Karmic Entanglements That Tap Into Adversity

A Transformation Game for Handling Karmic Entanglements ~

Rheanni Lightwater CHT, CKP
Rheanni Lightwater CHT, CKP, Reiki Master Teacher

TKuan Yin's Transformation Gamesransformation Games can help you to identify problems, navigate change and clarify what’s really important to you. Simply relax and gaze at the Intuitive Learning Circles™ while contemplating the accompanying positive affirmations. Let them help you clear karmic entanglements that pull you into harmful situations.

Relax and follow the directions… your intuition will come forward and give you the help that you seek!

Welcome to our Transformation Game for clearing karmic entanglements that tap into the Tarot card, Nine of Swords and the I Ching Hexagram #47 ADVERSITY.

Transformation Game - Karmic Entanglements
* Illustration by Norbert Losche’ – Cosmic Tarot

This process is much like a past life regression. You will have the opportunity to clear karmic entanglements that have outlived their purpose and become a burden to your evolution.

It’s important to clear all Soul Contracts and agreements. If they aren’t resolved completely, the karma is still entangled and your mental continuum continues to behave as if the agreement were still in force. This causes a lot of unnecessary suffering for you and those around you.

What Are Karmic Entanglements?

Let me give you an example: A woman who was having trouble feeling settled in her life decided to try playing the game. While going through it, she glimpsed impressions from another life, seeing bare feet and a beat up old suitcase. Later on while she was dreaming, she saw herself clearly living a past life as a Hungarian orphan in Nazi Germany.

In her dream of that life, she was continually used as a slave and moved from place to place without being able to feel safe. She was eventually turned into a work camp and lost her life without having any control at all.

As the woman brought herself back into her present life, she realized she was still operating under the cultural agreements that were in force back at that time.

Through the safety of this simple Transformation Game, she could release the shame, guilt and collective karma that was forced upon her. Gently, it brought her patterns of lack and uncertainty into consciousness so that she could relax and choose to move into a happier, more productive life.

Easy Steps to Play the Game:

  1. Select an issue that’s causing a blockage in your mental continuum. Use it as a springboard to accelerate your spiritual growth and prepare you for your next step on your healing journey.
  2. Follow directions to release your connection to negative influences from the past.
  3. Read each step with its question or affirmation, one at a time.
  4. Think about it while looking with a soft gaze at the Intuitive Learning Circle that goes with it.
  5. Remember to RELAX! The Circles and symbols help you to access a light hypnotic trance where you can access your akashic records and gently clear harmful karmic entanglements so you can make room for positive, proactive change.

Mind Body IntegrationFor best results, look at each symbol both crossed over the midline of the body and uncrossed so that the correction is more complete.


When you gaze softly at the Intuitive Learning Circles, you are using self-hypnosis to clear out interference and reorganize how you use your energy. You may experience subtle energies running through you, or the Circles may move, rotate or even change color. That means that they’re working! Just keep breathing and relax. When you release your agreement with negative karma, fear or falsehood, you could be detaching from old family patterns, outdated religious vows, or even a larger, collective entanglement like racial slavery. Not only will you feel better in the days and weeks that follow, you’ll be clearing away obstacles to happiness!

So, let’s get started!

Step One:

What is a situation in your life that distresses you? Gaze softly at the Circle below and relax as you contemplate that thought…

“What is distressing me?”



Step Two:

As you gaze at this symbol, imagine that you are scanning for information in your unconscious mind.

“Is this situation interfering with me on a karmic level?”

“Am I interfering with others on a karmic level?”

“Am I taking on karma from others?”

“is this actually my issue? Someone else’s? Is this a collective pattern?”



Step Three:

Use this Intuitive Learning Circle that accesses agreements being held deep within your nervous system. With it, you can release karmic agreements you may have with others that keep you entangled with them. Imagine that the agreements are like contracts being thrown into a fire and burning up.

“I release all cultural agreements that connect me with societal patterns such as racism, sexism, injustice and prejudice.”

“I release any debt, curse or obligation that is secretly affecting me.”

“I let go of any judgement or harm I’m unwittingly participating in.”

“I release my agreements with ________________,” etc.



