Healing Emotional Abuse

Transformation Game: Healing Emotional Abuse from Our Collective Karma

Transformation Game - Healing Emotional AbuseThe key to healing emotional abuse and remaining positive in difficult times is to remember the bottom line – you are a being of love!

Sometimes we forget or never believed it in the first place. We allow past patterns of fear, hatred or abuse to influence us. One of the main ways that this happens is through confusion.

In order to move into the New Paradigm, we need ways to address the collective karma that is at the source of the confusion. To help with that, I’d like to share a powerful process that has helped many people shift negative collective patterns into positive well being. It’s called Healing Emotional Abuse– R Lightwater

Transformation Games are inspired by Kuan Yin, a beloved and respected healing guide among natural health and energy medicine practitioners.

*Caution! Her advice is, as always,  direct and to the point!

“Did you know that a person who is stuck in confusion is probably under the influence of karmic patterns of abuse?
Some patterns are about individual karma and some are collective patterns. In a collective pattern, we are all affected in one way or another. A poignant example would be the tragedy of 9/11 or Nazi Germany in World War II. 
In current times, the appearance and spread of the coronavirus, the destruction of our environment and the deterioration of our democracies are definitely group patterns. We all share the collective karma of these events, although the level of our involvement varies with each person or group, of course.
The game below is made up of Intuitive Learning Circles™ that can help you disentangle from collective karma that’s holding you back in the present. Simply go through the game by answering pertinent questions that will activate your heart wisdom and give you a new perspective.”

Step One: Gaze at the Circle for a moment and then consider this question:

“In what aspect of my life am I experiencing confusion or fear?”

Use the answer that comes to you as the basis for the game so that you can disengage from the confusion and release your fears very quickly. If there’s more than one situation causing you to be concerned, angry or fearful, play the game again later for each specific situation. The best way to take the energy out of anything is to stop feeding it and turn your attention to whatever you love. That is exactly what Healing Emotional Abuse will help you to do with these unconscious patterns.”

How to Play Healing Emotional Abuse:

Simply gaze softly at the images below while you ponder the statements or questions that go with them. Use the symbols to help you go within and access new energy and clarity.  What you do with the information you come up with is up to you!

Mind Body Integration

Mind Body IntegrationFor best results, look at each symbol both crossed over the midline of the body and uncrossed so that the correction is more complete.


Step Two: Relax with this symbol and repeat to yourself several times:

“I am ready, willing and able to shift my perception from extreme to balanced, from confused to clear and/or from powerless to empowered.”


Imagine that your life is like a movie and that your inner camera is filming it from a certain angle. Allow your Inner Guidance to pull the camera back and move it to an entirely different angle – a perception that includes a viable solution. Focus in on this new perspective like a close up in a movie. 


Step Three: While looking at this Circle, remember that aspect of your life that’s troubling you. Ask your heart:

“What do I notice about what I’m feeling?” or

“Is there a particular time when I feel especially anxious or confused?”

“Am I having trouble making a conscious decision about my future?”

Remember, there is no right or wrong answer. Any information you get can be used to help you!


Step Four: Notice how this situation may shut you down or agitate you because it opens up a lot of turmoil. Breathe a few times and allow this Circle to help you calm yourself and get back into balance.


Step Five: See if you can free up your breath and body even more. Gaze softly at this symbol and play with your breath for a few minutes.

  • If you’re uncomfortable or tight – move around.
  • If your breathing feels stilted or anxious vary the tempo, the length and breadth of it.
  • Stretch. Fire breathe. Whatever it takes!

“I allow my energy to relax and resonate with the breath of life.”

Emotional Calm



Step Six: Use this Circle to tune into your heart center. You can do this by focusing your inner camera again. This time, use it to zoom in on your heart center. Once you feel a connection, ask for help from your Soul resources and allow yourself to receive all the help that you need. Take your time and surrender into it.

“I exist. I am important and filled with the supportive energy of my spirit.”



Step Seven: It’s time to dispel destructive energies from your field. Begin with this symbol, which helps you dissolve any confusion or fear that you might be feeling right now. You can even include harmful habits or illness if you’re experiencing those.

You can imagine the turmoil is like a bank of heavy clouds. Visualize the clouds breaking apart, dissipating into the pure light of the Sun.


Step Eight: Check to see if you’re positioned properly to receive natural healing and receive your heart’s desire.

