Roots of Hate

Healing the Karmic Roots of Hate:

More answers to the question: How do we relieve the stress and suffering that comes with the mindset of hate?

In Resources for Healing Hate, we explored what’s involved with freeing your heart and mind from the grip of hatred and now you have chosen to Kuan Yin’s Transformation Game: Liberation from the Karmic Roots of Hate to get even more centered and find out what would work better for you.

LIBERATION from the Karmic Roots of Hate.

How can you sort yourself out of the roots of hate compassionately? Especially if you’re a good Samaritan or employed in one of the helping professions, confusion around hateful attitudes can easily escalate into dramas of monumental proportions.

Without even realizing it, you can get seriously off track from priorities that are vital to your health and well-being. Plus, it can happen so quickly, you might not even notice it until you’re up to your eyeballs in confusing and toxic emotions!

Step #1: Unearthing the True Cost of Hatred.

Find out what’s going on for you, now. As you look at the Circle below, ask your gut instinct: 

“Am I internalizing someone else’s problem?”

“Am I being dumped on?”

“Is my power being compromised?”

“Am I letting someone else’s expectations take over?”

“Am I living someone elses life?”

“Are harmful attitudes interfering with my health and well-being?”

If the answer is yes to any of those questions, use the Circle to gently begin a process of separating yourself from the roots of hate. Is there a number between 1 and 42 from The Essential Human that needs some extra help? Does a symbol from Divine Nate Activated come up with a number between 1 – 73?


You’ll want to feel like you’re centered in your solar plexus area.

Again, if you need help from The Essential Human, keep asking from numbers between 1 and 42 and make corrections until you feel completely centered.



Expel any harmful and toxic energies that may have accumulated in your solar plexus or Third Chakra.

Step 2: Choose to Empower Love Over Hate.

They say that misery loves company. With this exercise you are being given a choice to go another way – by creating a feedback loop for Love and Compassion. If a connection with Love is what you’d like to choose, spend a few minutes to connect with your heart center. 

You may want to put your right hand on your heart center to feel your breath and heart beat.


Your heart connects you with your true Source of Power.

“I empower my connection with Love.”


Step #3: Utilize the Elements Properly to Help You.

Water was the predominant style of energy flow in the old paradigm or Piscean Age. Air is now the dominant element in the Aquarian Age, or the New Paradigm. The Water element moves slower than the Air element and requires more effort to shift direction and transform. Attitudes that are processed through Water are far more easily misconstrued, diverted, ambiguous, distorted and wishy-washy than those that are processed through Air.

If you have a desire to be free of the roots of hate and head in a direction that will bring you greater happiness, you will want to renegotiate how you process emotions and attitudes.

Stagnant Water VS. Clear, Fresh Water

When water doesn’t move, it gets STAGNANT, apathetic and toxic. This stagnant condition relates to our current social “stuckness” in attitudes like apathy, resistance, self-pity and laziness.

You would be wise to release your agreements to utilize such a stagnant energy flow. This DNA symbol can help you release your tendencies on an epigenetic level.. Relax into it with this affirmation:

“I am empowered to dissolve the aspects of dread and inadequacy from the Element of Water.”


Instead, make a conscious choice to activate a new relationship with the Element of Water – fresh and purified to offset the imbalances and SHOCKING effects of past indifference and abuse.

With this DNA symbol, you can open up to and make an actual adjustment in how you utilize this blessed and precious resource.

“I ask for assistance from the pure life force energy of the Element of Water in all aspects of my life.”


Step #4: Choose to Utilize Generative Energy Flow.

The adjustments we need to make won’t just happen on their own. It will help to be proactive and intentional with what you want to set up for yourself to replace the destructive energy and roots of hate.

“I close down all harmful energy channels.”
I am open and clear to receive generative life force.”

The Divine Protection symbol provides an interface and filter to assist us in making the functional transition from the old paradigm of Water (Piscean Age) to the New Paradigm of Air (Aquarian Age). It is helpful to gradually integrate all energy systems with Generative Life Flow.
Finish by sealing and healing any heavy or destructive energy channels that might still be open to the energy of hate and “install” this filter.

Divine Protection

“I connect with healthy channels of communication for my highest good.”


Step #5: Release Conditioning to Sacrifice Your Wellbeing.

The out-dated system of the Patriarchy currently holds the space for quite a bit of greed and hatred. You can release your agreements with that system and create healthier circumstances in the New Paradigm that include Common Ground for balanced prosperity, equality and personal responsibility.

“I release hidden agreements with the Patriarchal imprint and choose to ground in the New Paradigm.” 

“I release agreements to source from or ground in the patriarchal imprint.”
“I now organize around and ground in the Common Good.”


