Clear Boundaries

Setting Clear Boundaries for a Busy Mind

Setting Clear BoundariesWhat can you do to help yourself when it feels like someone or something has “gotten under your skin”? Without clear boundaries, thoughts and emotions can pass back and forth between people without their awareness. When left unchecked, this type of attachment can go underground and contribute to sudden and mysterious illnesses, mental confusion, issues with prosperity or chronic states of overwhelm.

It’s a valuable skill to know how to close the doors or energy pathways at will. This Mind Exercise can help you learn how to consciously set clear boundaries and close off those pathways.

This visual meditation from our SOS Resolve Ebook provides a quick framework for recovering mental balance and refocusing attention. Going through a quick  “game” calms the emotional centers of your brain and opens up new neural pathways for self-awareness and clear boundaries, which significantly reduces stress and increases clarity.

Use this Mind Exercise when you are:RESOLVE for Clear Boundaries

~ Feeling scattered or out of sync
~ Easily triggered and need better boundaries
~ Experiencing distress or separation anxiety
~ Worried, agitated or anticipating hardship
~ Feeling pressured or compulsive
~ Unable to meditate or sit still
~ Obsessed with a particular person or situation.

Directions: Confirm this is the best exercise for you with the RESOLVE symbol.

Mind Exercises for Clear BoundariesFind a quiet place if possible, where you won’t be disturbed for about twenty minutes. Follow the sequence of symbols while you read their accompanying instructions. Gaze gently at each Circle for about two minutes. A longer or shorter time may be necessary. Let yourself breathe and relax as much as possible. Don’t worry if the images move around or change in any way. That just means the Circles are working and that your mind and body are relaxing.

Mind Body Integration

Mind Body IntegrationThe brain and body communicate through different channels when a part of you is crossed over the center of your body. Therefore, you will want to look at each Circle both crossed and uncrossed over the midline of your body.

If you feel resistant or stuck, cross or uncross a hand or foot over the midline of your body and go back to the Circle, breathing patiently. See if your thinking starts to move again. Let negative self-talk go by breathing through it Just breathe deeply and relax.

After you’ve finished going through the entire exercise, give yourself some time to let it integrate. A quiet mind and light heart will change your perspective and make it easier to accomplish your goals.


Step 1. Balance

Begin by consciously breathing in on the count of three and slowly exhaling on the count of five. Do that three or four times while you gaze softly at the Circle. It’s helpful if you can breathe in through your nose.

Continue breathing and bring your awareness to your tailbone.


Step 2. Calm

Keep breathing with your belly soft and relaxed.
Let your shoulders drop.

Gaze softly at this Circle and imagine you can turn down the feelings or thoughts that are turned up too high, just like the volume on a radio.


Step 3. Centering

See if you can gather your awareness and connect it – like all the lines that come together into the center of this symbol.

Imagine you can close up unhealthy energy channels between you and all the noise that’s coming from the outside.

Stay with it until you feel more centered with beneficial energy flowing through you.


Step 4. Protection

Now, gaze softly at this Circle and use it to close all holes or harmful pathways that have been left wide open.

“I close the pathways that lead to distractions, disturbances and interference.”

“All holes are sealed and healed.”

“I follow the direction of my Soul’s protection.”


Step 5. Beauty

Now that the pathways are closed, you can shift your attention away from the negative and turn towards more positive input. Breathe in again and exhale slowly.

Take your time and let this Circle help you call the most majestic scenes into your mind that you can imagine.

Notice how your body responds and relaxes into the experience.


Step 6. Expansion

Turn your attention to your breathing again and how calming it is.
You can sense the steady rhythm of your heart.
The gentle expansion and contraction of your lungs.
Breathing in and letting go. The space around you is relaxing too.

Emotional Calm


Step 7. Letting Go

There may be some especially sticky energies that don’t seem to want to let go. Let this Key help you neutralize interfering energies and detach from them.

Like a healing balm, imagine that a loving coat of peace and comfort is pouring down over you.

Step 8. Intention

Now you’re ready to gently turn your mind to what’s in your best interests. What are your true priorities?

Slow down and take your time.


Step 9: Grounding and Coherence

This Circle will help your energy get organized and grounded. Put both your feet on the floor, place your palms on the inside of your knees and keep breathing until you feel planted.

Then, visualize a wheel spinning out any discordant energy that’s still hanging on and causing problems. When you can release excess energy, it’s much easier to think more clearly and feel like yourself again.


Step 10. Compassion

Imagine with each relaxing new breath that you can fill your heart with renewed understanding and compassion – that includes caring for yourself with clear boundaries.


Step 11. Decision

Your well-being is important. Are the any new decisions would you like to make about it?
Here’s a few suggestions:

“I decide to be loyal to myself.”
“It’s okay to have strong and clear boundaries.”

“It’s genuinely joyful to have a quiet mind and a light heart.”


Step 12. Resolution

Make a commitment to stay centered and true to yourself.

“I keep my own energy contained for my own protection.”
“I easily eject and deflect harmful thoughts, interference or expectations.”

“I resolve to create and maintain clear boundaries.”


Step 13. Nourishment

Before you get on with your day, see if there’s any helpful nutrition that would support you. Let this Circle help you tune into natural healing energy.

Are there any vegetables, fruits, herbs, teas or other healing foods that come to mind? Anything else?


Step 14. Completion

Finish by closing any remaining openings to the noise and distractions of the external world.

“All holes are sealed and healed.”
“I follow the direction of my Soul’s protection.”

What does your Soul advise you to do now?

Congratulations! Now that you’ve finished, give yourself some time to let it integrate. A quiet mind and light heart changes your perspective and makes it easier to accomplish your goals.

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