Step Four:

Now it’s time to handle the thoughts behind the entanglements. Use the Circle below to gather past thoughts and beliefs about this situation. Are you tapping into someone else’s thoughts or emotions in any way? Are you resonating with an energy that is causing you harm? If you are, use the Circle below to see if you can pull yourself out of harm’s way by disconnecting from that energy. 



Step Five:

Are you feeding harmful karma with your energy? Take a few minutes to sort things out.  

“I detach my energy from this karmic debt. I release the concept of ‘owing others and others owing me’. All debts are forgiven.”



Step Six:

Are you preoccupied with the harm that so many people are participating in? Don’t inadvertently feed it by trying to fix, rescue or take the blame for it.

“I disassemble my tendency towards self-destruction. I now make a commitment to my higher good.”

The Essential Human* If you have a copy of The Essential Human, now would be a good time to use Emotional Corrections A – E between pages 97 and 101 to access and balance energies you’re pulling from the ‘field of potential’.

Going through this process will help you draw on the kinds of spiritual / emotional ingredients that will redirect your energy towards creating true freedom and sustainable prosperity.



Step Seven:

If there is karma of your own that needs to be cleared, use this symbol for dissolving destructive blueprints to send the karmic imprints from your mental continuum to the Sun to be purified. Include blueprints related to racism, injustice and prejudice.

Then, dissolve the mental and behavioral patterns that you have to take on or try to control other people’s responsibilities and/or karma.



Step Eight:

Make sure you’ve recovered yourself and back in your body.

“I am fully present in the here and now.”

Continue to relax and let your 3rd Chakra get connected, open and balanced at your solar plexus (the area where your ribs go up in the front).

Your Essential Self is most efficiently located there to help you manifest, create happiness and maintain health.

In stressful times, it’s pretty common for the Essential Self to get closed off, misplaced or dissociated. You can correct that now.


“My senses are intact. 


Adjust the volume to your senses.

“I perceive things as they really are – in the here and now.”


Step Nine:

Bring closure to the karma, by closing any openings that lead back to past.

“All holes are sealed and healed. 

I follow the direction of healthy protection.”

Congratulations! You’re ready to approach your situation more objectively, with a different perspective – without all those karmic entanglements!

If you like, you can optimize this process by consciously shifting your focus to what you want to do now. Use the following sequence of Circles to help you. Simply gather your energy into the center of each Circle to facilitate the change:

“I focus my thoughts on productive activities that are in my positive self interest.”


“I connect to my better angels and true prosperity which allows prosperity for all.”


“I forgive myself completely and reclaim my innocence.”

“I forgive others and the Creator so I can move beyond the illusion of separation.”


Seal and heal all remaining entanglements with suffering and ignorance.

Congratulations! Your new awareness makes it more possible for miracles to occur! Be sure to take some time to integrate. Go for a walk. Enjoy the healing that comes from Nature.

While you walk, consider the following positive affirmations:

“I am a Divine Child of the Universe. I am beautiful, innocent and can trust that I’m fully supported.”


*Please note that we are all infinite beings in an infinite universe – as new circumstances or events change, we may encounter new karmic entanglements and Soul Contracts, even with the same people we just cleared. However, you can use this process as many times as you need to.


Rheanni Lightwater - Rheanni Lightwater CHT, CKT lives and practices in Santa Fe, NM. She specializes in mind body healing with family, environment and relationship clearing using Kinesiology, the Intuitive Learning Circles, Reiki as a Master/Teacher, Hypnotherapy and Shamanic Clearing Techniques.

Schedule with Rheanni via Zoom or in person when you visit Santa Fe, New Mexico. Call or text her at (505) 271-4612 to schedule an appointment between 10:00am – 5:00pm, Monday through Friday, Mountain Standard Time.

This Transformation Game should not be considered as an exclusive method of treatment for any ailment. The appropriate medical or psychotherapeutic authorities should be consulted for the diagnosis and treatment if there is any medical or psychological condition. The information and practices described on this website are best considered as an adjunct to orthodox medical or psychological treatments.

