Balancing with Plant Spirits

Balancing Your Relationships with the Plant Spirits

Balancing with Plant Spirits

If you have chosen Plant Spirits to be your Guide…

“You are being encouraged to use natural forms of healing to bring balance back into your situation. Let them teach you about the natural give and take in life and understand how all things are connected…

… meditate with the Circle and ask, “How might I bring balance into this situation?” If you are gentle with yourself and patient, the answers will come. ” ~ Gifts from the Rainforest by Rheanni Lightwater

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What Process Is Best for Me – Right Now?


Balancing with Plants SpiritsMany of you have asked,  “There’s so many Games and Exercises here in the Intuitive Learning Circle – how do I know which one is right for me?

Since we’re here to help you develop your intuition, it’s only natural that we would come up with a simple & fun way to decide – using your intuition!

First of all, it’s true that we have quite a few self-healing offerings, so below you’ll find a list of games that pertain to the natural healing of the Plant Spirits.

Plant Spirits

There are 5 categories to choose from ~

I: Cosmos
II: Family
III: Environment
IV: Livelihood and
V: Self 

Each category has a selection of games listed underneath which are numbered 1, 2 and 3.

The first step is to take a moment and think about what’s going on for you and then look at Plant Spirits and ask your heart:

“What category would be most useful for me to look at now?”
Once you have the category number, ask yourself:
“Which number in that category represents the best self healing process for me right now – or is the best place to start?”

Remember to take the very first number that comes to you, because that is your Inner Wisdom speaking or your intuition. If more than one number comes up, write them all down in the order they came to you.
Once you have your number, scroll down the list and check out that process. You might be surprised at what you chose, because intuition doesn’t always makes sense at first. However, I suggest that you trust your first response and explore the exercise anyway. See if it pertains to your situation and feels right.
This is the intuitive way to determine which exercise is best for you right now!

Suggestion: Early on in your journey with Plant Spirits, go through Open Your Heart and Make Friends to develop a truly co-operative relationship!

Of course, if you want, you can always get help with Rheanni if you want more private coaching. Her contact info can be found at the bottom of this page…

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I: Balancing Your Relationship with the Cosmos

Learn to approach natural healing with a refined intuitive sense.

  1. Review how you’re nourishing your projects & how they’re nourishing you.

  2. Resolve a conflict that you’ve been holding onto for too long.

  3. Move beyond your limitations and ask for the very best.

II: Balancing Relationships with Your Family & Ancestors

Set a good example by cultivating a new way of seeing and experiencing yourself. 

    1. Renegotiate a soul connection that needs updating.

    2. Deal with family relationships through MODERATION.

    3. Ground in the truth and your power.

III: Balancing Your Relationship with Your Environment

Ground yourself and get back into alignment with Nature’s work.

    1. Make sure you’re changing with the changes in your environment.

    2. Keep yourself & your environment safe by following intuitive hunches.

    3. Stay grounded in the Common Good.

IV: Balancing Your Relationship with Career & Livelihood

Cultivate a new way of seeing and experiencing your working life.

  1. Follow intuitive guidance for making important business decisions.

  2. Stabilize and take good care of yourself in a stressful job.

  3. Release conflict and extremes by communicating through MODERATION.

V: Balancing Relationships with Your Self

Listen to the wisdom that comes from your heart and know the path to follow.

  1. Let go of things that keep you stuck in the past.

  2. Head in the right direction using clear perception.

  3.  Make sure that you’re nourishing yourself appropriately.

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Rheanni Lightwater, Author & Guide

During a spiritual pilgrimage to Peru in the spring of 2001, Rheanni and her partner joined a small band of travelers to work with traditional shamans in the Amazon jungle and the mountains of Machu Picchu.

In Gifts from the Rainforest, she shares wisdom from the many plant, animal and nature spirits that they encountered through the Intuitive Learning Circles and their messages. 

Sessions with Rheanni are available online or when you visit Santa Fe. Contact her at 505-271-4612 MST or email: [email protected].


Intuitive Learning Circles should not be considered as an exclusive method of treatment. The appropriate medical or psychotherapeutic authorities should be consulted for the diagnosis and treatment if there is any medical or psychological condition. The information and practices described on this website are best considered as an adjunct to orthodox medical or psychological treatments.

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