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Welcome to Soul Resources FREE Transformation Game that uses the Intuitive Learning Circles to help you cut through stagnation and release the epigenetic patterns of apathy and inertia.

When you play, you’re strengthening a New Paradigm in our collective consciousness for greater joy and sustainable prosperity!

Our Transformation Games can help you to identify problems, change your focus to positive solutions, ground yourself and get in the present. We’re getting help from the I Ching, an ancient book of change that follows the flow of the cosmos. Simply relax and gaze at the Circles while contemplating positive affirmations. Your intuition will come forward and give you the help that you seek.

Are you concerned about how the pervasive pattern of inertia and foot dragging in our society is preventing us from finding viable solutions to violence, poverty, environmental issues and equitability? 

Play a Transformation Game for I Ching Hexagram #12 that helps you to successfully Cut Through STAGNATION!

So, let’s get started:

This symbol represents a lazy, apathetic mindset left over from the old paradigm that blocks energetic REPAIR and REFORM. It’s actually self-pity that loves to masquerade as grief (think of the wolf in sheep’s clothing and crocodile tears). 

The false narrative of ‘thoughts and prayers’ or blaming the victim after a devastating act of violence is an expression of this apathetic energy. Those who utilize it want to keep the status quo intact, so they spread it on thick to block appropriate action. The feigned hurt feelings, the excuses, the finger pointing, guilt, shame and righteous indignation. You’ve been there, right? We’ve all been there. In fact, we’ve all been there for years! 

Unfortunately, when we indulge in this kind of thinking, we resort to comforting ourselves with things. Comfort food, comfort drinks, comfort distractions. We self-medicate. We feel shut down, trapped and hopeless. Like being in a kind of psychic mud hole. Nothing gets done and nothing changes for the better.

One of the goals of playing this Transformation Game is to cut through STAGNATION and the illusion created from this destructive pattern.

Take a moment to meditate on the symbol and really get a feel for it. Once your unconscious mind identifies it, you’ll have a much easier time recognizing and dispelling it.

Mind Body Integration

Mind Body IntegrationFor best results, look at each symbol both crossed over the midline of your body and uncrossed so that the correction is more complete.


1. All right. Now that you’ve identified the pattern, let go of any agreement you have to continue buying into it for any reason. Especially now that the energy of the Cosmos has officially changed from using predominantly Water element energies (Piscean) to using the lighter, quicker element of Air (Aquarius). STAGNATION simply doesn’t have the potency or effect that it used to have. Use the Intuitive Learning Circle below with these affirmations to release any agreements you still have to using this toxic mindset:

“I disconnect from a stagnant mindset. I release all agreements to mistake STAGNATION for a real solution or true comfort. I have no need of it.

I also release agreements to hold the space for STAGNATION, regardless of where it came from.  My body is no longer a dumping station for other people’s emotions.

Instead, I choose to expel it entirely. I now cut through STAGNATION and harmful behaviors caused by this mindset.”


My new agreements are:

“I connect with the Element of Air and use it’s positive qualities to help me live and prosper in the New Paradigm. I clear away false ideas and identities.” 

“My body is now a vehicle for joy.”

“I connect with my Soul and Psyche to manifest a new Path of Joy in the New Paradigm.” 


Mindsets from the old paradigm only have as much power as you give them. Your true power comes from within.

“I connect with my inner source of power to repair and reform the current situation. I am determined to take good care of myself and my resources.”


2. Let this symbol help you identify and expel the thoughts of violence, shame and blame that have contributed to our collective STAGNATION. Use these affirmations if they help:

“I expel the thoughts and intentions of violence and scapegoating. I safely send them to the light.”

Cut through stagnation and violence

“I release and dispel the mindset and behaviors associated with STAGNATION.”

Epigenetic Healing - Divine Nature Activated3. The Universe may have changed, however, we humans still need help adapting. The next few images from Divine Nature Activated will hopefully give us some of that help. Allow the positive affirmations to help you shift your energy. Relax and take your time.

Imagine that you can cut through stagnation and “stuck” energy from the old DNA patterns and that you can then connect with a light filled DNA strand that comes directly from your Source.

“I clear away the smoke screen and cut through STAGNATION in all aspects of my life. I can see that it is less dense than it used to be.”


“I stop investing in despair and connect with the lighter consciousness of Hope.”


“I let go of my tendencies towards self-hate and destruction.

I now make a commitment to my higher good.”


I am assisted in times of fear and violence.

I hold the victory of Love in mind.”


4. Finish this section by visualizing the toxic patterns gently peeling off of you with the help of this symbol.

“I remove destructive energy from my body, mind and spirit and send it to the Sun. I am clean and clear.”


5. Now it’s time to visualize the mental/ emotional blueprints for inertia and apathyinertia, apathy, self-pity and foot-dragging and send them to the Sun to be transformed:


“I dissolve my mental and emotional attachments to STAGNATION and send them to the Sun.” 

6. Now, it’s important to shift your attention to the new energy coming in from the Cosmos:

 “I accept life affirming flow from the Cosmos, via the Element of Air.

My mind is open and clear to receive generative life force.”


7. With this Circle, find any whirlpools or drains that could suck you back into any old patterns of STAGNATION or danger. See the drains close up completely.


8. Check for any energetic opening(s) that leave you open and vulnerable to the destructive patterns and close them to the best of you ability.

“All pathways leading back to the suffering are closed – sealed and healed.”

“I follow the direction of healthy protection.”


9. You’re almost finished with our Transformation Game now, please take a minute to refocus and strengthen your auras before you go!

Be sure that you spend all the time you need with this Circle. Your auras are an important part of having good health and protection.

“My auras are strengthened, repaired  and refocused.”




You have lifted yourself out of the mud and detached from the epigenetic pattern of apathy. Go out and relax in nature, take a walk, celebrate by getting a nice breath of fresh air! Read this list of Feng Shui Remedies for Stagnation.

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