been around for a very long time and really knows how to throw you off! Use these affirmations to help you:

“My 3rd Chakra is open and balanced to accommodate my Essential Self.”

As the Driver in your own Chariot, confirm that you’re positioned in the “driver’s seat” of your solar plexus. Use these positive affirmations to help you:

“I am grounded and positioned correctly in my solar plexus.”
“I am upright and facing forward.”

“I expel any ‘drivers’ that do not belong there.”


Connect Consciousness for Clear Direction ~

Take all the time you need to reorient yourself to all the changes that are happening. Get centered you so that you don’t get confused or dyslexic. This affirmation works well:

“I am inside of me. Everything else is outside of me.”

This is especially helpful for those who are feeling dissociated or losing a sense of where their body is in space. 


Connect with your Natural Instincts ~

Get back in touch with your gut instincts, your environment and the events that you’re currently navigating through. Ask yourself:

“Is there any part of me that’s holding onto old energy, mistaken ideas or keeping me connected to old CONFLICTS or false paths?”

If your answer is “yes,” it would be wise to stop and gather up your Soul Resources. Figure out what’s missing or out of sync.


Disengage from Pathways that Are Not Yours to Follow ~

This Circle will help you close any pathways that no longer serve you.

“Not this way, go another way – the Sun has set on these paths.”


Align with Your Soul’s Path ~

“The correct path for me to follow is clearly imprinted with my unique Soul vibration and signature. I make a new agreement to follow it.”


Ask For Guidance From Your Higher Self ~

 What action(s) will support you in following your path with your Chariot?

Old Soul

Finish by Making Sure You’re Grounded in the New Paradigm.

Place both feet on the floor and give yourself a few minutes to ground yourself on your Souls true pathway in the New Paradigm. 

“My energy is aligned with my true spiritual path and purpose.”

Following Your Path

Congratulations! Through this transformation game you’ve let go of a lot and enhanced your spiritual guidance about following your path. Be sure to take some time relaxing and being out in nature to integrate the benefits of this new awareness.


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