Manifest Happiness In The New Paradigm

 Join a Power Circle to Manifest Happiness

Since 2002, the Right Livelihood and Manifest Happiness Circles have been a powerful motivating force for freedom loving individuals who want to go beyond wishful thinking and actualize their heart’s desire. Obstacles to success are transmuted in a class setting and participants learn how to create the energetic flow of happiness – an inner state of resilience that utilizes the generative , life affirming flow of creative energy.

In 2021, our Power Circles are focused on creating a new environmental and behavioral template that will support us as we manifest happiness, common ground, co-operation and equality in the New Paradigm. This integrative process helps us stay grounded as we adapt to radical change with courage and resiliency. By participating, you will learn best practices to help you love yourself, be kind to yourself and be true to who you are.

Power Circles are available online over Zoom or in person. Private sessions are $120.00 plus NM Tax for 90 minutes. Group sessions are $65.00 per person per class.

Join a Power Circle where you can learn how to access the power of your Soul to help you manifest happiness.

Manifest Happiness in the New Paradigm

Soul Resources LLC and Rheanni Lightwater is offering the Manifest Happiness Power Circles. These Circles are for artists, teachers, mothers, fathers, healers and inventors. Anyone who genuinely wants to connect with their Soul and reclaim their power with integrity and purpose.

Course materials utilize Reiki, Hypnotherapy, Peruvian Shamanism, Hawaiian Huna, Feng Shui principles of balance and the Intuitive Learning Circles™. 



Let’s start with a couple of quick explanations of happiness and unhappiness that we use as underlying principles to the Power Circles ~

1) Happiness is a heart centered state of being where a person is internally creating their experience and more likely to attract their needs in an open, natural way. As they experience happiness, they are self-confident and living the concept of reciprocity – that “what you put out comes back to you.” They take responsibility for their personal growth and know that their mindset is important in maintaining their health and their happiness.


Blockages to Happiness2) Unhappiness is a state of being where a person is focused on external conditions and the delusion of powerlessness. They look for answers outside of themselves. It’s important to note that unhappiness can be transformed into happiness through courage and the awareness that a different choice can be made at any time.

Miracles - Channels of Spirit3) “Intuition is an inner knowing available to us when all of the senses, known and unknown are balanced and able to receive information that is usually filtered out by the conscious mind.”

~ from Learning in the New Paradigm by Rheanni Lightwater

The Cornerstones of Manifest Happiness Circles in the New Paradigm are:

  • Creating sustainable prosperity through balance with Nature, equality and respectful relationships.
  • Operating out of inner guidance from the Soul rather than the ego.
  • Developing courage and resolve to find peaceful solutions to our current dilemmas.
  • Balancing masculine and feminine energies to create wholeness.
  • Cultivating personal responsibility by understanding reciprocity – “what I put out is what comes back to me” (the Law of Karma).
  • Seeking out healthy nourishment and balance for the body, mind and spirit.
  • Realizing joyful living through active self-care and self-love.
  • Actualizing freedom from societal and familial baggage.

The Problem

Getting to the Bottom of Your Prosperity Issues.

An example from our recent past will help to paint a picture of what happens when one has lost touch with one of our cornerstones – their prosperity. Let’s say you are living in Pittsburgh in the 50’s and 60’s. You’ve grown up in an environment that is predominately steel mills and manufacturing. The businesses, buildings and social structures have been conceived and built to fulfill the purpose of producing economic dependence upon the steel industry. You are a steel mill worker. Very likely your family has worked in the mills for generations. Every activity, thought and inner motivation has been built upon that experience. Your politics and the conversations you have revolve around it. Your economic security depends upon it. An electro-magnetic energy field has been erected by the collective energy of the residents of Pittsburgh. In response, your personal energy structure has adapted to and perpetuates that input. Now you are in the 70’s and 80’s and the bottom falls out of the steel industry. What do you do? Your own personal energy structure is still operating under “I am a steel mill worker,” but there is no longer any support for that identity.

The Four Stages of Societal Change

1.) Your initial reaction is shock and fear. It’s like the whole world is crumbling down around you.

2.) The next stage is denial. “This is not really happening, maybe if I go down the street and apply at the other mills, I’ll get a job there.”

