Do the Right Thing – Conflict Resolution

How To Do the Right Thing in Relationships

Do you ever have the feeling that you’re about to say or do something that you’ll regret? If you could do the right thing, what would it be?

Do the Right ThingIn any kind of close relationship, there’s often a false perception that the other person somehow understands what our motivations are – that they know what we really mean, even if we’re angry. Perhaps because we feel so close to them, we make a lot of assumptions. That can be a very dangerous game!


Help Me Do The Right Thing!

Note: This exercise is associated with the I Ching Hexagrams #6 CONFLICT, #38 CONTRADICTION and #43 RESOLUTION:

You can help yourself find emotional healing by taking this quick relationship quiz. The person or group you’re struggling with may not know how to interact with you because of mixed messages or unresolved issues from your past. By taking the time to go within and find out what part you’re playing in the game, you can understand what’s motivating you so you can do the right thing to resolve the situation. Remember, actions speak louder than words!

The way to play this game is to relax and breathe deeply while you meditate on the questions and suggestions that accompany the Circles. This first one will help you to slow down and let yourself focus on one thing at a time.

“I slow down and relax.”


Once you’re relaxed, go through the rest of the quiz in the same way – asking yourself the questions while you gaze softly at the accompanying Circle. Take your time, the answers might not come right away. The Circles are helping your mind to clear away mental and emotional clutter.

“What do I want to do?” 

“Have I made a decision that’s in CONFLICT with what I really want to do? If so, can I tell what it is?”


Is there an agreement I have with anyone involved that’s causing a conflict?

“If so, what can I say or do to remain loyal to myself?


“What things have I been saying to myself or others about this situation? 

Is that really true?

What do I really mean?”

“What might help me respond better in this situation?”


“What am I assuming about the situation or the other people involved?” 

“Is that a helpful assumption to be making in the long run?”

“What might work better?”


“How am I getting thrown off?”

Is there an obsession or compulsion involved?

The Essential HumanIf there is and you have an updated copy of The Essential Human, you might want to go through the Emotional Correction E on page 101 to clear it up.


Continue your inquiry:

“Am I anticipating a problem? What am I afraid will happen?”

Relax for a few minutes and let the Circle help you calm down with this affirmation: “I decide to anticipate a positive outcome.”


“What do I need to do for this to change for the better?”

“Do I need to say anything to the other party to make myself clear?”


“Am I willing to do what would be required for this to change in a positive, meaningful way?”

Miracles - Channels of Love

If you are willing, ask for help from your Soul resources or angelic guidance.

If you’re not, this is a good opportunity to explore what’s really motivating you.


Imagine that you can release any old agreements, assumptions or grudges that are keeping this CONFLICT going. Visualize them like contracts, burning up into nothingness.

“I let go of outdated agreements, assumptions, contradictions, compulsions, obsessions or taking things personally.”

“I let go of the need to hold onto the conflict in this situation.”

Make some new agreements that support your true desire, like:

“My Soul is in charge and I forgive myself. I choose my words wisely. I set the other party free to do things their own way without me,” etc.

It’s time to bring RESOLUTION to the various mental and emotional behaviors that feed the CONFLICT. Use this symbol to dissolve destructive blueprints that are causing you harm.

“I release all behaviors to react out of fear, obligation, revenge or disdain.”

“I send the worry, guilt and resentment to the Sun.”

Take your time and visualize them dissolving like dark clouds into a pure, blue sky.

Next, seal and heal any leaks or attachments that may lead you back into CONFLICT.

“All holes are sealed and healed. All pathways that lead to CONTRADICTIONS and CONFLICT are closing.” 

“I follow the direction of healthy protection.”


Make a RESOLUTION to overcome your difficulties by making progress in a unified and productive direction. Gently formulate some positive affirmations about how you can do the right thing in a way that will really benefit you. For example:

“I make a RESOLUTION to grow in the direction of my general good.”


Finally, let your Throat Chakra balance out and support you in your new RESOLUTION!


It isn’t always easy to do the right thing in relationships, yet if you’re willing to make a change for the better – anything is possible!


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