Use this Circle to help you visualize your personal Sacred Garden where you can rest and nurture your dreams. Look at the Circle and ask your heart, “Am I in my own Sacred Garden?” If you aren’t, pull yourself back. If you are, look to see if the landscape could use some tending.


Clear out any old or harmful intentions that may keep you invested in emotional abuse, destructive habits or any other sort of power grab.

Once all old intentions are cleared away, what is an intention that comes directly from your Soul?


Step Nine: Now that you’ve cleared destructive energy away and made repairs, take a moment and focus on something or someone that you truly love. It could be a place in nature, a favorite animal, an activity, a person that you care deeply for or all of the above! You can use this affirmation if you like:

“I turn my attention towards love. Love is my priority.”

It also helps to place an image of what you love in the center, blank area of the Circle. Be sure to take all the time you need with this.


Step Ten: Imagine that you are creating something beautiful as an expression of your love. Use the Circle to help you plant the karmic seeds for a new collective pattern of Divine Love in your Garden. Be sure to include seeds for everything it would need to prosper and grow in the New Paradigm.


Step Eleven: Now it’s time to visualize being calm and serene. You are protected from any negative energy coming from the old paradigm. All doors to anxiety or fear are closing now…  “I close down all harmful energy channels.”

Let your body drop into that feeling and feel your tension unwind. You know what that feels like don’t you? So relaxed and very, very calm.

Imagine a gateway to loving kindness opening before you. As the gateway opens, your consciousness lightens and expands.

My mind is now open and clear to receive generative life force.”


Step Twelve: Your shoulders are dropping. Your breathing has gotten deeper and deeper.

“I am surrounded by protection, courage and comfort.”


Step Thirteen: Now, you’ll want to be sure that you’ve learned the lessons of this karma. Relax with these Circles and the positive affirmations until you feel the shift has taken place:

“I understand what’s happening and what I’m letting go of. I pull myself together and connect with what I need to do now.”


“I’ve learned my lesson about __________.

I follow through on my Soul’s guidance about __________.”

“I use my energy correctly to create my heart’s desire.”

For a much deeper integration, trace around the circle Clockwise with your eyes, both uncrossed and crossed, while you consider what you’re going to do.

Then, do the same as you trace your eyes around the square in the same direct, both crossed and uncrossed.



Step Fourteen: Finally, make a firm decision that you are done with this abuse and that you’re not going back. With this Circle, find the holes, openings or pathways that take you back to the past and close them – in accordance with your highest good.

“All holes are sealed and healed.”

“I follow the direction of healthy protection.”


Make sure that your Soul is shining its Light on a path forward that you can follow.


Step Fifteen: Finish the game by making sure the protective light of your personal aura is all sealed and healed – an important step that will help your health and mental focus even more!


Congratulations for extricating yourself from all that. Now would be a great time to rest and nurture yourself. Take a walk or spend time in nature – doing something you love. Allow yourself to receive the blessings that come from leaving the past behind and healing emotional abuse.

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Rheanni Lightwater - SOS for Collapse
Rheanni Lightwater, Reiki Master Teacher

If you feel that SOS for Collapse has helped, but hasn’t addressed all of your needs, Rheanni Lightwater, BFA, CHT, CKP is an expert in the art and science of mind body healing. She has 23+ years experience in dream tending, energy medicine, hypnotherapy and feng shui clearing. Contact her if you still feel exposed, lost, or overwhelmed.

Ms. Lightwater’s mission is to assist people in creating healthy balance and harmony in their lives. Sessions are available online or when you Visit Santa Fe. Contact her at 505-271-4612 MST or email: info@soulresourcesllc.com.

This game should not be considered as an exclusive method of treatment. The appropriate medical or psychotherapeutic authorities should be consulted for the diagnosis and treatment of any medical or psychological condition. The information and practices described on this website are best considered as an adjunct to orthodox medical or psychological treatments.

Finding Moderation In the New Paradigm

Do You Feel Overwhelmed About What’s Next? Finding Moderation is the Key to Staying On Your Path.

Rheanni Lightwater

Transformation Games - Finding ModerationKuan Yin has been helping us to transition from the old economic paradigm based on greed and fear to a new paradigm of equality, co-operation and sustainable prosperity. Her advice about finding moderation springs from the I Ching, an ancient book of divination that follows the flow of the cosmos. Because of that, her insight comes from a different perspective than ours.

