Repair Your Priorities

Is It Time to Repair Your Priorities?

Rheanni Lightwater

Transformation Game - Repair Your Priorities

Welcome to a Transformation Game that can help you identify problems and repair your priorities by clarifying what’s really important to you. Simply relax and gaze at the Intuitive Learning Circles while contemplating the accompanying positive affirmations. Let them help you clear karmic entanglements using the I Ching and the Tarot.*

Relax and follow the directions… your intuition will come forward and give you the help that you seek!

We’re Exploring the Knight of  Pentacles in Tarot and the I Ching Hexagram #18 REPAIR:

Repair Your Priorities with the Knight of Pentacles
Universal Waite Tarot

The archetypal energy of the Knight of Pentacles indicates the need for masculine energy that’s enduring, responsible and service oriented to overcome inertia and stagnation.

Allow your own masculine energy to come forward, help you focus and work for you as you make needed repairs in your life!

How to Repair Your Priorities

If you have found yourself on this page, there is likely some aspect of your life that is in a deep state of disrepair. It could be that you have inherited some kind of difficulty from your family or you may have been unaware of something or a responsibility you have that strongly impacts you. The I Ching says in these situations:

“You cannot ignore, or discount as unimportant, even the smallest detail of any situation over which you wish to maintain control. All things have built-in weak points, places that decay and eventually collapse. This is especially visible in human affairs…”  

The effects of this disrepair is also visible in your personal affairs.

“The situation has been less than harmonious for quite some time, yet this condition of discord has been tolerated. Under these circumstances things will continue to degenerate… ~ Hexagram #18 REPAIR, The I Ching Workbook, R.L Wing

Hope lies in an unrelenting energetic and conscientious attitude.

You may already know what all this is about. However, the issue could be eluding you because of a shock or an all encompassing distraction that has preoccupied your mind.

Gaze at this Circle and imagine your thoughts are melting away like ice in the sunlight. It may take a couple of minutes to get to the bottom of the situation. Ask yourself:

“What is in need of repair?” or “Where is the disharmony located?”

Mind Body Integration
Mind Body Integration

If you’re having trouble identifying it, try looking at the Circle both crossed over the midline of the body and uncrossed. That helps you access more information.

Repair your Priorities and Transform Your Personal Growth

Now you’re ready to play the game to help you pinpoint what needs REPAIR and how you might go about doing that. The sequence has been put together to help you relax, contemplate your priorities and find solutions that will genuinely support your well-being.

Step One: Access your Gut Instincts.

Relax and gaze softly at this Reiki Chakra Key to open and balance your Third Chakra located at your Solar Plexus (the soft area in the front where your ribs go up). This is the chakra that accesses your gut instincts.


It helps to trust your gut instinct, because the gut is that place in the body where most people get an actual physical sense that “something’s not right here.” Look for that feeling when you choose a situation where your gut knows that REPAIR is needed. Ask:

“What situation needs repair right now in my life?”

Take the answer that comes to you first.  Write it down, even if you don’t fully understand what it means yet. Continue your inquiry:

“Am I in danger?”

“Am I off track?”

“Can I tell what the trouble is?”

“How long has this been going on and what kind of damage has occurred?”


Step Two: Balance Your Senses.

When REPAIR is needed, you’ll want to perceive things as they really are. See if you can remedy any “blind spots” or confusion by gazing softly at this Reiki Chakra Key for the five senses, together with these positive affirmations:

“I clear confusion by balancing my five senses.”

“I use them to become aware of my true priorities.”

“I see things the way they really are and find genuinely helpful solutions.”


Step Three: Clear irrelevant information and haze out of your mind.

Let this Circle help you clear away distractions and confusion like an early morning rain clears the atmosphere.

“Am I looking at the information that will really help me in this situation?”

“Can I tell what I’m focusing on?”

“Is that the best thing for me to be focusing on?”

If not, what would be best?”


Step Four: To repair your priorities, its necessary to change your perspective.

Think about what your life would be like if your problem was solved. What would you be doing that you aren’t doing now?

