Staying Empowered

A Transformation Game To Help With Staying Empowered – Even When Things are Falling Apart ~

Transformation Game - Staying EmpoweredDuring difficult times, staying empowered is essential to long term success. Social paradigms and relationships from the past are in various stages of falling apart and it’s important that you don’t fall apart along with them. You can recenter yourself and refocus your energy by going through this I Ching Reading* and Transformation Game from Kuan Yin.
To help you better connect with her assistance, she uses the Intuitive Learning Circles to communicate with you through meditation, affirmations and visualization. Simply relax and gaze at the Circles while contemplating Kuan Yins words. Your intuition will come forward and give you the help that you seek.

Welcome to the I Ching Reading and Transformation Game for The TOWER and Hexagram #23 – Deterioration

Transformation Game - Staying Empowered

Staying Empowered (even when things are falling apart) ~

“If you’re experiencing a situation where there’s a great deal of societal upheaval and discord, the situation may well be in the flow of the I Ching Hexagram #23 – DETERIORATION. Other signs or symptoms would include:

  • widespread incompetence,
  • arguments,
  • blow ups and break ups,
  • power grabs or
  • illness due to being in a toxic environment.

If this fits what you’re going through, be extra cautious about how you spend your energy, time or money. Reckless expenditures, whether they be financial, emotional or spiritual, are much more likely to result in loss at this time. 

The best thing to do when dealing with deteriorating situations is to step back and get perspective from your Soul.

Staying Empowered

  • Clear your mind and your energy.
  • Adapt by taking care of yourself and examining how well you are handling all the changes.
  • Be generous and kind to yourself and those you care about.

Remember that deterioration and conflict is an ideal atmosphere for tricksters, abusers and despots. The ego runs rampant and doesn’t want to let go. Do your best to meditate, gather and remind yourself that all things must end. There will eventually come a change for the better. 

Don’t Let Yourself Get Drained.

Staying Empowered

If you deal with DETERIORATION with an attitude of revenge or resentment, you will deplete yourself by giving the situation more fuel, which is probably exactly the reaction the ego wants. Your good intentions are better served by keeping yourself centered and grounded.” 

Here is some help through a Transformation Game called Staying Empowered.”

Gently gaze at the Intuitive Learning Circles one at a time and consider the question or affirmation that goes with each Step. This self-care process helps you to become aware of what’s bothering you, so that you can make a different choice about how to use your energy more productively and in tune with your Inner Guidance.

Mind Body IntegrationMind Body Integration

For best results playing a Transformation Game, look at each Circle both crossed over the midline of the body and uncrossed so that the corrections are more complete.


 Step 1:

What is a situation around you now that is DETERIORATING?
Trust the message that comes through from your deepest, wisest guidance.


Step 2:

Are you having trouble understanding the situation because it’s so confusing or it makes you so upset you can’t see straight?

Take a few minutes with this Circle to help you relax any fixations or rebellious judgements that are blocking an empowered response.
Breath deeply and imagine all the lines in this Circle are going loose and limp – like overcooked spaghetti.
Be sure to do that both crossed and uncrossed over the midline of your body.

Step 3:

Do you sense that something is trying to stick to you?
Relax with this correction key and imagine that a loving coat of peace and comfort is pouring down over you, helping you to detach from any interfering energies.

“I easily and effectively neutralize all interfering energies and detach from them. It’s impossible for them to stick to me.”


Step 4.

Give your mind an opportunity to close the doors on all that confusion and chaos. Imagine it’s like you have too many tabs open on your internet browser. It’s time to close them out – for your own sanity and safety!

“All holes, doors or passageways are sealed and healed.”

“I follow the direction of my Soul’s protection.

Closure for Mind Body Healing

Completing this mental action may take a while, yet it will be so worth it once they’re all closed!


Step 5.

Staying empowered is much easier when you let go of controlling, stagnant or toxic energy from the old Piscean Age. Meditate for a few minutes on this symbol that accesses the new flow of chi’ that’s available through the Element of Air.

“I close down harmful energy or communication channels from the status quo.
 I utilize the generative flow of chi’ and protection available through the Element of Air.”

Don’t assume that this will happen on its own. Conscious participation is required for staying empowered – especially when things are falling apart.


Step 6.

Spiritual empowerment comes from an open and positive heart center. Check in with this Reiki Chakra Key to strengthen your connection.

“The Light in my heart center is strong and radiating out into the world.”

Don’t allow a deteriorating situation to put out your Light! If you’re having trouble, take several deep breaths. Inhale on the count of 4. Exhale on the count of six. Open and close your fingers. 


