Healing Emotional Abuse

Transformation Game: Healing Emotional Abuse from Our Collective Karma

Transformation Game - Healing Emotional AbuseThe key to healing emotional abuse and remaining positive in difficult times is to remember the bottom line – you are a being of love!

Sometimes we forget or never believed it in the first place. We allow past patterns of fear, hatred or abuse to influence us. One of the main ways that this happens is through confusion. Another is apathy.

As we adjust to the New Paradigm, we need ways to address the collective karma that is at the source of the abuse. To help with that, I’d like to share a powerful process that has helped many people shift negative collective patterns into positive well being. It’s called Healing Emotional Abuse– R Lightwater

Transformation Games are inspired by Kuan Yin, a beloved and respected healing guide among natural health and energy medicine practitioners.

*Caution! Her advice is, as always,  direct and to the point!

“Did you know that confusion, disorientation and feelings of impotence are symptoms of karmic patterns of abuse?
Some patterns are about individual karma and some are collective patterns. In a collective pattern, we are all affected in one way or another. A poignant example would be the tragedy of 9/11 or Nazi Germany in World War II. 
In current times, the attack on children’s safety, mass shootings, autonomy over our bodies, the exploitation of our environment and the loss of privacy rights are all definitely group patterns.

Every person shares the collective karma of these events, although the level of our involvement varies with each person or group, of course.

The game below is made up of Intuitive Learning Circles that can help you disentangle from collective karma that’s causing you harm in the present. Simply go through the game by answering pertinent questions that will activate your heart wisdom and give you a new perspective.

Step One: Gaze at the Circle for a moment and then consider this question:

“In what aspect of my life am I experiencing apathy, confusion or fear?”

Use the answer that comes to you as the basis for the game so that you can disengage from the confusion and release your fears very quickly. If there’s more than one situation causing you to be concerned, angry or fearful, play the game again later for each specific situation. The best way to take the energy out of anything is to stop feeding it and turn your attention to positive activities that will feed what you love. That is exactly what Healing Emotional Abuse will help you to do with these unconscious patterns.”

How to Play Healing Emotional Abuse:

Simply gaze softly at the images below while you ponder the statements or questions that go with them. Use the symbols to help you go within and access new energy and clarity.  What you do with the information you come up with is up to you!

Mind Body Integration

Mind Body IntegrationFor best results, look at each symbol both crossed over the midline of the body and uncrossed so that the correction is more complete.


Step Two: Relax with this symbol and repeat to yourself several times:

“I am ready, willing and able to shift my perception from negative to positive, from confused to clear and/or from powerless to empowered.”


Imagine that your life is like a movie and that your inner camera is filming it from a certain angle. Allow your Inner Guidance to pull the camera back and move it to an entirely different angle – a perception that includes a viable solution. Focus in on this new perspective like a close up in a movie. 


Step Three: While looking at this Circle, remember that aspect of your life that’s troubling you. Ask yourself:

“What name would I give this issue? How would I describe it?”

How is it affecting me? How is it affecting others?”


Step Four: Continue your inquiry by asking your heart:

“What am I feeling about this?”

“Is there a particular time when I feel especially anxious or confused?

“Is there a time when I feel particularly despondent or upset?”

“Where do I feel those things in my body?” 

Remember, there is no right or wrong answer. Any information you get can be used to help you!


Step Five: Notice how this situation may shut you down or agitate you because it opens up a lot of turmoil. Breathe a few times and allow this Circle to help you calm yourself and start to get back into balance.


Step Six: See if you can free up your breath and body even more. Gaze softly at this symbol and open your breathing for a few minutes.

  • If you’re uncomfortable or tight – move around.
  • Imagine the space around you is relaxing and opening up.
  • If your breathing feels stilted or anxious, vary the tempo, the length and breadth of it.
  • Stretch. Fire breathe. Whatever it takes!

“With every breath, I relax the tension and reconnect with life.”