3.) Once it really sinks in that there are no more jobs in town, disillusionment and depression set in.

4.) If little or nothing is done to alleviate the situation, violence and desperation break out, creating a gridlock to positive change.

Many people are now experiencing one of these four stages due to COVID-19 and other political, societal and environmental changes taking place in our world today. The solution is to open yourself up to changing who you think you are and building a new identity and personal energy structure that supports who you want to be now.

The Solution

This is where the Manifest Happiness Power Circles come in. The classes and Transformation Games are designed to help you transmute, transform and transcend your experience of dissonance into an experience of wholeness, an opening to re-invent yourself through the inner guidance of your Soul.

If you want to be happy and prosperous in the truest sense, you will want to examine who you think you are and clear out any thoughts, emotions or assumptions that prevent you from moving forward into the person you’d like to become. It’s also a good idea to modify attitudes and perceptions that keep you chained to the past, struggling to cope with all the changes going on around you.

Find out how the Manifest Happiness Power Circles can assist you! 

Rheanni Lightwater, CHT, CKP, Reiki Master TeacherRheanni Lightwater is a Feng Shui consultant, Kinesiologist, Hypnotherapist and Master Teacher of Reiki in Santa Fe. She has been an intuitive in medical clinics and continues her work in private practice. To find out more, call or text (505) 271-4612 to schedule a free initial consultation.

The special cost for an online Intro is $50.00 plus NM Sales Tax.

The Intro is the first in a series of five 2  1/2 hour workshops designed to resolve mental and emotional patterns that keep us stuck in the old paradigm and obstruct the realization of peace and prosperity in the New Paradigm.

Participation in this class is by interview only. Please call Rheanni Lightwater at (505) 271-4612.

Private Manifest Happiness Circles are One and 1/2 hours long and cost $120.00 plus tax.
Group classes are $65.00 plus tax per person per class. Class Size is limited to no more than six participants.
Gifts from the Rainforest - Animal Totems for Inner GuidanceThe Essential HumanText books (required after Intro) : Gifts from the Rainforest and The Essential Human = $90.00 total.

Check, cash and credit card accepted.
All in person classes take place in Santa Fe, NM or online through Zoom.

Setting Limitations for Strong Boundaries

Are You Setting Limitations That Are Strong Enough to Maintain Healthy Boundaries in Times of Social Upheaval?

As we enter into the New Paradigm of equality and personal responsibility, setting LIMITATIONS becomes more and more essential to our health and well-being. 

Transformation Game - Setting LimitationsTo assess our own responsibility, sometimes we have to ask ourselves unpleasant questions. In this Transformation Game we’re going to address some that may be a little sensitive:

“Am I being dumped on or scapegoated? If so, how am I contributing to the problem?”

“Is my energy field resilient enough to repel interference?”

“What can I do about it (without creating more drama) in a non-violent, yet effective way?”

Welcome to the I Ching Reading and Transformation Game for: Hexagram #60 Setting LIMITATIONS for Strong Boundaries ~

“Extravagant behavior and lack of restraint has led you into a state of difficulty. If you are now feeling regret over this and not busy placing the blame elsewhere, you will avoid further mistakes.” ~ The I Ching Workbook, R.L. Wing

When people choose to blame others and you happen to be in their crossfires, you’re liable to be dumped on energetically, even if you’re not directly involved with the situation. This tendency is especially common among highly sensitive people.

In this context, when someone is being “dumped on” (or scapegoated), it means that they’re consciously or unconsciously taking on responsibility for other people’s feelings, karma, behavior, etc. This method of coping is usually learned early on in life and can cause great suffering for the “dumpee.” In contrast, it creates quite a bit of freedom for the “dumper.”

Sometimes dumpers just feel overwhelmed and are looking for relief, as in the case of a small child. However, some people never learn to handle their own feelings and go around unconsciously looking for someone to shame, blame and/or dump their issues on.

Unfortunately, narcissistic people actually dump on others purposely to further their quest for power and control. A big, red flag for that is when they want you to feel sorry for them. “Poor me. I have it so hard!” Watch out… that means the energetic dump truck is pulling up to your driveway!