Step 7:

Organize your consciousness around what’s most important at this time: 

“I am fully present inside my body. I organize my awareness around ________.”

Step 8:

Connect and empower your ability to remain stable, even in the midst of DETERIORATION.

“I exist and am empowered to __________.”




Step 9:

Now that you’re fully connected, ask your deepest wisest guidance:

“What is an action I can take that will help me with staying empowered?”

Take as much time as you need to reorganize your thoughts and energy around positive action.

Congratulations! You have made a commitment to staying empowered and proactive in your situation. This would be a good time to go out for a walk or exercise to let this all integrate.

Remember the transformation isn’t complete until you’ve taken the action you were guided to take in Step #9!


The following extra-intuitive activities aren’t required, but they can really help you excel in creating the very best of your talents, interests and passions…

DNA Epigenetic Healing:

Epigenetic Healing - Divine Nature ActivatedThe next few symbols are from Divine Nature Activated and will help you release negative conditioning and stimulate some epigenetic healing. The key is to relax as much as possible while looking at each symbol. It can help to imagine that an old, broken DNA strand is falling apart and replaced by a light-filled and cohesive DNA that connects into your heart.

When using these symbols, it’s important to relax and breathe as you use each affirmation:

“I let go of whatever is hiding my Light. I ask for assistance from my Soul to cut through the smokescreen.”


“I am communicating Truth with the intention of Love and freedom.”


“I let go of rigid ideas that have changed or proven to be false. I let go of stubborn self-righteousness.” 

“I move my attention to solutions that are truthful and serve the highest good.”


“I let go of harmful family stories and ancestral patterns that block acceptance of the Truth.”


“I ask my Soul to assist me in connecting with the consciousness of Hope.”


Now you can dissolve destructive mental, emotional and spiritual blueprints using these affirmations:

“I allow my mind to let go of any attachments to the past or the future that I’m still holding onto. I see patterns of fear, hatred and intolerance dissolving like dark clouds into a clear, blue sky.”

“I dissolve negative templates, attitudes and behaviors that cause me harm.”

Please note: Never send destructive energies into the Earth to be neutralized, she already has too much to handle now. Use the Earth for planting seeds of health, happiness and life – not illness, unhappiness and death!

When we send destructive energy up to the Light, it can be transformed and set right.

To completely release possible entanglements, use the symbol below to collapse any energy drains or sewage lines that lead to or from the deteriorating situation. You don’t need or want to be attached to them anymore.

And now, the final step to any kind of Epigenetic Healing and it’s very important!


Take time to strengthen and repair your auras.

You will want to keep your auras close to your body whenever you want to stay empowered. That’s because your auras provide protection. When they’re strong and focused, they can repel toxicity and keep your energy from mixing up with other people.

So, to finish this game, gaze softly at this Soul Prayer Chart for as long as you need to repair and refocus them. Use this affirmation if you like:

“My auras are very strong and focused. I naturally keep them close to my body.”



Staying empowered is essential in times of DETERIORATION. Remember the transformation isn’t complete until you’ve taken the action you were guided to take in Step #9. If you like, you may go through this healing meditation again around other issues that are falling apart.  Be sure to rest though and take good care of yourself!

This Mind Exercise is Part of Animal Totem Tracks for Self-healing

Explore Animal Totem Tracks for Self-healing

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About the Author

Rheanni Lightwater - Learning from Danger

Rheanni Lightwater CHT, CKT lives and practices in Santa Fe, NM. She specializes in mind body healing with family and relationship clearing using Kinesiology, the Intuitive Learning CirclesReiki as a Master/Teacher, Hypnotherapy and Shamanic Clearing Techniques.

Schedule with Rheanni online via Zoom or in person when you visit Santa Fe, New Mexico. Call her at (505) 271-4612 between 10:00am – 5:00pm, MST, Monday through Friday to schedule. Email: [email protected]

This Transformation Game should not be considered as an exclusive method of treatment for any ailment. The appropriate medical or psychotherapeutic authorities should be consulted for the diagnosis and treatment if there is any medical or psychological condition. The information and practices described on this website are best considered as an adjunct to orthodox medical or psychological treatments.

Heartfelt Communication Using Your Intuition

Intuition is Learning to Listen with Your Heart

The goal of this exercise is to empower more confident, cooperative and heartfelt communication in the New Paradigm.

Heartfelt Communication - Transformation GameHeartfelt communication is something many people say they would like and wonder why it’s so difficult to achieve. In the best of times it happens naturally by opening your heart and listening to its promptings.