Emotional Calm



Once you’re ready, let your energy be opened, lifted and lightened by the new, generative Universal flow that rides on the element of Air. Allow any remaining tension to unwind. You are relaxing with every breath and becoming very, very calm. All doors to anxiety, fear or abuse are closing now…  

“I close down all harmful energy channels. I am divinely protected.”

“I connect with generative life energy available in the New Paradigm to help me let go of negativity and reconnect with Life.”

Continue moving around, breathing and stretching for as long as you like.

Take a break. If you feel a lot of tension or anxiety releasing, this is probably a good time to get up and take a walk or exercise.


Welcome back!

Step Seven: Whenever you’re dealing with emotional abuse or confusion, it’s very helpful to make sure you’re oriented properly to receive natural healing and nurture your true hearts desire.

“I am present and inside my body. I consciously re-orient myself.”

“I am aware of my boundaries and expel energies that are abusive to me.”


Step Eight: Use this Soul Prayer Chart to tune directly into your heart. You can do this by focusing your inner camera again. This time, use it to zoom in on your heart center. Once you feel a connection, ask for help from your Soul resources and allow yourself to receive all the help that you need. Take your time and embrace the strength that comes from your Soul.

“I exist. I am important and filled with the support and strength of my spirit.”




Step Nine. Use this Circle to help you visualize your personal Sacred Garden that lives in your heart. This is the place where you can rest and nurture your dreams. Gaze softly at the Circle and ask your heart:

 “Am I in my own Sacred Garden?”

If you aren’t, pull yourself back. If you are, look to see if the landscape could use some tending.


Step Ten: While you’re there, clear out any old or harmful intentions that may keep you invested in emotional abuse, chaos, bondage or any other abuse of power.

Be sure to consider familial and ancestral intentions that are no longer relevant and may even be harmful.

“All harmful intentions are cleared out of my body, mind and spirit.”

Once all harmful intentions are cleared away, what is a life affirming intention you can redirect your energy to that comes directly from your Soul?


Step Eleven: In the Intuitive Learning Circle method, karma refers to thoughts, decisions and actions that you’ve followed through on. In other words, Cause and Effect. This could mean either personal actions made or group karma.

Imagine that you can clear away any seeds of harmful karma that are contributing to this situation. Include any group karma that may have come through ancestral or societal connections. If you can, go all the way back to the original event and clear out the seeds that set this karmic cycle into motion.

Once the old seeds are cleared, imagine you are planting new seeds that will help you create something truly beneficial as an expression of your love. For example, you could use the Circle to help you plant the karmic seeds for a new collective pattern of Divine Love. Be sure to include seeds for everything your garden would need to prosper and grow in the New Paradigm.


Step Twelve: It’s time to dispel destructive energies from your field. You can use this symbol, which helps you dissolve any mental/emotional patterns that you might be feeling right now. You can even include chaotic feelings, harmful habits or illness if you’re experiencing those.

You can imagine any turmoil, hopelessness or confusion is like a flurry of dramatic clouds. Visualize a Light opening up from the Divine that envelopes and transforms the clouds. Continue until the disturbance is completely gone.

Be sure to do that both crossed and uncrossed.

Please note: Never send destructive energies into the Earth, she already has too much to handle now. Use the Earth for planting seeds of happiness and life – not death!


Step Thirteen: Make a firm decision that you are done with this abuse and you’re not going back. With this Circle, find the holes, openings or pathways that pull you back into the past and close them – in accordance with your highest good.

“All holes are sealed and healed. I’m not going back.”

“I follow the direction of my Soul’s protection.”


Step Thirteen: Now that you’ve cleared old patterns and destructive energy away, take a moment and focus on something or someone that you truly love. It could be you – a place in nature, a favorite animal, an activity, a person that you care deeply for or all of the above! You can use this affirmation if you like:

“I turn my attention towards love. Experiencing Love is my priority.”

It also helps to place an image of what you love in the center, blank area of the Circle. Be sure to take all the time you need with this.

Congratulations for closing the door on all that. Now would be a great time to rest and nurture yourself. Take a walk or spend time in nature – doing something you love. Allow yourself to receive the blessings that come from leaving the past behind and healing emotional abuse.


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