Another way that unsuspecting people get dumped on is through flattery and adulation. “You’re so wonderful! Your work is so amazing… you’re such a great leader, healer, mother, artist, etc.” If you’re wise, you won’t fall for it, because you’re about to be covered with energetic ick and ook from the ethers!

The truth is, unless you want to spend your life cleaning up after others, rather than living your own dreams, you’re going to have to start setting limitations.

All forms of dumping are either: inexperience (as in the case of a small child) or an abuse of power based on co-dependence coupled with a desire to escape responsibility. The examples mentioned are merely situations where dumping is far more likely to happen.

If you feel you are in such a situation and want to do something constructive to help yourself, you can go through this Transformation Game on Setting Limitations. Simply relax and gaze at the Circles while contemplating the questions or positive affirmations that go with them. Your intuition will come forward and give you the help that you seek.

Begin By Changing Your Perspective and Willingness to Change:

If you’re willing to examine your personal habits and are setting LIMITATIONS for yourself that are healthy and life affirming, you can learn to stop being a dumpee. To get started, take a look at this perception changer from Soul Prayer Charts.

Pull away from your current perspective and, like a camera being guided by your Soul, come at this situation from a different angle that provides a solution. Give yourself time to adjust to this new perspective and explore the possibilities with your imagination.


Next, ask yourself:

“Have I been willing to let other people dump on me? Have I allowed it to happen a lot in the past?” 

“Am I willing to stop this tendency in myself and find a solution?”

If you have a tendency to be caught off guard by others, now is the time to set stronger LIMITATIONS. Ask your Self, “Am I currently experiencing situations where:

1) There’s a lot of incompetence or my privacy is being disrespected?

2) People are displeased with you, noncooperative, argumentative or easily offended?

3) There is poor health or breakups in friendship or family relations?”

If so, Setting LIMITATIONS and improved oversight is definitely called for.

What Not to Do…

In situations like these, forceful displays of power will absolutely backfire. Realize that you’re being baited. Do nothing to aggressively confront people in regard to those particular situations and be very conservative with any investment of energy, time or money. Doing so would probably result in a nasty bout of dumping.

The Best Things To Do when dealing with the “dumper/dumpee” dynamic is to:

  1. Stay calm and stand your ground by rejecting whatever is being dumped.
  2. Notice what’s happening and take care of yourself very sensibly.
  3. Don’t take the bait of getting into a fight. Remove yourself from the situation.
  4. Be generous and kind to those you care about and trust, while you stay out of their business.
  5. Find new avenues of behavior that genuinely support your well-being.

Let me repeat…

If you don’t want to be dumped on, don’t engage in dramatic emotional exchanges. That’s because whenever you’re caught up in emotional turmoil or flattery, you’re in an excellent energetic position to be dumped on. And that’s true regardless of whether the emotion is positive or negative.

To help yourself, gaze softly at this symbol and imagine that whatever has been dumped on you is being returned to where ever it belongs.

Then imagine your own karmic seeds for harmful or co-dependent habits are being purified through fire.

“I purify my karmic tendency towards co-dependence and self-destruction. I now make a commitment to my higher good.”


Detach from the collective “herd mentality” of self-pity.

“I let go of feeling sorry for myself or others. I decide to embrace self-responsibility and healthy self-care.”


Release Your Agreement with Abusive, Codependent Behavior.

Tell your neurological system that you are done with behavior that puts you in harm’s way – like shaming and blaming yourself or continuing to hang out with people who have dumped on you multiple times.

“I release my agreement to ____________________________.”

“I release any agreement I have to let myself be abused in this way. I detach from harming or disrespecting myself now and in the future.”

Include situations like watching too much media, buying into gossip, conflicts, contradictions, obligations, co-dependence, exaggerated self-importance, lies, trickery or someone else’s delusional suffering.


Release the Conflicts:

Relax and use this affirmation to help you release whatever might be causing conflict in you.

“I stop gripping on _____________.”

“I release the conflict around _______________ or anything else that causes me harm. “

You can use this Circle like a telescope to help you find fixations in your mind and energy field. Once you find one, use the symbol to send a laser beam to break it apart or melt it like an iceberg in the Sun. There may be more than one. Break up any fixations that you find!