Unfortunately, when life takes a difficult turn or tragedy happens, as it has for many of us, the heart and throat centers can shut down, leading us to feel cut off and at a loss for words. Repeated trauma and other violations of the spirit take their toll. Perhaps it’s the shock of disappointment or the panic one feels when the world gets turned upside down.

Opening up again may take time and some extra encouragement, especially for introverted, shy or highly sensitive people. Yet, with a little help, your heart can heal and your throat can relax again.

By practicing heartfelt communication with yourself first, you strengthen your intuition, which is like having an inner guidance system. When you go one step further and act on your intuition, you can:

  • Re-examine your relationship with yourself and the world
  • Reclaim an inner peace that helps you remain objective
  • Recalibrate your ability to express your truth
  • Renew the connection between your throat and your heart.
  • Resource new ways to nurture cooperation and appreciation

*If you often go blank or feel like you’re out of your body during conversations you may be dealing with unresolved shock or anxiety. If that happens during this exercise, or at any other time, you can go through Self-care Formula #1 Healing Emotional Shock to get grounded.

** If you’re having difficulty with boundaries, you may need to go through Mind Exercise #8 Developing Healthy Boundaries in conjunction with this exercise.

In the New Paradigm there are new channels of protection and communication that we can learn to utilize for our benefit.

The transition out of the Water based Piscean Age into the lighter, quicker energy of the Aquarian Age (Air) has contributed to quite a few challenges. Most people are experiencing including breakdowns in communication and a general atmosphere of instability.

As you go through the exercise, utilize the Divine Protection Chart to access the generative energy flow of the New Paradigm. Let it help you organize your communication and give it the lift and lightness needed to be successful.

By contemplating the symbol, you’ll be able to intentionally close down harmful channels and open up to the generative life force (chi) that is available through the Element of Air. Gaze softly at the symbol with these positive affirmations:

“Any stagnant, heavy or destructive energy flows from the past are closing down now – in my mind, my body and my communications.”

Integrating with this new channel will help us connect with each other in far more generative and life affirming ways.

“I am open to receiving generative life force through the Element of Air.”
“I now communicate using the lighter, quicker energy of Air.”

Heartfelt Communication: A Mind Exercise using Animal Totems from the Intuitive Learning Circle method.

Many cultures claim that messages from the animal world inform and offer us guidance – a very special kind of “medicine.” The Intuitive Learning Circles use messages from animals and nature to facilitate your learning and access inner peace.

For example, Monkey Medicine is about calming angry or critical thoughts that are causing trouble in your communications and life. In today’s world,  many conversations have no intention of creating any kind of common ground and are merely an opportunity to criticize or pick a fight. Monkey can warn you if you’re about to engage in a hostile or manipulative communication.

Animal Totems - Heartfelt CommunicationGaze softly at Monkey’s Circle, and ask:
“Is there any real opportunity to make progress with this person or group?”

If the answer is “no,” you would be wise to stop now. Your time and energy is too valuable to be wasted in this way.

If your answer is “yes,” ask yourself honestly:

“Am I open to changing my perspective around this particular communication?”

If your answer is still “yes,” get out some paper and something to write with to make notes as you go through this exercise.

*For best results, place both feet on the ground and gaze gently at each Circle to receive your own message.

Let’s start by introducing you to the very first Intuitive Learning Circle from Gifts from the Rainforest.

Animal Spirits Medicine

  1. Animals are our partners in creating an abundant and peaceful life on our planet. By observing their behavior and the role they play in their environment, we can adapt to and make the most of the circumstances in our lives. This Intuitive Learning Circle helps us take ownership of how we use our energy to communicate. It also helps us to set things right by listening to the wisdom of our hearts.

Relax and breathe as you would in a state of meditation. Bring to mind a person or group  you would like to improve your communications with. When you gaze gently at the Circle, you can tune in and receive your own answers to the question:

“What do I really want to communicate to this person or group?” 

Take your time and write down what comes to you initially.


2. Because of the alarming amount of confusion and manipulative communications happening around us, we need to address the possibility that various aspects of your subtle energy system may be damaged by toxic attachments or karmic entanglements that would interfere with clear communication.

Use this Key to relax and meditate on for as long as you like. Like a healing balm, imagine that a loving coat of peace and comfort is pouring down over you.

“My energy system can effectively neutralize interfering energies and detach from them.”

“I easily let go of toxic attachments.”


