Difficult Beginnings

Difficult Beginnings arise where there are a profusion of elements struggling to take form…

Transitioning Out of the Piscean Age (Water) Into the Aquarian Age (Air).

Guidance from Kuan Yin and the I Ching

“You can sense the difficulties that lie ahead on your path. If you nevertheless plunge into the forest of obstacles without an experienced guide, you will surely lose your way.” ~ Hexagram #3 DIFFICULT BEGINNINGS, The I Ching Workbook by R.L. Wing

Kuan Yin's Transformation Games - Difficult BeginningsEver since 2009, Kuan Yin has offered her assistance through the I Ching and specially chosen Transformation Games, Mind Exercises and Self-care Formulas to help us navigate whatever changes were required. As a time-honored and respected guide in the Healing Arts, her aim has always been to help us stay calm and navigate the chaotic transition from the old paradigm into the New Paradigm with clear minds and hearts.

Now, Kuan Yin wants to help us adjust to the changes that have taken place by exploring what we need to be aware of about the reality of living and navigating in the New Paradigm where the Tao (or gate through which all things move) is likely to flow in varying difficult and chaotic patterns for some time.

Crossing the Bridge Over Difficult Beginnings.

Difficult BeginningsRadical energy shifts that began during the Solstice season of 2020 have escalated since December 21st, 2021. A change in the Cosmos has occurred and any remaining energy coming from the old paradigm, i.e. the Messianic or Piscean Age has shut down completely. That means that the prevailing Water style of manifesting that we knew and used in the old paradigm is no longer available to us. 

As Kuan Yin has been warning us would happen since 2009 – the old way of manifesting and working with energy is officially done. Of course, water is always an element that’s essential to life, it’s just no longer the prevailing Elemental style.

I have been turning to her and other angelic guides to help me understand and adjust to the series of radical energy shifts that began on the Solstice of 2021. Her advice, as always, is direct and to the point…

“The Tao is now moving in the style of the lighter, quicker element of Air.

Think about the difference between Air and Water. Water is an element that is flowing, yet dense, moving down in the path of least resistance. Water is the Archetypal Element that governs intuitive, emotional activity. When too much Water gathers in excess and doesn’t move, it stagnates. When it’s gotten out of balance, humans tend to internalize overwhelming emotions and experience dramatic upheavals.

In the old paradigm, emotions lead and thoughts followed.

Difficult Beginnings Under the Influence of Air.

Air also moves, but in a much lighter and quicker way. This element governs mental activity; thoughts – words – decisions and understanding. Air can change its velocity and direction in the flash of an instant, which explains the uptick in explosive weather patterns, wildfires, war activity, misinformation, lies and social volatility.
In general, that means everything is moving much faster, lighter, quicker and more direct than you are used to. Think about the difference between swimming and flying. You can still get from Point A to Point B, however, the effort it’s going to be a very different experience.

Communications Also Need to Adapt.

Likewise with communications. Think about the difference between how sound travels under water and how it travels through the air.

Release your agreements to hold onto STAGNANT ENERGIES

Underwater, sounds are slow moving and muffled. They’re far more easily misconstrued, diverted, ambiguous, distorted and wishy-washy. If the water is heavy, it gets STAGNANT, apathetic and toxic.

This “stuck” condition relates to current social tendencies such as apathy, resistance, self-pity and laziness. You would be wise to release your agreements to utilize this very stagnant energy flow.

Instead, make a conscious choice to activate a new relationship with the Element of Water – fresh and purified to offset the imbalances and SHOCKING effects of past indifference and abuse.

Consciously go beyond thoughts and prayers and make an actual adjustment in how you relate to and utilize this precious resource.

Learning to Manifest Effectively In the New Influence of Air.

In addition, Air governs the Central Meridian, which fuels the brain and the Soul. This enhances rational thought, putting concepts into words, discernment, understanding and decision-making.

In the New Paradigm, thoughts lead and emotions follow.

Examples of successful manifesting includes these components:

  • Clear messaging (communication).
  • Clear intention (single-minded, simple, straightforward).
  • Motivation to cooperate.

Ask yourself how well you are using the mental aspect of Air with these questions:
“Are my thoughts positive?”
“Is my intention clear?”
“Are my motivations life affirming?”

Elemental: Air - Difficult Beginnings
Elemental: Air – Ace of Swords


As you consider those questions, make a new agreement with yourself to REFORM how you are interacting with the Elements that have shifted in the flow of energy. Release how you interacted with the Water dominated energy of Pisces and make new agreements to mindfully generate life with the Air energy of Aquarius.

“I REFORM how I utilize the Elements of Water and Air to create life in the New Paradigm.”

“I slow down, simplify and use less force to accomplish my aims.”

The out-dated communication system of the Patriarchy is attempting to maintain the position that only certain people should have power, be heard and respected.

Release your agreements with that system so that you can assume a new position in the New Paradigm, built on a foundation of accessibility, equality, balanced prosperity and willingness to co-operate for the Common Good.