Find Empowerment Through Your Soul:

Open the connection to your spirit through your Heart. Allow your energy to reorganize in accordance with what’s best for you at this time. Acknowledge that there may be some interference that’s blocking you from the truth.

“I acknowledge that my energy needs to be recalibrated to connect with the truthful and positive influence of my spirit.”

“I exist and what happens to me matters.”


Dissolve any harmful thoughts or emotions that have kept you in the dark.

It might help to imagine those patterns like dense clouds that obstruct the light. See the darkness dissolve and dissipate into sunlight and clear blue skies.

“I dissolve the confusion and chaos. I let go of needing to please others. I let go of the need to_______________.”

You may need additional help from Soul Prayer Charts. If so, go here>

Once you have successfully cleared all the dumped energy and harmful patterns, seal and heal any holes that may have been hidden behind in the darkness. These positive affirmations work very well:

“I seal and heal all ways that others dump on me. I am safe.”

“I now head in the direction of my Souls true purpose.”


Be sure to do that both crossed and uncrossed over the midline of your body!


Setting Limitations On How You Contribute to the Problem:

Use this Circle to help you become aware of ways you have been approaching things that haven’t been working for you.

If you let your thoughts slow down, you can begin to sense what’s contributing to your problems.

The very awareness of how you’re tied into the problem reveals possible solutions.

“I slow down and consider my situation carefully.

Is there something about this situation that I’m missing and need to know?

Do I understand the part I have played in this situation?”


In this lighter, clearer mind space, ask yourself:

“What makes sense to do next?” or “How can I best protect myself in this situation?”

Congratulations! You’ve taken an important first step towards protecting your Self from being dumped on. Taking the time now to understand how you have unknowingly contributed to your own suffering is truly a gift of self-love.

Extra-intuitive Activities

The following extra-intuitive activities aren’t required, but they can really help you prevent future suffering…

Note: At any point during the rest of this Transformation Game, you may need to go back to the Release Fixations section to look for and clear additional fixations. 

Setting Limitations On What You’re Attracting:

If you’re approaching situations with an attitude of “I’m going to fix this,” or “I’m supposed to rescue this person or change how they are thinking / behaving,” you’re setting yourself up to fall into the dumper/dumpee trap. To avoid it, stay centered and focused on your own integrity.

The Essential Human* If you have a copy of The Essential Human, now would be a good time to use Emotional Corrections A – E between pages 97 and 101 to access and balance energies you’re pulling from the ‘field of potential’.

Going through this process will help you draw on the kinds of spiritual / emotional ingredients that will support your integrity.

“I am focused on my own integrity.”


Setting Limitations on What Kinds of Situations You Participate In:

Put your feet on the floor and ground in the New Paradigm – a consciousness of equality, personal responsibility and sustainable prosperity.


Once you’re feeling grounded, ask for the very best.

“I now access healthy nourishment and support for my Souls true purpose.”


Imagine that you can form strong, healthy boundaries with this affirmation:

“I am surrounded with courage and determination. I reject and repel shame, blame, frustration, jealousy, impatience, panic and _________.”


The fact that you have taken the time now to strengthen your boundaries and protect yourself will serve you well throughout your life.

Closure for Mind Body Healing

More about Reiki Chakra Healing >

For More Help Navigating the Flow – Check Out Todays Intuitive Reading >


Rheanni Lightwater - Sustainable Prosperity in the New Paradigm

Rheanni Lightwater CHT, CKT lives and practices in Santa Fe, NM. She specializes in mind body healing with family and relationship clearing using Kinesiology, the Intuitive Learning Circles™, Reiki as a Master/Teacher, Hypnotherapy and Shamanic Clearing Techniques.

Schedule with Rheanni via Zoom, Skype or in person when you visit Santa Fe, New Mexico. Call her at (505) 271-4612 between 10:00am – 5:00pm, MST, Monday through Friday to schedule.