3. When we’re under pressure to communicate, it’s not uncommon for the chakras and/or meridians to start running in reverse or shut down entirely. Relax and let this symbol help you make corrections to problems including reversals, deformations and misdirections.

“I repair any glitches, holes or blockages in my energy system.”

Continue breathing until you begin to sense the calming energy of your Soul coming through.


Butterfly Medicine

4. It’s always helpful if you can tap into positive energy that will assist you. If you continue to relax with the medicine of Butterfly, you may be able to utilize  beneficial energies from your environment to nourish a more successful and reciprocal outcome.

After all, what you put out comes back, so it’s worth it to take a few extra minutes to clarify what you want to put out!

Once you’ve lightened up a bit, gently bring your attention back to who you’re communicating with, what you want to communicate and how you might do that more effectively.

Electric Eel Medicine

5. The message of Electric Eel is about being coherent and grounded in the way we’re communicating. Use this medicine to scan your body and energy. Pay attention to any areas that feel muddled, blank or void when it comes to communicating with this person or group. Once you feel the inconsistency, Electric Eel will help you clear up the confusion and fill in the blank with positive energy and purpose.

It can also help you change the polarity of your throat and heart chakras so that they can realign with each other.

Note: This would be a good time to scroll back to the symbol at the beginning for Divine Protection to close down old energy channels and integrate that new energy channel before you continue.


River Medicine

6. Now that you’ve done all that, River Medicine can help you settle into a clearer perception of what you would like to say. Use the Circle to bring your senses into balance like the volume control on a radio.
Not too high, not too low – just right!
Bringing them into balance will support clear intuition by helping you to remain calm and perceive your situation the way it really is.

Now you can be more objective. Adjust the volume on your proposed communication. Take time to consider what’s really needed.
Does the volume need to be turn up or down? Does it need repetition? Something else?
Of course, there’s what you’d like and what’s actually possible.

Create a positive affirmation to guide you:
“In this situation, my communications are _________ and __________.”


Divine Connection

7. The next step is to empower your ability to express your needs and create a clear intention that you can follow through on. 

“I exist and am empowered through my heart and Soul.”
“I am empowered to take good care of myself and develop heartfelt communications that are life affirming, confident and cooperative.”

“I am empowered to release harmful intentions or interference.”
“I’m able to express myself clearly and keep healthy boundaries.”
Continue by making your own affirmations that apply to your intention:
“I am empowered to _____________.”


Jaguar Medicine

8. An important part of this exercise is to improve your confidence. Bring in Jaguar Medicine to surround yourself with a sphere of protection made of Light, strength and determination. 

Once you’ve visualized that both crossed and uncrossed, can you remember a time when you successfully communicated something similar? 

It was probably something you felt very confident about.

Take your time and remember what was important about it.

Is your current communication challenge also important to you? Do you care?
Why do you care? Why do you care about the person or group you’re communicating with now?
What is motivating you?
Is there something you’d like to change about that or add?

Hummingbird Medicine

9. Another reason to cultivate heartfelt communication is to increase your experience of joy, connection and positive service. Hummingbird is our guide for accessing harmony and joy. Use this medicine to help you remember more about your successful experience. What did you enjoy about it?
What was the most positive aspect?
Did you enjoy getting a positive response?
Would you enjoy getting a similar response with this communication?

Hummingbird also helps us distinguish the difference between cooperation and compromising one’s integrity. For example, people who enjoy being “nice” have problems with communications because that attitude often puts them in impossible positions. Another problem is trying to be everything to everyone.
Use the Circle to unwind yourself from agreements, attitudes or assumptions that cause problems in how you communicate.

Use these affirmations to help:
“I untangle myself from disrespectful lies, no win situations and extremes.”
“I am free to enjoy cooperative and truthful communications.”


Soul Color

10. Whenever you’re very happy or have successfully manifested a goal, you’re naturally using your Soul’s unique vibration or color.  Use the Soul Color chart to see if a particular color comes to mind for your successful communication. Relax for a minute or so to find it and strengthen your resonance with it. 

“I recognize my Soul’s unique color vibration and strengthen it to enhance my confidence and communication.”

When you’re ready, ask what kind of message your Soul would like to give and receive in this case.
What would be your Soul’s purpose in having this communication?
Would you be happy with that message?
Take your time and sift through the pros and cons of your proposed communication. Continue to make notes.


Dissolving Destructive Blueprints

11. You’ve probably gathered up a lot of old mental, emotional or spiritual patterns that contributed to misguided, confusing or ineffective communication in the past. This would be a good time to let them go.

