Clear Distractions – Tutorial VI

Using Gifts from the Rainforest to Clear Distractions

Clear DistractionsAnimal Energy Medicine for Healing the Modern Mind – Tutorial VI

  • Enhance your intuition and self-healing abilities
  • Heal negative karmic and energetic patterns
  • Change destructive attitudes, habits and behaviors
  • Create new templates for self-love and joy
  • Guided meditations to hear your inner guidance


Rheanni Lightwater - Releasing Soul Contracts
w/ Rheanni Lightwater

As you learned in the previous Tutorials, each Circle has a different healing action or medicine and are often used in sequence with positive affirmations to help you focus your intent. to support the positive changes that you’re asking for.

When the Circle are put together in different sequences, they can help us accomplish different mental and emotional tasks. In this case, let’s go through a short sequence where you will utilize your personal Power Animal to help you clear distractions and focus on your goals more effectively.

Access and Utilize Your Natural Creative Abilities.
Sometimes people are overstimulated or have learning difficulties that interfere with their ability to focus and productivity. Sometimes, a more creative and instinctual approach will help.

Use these positive affirmations with the Circles to access your intuition, gut instincts and the creative magic of Nature through #31 Dragonfly.

“I actively seek out the wisdom of my Animal Instincts and the Natural World.”

“I accept help from the generous, abundant resources of life
and listen to their promptings.”

“I connect to the natural
protective and creative abilities of my Psyche and Soul.”

“I allow my Power Animal to help me see this project from the perspective of my Higher Self.”
Are there any distractions pulling at you? If so, intend to withdraw from any harmful intentions, extremes or life trajectories that are harmful to you.


When you have a lot of noise or buzzing going on in your head, Mosquito Medicine can help you.

“I move the buzzing and excess noise from my head.”


Imagine that your mind just has too many windows open that allow random thoughts to come flying in. Another analogy is having too many tabs open on your computer. Piranha Medicine #8 will help you close them down. Use these positive affirmations to help:

“All holes are sealed and healed.”
“I follow the direction of healthy protection.”


Once the noise has subsided, let Paying Mantis help you refocus your attention  on whatever your current task is.

“I am able to pull my energy and attention in and focus on what I’m doing.”

Do that both crossed and uncrossed so complete the correction in the best way possible.

Mind Body IntegrationRemember, as you breathe and visualize, the Circle is working with your Higher Self – helping you to shift and change in just the way that is best for you.

You are in charge of your attention, unless you’ve given that power away!

Remember all that you learned from Tutorial V? This is an excellent example of when and how old agreements could be interfering with your well being.

“I release all agreements to allow my mind to be distracted.”
“I let go of second guessing myself.”

“I reclaim my power and my attention.”


Wasp Medicine will help you pull your energy away from negative situations or even old memories of painful experiences.

“I pull myself and my energy out of negative spaces and experiences that are detrimental to me.”

The Wasp also reminds you to keep yourself protected. Do you have proper protection now? If not, what might help?


It is possible that you’ve been taking your project a little too seriously and the energy around it has gotten too heavy.

Gather yourself in your center with Otter Medicine and bring some fun and lightness into whatever you’re working on.

“I decide to bring a healthy sense of fun into what I’m doing.”


You might also have lost track of what the purpose for your original goal was. Garden can help you place it again. Use the Circle to remember what this activity has to do with your life and the personal dream you hold for yourself.

“The purpose of this activity is to ______________.”


Be sure that your agreements confirm who is in charge of what you’re doing and how you get it done.

“My Soul is in charge of how my energy is used –
even when I’m distracted by ____________.”


Butterfly Medicine can help you remember to tap into the most positive energies available to you, no matter where you are.

“I relax and use the most beneficial energies possible to manifest this project.”


Now that you have the proper focus, position, agreements, purpose and energy, let Starlight Medicine help you put it all together. What is the next best step for you to take to help you with your project?

Congratulations! You’ve just pulled yourself back from the dangers of a distracted mind. Get up and move around a bit to help this settle and get integrated.

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