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Transforming Your Life: What’s Next?

Rheanni Lightwater - Medical IntuitionTransformation Games can help you to identify problems, navigate change and clarify what’s really a priority for transforming your life.  Simply relax and gaze at the Intuitive Learning Circles while you contemplate the questions, positive affirmations and ideas. Your intuition will come forward and give you the help that you seek…

Welcome to the I Ching Reading and Transformation Game for: Hexagram #62, Conscientiousness

Transforming Your Life from The Year of the Ox to the Year of the Tiger

Last year’s Chinese Horoscope animal was the Yin Metal Ox and on February 1st, 2022, we’ll begin ushering in the Year of the Yang Water Tiger. 

Transforming Your LifeA major challenge with the hard-working energy of Ox in 2021 was stubbornness. It has been a challenge figuring out how to navigate efforts with the myriad of situations, people and projects that were on the table for us to handle.

Many people have had trouble finding others who were actually heading in the same direction they would like to go! As a result, there has been a lot of standoffs and butting of heads.

In this upcoming year, the challenges will be many, but very different. The confident Tiger is matched up with a great deal of conflicting energies and although we’re just at the beginning, the standoff between contrasting ideologies will likely be much more active and fierce. The undercurrent of falsehoods, lies and misunderstandings will need cool heads and calm words to mediate a positive outcome that will inspire trust rather than violence. Luckily, you can make the decision to consciously surround yourself with  truth and life affirming energies. The courage of Tiger can be used to help you re-connect with your Psyche and Soul, and to calmly follow their guidance.

To help you, this Transformation Game has been put together as a sort of ceremony to increase your awareness of the different energies involved and how you might improve your relationship with them. 

Mind Body Integration

Mind Body IntegrationFor best results, be sure you look at each symbol both crossed over the midline of the body and uncrossed so that you gather up all the unconscious information about your situation.


Innovations Self-care Personal Growth-Environment

Finding Balance in Times of Transition ~

First of all, take some time to respectfully acknowledge the transition of one archetypal energy to the other. The Chinese usher in their New Year with over 15 days of carefully orchestrated celebrations. Our society doesn’t invest the same time or care in ceremony, however, I have found that it’s profoundly valuable to take a pause and acknowledge important rites of passage.

Double Ox for Good Luck

Genuine gratitude is due to the Ox for helping us accomplish as much as we did in in this very difficult time.

If you’re willing, bring in your own spirit to honor the Ox. Here are some positive affirmations to help you if you like:

“I respect and appreciate the spirit of this energy and am thankful for all the help we received.” 

“I acknowledge the transition of time and say goodbye with an open heart.”

Old Soul


Visualize the Yin Metal Ox hearing your words of gratitude. Listen for a response from her, and if there is any, receive it as a gift.

See her turn around and leave. A door closes behind her.

“One door closes and another door opens.”


As you sit in this new mind space, contemplate the picture below that accesses your personal energy flow in relationship to the New Paradigm. See if you currently need some increased self-awareness around an important aspect of flow in your life during this transition. Ask yourself:

“Would it benefit me to get inner guidance about staying grounded at this time?”

“Is there something I need to know about my environment (feng shui ) for creating career, money, health, home or dwelling, business opportunity or a love relationship?”


Make sure that you’re aware of the current flow of Air through the Tao – or “gateway through which all things move.” Use some positive affirmations to help you get there:

“I choose to notice the flow of Air in my environment.”

“I engage the energy of my Soul to clarify my awareness about the prevailing energy in my environment.”

Make note of any guidance you get.


Open your 4th Chakra so you can be inspired by your Inner Guidance. Use this Reiki Chakra Key to balance and open your Heart Center. 

“I am centered and radiating ___________.”

“My heart is empowered and aligned with my highest good.”

Stay with it and take all the time you need to feel settled. Continue to follow any guidance that you get.


Continue meditating with this support.

“I close down all harmful energy channels.”

“My heart and mind is open to the life affirming energy and joy available in this situation.”


“I take the time to clear the slate and prepare for the incoming energies in a way that is respectful and will serve my highest good.”

The Essential Human*Note: If you have a copy of The Essential Human, now would be a good time to use it to connect with life affirming energies and helpful solutions.



Now it’s time to dissolve mental and emotional patterns that are from the past and need to be let go of. Use this symbol for dissolving destructive blueprints to identify and let go of any societal or familial patterns that interfere with transforming your life. See them disappear as you send them to the Sun:

“I dissolve the destructive energies or old patterns of ____________, etc. ”

Relax and let old systems collapse that block the future or no longer serve us.

Ceremony provides the ideal time to let them go respectfully and completely.

Once you’ve done that, you’ll probably feel much more present and balanced.



Bring yourself back into the present with your senses balanced. Some may be turned up too high and some may be too low or switched off entirely. Move around or stretch if you need to. Breathe deeply and let your shoulders drop.

“I am present and aware of my environment in present time.”

Once you’ve done that and you feel clear, ask yourself, “Is there anything I need to change to feel comfortable in my physical environment?”

Make your notes so that you don’t forget.

Let yourself rest and repose with this closing Circle.

“I decide to be stay true and take good care of myself as I continue to transition through this new time and space.”

Congratulations! You have just gone through a process that nurtures you in your environment and that clarifies the natural energies you’re working with.

Now is an excellent time to go out into Nature, take a walk and do something enjoyable!


Innovations Self-care Personal Growth-Physical

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Transforming Your Life

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