Use this symbol to help you find and Dissolve Destructive Blueprints. See them like dark clouds, dissipating into the pure light of the Sun.

“I dissolve destructive patterns for harmful communication
and any connection I have ever had to them.”

“I release any grief, loneliness, frustration, anxiety or __________
that would interfere with heartfelt communication.”

Please note: Never send destructive energies into the Earth, she already has too much to handle now. Use the Earth for planting seeds of happiness and life – not death!


Piranha Medicine

12. Piranha is about spiritual direction and protection. Use the Circle to close the doors to all the myriad pathways in your mind that would lead you back into dangerous, confusing or ineffective communications.

“I close the doors to any harmful, confusing or manipulative communications.”

“I follow the direction of my Soul’s protection.”


Heart Chakra Key

Now it’s time to integrate your communication with the Heart Chakra Key. Bring your attention to your heart center and allow the energy there to gently radiate out, like a star!

Can you imagine incorporating compassion, caring, self-respect and respect for others into the essence of your communication? If so, you’re ready to refine your message.

If not, what do you think you need?
Make a note of what comes up so that you don’t forget.


Starlight Medicine

Starlight aligns our individual consciousness with Universal Truth to achieve clarity and order. This medicine integrates conscious awareness, compassionate action and alignment with “true north” – the direction of your spirit.

It also helps you get more present in your body. Imagine that you can bring your Soul’s energy into the center area of your chest.

Once you feel more present in your heart center, contemplate what you originally wrote down.
Is this really what you want to communicate?
Are you clear who you want to communicate this message to?
Do you think that this message, as it is, will evoke the response you’re really looking for?
Is there a more effective message to send?


Sky Medicine

Finish now with Sky Medicine and allow it to help confirm a joyful message that is heartfelt and you really want to communicate.
That way, your words are bound to have a more desirable impact.

“What I really want to say to ________ is ____________________________.”

Once you’ve got the main message, see if you can refine the details about who, what, how, when, where and why.


You have taken the time to consider the true impact of your words and re-frame any confusion or negativity into more heartfelt communication. Be sure to take some time to relax. Take a walk and integrate what you’ve come up with.

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About the Author

Rheanni Lightwater - Adapting to SuccessRheanni Lightwater CHT, CKT has 25+ years experience in the art and science of mind body healing. Contact her for a private session if you would like more help.

Ms. Lightwater’s mission is to assist people in creating healthy balance and harmony in their lives through energy medicine, hypnotherapy and feng shui clearing. Sessions are available online or when you visit Santa Fe. Contact her at 505-271-4612 MST or email: [email protected].

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This Mind Exercise should not be considered as an exclusive method of treatment. The appropriate medical or psychotherapeutic authorities should be consulted for the diagnosis and treatment if there is any medical or psychological condition. The information and practices described on this website are best considered as an adjunct to orthodox medical or psychological treatments.

Feng Shui for Your Home

How to ADAPT the Feng Shui For Your Home to Go With the Natural Flow of the New Season ~

Feng Shui for Your HomeFeng Shui for your home is very useful at any time there’s a change of season. It’s also good to check in any time significant changes have taken place and make some assessments.

For example, we have recently moved completely out of the Water based flow of the Piscean Age. Now, as we move closer to the Autumn Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere, it’s becoming increasingly important for us to adapt to the Air based flow of chi which is much lighter, faster and quick to change. Luckily, there are some Feng Shui principles we can use to help us manage this transition.

Let’s start by changing how we’ve been conditioned to work with the two Elements that are integral to Feng Shui.

Feng Shui literally means “Wind Water” and we need to change our understanding of how the flow of Water and Air are supposed to work for us in this New Paradigm!

This symbol helps us to tune into the new channel of energy that has begun coming in through the Element of Air.

  • First, it offers us protection by closing down old energy channels from the past.
  • Second, we can use it to tune into the new channel of life force, which is different from what it used to be in the Piscean Age.
  • Third, we can use the center circle to connect in with new communication channels that are needed going forward.

Releasing and renegotiating agreements will be a big help.

As we move into this new energy, it’s important to adapt to fundamental behavioral patterns that have changed in the flow of how chi (life force) moves. For example, Air moves so much quicker than water and is much more unpredictable. That difference alone accounts for a lot of the instability many of us are experiencing.

“I release my agreements with old ways that are no longer working and adapt to fundamental changes in how the natural flow of chi is now moving.”

Feng Shui for You Home - Water and Air

This transformation is admittedly a challenge, yet it’s one we definitely need to meet!

