Immunity in Your Spleen Chakra

Go through a short Mind Exercise using the Intuitive Learning Circles to help you improve immunity in your spleen chakra.

2nd Chakra - Spleen Chakra

The second energy center is referred to here as the spleen chakra because it is deeply connected to our emotions, digestion and immunity. Its color is orange.
When this chakra is dis-eased, toxic emotions and entanglements build up and poison the entire system. Our ability to create is repressed and depression sets in.
Free flowing energy here is essential to physical, emotional and mental health.
We can forgive ourselves and others, which helps us to maintain a healthy sense of well-being.” ~ Reiki Chakra Keys, Rheanni Lightwater

Gaze softly at the Second Chakra Key below for a minute or so. Then ask yourself:

“Am I struggling with my physical or emotional health?”
“Does the energy in this center seem bright and flowing or does it feel clogged and run down? Is there something else?”

Spleen Chakra Key

Do I need chakra clearing here? if so, what would help me to bring my Spleen Chakra in balance?

If your answer is “yes” to that last question, this exercise has been put together for you…

Simply gaze softly at the Intuitive Learning Circles while contemplating the accompanying questions and positive affirmations. The process will take you into a light hypnotic trance where you can access subconscious information that you may have been too stressed out to hear on your own.

Relax into the Circles and follow the directions… your intuition will come forward and give you the help that you seek!

Step One: When getting to the bottom of healing emotional pain and your immune health, breathing always helps.
Start by gazing softly at the Circle and breathe in on the count of three. One…two…three.
Exhale to the count of six. One…two…three…four…five…six.
Do this as many times as you like. Breathing in and letting go. 

Imagine that the whole issue around the pain and/or illness you’re dealing with is like a huge iceberg. Visualize it melting, moving and breaking apart until your energy relaxes. Continue until you feel a palpable release of tension.

Mind Body IntegrationMind Body Integration

For best results, go through this Mind Exercise gazing softly at each Circle both crossed over the midline of the body and uncrossed so that the correction is more complete.

Step Two. Keep breathing with your belly soft and relaxed.
Let your shoulders drop.
Gaze softly at the Circle and imagine you can turn down the feelings or thoughts that are turned up too high, just like the volume on a radio dial.

When you can see things right, it’s easier to know what to do to help yourself.


Step Three: Now you’re in a better position to see if you have any stuffed emotions.  Repeat what you just did with this symbol from The Essential Human:

Use the affirmation below to help you bring emotional balance to the situation: 

“I release my need to ignore or escape from emotional pain.

I now acknowledge its message and use it for my greater good.”

Be sure to follow the directions both crossed and uncrossed over the midline of your body.


Step Four: Repeat the same process to see if you’re holding any stuffed conflicts. You can use this affirmation:

“I release my focus from conflict to peaceful and prosperous solutions.”

Imagine that any conflict is breaking apart and dissolving so that you can let it go. 

The Essential HumanOther aspects of The Essential Human may come to mind. This is a good opportunity to bring them in on your process of healing.

Ask for numbers between 1 – 42. 

Make corrections one at a time in the order they come to you.


Step Five: Is there anything else that’s bothering you?

Try to put it into words if you can.


Step Six: Is there a particular emotion that comes to mind? Could it be throwing you off balance? Remember that you may be picking up emotions that other people are feeling.


Step Seven: Is there an underlying problem with your chakra system that’s affecting your emotional health or immunity?

Grail Reiki Healing - Divine Mind Chakra


Step Eight: Tune deeply into your immune system while you allow your Deeper Self Chakra to get balanced and cleared out. This energy center is located approximately 2 inches below your navel.

Are you noticing anything that seems off?

Is your immune system stressed? On a scale of 1 (feeling great) to 10 (call 911) what level would you rate yourself at?


Step Nine: Gaze softly at this symbol (let your eyes relax) to help you connect with your instincts and natural healing abilities. Get spiritual guidance, direction and bring yourself into position to receive your highest good.

Let your unconscious mind gather up all the pertinent information. Relax deeply so that you can get this sorted out. As you gaze gently at this Circle ask:

“What is needed? What is the priority for a healthy immune system?”

Am I heading in the proper direction to receive healing?
Am I positioned correctly to receive help?
Do I have adequate support from a trustworthy healing team?
What spiritual guidance do I get in regard to this situation?

Stay with it and contemplate the Circle for a few minutes to help you gain further insights. Make notes about helpful information that comes.


Now that you have the general information, you can go through a short sequence that will help you get on better footing:

Renegotiate Agreements About Healing ~

Many illness and emotional problems have their roots in the old status quo. Free your Self from the patriarchal imprint of control, greed, hatred, prejudice and fear.

“I let go of my agreements to stay rooted in the paradigm of the status quo.”

“Instead, I choose to organize my healing around a foundation of Common Ground based on cooperation, equality and balanced prosperity instead.”


