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Slow Down and Confirm Your Priorities with Tree Sloth Medicine

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Sloth Medicine from Gifts from the Rainforest

23. Sloth Medicine – the tree sloth peers out into the jungle with clarity of vision and moves very slowly, if at all. His advice is to watch and wait for clarity before taking action.

Are you trying to do too much at one time?

Are you clear about what your true priorities are?

Is there so much going on that you can’t follow it all?  If so, what will help?

Healing Action: Slow down. Narrow your focus. Be more selective. Make some priorities for yourself. Know what you want before making your move.

The Eye of Truth

The sloth lives quietly in his tree
watching the world around him.
He rarely moves unless he has something
very specific he wants to accomplish.
The birds and monkeys chatter endlessly
and rush about doing their daily business.
But this is not sloth’s way.
To him, all that screeching and squawking
and rushing around
is a distraction to clear thinking.
His motto is:
“Say what you mean and mean what you say.
Know your intention and brighten your day.
One thought at a time will make a soul wise.
When looking for truth, I use my own eyes.”


Mind Body IntegrationMind Body Integration

For best results, gaze softly at the Circle both crossed over the midline of the body and uncrossed so that the communication is more complete.

Intuitive Learning Circles help you access your inner guidance and self-confidence to make proactive changes. Simply relax and gaze at the Circles while contemplating its message and positive affirmations. Your intuition will come forward and give you the help that you seek.

Further Exploration into Tree Sloth Medicine:

Sloth Medicine

It’s time to slow down and focus your energies on what you want to accomplish. Turn your attention 100% towards a clear intention. This is not the time for multi-tasking. If you have too many things going on, you won’t be able to keep track of what’s really important, and something really important is happening in this situation. Save yourself future regrets and resentments by paying attention now.
You may be in too much of a hurry to properly appreciate some very insightful information that’s coming your way. Slow down.
Choose a situation that seems overly complicated and “all balled up.” Instead of hardening your mind to try and fix or figure things out, consciously soften your thoughts, unfurl your brow and drop your shoulders. Allow the ball you see in your mind to unwind like a ball of string.
If your mind is very stubborn, the image of your situation may stay in a ball for a while. Just keep breathing deeply into your belly while you wait for the string to appear. Eventually, the ball will begin to move around. Continue until you see a straight line in your mind. Then, patiently wait for solutions to appear. Remember that every situation is a product of cause and effect. By slowing down and letting your mind untangle, a way forward can be found.
Your mind keeps jumping ahead and that’s preventing you from finishing your task. Slow down and focus on one thing at a time.
Your communication with others will benefit now by being especially clear and direct. It may be that others are in too much of a hurry to hear you. Get it in writing and insist on their signature. This particular situation strongly affects your well-being. If they are unwilling, it may be time to re-evaluate the relationship.

Tree Sloth Medicine is an excerpt from Gifts from the Rainforest

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Animal Totems for Inner Guidanceby Rheanni Lightwater


Inspired by Design Therapy from the native tribes of the Amazon, the fifty-eight Intuitive Learning Circles and animal totems from Gifts from the Rainforest are self-healing tools for nature lovers who want to accelerate their spiritual growth and intuition.

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