On one hand, we want to find ways to calm down and properly direct the flow of Air, which for many is manifesting as wildfires, floods, social unrest and emotional volatility. On the other hand, there are many areas in our environment that are still stagnating in the old Water based pattern, which manifests as illness, apathy, resentment and depression. When these two extremes come into CONFLICT with each other, the Feng Shui in your home or business can become a recipe for disaster.

Now, more than ever, the way energy moves (or does not move) in your environment has a very potent affect on your own health and happiness.

To help you balance out any conflicts you may be experiencing as an individual, take a minute or two with this Soul Star Correction Key.

“I repair the glitches, holes and blockages
in my energy system.”
“All shut downs and reversals are gently corrected.”

If your energy feels jagged or disjointed, stay with the Key until the energy smooths out.
Do this both crossed and uncrossed over the midline of your body.


What else can we do to pull ourselves up out of the muck and mire?

I Ching Workbook - R. L. WingThe I Ching or Book of Change is also an invaluable resources as we investigate this change. Like Feng Shui,  it follows the movements and tendencies in the cosmos using a series of sixty-four hexagrams or energy flows. When the Feng Shui for your home goes with the flow of life, it’s easier to create more beneficial circumstances for ourselves. Whenever the I Ching energy is ADAPTING, it’s  a beneficial time to simplify your environment and remove discordant objects or furnishings that don’t work anymore. The text says:

“When autumn approaches, all of life that continues to survive begins an adaptation to the season. The pelts of animals begin to thicken in anticipation of the winter, while the seeds of plants scatter themselves in autumn winds to await the spring. The bark of the tree increases to protect itself from the cold, while insects may burrow deep inside to hibernate. By ADAPTING to the forces, life is protected as it rests and restores itself for new activity….

Rid yourself of old prejudices and opinions (objects and furnishings) that may be controlling your behavior and holding you back…
~ Hexagram #17 ADAPTING, The I Ching Workbook, R. L Wing

If you’re ready to begin assessing the Feng Shui for Your Home, it helps to focus your awareness:

Rheanni Lightwater - Feng Shui for Your Home
Rheanni Lightwater, Feng Shui Consultant

I use the Intuitive Learning Circles as mindfulness tools for tuning into my intuition and focusing my “feng shui eyes.” You can easily learn to use them too! All you have to do is relax and gaze softly at the Circles while you gently contemplate the affirmations or questions that go with them.


For example, This Reiki Chakra Key accesses the Life Path Chakras, positioned on either side of the top of the head, about one inch out from the Crown Chakra. They carry our potential for this lifetime.
When the polarity between these energy centers are negative, we expend a lot of effort to achieve our aims. When their polarity is positive and balanced, things get a lot easier.

Breathe deeply and engage your potential to help you understand the flow of Feng Shui and the changes that are occurring. You can use these positive affirmations to help you:

“These chakras are open and have a positive charge.”

“I am opening up to my potential and following my own life path.”

“I bring ease and flow into how I perceive and use energy.”


Next, the Rational Thought Chakra Key and it’s affirmations will help you gather up your senses and focus them on assessing the energy of your environment:

“I connect with my five senses.”

“I fine tune them to be present and aware of my long term goals.”

“I use them to become aware of my environment.”

“I gain clear awareness of helpful or CONFLICTING influences in the environment.”

“I use them to find helpful solutions that will bring balance into the environment.

Mind Body IntegrationThey say that intuition is easier when all of the senses are balanced. Some may be turned up too high and some may be too low. Relax and allow your eyes to rest gently on the center of the Circle below to balance them.

Take some deep breaths and let your shoulders drop. Adjust the volume to your senses. Do that both crossed and uncrossed over the midline of your body to achieve greater mind body integration and tune into your “feng shui eyes.”



Next, gaze gently at this Circle to get present and relax. Breathe deeply. Imagine that you’re slowing down, so you can get a more objective “read” on the situation. Use an affirmation like:

“I slow down and bring my attention in, towards what’s truly important about my environment right now.” 

Feng Shui for Your Home

Imagine that you can slow the energy around you down, like a slow motion replay you would see on TV. We often miss intuitive information because things are just moving too fast!

[You] “can now benefit from internal stillness. By avoiding thoughts that project too far into the future, and dispelling illusions of what can or will be, you can overcome ego-generated difficulties.” ~ Hexagram #52 MEDITATION, The I Ching Workbook, R. L Wing

So often we miss things that are right in front of us because we’re thinking about how things were in the past or worrying about how things could be in the future. Truth is, we need to be very present with what’s going on right now. There’s a lot of very important things shifting and changing!