Kuan Yin’s Readings and Transformation Games can help you to identify problems, change your focus to positive solutions, ground yourself and get in the present. Simply relax and gaze at the Circles while contemplating Kuan Yins words. Your intuition will come forward and give you the help that you seek.

Welcome to the I Ching Reading and Transformation Game for: Hexagram # 15 – Finding Moderation

Todays Intuitive Reading - Finding Moderation

“In times of difficulty and danger, it’s usually best to move with the flow of MODERATION, Hexagram #15, where ‘The predominant forces … are in the process of balancing extremes and harmonizing interests.’ ~ The I Ching Workbook, R.L. Wing

The ancient Chinese text describes finding MODERATION as the best way to make progress amidst chaos. The suggestion is to disengage from extremes or opinionated attitudes and then follow the guidance that comes from within instead. In almost any situation, if you are able to walk the middle road between extremes, there will be improvement in whatever you undertake.

Finding Moderation and Following that Path ~

As a general rule, MODERATION is the most sensible flow to follow, especially in the midst of a transition this significant. Unpreferred karma (cause and effect) is just waiting to be triggered and must be dealt with in one way or the other. For most people, one of these scenarios is probably happening:

  1. Falling into a downward spiral of mental, emotional, physical and/or spiritual health.
  2. Experiencing a lot of rebellion and refusal to change
  3. Getting pulled backwards into regressive and harmful patterns.
  4. Pulling oneself together into a centered position of empowered authority.

Initial Evaluation: As you softly gaze at this Circle that accesses karmic seeds, see if you’re currently experiencing one or more of these situations. Ask yourself:

“Am I generally experiencing situation #1, 2, 3 or 4?”

It could easily be a mix, depending on your mindset and what stage of the karma you’re living through.

Whichever one it is, you can make your life easier by letting go of old agreements or karma that’s over and done with.

To Each Their Own

It’s also especially important, at this time, to make sure you aren’t taking on anyone else’s karma. In times of increased violence and unrest, it’s common for people who want to avoid responsibility to systemically “scapegoat”  by dumping their problems and the karma associated with it onto others. Emotionally, this happens through shame, blame, intimidation and playing the pity card. Spiritually, it happens through apathy, indifference or complicity towards degenerate morality. Physically and mentally, it happens by taking part in harmful decisions and actions and then denying responsibility for their part in them.

Most people who take karma on for others are either:

  • feeling guilty and stuck because they are part of a situation, but are taking on more than their part of the responsibility
  • unconsciously organizing their life around the problem
  • compulsively fueling it with their energy and attention, or
  • internalizing it (taking it personally).

When we buy into these behaviors, we are inadvertently preventing karma from being properly delivered to its rightful recipients.

To help you avoid this trap and stay on the middle road, use this symbol with the affirmations to set things right:

“I let go of my attachment to harmful energy,  either on an individual or a collective level. I let go to maintain an effective level of protection.”

I create resiliency and autonomy.”

Mind Body Integration

Mind Body IntegrationFor best results, look at each symbol both crossed over the midline of the body and uncrossed so that the correction is more complete.

Feel free to move at any time in any way to help you embody your experience!

Let Go of Harmful Karmic Agreements So You Can Be Present and Regain Balance.

Use this Soul Contract Circle to help you identify and release the agreements. Simply gaze softly at the Circle while you use the affirmations. 

“I let go of any karmic agreement that is complete – over and done with or that is causing me harm in any way.”

“I let go of harmful agreements associated with the old paradigm.” (extremes, greed, intolerance, co-dependence, pressure, dishonesty, people pleasing, etc.)

I decide to slow down to prepare for ________ and take care of ________.”

This is a good opportunity to unlock yourself from any outdated intentions or plans that are blocking your ability to ADAPT to the New Paradigm. Check agreements and intentions with family, friends or business relationships. Include organizations you’ve been involved with – religious institutions, political agendas, completed projects, places you’ve lived, modes of transportation, communication issues, ways of doing business, etc.

“I disengage from out-dated or harmful intentions from the old paradigm.”

Unearth Old Mental and Emotional Garbage.

Use this chart to uproot unconscious cultural conditioning that keeps you stuck in the regressive attitudes and expectations of the old paradigm. Imagine you can free up and uproot your energy from wherever it may have gotten planted. 


Make A New Decision.

It’s time to get out of jail. Decide to create a sustainable future by finding moderation for yourself and getting back into balance with Nature. 