This Transformation Game should not be considered as an exclusive method of treatment. The appropriate medical or psychotherapeutic authorities should be consulted for the diagnosis and treatment if there is any medical or psychological condition. The information and practices described on this website are best considered as an adjunct to orthodox medical or psychological treatments.

Making Clear Priorities to Create Happiness

Are You Making Clear Priorities Through Your True Spiritual Self, or the Ego? A Transformation Game on How to Stay Clear of Other Peoples Agendas.

Making Clear Priorities

One of the biggest components of learning how to live a happy life is making clear priorities for yourself based on the needs and desires of your own true Self. That means that you have to figure out ways to keep yourself clear of other people’s agendas and attitudes. 

This can get complicated because most people allow their egos to be in control of their mind, their decisions and their bodies. That gets to be a real problem because the egoic critical mind is often very angry, easily distracted and based on fear. Here is a comparison that I like to use:

“The ego doesn’t like to take chances; the heart and soul thrive on them.
The ego idealizes the past; the heart and soul live in the present.
The ego fears the future; the heart and soul embrace it.” ~ Gifts from the Rainforest, Rheanni Lightwater

Blockages to HappinessThere’s also a “collective ego” that tries to control societal agendas on the basis of suffering, struggle and pain. Some people would call that the “hive mind” or groupthink. If we comply and give into the groupthink, happiness is in very short supply because it’s based solely on external conditions. How much do I have and how much can I get? Under that paradigm, our only hope is to try and control how things work out for us. If we rebel, we have to fight against everything and resist. Either way, the basic premise we are reacting from is unhappiness and dissatisfaction.

This Game is associated with Hexagram #18 REPAIR from The I Ching or The Book of Change.

“Stop now and think about it. Your problems may seem to be overwhelming; things appear to be out of hand. Yet the hexagram REPAIR bodes great success. Through work you have the opportunity to totally eliminate the past indifference that has created the present uncomfortable situation. Work hard. You can see the problems clearly. The timing is excellent for making amends. Do not be afraid to take assertive action…Your own past attitude has allowed the damage to occur, making you uniquely equipped to REPAIR it.” The I Ching Workbook, R.L. Wing

Is it really possible to REPAIR the ego based model peacefully and let our spiritual Selves be in charge? How can we free ourselves from the suffering of the ego mind and respond from a place of self-love instead?”

Awareness of Our True Priorities Might Be a Good Place to Start

In this short game, you have the opportunity to examine whether you are making clear priorities for yourself based on self-love or based on suffering and struggle.

Simply gaze at each symbol with a soft focus and relax. Then engage with the questions or positive affirmations that go with each one. In this way, you can connect with your spiritual Self and get intuitive answers that come from the Soul.

A Transformation Game for Making Clear Priorities

Know When Making REPAIRS Is Needed ~

There are several reasons why we might be unconsciously tapping into the ego mind. Most of us have at least one “blind spot.” For some reason, we’ve been conditioned to listen to the ego rather than our true Spiritual Selves. Let’s see if we can remedy some of that by gazing softly at this Reiki Chakra Key, together with these positive affirmations:

“I repair my blind spot. I take ownership of my senses.”

“I use them to be present and aware.”

“I use them to sense what will keep me safe, productive and well.”

“I can clearly sense true spiritual guidance and my soul’s purpose.”

Electro-magnetic frequencies can block clear guidance and knock your senses out of balance.  

Gaze softly at this Circle and take a moment to bring your senses into balance so you can calm down and perceive things more clearly. 

Imagine you can adjust the volume in your head. Take all the time you need.

Once your senses are adjusted, it’s easier to tell what’s really going on.

Test Your Level of Awareness ~

Now you can use this Circle to safely check into how collective groupthink might be affecting you. As you gaze softly, use this simple affirmation:

Am I aware of any societal attitudes and agendas that cause me harm?”

“if so, am I fighting or complying with my ego and the collective ego?”

“I release all agreements that the ego (collective or personal) is in charge of my life, my body, my decisions or how I express myself.”

“My spiritual Self is in charge of my happiness, my karma and how I use my energy.”

Next Step – Slow Down Your Thinking ~

Relax and gaze softly at the center open space of this Circle while you repeat a few positive affirmations to yourself. If there’s a question, just be open to your gut response.