Once you feel that shift in awareness, use this Soul Prayer Chart for the Element of Earth to release any outdated agreement that contributes to the problem of being stuck in old ways of being disloyal to yourself.

“I uproot any conditioning to tap into the roots of hate in any way.”

“I unearth all patterns of being a dumping ground of any kind for other people.”

“I dig up the old dumping grounds where I have allowed others to dump and send the debris to the Light for purification.”

“I uproot my conditioning to let other people or their agendas to get in the way of my own higher good.”

“I detach from toxic emotions, unrealistic expectations or harmful attitudes and send them to the Light.”



Civilized people have long been disconnected from the powerful energy of the Earth and, in most cases have used her mostly as a resource to be exploited or as a dumping ground. Increase your personal power by establishing a healthy connection with this Earth Chakra Key: 

“I place my feet on the Earth to empower my Earth connection.”

“I release any hidden agreements to disrespect or abuse my Earth connection.”

“I detach from doing or supporting things that harm my relationship with the Earth.”

“I discharge any interference or destructive energy patterns that obstruct a natural and beneficial connection with the Earth.”


Step #6: Prepare Your Root Chakra to Detach from the Roots of Hate.

When you feel ready, you can stabilize and clear the energy in your First Chakra, which is also known as the Root Chakra.

“I discharge any destructive energies that interfere with a healthy, generative flow of life force.”
“I seal and heal any leakages that drain my life force using Divine Protection.”


Continue with this Reiki Star Key for your Root Chakra to help you expel harmful energies that keep pulling you back to the karmic roots of hate.

“I uproot my connection to the attachments and roots of hate so I can establish a healthy sense of wellbeing.”

Take all the time you need and scroll back and forth between these symbols until you feel complete.


Step#7: Release the Karmic Seeds of Hate.

In the Intuitive Learning Circle method, Karma refers to thoughts, decisions and actions that you’ve followed through on. In other words, Cause and Effect. This could mean either personal actions made or group karma that you’ve participated in. That’s quite a puzzle to sort out!

Use this Reiki Chakra Key to gently open up and detach from other people’s karma and whatever negative path they’re heading down. 

Imagine you can sort through and release any karmic paths that are not part of your path. Wait until you feel positive about the path you’re heading down and that your Soul is directing you.


Next, use Seed Medicine to imagine you can sort through and release any seeds of karma that contribute to the situation you’re dealing with. Include any group karma that may have come through ancestral, religious, political or societal connections.

Once the entangled karma feels  cleared, you can gently release any karmic seeds of your own that are weighing heavily and need to be purified.

Gently, release them to the Light by forgiving yourself for any mistakes, miscommunications or mis-understandings that may have caused them.


Step #8: Make New Choices.

Once the old seeds are cleared, you are ready to plant seeds that would help to heal the wounds of hate and create something different as an expression of Love.

Use the Garden Medicine to help you locate your own personal and sacred garden that lives in your heart. What would you prefer to grow there?


Plant seeds that would empower living in balance with Nature in the New Paradigm.

In this new environment based on Common Ground, having integrity in thought, word and deed will help us move beyond hate and work with the Earth in the best way that we can.

If you agree, plant seeds that will help you manifest good health, genuine happiness and balanced prosperity in the New Paradigm.


Step#9: Integrate Sacred Feminine Principles.

Use Kuan Yin’s Mandala for Balanced Prosperity to help you reorganize your intentions. Lovingly plant life affirming karmic seeds for everything you would need to prosper and grow in the New Paradigm!

Balanced Prosperity

Plant Seeds for other Sacred Feminine Principles found here>


Step #10: Clear the Underlying Blueprints that Support Hatred.

We all have family patterns and conditioning that contribute to our tendencies to get caught up in all of this. You can use this symbol to identify mental and emotional blueprints in your unconscious mind and clear them. Just imagine the entangled thoughts, attitudes, expectations and emotions are like a massive cloud of curses that are being released to the Light.


If you’ve been internalizing anything, have you let it go yet?

If not, imagine you can open up and release whatever it is to the Light.

You may also need to go back to Step 4 or 5 and close unhealthy energy channels from the old paradigm.


Step #11: Close the Energetic Pathways to Suffering.

Now you’re ready to seal and heal the pathways that have been connecting us to the feedback loop of hatred.

“I close the pathways that lead back to hate.”
“All holes are sealed and healed.”
“I follow the direction of my Soul’s protection.”


You’ve given yourself some freedom from the roots of hate. Go out and take a walk in Nature, stretch or play a word game. Relaxing will help you to integrate what you’ve learned.

Whatever you do, be sure you use it to help you relax!

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