“I am guided by the light of Divine Source within.” 

“I make choices that align me with my Soul’s path and purpose.”

What other decisions would help?

Recalibrate Your Energy.

Devote your energy to living in alignment with your true Nature and the World.

“I exist and reclaim my connection with Spirit through my heart.”

“I relax and allow my energy to recalibrate. I actualize my highest good.”

Invoke Protection and Clarity of Mind:

“I close down all invasive energy channels from the past, present or future.”

“My mind is open and clear to receive generative life force.”

Refocus on Your Priorities.

Visualize what’s truly important to you in the center open space of this Circle.

“I direct my life force towards truly beneficial activities and situations.”

Be sure to include fun, joy and restful relaxation!

Support Yourself with the Appropriate Nourishment.

“I seek out healthy nourishment. I nurture my body, mind and spirit in alignment with my true nature.”

Are there any herbs, teas, vegetables or fruits that would be especially helpful to you now?

Close the Door on Unnecessary Suffering.

Finish this part of the game by closing the door on harmful activities, agendas and pathways that lead back to the old paradigm. Take all the time you need. There are probably a lot of them.

“All doors and pathways are sealed and healed.”

“I follow the direction of healthy protection.”

Welcome to the Middle Road! You probably feel much more balance. Go back to the Initial Evaluation for the game and check to see if anything has been cleared.

There are several other decisions that could really improve how you’re dealing with your situation. If you feel incomplete, you can continue with a few extremes that might be making it hard for you to find and stay on the road to MODERATION:

Extreme #1: The 24/7 workaholic syndrome.

Here is the prime example, ‘Being busy = being important and having purpose.’ You might want to let go of that, because this is a terrible time to base your self-worth on external expectations.

“My purpose comes from my Soul. I let go of unrealistic expectations.”

“I understand that my job is there to support me, not the other way around. I am worth and my well-being is part of the exchange.”


Extreme #2: The ‘there are no limits’ syndrome.

For example: The Sun is good, however too much Sun causes cancer. Butter is good, yet too much butter causes weight gain, etc. Another social meme that explains the mindset is: ‘The sky is the limit. I want it all now, so I should be able to have it all now!’ 

“I send a laser beam to break up the group attitude of perfectionism, entitlement and impatience. I dissolve self-destructive behavior.”

“I decide that healthy, MODERATE limits are enhancing my creativity.”

“I empower satisfaction, appreciation and tolerance. I patiently follow my inner guidance.”



Extreme #3: The ‘I’m not doing enough/doing too much” dichotomy.

Finding MODERATION means doing just the right amount. Think Goldilocks -not too much and not too little… just right. If things seem too slow for you, suddenly heading off into fifteen different directions will probably backfire on you badly.  That’s because panic, overwhelm and poor planning usually leads to poor results at best, and chaos at worst. If you’re going too fast, stop and slow things down. Thoughtful consideration about what you really need is what’s most important now.

“What do I really need right now? What will help me do that?”


Now it’s time to clean up mental and emotional patterns that are related to these patterns and have been pulling you off track. Use this symbol for destructive blueprints to identify and dissolve self-delusion or any societal or familial patterns that still affect you in a negative way. See them disappear as you send them to the Sun:

“I dissolve the destructive energy of these mindsets and any connection I have ever had to them.”

“I dissolve ___________________.”

A lot of those “extremes” may still be attached to hidden pockets in your magnetic field. Expel them with this chart and mend any damage that may have occurred.

This is a good time to check for and release entanglements.


Once your field is repaired, close the door to pathways that lead to extremes and danger.

“All harmful pathways are sealed and healed.

I am finding MODERATION in accordance with my highest good.”


For many people, finding MODERATION signifies an opportunity to go within and expel deep patterns of fanaticism within their psyche so that they can evolve and arise from that pattern, much as a beautiful lotus arises from the muck and mire at the bottom of a pond.”


Now that you’ve made choices about finding moderation you can bring order and new happiness into your environment!”

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Rheanni Lightwater - Finding Moderation in the New Paradigm

Rheanni Lightwater CHT, CKT lives and practices in Santa Fe, NM. She specializes in mind body healing with family and relationship clearing using Kinesiology, the Intuitive Learning Circles™, Reiki as a Master/Teacher, Hypnotherapy and Shamanic Clearing Techniques.