Decide to connect through Joy and Gratitude, rather than Greed and Revenge.

Another agreement to change would be to source your responses from a place of gratitude and joy, rather than from a fearful, greedy or vengeful place.

“I release agreements to source from fear, greed or revenge.”
“I stop participating with __________.” 

When your chakras can source from a positive life force, Divine Connection is possible and preferable.

“I decide to connect through Gratitude and Joy, rather than fear or hatred.” 


Are there other agreements or Soul Contracts about healing that need to be released? If so, release them like burning contracts in a violet flame.

“I release any agreements with ________ about ________.”

Are there any new agreements you would like to make?


Reclaim Your Personal Power ~

You can reconnect with empowerment that comes from your heart and Soul.

“I exist and free to choose autonomy and divine connection to my Soul.”

“I empower my ability to make corrections in accordance with my highest good.”
“I’m empowered to cooperate with a trustworthy healing team.”

Release Attachments and the Damage They Cause ~

Because of the sheer amount of information and interference we encounter everyday, we need to honestly address the possibility that aspects of our subtle energy field may be damaged and/or struggling with attachments.

Use this Soul Star Correction Key to relax and meditate on for as long as you like. Like a healing balm, imagine that a loving coat of peace and comfort is pouring down over you.

“My energy system is easily and effectively neutralizing interfering energies and detach from them.”


Correct Reversals and Blockages ~

When our systems are under extreme stress, it’s not uncommon for the chakras and/or meridians to start running in reverse or shut down entirely. Relax and let the Soul Star Correction Key help you make corrections to problems including deformations, reversals and misdirections.

“I repair any glitches, holes or blockages in my energy system.”

Take all the time you need with to let the energy smooth out, to where you can begin to feel the energy of your Soul coming through.

Connect the Hara Lines ~

Whenever working with chakras, you may need to repair and/or strengthen hara lines for improved communication and healing.
The hara lines are like tiny webs of light that connect the chakras throughout your body. Sometimes they’re broken or damaged because of trauma, illness, toxicity or sudden changes in the sympathetic nervous system (fight or flight).
This Circle gives extra energy to the hara lines that surround and connect with your Spleen Chakra.

“I repair and strengthen my hara lines.”
“My chakras are connected properly to my Soul through a golden web of light.”


Let Go of Any Remaining Ties That Connect You To Abuse~

“I let go of any attachments that lead me back to trauma, control or abuse.”


Adapt to the Generative Life Energies Available in the New Paradigm ~

It helps to know that you can close down many harmful energies left over from the old paradigm that may be running rampant through your body, mind and space.

“I have protection.”
“I close down all harmful energy channels.”

Once they’re closed, you’ll find that your chakra centers are more open and receptive to the generative life force (chi) that is available in the New Paradigm. You can “install” this symbol like an adaptive filter for you to function better with the lighter, quicker energy of Air.

“I am open and clear to receive generative life force.”
“I connect with new communication systems that enhance my emotional and immune health.”


Check Back Into Your Spleen Chakra Again ~

How are you experiencing your emotional and immune health now? Is there anything you would change or improve on it?

Is it radiating a clear and healthy orange vibration? If not, take a few moments to clear out any harmful energies that have been clogging you up.

“I expel toxic pollutants and emotional entanglements that slow me down or cause illness.”

“I clear up entanglements with the karma and emotions of others.”

Completion ~

Once you feel satisfied with the answers you’ve gotten through this exercise, be sure to close the door on old  channels of emotional pain, illness and suffering than you are now complete with.

“All holes are sealed and healed.”
“I follow the direction of my Soul’s protection.”


Ground the Benefits ~

Take a moment and get grounded so that you can actualize this new connection with your Spleen Chakra.


You are learning to manage your health in a conscious, balanced and beneficial way. Now would be an excellent time to go for a walk out in Nature or exercise.

Be sure to move your body and breathe deeply!

Contact Us ~

If you feel that this mind exercise for Immunity in the Spleen Chakra has helped, but hasn’t addressed all of your needs, Rheanni Lightwater, BFA, CHT, CKP is an expert in the art and science of soul retrieval, chakra clearing and integrating with the New Paradigm.Rheanni Lightwater - Healing Emotional Pain She has 25+ years experience in energy medicine and environmental energy clearing. Contact her if you still feel stuck, confused, or overwhelmed.

Ms. Lightwater’s mission as a Mind Body Healing practitioner is to assist people in creating vibrant health, happiness and prosperity. Contact her at 505-271-4612 or email:
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The Intuitive Learning Circle method should not be considered as an exclusive method of treatment. The appropriate medical or psychotherapeutic authorities should be consulted for the diagnosis and treatment for any medical or psychological condition. The information and practices described on this website are best considered as an adjunct to orthodox medical or psychological treatments.

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