Use this Circle for the Four Seasons to get present. Notice where you are right now. Ask yourself:

“Am I fully in the present? If not, is part of me lingering in the past?
Am I projecting out too much about the future?”

Four Seasons

Feel your hands open and close. Check for the date and time. Move around. Use this affirmation: “I pull myself inward, so I can be fully present.”


Use this Circle to help you pull your personal energy out of any negativity or harmful experiences.


Next, ADAPT to the changes by empowering your own ability to change and be flexible.

“I am empowered to make whatever changes are needed now.”

“I empower my ability to stay in balance, even in the midst of change.”


Finally, in order to get an accurate read, you need to connect with your “gut instincts.” Take a few moments with this Circle to help you gather them up and utilize them.

“I gather up my natural instincts and use them to help me be more aware.”



You also need to trust them. In this situation, do you trust your gut feeling?

Divine Perspective

If the answer you get is “no,” you’d be missing a really important aspect of doing an effective Feng Shui assessment. Go here, to get help if you need it.

If the answer you get is “yes,” get something to take notes with and you are ready to get an accurate “read” on your home!

So let’s get started with a simple Feng Shui assessment for your home!

Here are five baseline questions, beginning with what needs to be removed. When you remove disturbing influences first, your environment can support you better as it suggests in I Ching Hexagram #18 REPAIR:

“The situation will develop new energy and inspiration once the problems are removed.”

Baseline Check #1: Ask yourself this question while gazing softly at the Intuitive Learning Circle below:

“Under these new conditions, do I need to remove clutter or disturbing influences from my home, yard or office?”

Old Soul
Old Sol

“If so, can I tell what they are and what I need to do?”

Interesting isn’t? You intuitively know somethings up, but need a little help to focus in on the details of what’s actually happening.

You may need to clear your crystals or sacred objects so that you have a fresh start and you probably need to set a new overall intention for your house to adapt to changes in your environment. Get more info…


Baseline Check #2: Get a sense if anything needs to be rearranged so you can optimize your chances for success in all areas of your life. Ask yourself:

“Do I need to rearrange something in this environment to let go of stagnant energy from the past? Could I rearrange something that would lighten up the energy? If so, can I tell what it is or what area needs rearranging?”

Praying Mantis

“You can see the problems clearly. The timing is excellent for making amends.” ~I Ching Hexagram #18 REPAIR


Baseline Check #3: The third question is about whether or not something needs to be redirected. For example, the Feng Shui in your home may need additional help when the chi goes retrograde and starts to run in reverse. This is more subtle, yet especially important during this transition because the I Ching energy is CHANGING quite a lot and often running in the flow of CONFLICT.

To help you, release any agreement to inadvertently maintain unhealthy drains of energy.

Agree to replace them with the Generative Flow  and Protection that available in the New Paradigm.


Next, take note of the answers you get when you ask these questions:

“Is something out of order or contradictory? That means running in opposition. Are there any holes or disturbances in the flow? If so, where is it located?

Is there an area where people get upset easily, feel depressed or are prone to arguments?

Is there a place where water accumulates and causes damage?”


Baseline Check #4: The fourth question is about whether or not something needs to be added. This isn’t a question about what’s fashionable, it’s about flow. Many beautiful houses are picture perfect, yet they don’t feel comfortable or welcoming. What’s missing in those cases is a harmonious flow. So, while you gaze softly at this next Circle, think about your environment again, as it is currently. Ask:

“Is anything missing? What might bring more harmony into the space?” 

Can you get an idea of what you might add to make the correction? Make sure you keep in mind the needs of the other people who live or work with you.

“Only through intelligent deliberation can you be certain that the action you take is correct… The correct actions now are constructive rather than combative and lay the foundation for continued growth toward the good.” ~ I Ching Hexagram #18 REPAIR

Baseline Check #5: Finish your assessment by considering these questions about what kind of energy is flowing through your home. You may need to re-source where the chi’ is coming from:

“Am I tapping into beneficial energies and using them to nourish myself and my objectives?”

If not, take a moment and meditate on this Circle with an intention to utilize the most beneficial energies available.


How well are you taking care of yourself?

What changes in your environment would most be most helpful to you? 


Hopefully, you’ve been writing all of this down… don’t worry if it doesn’t make sense. Intuitive information often doesn’t at first. However, you may very well have dreams and get deeper insights and understanding later.


Congratulations! You now have a lot more information about how Feng Shui for your home or office can help you ADAPT to change and create greater prosperity.

