Feng Shui Mandalas

Activate the Sacred Feminine In Your Environment

Kuan Yin’s Feng Shui Mandalas have helped people like you transform their lives through suggested input and sacred geometry that works gently on an unconscious level. Browse through each of the fourteen symbol (one for each of the meridians) and see which one catches your attention.

Enjoy the  Sacred Feminine Wisdom Exercise at the bottom of the page which will help you confirm which symbol would be best for you to work with at this time

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Welcoming Wisdom from the Sacred Feminine

This exercise will improve your comprehension and relationship with the Sacred Feminine Principles in the Feng Shui mandalas. Directions.

1. Choose one principle from the list below and meditate briefly on it while gazing at #49 Old Sol from Gifts from the Rainforest.

Old Soul

Intuitively choose one Sacred Feminine Feng Shui Mandala between 1 and 14 and write it down. This is the Sacred Feminine Principle that would be most useful for you to work with at this time.

  1. Truth Knows No Master
  2. Right Thoughts Lead to Right Action
  3. Create True Prosperity Through Balance
  4. Empower Freedom as a Birthright
  5. Empower Your Ability to Create Life
  6. Direction and Soul Guidance
  7. Direct Connection to Spirit
  8. Receptivity to Light, Love and Blessings
  9. Partnership Based On Wholeness
  10. Bless the Gift of Life
  11. Activate the Power of Manifestation to Move Mountains
  12. Restore Balance and Respect for the Earth
  13. Access Peace From Within
  14. Balance and Equanimity

One possible way to work with the symbol is to use it as the focus for the Mind Exercise, Retrain Your Mind to Go For Joy. You may be surprised by the positive change in your attitude!


Rheanni LightwaterReiki Master and Medical Intuitive, Rheanni Lightwater specializes in space clearing and Feng Shui in Santa Fe NM and also serves the Albuquerque, Rio Rancho and surrounding New Mexico area.

What can an Intuitive Feng Shui Consultation do for you?

• Set up an overall atmosphere that is welcoming, warm and comfortable.

• Establish clear goals and positive input to enhance all major aspects of your life or bagua: career, self-cultivation, health, family, wealth and prosperity, reputation, love and marriage, creativity, children, helpful people and travel.

• Bring a more harmonious flow into your environment so that you can more easily achieve your goals.

• Provide tips and assistance in making significant life changes such as: getting married, having children and new career directions.