If you’re having trouble, don’t worry! Just place the words “CLARITY” in the center of the Circle above and imagine life force energy traveling down the lines – feeding your intention to GET CLEAR.


Step Five: Look for an avenue of constructive action – an area where positive growth can occur. Ask yourself:

“What is a completely new way of handling my life in this situation?”


“Do I know what I would like to have happen?”


Step Six: Acknowledge that whatever you’re paying attention to is what’s getting your energy. 

“What thoughts or distractions am I paying attention to that get in the way of my true priorities?”

“How much of my attention have I been sending to these thoughts?”
Perhaps you’ve been spending too much time thinking about what you don’t like or don’t want. Try turning your attention to things that bring you joy instead. This is one of those times when faking it till you make it may be the only way to repair your priorities.

“I decide to move my attention and focus on what I want, rather than on what I don’t want.”


Step Seven: Clarify a positive vision that includes your true priorities.

Use this Circle to help you put together a positive vision of how your life could be if the problem was repaired. Fill it in with sights, sounds, tastes, smells and feelings that support your health, wealth and well-being.

“What do I really want to bring into manifestation?”

Once you have your vision, do you want to send your energy to that instead? If so, go ahead and bring that life force energy in towards the center, both crossed and uncrossed!

Release your heavy thoughts and allow your imagination to move you to a place where Universal Love can flow abundantly towards your true heart’s desire!

Step Eight: What are things that you can do for yourself now that will lay the foundation for continued growth toward the good?

Make a list.


Step Nine: Evaluate your decisions.

Are these your true priorities? Is there an order? Do they work together for effective repair?


Step Ten: Take a look at your agreements regarding this situation.

Now that you have clarity, it’s good to release any agreements with what you’re leaving behind. Including all those distractions, conflicts, confusion, obstacles, frustrations, etc…

Release your agreement to pay attention to unproductive thoughts, people or activities that are a waste of time.

What else might you need to let go of or renegotiate for yourself?

What new agreements would you like to make with yourself?


Step Eleven: Dissolve any old patterns that you need to let go of.

Be sure you consciously send them up to the light where they can be purified. We don’t want to burden Mother Earth with our mental and emotional trash anymore!

Keep sending all that trash to the Light until your mind is clear and your heart feels light and free.

Step Twelve: Once you feel clear, close the doors and pathways to past disharmony and disrepair.

Your unconscious mind knows what things are helpful and what things are harmful to your body, mind and spirit. Imagine that the doors in your mind are now closing all harmful pathways that lead to danger, distractions or wasted time and effort. See them disappear, as if they were never there.

“All harmful pathways are sealed and healed.”

“I follow the direction of healthy protection.”

Step Thirteen: Finish the game by being grateful for the opportunity to repair your priorities and reform how you’re using your energy!

Bring the energy of gratitude and appreciation in towards you in the center.

Congratulations on your newfound awareness about repairing your true priorities!


Yes! “… the hexagram REPAIR bodes great success. Through work you have the opportunity to totally eliminate the past indifference that has created the present uncomfortable situation. Work hard. You can see the problems clearly. The timing is excellent for making amends. Do not be afraid to take assertive action. Outside forces do not influence the situation. Your own past attitude has allowed the damage to occur, making you uniquely equipped to REPAIR it.” ~The I Ching Workbook, R.L Wing

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Rheanni Lightwater - Learning from Danger

Rheanni Lightwater CHT, CKT lives and practices in Santa Fe, NM. She specializes in mind body healing with family, environment and relationship clearing using Kinesiology, the Intuitive Learning Circles™, Reiki as a Master/Teacher, Hypnotherapy and Shamanic Clearing Techniques.

Schedule with Rheanni via Zoom or in person when you visit Santa Fe, New Mexico. Call or text her at (505) 271-4612 to schedule an appointment between 10:00am – 5:00pm, Monday through Friday, Mountain Standard Time.

This Transformation Game should not be considered as an exclusive method of treatment for any ailment. The appropriate medical or psychotherapeutic authorities should be consulted for the diagnosis and treatment if there is any medical or psychological condition. The information and practices described on this website are best considered as an adjunct to orthodox medical or psychological treatments.

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