Another agreement to change would be to come from a place of gratitude and joy, rather than from a grumpy, greedy or vengeful place.

“I release agreements to source from greed, dissatisfaction or revenge.”

“I now Source from Gratitude and Joy.”


The adjustments you need to take won’t just happen on their own. In this new environment, having integrity in thought, word and deed is the best way to manifest genuine happiness. Be proactive and intentional with what you want to set up for yourselves.”

Meditate for a few minutes on the new flow of chi’ that’s available through the Element of Air.

Divine Protection for Difficult Beginnings
Divine Protection in the New Paradigm

Allow it to permeate your mind and body so that you can create, heal and process with greater ease and efficacy.

Creating in the New Paradigm: A Shift in Elemental Influence.

Kuan Yin advises us to study the text for Hexagram #57 PENETRATING INFLUENCE (the Gentle) to learn more about how to navigate under these new conditions:

“Chinese art often depicts the effects of the invisible wind as it influences the landscape. Mountains are shown eroded and sculpted into fascinating forms, trees bend and twist into exotic shapes, clouds roll dramatically across the sky, bringing life-giving rain. In contemplating the wind, the…mind is inspired by the profound effect of a PENETRATING INFLUENCE and how this effect might manifest itself in human affairs.

You are faced with a situation that can be influenced only by gradual efforts in a consistent direction. Gentleness is the key here. Violence and radical movement would only alarm and repel. To influence effectively, you must maintain clearly defined goals over a long period of time. Your efforts should be as inconspicuous as possible. Try to imagine and emulate the gentle, unceasing wind… The time requires patience, a long-term commitment, and a vision of what you ultimately wish to accomplish…

This type of PENETRATING INFLUENCE is not rousing and takes much time, but it makes a lasting and profound impression.” ~ Hexagram #57, The I Ching Workbook by R. L. Wing

In this new energy, cultivate the power of observation to help you adjust quickly to sudden shifts of energy, missteps or over reaching. Forcing things and sudden moves can easily create chaotic energy flow and erratic imbalances, which should be avoided whenever possible.

Part of what that means is we need to:

  • Slow down and take things one at a time
  • Have clear, unified intentions
  • Examine intentions for hidden contradictions and harmful assumptions
  • Pay attention to the results we’re getting for our efforts
  • Be flexible in case what we’re doing isn’t working
  • Patiently and gently let go of resistance to what’s genuinely beneficial.

Emulate the gentle and patient Tree Sloth. Slow down and follow your Soul’s intention:

Tree Sloth - Difficult Beginnings

“It’s time to slow down and focus your energies on what you want to accomplish. Turn your attention 100% toward a clear intention. This is not the time for multi-tasking. If you have too many things going on, you won’t be able to keep track of what’s really important, and something really important is happening in this situation. Save yourself future regrets and resentments by paying attention now.” ~ #23 Tree Sloth from Gifts from the Rainforest

She also advises us to look at Hexagram #34 GREAT POWER:

“Keep in mind that power is a means and not an end in itself. In applying the available forces to the situation at hand, be certain that your timing is exact and that your actions are correct — that is, in the best interest of all concerned. The Chinese point out that actions that combine both correctness and GREAT POWER represent the true character and tendencies in heaven and on earth. The responsibility of correctness in times of GREAT POWER is unparalleled in importance, for actions that are inappropriate or incorrect will pull you and others into chaos.

Although blessed with GREAT POWER, you would be wise to pause and be certain that your proposed objectives are honorable… Unorthodox actions can lead to downfall during powerful times. Be patient, too, and wait for the opportune moment before executing your plan…”

Be instructed by the Praying Mantis. Still your mind and center yourself. Observe what’s really happening before taking action:

Praying Mantic - Difficult Beginnings

Good questions to ask are: What are you paying attention to? Is this a productive use of your time and attention? What would your spirit guide you to focus on instead?

There are unique challenges for those who identify as healers.

Realize that current underlying assumptions about healing and how it works are going through radical upheaval, whether we know it or not. The age of healing through sacrifice is over. Your special gifts and healing powers will need to make adjustments to work well with the new Air/Aquarian energy.

Know what you want, know what makes you feel good about your Self, know what brings you into harmony with others. These are your guidelines and principles. Other factors that assume control of your behavior or your health or that create inner discord are the obstacles that must be overcome. Be firm, unemotional, gentle, and clear in annihilating them and thereby reforming your Self and your environment.” ~The I Ching Workbook, R.L Wing

Accepting the Challenge.

As you learn to navigate this new energy, you will need to adapt your mindset and decision making skills to the different influences of Air and Water. Use these Archetypal Charts to help you assess how you’re doing:

Kuan Yin leaves us with these words to the wise about how to handle difficult beginnings:

“You can sense the difficulties that lie ahead on your path. If you nevertheless plunge into the forest of obstacles without an experienced guide, you will surely lose your way.” ~ Hexagram #3 DIFFICULT BEGINNINGS, The I Ching Workbook by R.L. Wing

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