Schedule with Rheanni via Zoom, FaceTime or in person when you visit Santa Fe, New Mexico. Call her at (505) 271-4612 between 10:00am – 5:00pm, MST, Monday through Friday to schedule or Email: soulresources@gmail.com

This Transformation Game should not be considered as an exclusive method of treatment. The appropriate medical or psychotherapeutic authorities should be consulted for the diagnosis and treatment if there is any medical or psychological condition. The information and practices described on this website are best considered as an adjunct to orthodox medical or psychological treatments.

Clear Perception – a Mind Exercise

Intuitive Guidance Using the Medicine of Dog Wisdom: Clear Perception

Clear Perception - Dog MedicineYour gut instinct is an awesome inner guidance system and has access to all kinds of information that you’re not consciously aware of. The only trick is that you need to be paying attention! 

Luckily, you can learn to use Dog Medicine with this simple Mind Exercise to hone your intuitive abilities and develop clear perception.

How to Use this Mind Exercise for Clear Perception

Know When You’re Heading in the Wrong Direction

There are several reasons why you might be unconsciously heading in the wrong direction. One likely possibility is that you’re being distracted and confused by all the chaos going on around you.

Your senses may have gotten all knocked out of balance.  Fortunately, dog energy works incredibly well to help you with your inner guidance system – warning you to slow down and get your feet back under you.

Gaze softly at the Circle and take a moment to consciously gather up all your senses. Bring them into balance so that you can perceive things more clearly.  Imagine you can adjust the volume for seeing, hearing, feeling, tasting and smelling! Take all the time you need.

Intuition Out of Balance Can Over-ride Clear Perception

There are times when intuition gets out of balance and speaks to the unconscious mind  about “how we wish things were, rather than how they are.” In extreme, this makes us vulnerable to fantasy, illusion, paranoia and those who would love to sell us up the river with false claims!

Certainly, we’ve all had wishful thinking about that perfect lover or fears about the next worst case scenario. Yet, it’s important to not get too carried away. Otherwise, we may miss some information that’s really important in the here and now. Dog medicine is here to tell us that something really important is happening right now and we need to be paying attention!

So, before you plunge into the great unknown, take a few minutes to play the Mind Exercise below, using the Intuitive Learning Circles™. If you follow the directions, you can develop Clear Perception, make friends with dog energy and get all kinds of insight and guidance. 

Get Your Feet Firmly Planted On the Ground

Relax and gaze softly at the center open space of this Circle while you go through a few positive affirmations. If there’s a question, just be open to your gut response.

“I slow down because things may be moving too fast for me to sense the truth. “

“I’m willing to admit I don’t know what’s going on. Asking for help is a blessing.”

“Is my inner guidance sending me a warning?”

“Do I need to let go of something? Change something?”

“Do my instincts want to redirect my attention to a solution or something else?”

“In either case, am I willing to listen and learn?”

You may be surprised at the answers that are coming to you. If it didn’t work, relax! You can go back and do it again. Journaling is often a help.

Be sure to check the directions again and follow them if you’re not sure.


Use this next Circle the same way and ask:

“Am I willing to trust in the power of not knowing?”

“Is the ‘vibe’ around me helpful or harmful?”

“I allow clear perception to heighten my instincts and intuition.”

Very interesting, isn’t it? We instinctively know when the “vibe” is right or wrong, but we often don’t trust the messages we get. We doubt and second-guess ourselves or we might willfully ignore our inner warning system and try to force our way through.

Look at the Circle again and ask, “Am I heading in the direction of my best interests?”

“Am I making decisions that are in my best interests?”

“Am I taking actions that are helpful, harmful or just plain ineffective?”

If you’re not clear yet, keep going with the exercise. You may need a few more easy corrections before the truth emerges.

Clear Perception and Being Present

Clear Perception - Gut Instinct

Often, how well we listen to our inner guidance is affected by how present we are in our bodies. It’s called gut instinct because when we’re really present, we can feel it in our solar plexus (the soft area in the front where our ribs go up).

You can use the Circle below with its positive affirmations to help you become more present and aware. Just relax and breathe while you gently look at it for a couple of minutes. Feel free to move at anytime in any way to help you embody your experience…

“I detach from confusion and chaotic energy.”

“I am present and willing to hear the truth. I face the facts.”

Once you’ve finished centering yourself, hopefully, you’re feeling much better!

