Garden Medicine

Cultivate Your Dreams with Garden Medicine

Self-care and Personal Growth through Gifts from the Rainforest

#44 Garden Medicine – The beauty of Mother Earth inspires and nourishes your heart. Cultivate your personal garden and grow dreams that will, in turn, support the Common Good.

Are you in your garden or someone else’s?

Is it positioned properly to be prosperous?

Is there something about it that isn’t right or needs to be tended?

Healing Action: Tend to the personal dream that lives in your heart by nourishing it with Love and gratitude. Live your own dream and protect it well.

The Sacred Garden

The gifts of Mother Earth are all around us
if only we have eyes to see.
This garden of life has nourished us throughout the ages
with oxygen, nutrients, sacred medicine,
and the sweet dream of how this planet could be.
The Earth’s beauty and life-giving richness
has been stamped upon and pompously disregarded by the ego,
because it is afraid.
Afraid to find out that perhaps, it isn’t
 really all that important.
That perhaps, we might be just fine
if we all gave up trying to control each other and share instead.
Have you forgotten your own garden –
the one that lives in your heart?
It has always been there, waiting for your return
if only you have eyes to see.


Mind Body IntegrationMind Body Integration

For best results, gaze softly at the Circle both crossed over the midline of the body and uncrossed so that the communication is more complete.

Intuitive Learning Circles help you access your inner guidance and self-confidence to make proactive changes. Simply relax and gaze at the Circles while contemplating its message and positive affirmations. Your intuition will come forward and give you the help that you seek.

Further Exploration into Garden Medicine:

It’s decision time – time to get off the fence. Your ego is filling you with fear, distractions, confusion and double talk. Even worse, it has you focusing on all your problems instead of your blessings. Release your fear by coming back to the simple wisdom of nature – cause and effect, giving and receiving, activity and rest. Each one naturally includes the other.
You may have turned away from your divinity and allowed your ego to call the shots. It’s time to take back your true nature by reclaiming your true heart’s desire.
Did you lose heart when you bought into the ego’s idea that “the other man’s grass is always greener”?

Garden Medicine

To find out, gaze at the Circle and ask: “Am I satisfied with what I’ve got?”

If not, why not? Then ask: “Who told me I couldn’t have my true heart’s desire? Who said I wasn’t good enough?”

It’s time to take back your true nature by reclaiming your true heart’s desire. Release your agreement with whoever it was that put restrictions on what you can receive. Even better, release your agreement with dissatisfaction itself! 

Accept that when things happen within you, they can also happen in the world around you. That means if you come from a place of lack internally, you will tend to create more lack externally. Stop putting restrictions on what you can receive and allow natural abundance.

Your personal dream needs care and nourishment. When you appreciate what you have, you cultivate a mindset of true prosperity that can grow naturally without greed or avarice.

You are invited to use this Circle to help you visualize your personal garden where you can rest and nurture your dreams. While you’re there, remember the old adage, “…and as you sow, so shall you reap.” 

Look at the Circle and ask your heart, “Am I in my own garden?” If you aren’t, pull yourself back. If you are, look carefully and see if the landscape could use some tending.

Garden Medicine is an excerpt from Gifts from the Rainforest

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Animal Totems for Inner Guidanceby Rheanni Lightwater


Inspired by Design Therapy from the native tribes of the Amazon, the fifty-eight Intuitive Learning Circles and animal totems from Gifts from the Rainforest are self-healing tools for nature lovers who want to accelerate their spiritual growth and intuitive abilities.

♦ Find emotional healing  ♦ Deal with repetitive habits & attitudes that keep you stuck  ♦ Develop common sense  ♦ Learn to trust your gut instincts.  ♦ Receive messages from plant, animal & nature spirits.

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