Navigate Your Karma

Navigate Your Karma: Understanding How the Root Cause is the Answer to Resolution ~ with Rheanni Lightwater

Your Root Chakra Is Deeply Connected to Personal and Collective Karma that Influences your Physical Conditions.

Root Chakra - Navigate Your Karma

Being human at this time and on this planet is your karma (as well as mine) and we share that karma collectively.

The best explanation of karma is simply the physical and spiritual law of cause and effect. “For every action, there is a reaction.” “What I put out comes back to me.”

Whenever you have a thought, decide to follow through on it and then take action, you have created karma. As far as the cosmos is concerned, there is no judgement about it or suffering assigned to it, only consequences. In other words, there will be some kind of effect to things that are put into motion.

Let’s use the example of your birth. Certain thoughts, decisions and actions that your grandparents took caused them to create the circumstances under which your parents conceived you. You incarnated! Your karmic seeds for being a human have ripened! That goes for me too, both good and bad, or as I like to put it – preferred and unpreferred.

The reason I like this distinction is because situations are neutral and often times the unpreferred situations actually help us to learn and propel us further on our spiritual journey. 

For example, we may not like what we perceive in the current collective events of society. Yet the chaos may be extremely valuable for us to experience as it assists us in understanding how we can create more preferred social structures and live together more peacefully.

There is always a mixture of preferred and unpreferred karma. It’s never all bad or all good. Even the terms “good” and “bad” are only relevant to your goals and point of view. You may say that your job situation is bad karma, yet to another person, having any job at all could be seen as good karma to them. Their perspective makes all the difference.

By the same token, you may see that new car as good karma today and tomorrow you get into a bad accident by driving too fast in it. Is it “good”, “bad”, a punishment? No, simply the natural consequences of actions you’ve taken. However, if you decide that it’s a punishment and then you act on that decision, you are technically creating the karma for “punishment.” The cosmos is neutral, but you have condemned yourself.

If you then decide to deny your responsibility for your part in that accident and continue to lie to yourself about it, a karmic pattern begins to form. Denial only plants the karmic seeds for more denial and lies which then leads to punishment, then more denial, which then creates more lies… and so it goes – on and on and on. In Buddhism, it’s called samsara – the cycle of suffering.

How To Navigate Out of An Unpreferred Karmic Pattern

Of course, the answer is to come clean with it. Be open to new thoughts, make a different decision and then take action on it.

Sounds simple, yet so very difficult. After all, there are those pesky consequences to consider!

Here’s what I do, and it seems to work pretty well. I offer it up for your consideration:

  1. I become open to new thoughts about hope and forgiving myself.
  2. I gather my courage and awareness to make a new decision based on what I would now prefer to experience.
  3. I take action on steps 1 and 2.

Let’s Walk Through It Via a Mind Exercise Using the Intuitive Learning Circles™

It helps to make an agreement to live with the truth and accept the facts as you navigate your karma. You can use this Circle and the affirmation together to help you establish a truthful intention:

“I agree to use truth to help me navigate through the root causes of my suffering.”

“I decide to be open to new thoughts about connecting with truth, hope and courage.”

“I forgive myself.”

“I accept the responsibility for following through on my true heart’s desire.”

So, What’s Next?

Take Personal Responsibility ~

Once karma has manifested, what we choose to do with it is what matters the most. When you navigate your karma in a responsible and proactive way, it has a positive effect on you and everyone around you whether they are aware of it or not. Sticking your head in the sand or focusing on the negative also has an effect.

While gazing softly at this Circle, ask yourself: What choices are you making about being human at this time and on this planet?

If you don’t like the answer(s) that come back to you, are you beating up on yourself? Instead, try deciding to forgive yourself for your unpreferred reactions or beliefs and take away the venom of self-punishment.

“I decide to forgive myself, unconditionally.”

Self-forgiveness is the key to stopping the cycle of negative karma effects!

Are there other choices you could make that might create a more preferred outcome? Remember that making no choice is still a choice.


That also means taking responsibility for your part in a situation and refraining from taking on other people’s karma. When we take on more responsibility than what is truly ours, we are actually creating more disharmony, more entanglements and planting more ‘unpreferred’ causes or seeds of karma.

In your current situation, are you taking on karma that isn’t really yours?


To help set it right, strengthen the unique vibration and signature of your Soul. Your soul vibration is like your fingerprint, completely unique to you! When your personal vibration is strong, it helps you to keep healthy boundaries and deflect any energy that is not yours.

Use this Circle and positive affirmations to seal leaks in your personal energy field.

“I close the doors on entanglements and energy that is not mine. I decide to have good boundaries.”

Once you have that, great! What’s next after that?

Notice Where Your Attention Is – Problems or Solutions?

What you pay attention to is what you feed – so, what are you feeding? It’s an important consideration, even if that attention is unconscious – especially if that attention is unconscious! As you gaze at the Circle, ask:

“Where is my attention and what kind of karma am I feeding for my future and the future of the planet and the children that I love?”

Does that feel preferred or unpreferred?

If it feels unpreferred, what kind of karma would you like to feed instead?

Use the Circle to refocus on your true heart’s desire. See if you can get a visual or a sense, even a movement that feels true.

Make a note of what comes to you, because the ego likes to forget what the soul truly desires.


Next ~

Develop helpful qualities that will help you navigate your karma.

In my experience, forgiveness for yourself is key to being able to turn an unpreferred karmic situation around. If you put forgiveness out, that is what the Universe will send back. When you plant karmic seeds of forgiveness for yourself, they become the cause for future forgiveness returning to you. Other qualities that are particularly helpful for the same reason are:

  • Simplicity and kindness
  • Willingness and courage to face the truth and find solutions
  • Commitment to follow through on your true heart’s desires
  • Compassion for yourself and others
  • Gratitude and appreciation.

If you like, you can plant the seeds for these qualities in your mind. Use the Circle to imagine the seeds being planted now.

What other karmic seeds would you like to plant now? Here are some suggestions:

  • Healthy Nourishment
  • Sustainable Prosperity
  • Personal Responsibility
  • Blessings and Good Fortune.

Do You See How Making These Kinds of Changes Could Benefit Everyone?

When you navigate your karma, you’re really changing your mindset and perception of what’s possible.

Let this Circle help you notice what’s changed for you, if anything. What are you paying attention to now?


Does that feel preferred or unpreferred?

If it feels unpreferred, what would you like to pay attention to instead?



So, how do we finish this process?

Clear a space for preferred root causes to take hold within the Self.

Your chakras are part of how you use your energy to manifest your goals and your root energy provides a foundation for your basic needs. You can actually program your root chakra to function in alignment with your new mindset and solutions.

Use this Circle that taps into your root chakra to clear the energy there. It helps to imagine your Root Chakra as a brilliant, red vibration swirling in a clockwise direction at the bottom of your pelvis. It may feel stuck, reversed or clogged. Don’t worry! You can move it with your intention and attention! Feel free to move at any time in any way to help you embody your experience. Take all the time you need to do that.

Once that’s complete, place your heart’s desire in the center open space of the Circle. Visualize all your new preferred decisions and karmic seeds connecting up with each other in a strong, harmonious and life affirming way.


Congratulations! You have made a decision to navigate your karma by living with the truth and accepting the facts. Be sure to close the door on old channels of pain, suffering and karmic entanglements.

“All holes are sealed and healed. I follow the direction of healthy protection.”

You are now in a much better position to navigate your karma from unpreferred to preferred!

More Help ~

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