Use Dog Medicine to Handle Your Agreements Appropriately:

Another reason why we might not perceive clearly is because there’s some kind of problem with an agreement or commitment we’ve entered into on some level. In this busy, modern life, people tend to take their agreements too lightly and don’t realize how important their word is. Perhaps it seems like too much effort or too complicated. Yet, if you really want to be be loyal to yourself, being clear about your agreements is super important. Especially agreements that you’ve made with yourself!

Here’s some tips about how to handle agreements successfully:

  1. We can keep our agreements and stay in integrity with our word.
  2. We can release agreements when they’re done or no longer serve us.
  3. Or, we can consciously re-negotiate them when they need to be changed.

It’s also a good idea to pay attention if someone hasn’t been keeping their agreements with us. If that’s happening, dog medicine suggests that it’s best to deal with the indiscretion asap. When we allow someone to break their word with us and say or do nothing about it, we lose our own integrity by being disloyal to ourselves.

Stay Calm:

It’s okay. Our situations are changing at a rapid pace and so are our priorities. To help you identify problem agreements, use this Circle to help you slow down again. Focus on yourself and your current goals.

“I bring my senses back into balance. 

I see myself and my goals as they really are in the present.”


Once you can perceive clearly, you may ask yourself:

“Am I trying to keep agreements that are harmful to me? Is it time to renegotiate a pertinent agreement? or Am I ignoring an important agreement that I need to follow through on?”

If so, can you tell what those agreements are about? Take all the time you need with this… what insights do you get?

If you ignore them, they may turn around and bite you!

Use this Soul Contract Circle to imagine that any harmful agreements you may have are like contracts that can be melted down to adjust for what’s needed or burned up entirely. Use the Circle to visualize all harmful contracts interacting with a sacred, violet flame. Here’s some affirmations to assist you if you like:

“I release all agreements that no longer serve me.”

“I let go of ___________.   I reframe ____________.  I stop ____________.”

Possible new agreements could be:

“I am loyal and true to my Self. My needs are a priority.”

“I have faith. I listen to my instincts and take good care of my Self.”

“I ________________________________.”

Use Dog Medicine to Help You Sniff Out the Truth:

To complete the correction in your perception, it’s important to realize where your attention has really been. Use the Circle below like you did with the others and see if you can determine what you’ve been focusing on consciously or unconsciously that isn’t in your best interests.

“What have I been paying too much attention to?”

“What action(s) do I need to take to truthfully correct the situation?”

Pull yourself back out of any fantasies, delusions or unconscious fears.

Energy Medicine for the New Paradigm



It’s very important that you be present, paying attention to your own actions and using your beneficial karma to create your life. Imagine those beneficial actions you’ve taken in the past are all gathered like seeds in the center of this Circle. Visualize positive life force traveling down the lines towards your helpful karma, nourishing them and encouraging them to grow!


Now it’s time to redirect your attention to helpful people, opportunities and places. For additional help, ask these questions:

“What is my priority at this time?”

“What is my natural place in this situation – where do I belong?”

“Am I in the New Paradigm of love and co-operation or the old paradigm based on fear and greed?”


Finally! It’s time to close the door on all those misuses of your time, attention and energies.

“I close the door on any drain or strain on my time, space, attention or energy.”

“I follow the direction of healthy protection.”

“I trust the wisdom of dog medicine.”


You now have clear perception about what’s really important to you – and you have some guidance about what to do about it. Not only that, you’ve just gotten a key insight that’s going to save you a lot of trouble in the long run!

Specialized Energy Clearing with the Author of Soul Oriented Solutions

Rheanni Lightwater - Clear Perception
Rheanni Lightwater, Reiki Master Teacher

If you feel that Clear Perception has helped, but hasn’t addressed all of your needs, Rheanni Lightwater, BFA, CHT, CKP is an expert in the art and science of mind body healing. She has 23+ years experience in dream tending, energy medicine, hypnotherapy and feng shui clearing. Contact her if you still feel exposed, lost, or overwhelmed.

Ms. Lightwater’s mission is to assist people in creating healthy balance and harmony in their lives. Sessions are available online or when you visit Santa Fe. Contact her at 505-271-4612 MST or email: info@soulresourcesllc.com.

This Mind Exercise should not be considered as an exclusive method of treatment. The appropriate medical or psychotherapeutic authorities should be consulted for the diagnosis and treatment of any medical or psychological condition. The information and practices described on this website are best considered as an adjunct to orthodox medical or psychological treatments.