P.S. If you’re interested, here is a Transformation Game to help you Cut Through STAGNATION or you might want a special list of Feng Shui Remedies for STAGNATION.

If you want to clear out mental and emotional patterns and project success in to the future, consider going through an extra-intuitive activity called “Future Pacing.” You can access it here>

This Mind Exercise is Part of Animal Totem Tracks for Self-healing

Explore Animal Totem Tracks for Self-healing

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Additional Help: Feng Shui for Your Home:

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This Transformation Game should not be considered as an exclusive method of treatment. The appropriate medical or psychotherapeutic authorities should be consulted for the diagnosis and treatment if there is any medical or psychological condition. The information and practices described on this website are best considered as an adjunct to orthodox medical or psychological treatments.

Cultivate Discernment

Animal Totem #2 – Vulture Medicine to Cultivate Discernment

2. Vulture Medicine reminds us to cultivate discernment at all times because there are always those who would love to take advantage of our blind spots.

Are you in any danger? If so, what will help?

Healing Action: Learn how to distinguish true assistance from exploitation.

Identify dangerous situations and avoid them if possible.

Become aware of unconscious fears and transmute them.

Interview with a Vulture: Advice on How to Cultivate Discernment

Cultivate DiscernmentRheanni Lightwater: Hello, Mr. Vulture. Could you tell me if are there any humans that you respect?

V. Vulture: Hey, that’s easy. I like folks who can say “no” to things that they don’t want to do.

RL: And why is that?

VV: Because there’s too many people that don’t pay enough attention to what’s good for them, you know what I mean?

RL: I guess I don’t know what you mean exactly.

VV: Let me put it this way – people like to take chances, right?

RL: Well, quite a few of us do.

VV: Right. But a lot of those people take foolish chances just because they think their friends will like them better or they want to be cool.

RL: I think they do that because it’s easier to go along with the crowd than to be different.

VV: It may seem easier at first, but after a while they stop thinking for themselves and just do whatever other folks tell them to do. Eventually, they lose touch with their gut instincts.

RL: You mean they stop taking care of themselves?

VV: That’s right. That makes them easy prey for vultures like me. Now, if folks would pay attention to their gut feelings, they would know whether they really want to do something or if they’re just being taken for a ride.

If you don’t mind a little friendly advice, take a look at the Circle I sent you, while you ask yourself this question:

“Is there a situation in my life right now, where I’m in danger or being taken advantage of in a harmful way?”

If the answer that comes to you is no, then good for you! You are listening to your gut instincts.  But, If the answer is yes, you might want to ask what that situation is and what to do about it. It’s always a good idea to know when someone is lying to you. 

It’s even more important to realize when you’ve been lying to yourself!

RL: That sounds like pretty good advice.

VV: You bet! Take it from someone who knows.

RL: I will. Thank you, Mr. Vulture.

VV: No problem.

SOS - Soul Oriented SolutionsThe medicine of the Vulture offers five different exercises that might help you cultivate discernment.

Gently gaze at the SOS symbol and ask yourself which number exercise will help you the most.

What number between 1 – 5 comes to you first? Follow your inner guidance.

  1. How To Be More Intuitive
  2. Learning How to Trust Your Gut Instinct
  3. Staying Out of Trouble
  4. Stop Sabotage and Learn from Danger
  5. Know When Someone is Lying

Whatever number comes to you, click on the link and go to that exercise.

Once you’ve gone through it, you might feel that you need another exercise to help you complete your process. Go ahead, just don’t overdue it. Be sure to rest and take good care of yourself!

Find out about Intuition Training for Personal Growth with us!

You are invited to Sign Up for the Intuitive Learning Circle Ezine

Intuitive Learning Circle Ezine - Soul Oriented solutions

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About the AuthorRheanni Lightwater - Learning from Danger

Rheanni Lightwater CHT, CKT lives and practices in Santa Fe, NM. She specializes in mind body healing with family and relationship clearing using Kinesiology, the Intuitive Learning Circles™, Reiki as a Master Teacher, Hypnotherapy and Shamanic Clearing Techniques.

Schedule with Rheanni via Zoom, FaceTime or in person when you visit Santa Fe, New Mexico. Call her at (505) 271-4612 between 10:00am – 5:00pm, MST, Monday through Friday to schedule.

This Mind Exercise should not be considered as an exclusive method of treatment for any ailment. The appropriate medical or psychotherapeutic authorities should be consulted for the diagnosis and treatment if there is any medical or psychological condition. The information and practices described on this website are best considered as an adjunct to orthodox medical or psychological treatments.

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