“I slow down because things may be moving too fast for me to be making clear priorities. “

“I’m willing to admit if I don’t know what’s going on. Asking for help is a blessing.”

“Is my inner guidance sending me a warning? An opportunity?”

“Am I being misguided? Do I need to let go of something?”

“Does intuition want to redirect my attention to something else?”

“In either case, am I willing to listen and learn?”

Deal with Shock or Inner Conflicts ~

You may be experiencing shock that’s interfering with your ability to shift your thinking and concentrate on what really matters. Negative groupthink relies on shock to maintain control and manipulation. Relax and use this affirmation to help you release whatever you’re fixated on.

“I let go of fixations that are trapped in my mind. I let all rigid thoughts soften and melt away.”

Make New Decisions ~

What new decisions do you need to make for yourself? For example:

“I let go of decisions I have to screw myself or let myself be screwed.”

“I let my spirit lead me rather than my ego. I make decisions that come from my deepest wisdom.”

Other new decisions could be:

“I am loyal and true to my spiritual Self. My needs are a priority.”

“I have faith in my Self. I take good care of my Self.”

“I ________________________________.”

Reveal Your True Priorities ~

Allow the medicine of this Circle to redirect your thoughts to what your true priorities are. 

“Who and what is most important to me at this time in my life?”

“What is my natural place in this  situation – where do I belong?”

“Am I in the New Paradigm of self-love or the old paradigm based on suffering and struggle*?”

*If you are still in the old paradigm, you may be caught up in another attitude or agenda. You can go back to the beginning of the game and play again as many times as it takes for you to free yourself.

Clear the Mental and Emotional Blueprints ~

We all have family patterns and social conditioning that contribute to the tendency to get caught up in ego agendas and groupthink.

You can use this symbol for dissolving destructive blueprints to identify them in your unconscious mind and clear them out. Just imagine the harmful thoughts, emotions and attitudes are like dark clouds, dissolving away or disappearing into the Sun.

REPAIR Your Communications ~

We’re nearly done now. Use this Circle to help you communicate your priorities from the center of your being! Use this affirmation to help you:

“I communicate my priorities with ease. My intention is clear.”


Finally! It’s time to close the door on all those misuses of your time, attention and energies.

“I close the door on harmful agendas and groupthink.

I seal and heal any drain or strain on my time, space, attention or energy.

I follow the direction of healthy protection.

I trust the wisdom of my Soul and true spiritual Self.”


You have gone through a process of making clear priorities based on your spiritual Self rather than the ego. It’s time to go out and celebrate your new freedom by doing something that’s truly important to you!

For More Help Navigating the Flow – Check Out Todays Intuitive Reading >


Find out more – Create a new vision with us!

Rheanni Lightwater - Clear Perception

Rheanni Lightwater CHT, CKT lives and practices in Santa Fe, NM. She specializes in mind body healing with family and relationship clearing using Kinesiology, the Intuitive Learning Circles™, Reiki as a Master/Teacher, Hypnotherapy and Shamanic Clearing Techniques.

Schedule with Rheanni via Zoom, Skype or in person when you visit Santa Fe, New Mexico. Call her at (505) 271-4612 between 10:00am – 5:00pm, MST, Monday through Friday to schedule.

This Transformation Game should not be considered as an exclusive method of treatment. The appropriate medical or psychotherapeutic authorities should be consulted for the diagnosis and treatment of any medical or psychological condition. The information and practices described on this website are best considered as an adjunct to orthodox medical or psychological treatments.

Creating Internal Safety

Learn How You Can Tap Into Your Second Chakra for Creating Internal Safety in Your Environment ~

The 2nd Chakra Is Deeply Connected with how well we Nurture and protect ourselves.

Primary Chakra LocationsYour 2nd chakra is located approximately 2-3 inches directly down from your navel.

It’s the energy plexus where emotions, digestion and immunity all come together. When it gets out of balance or entangled with toxic pollutants, your physical, emotional and spiritual health can be impacted in a negative way.

Gaze softly at the Reiki Chakra Key below to help you balance and gather up physiological information that will help you organize your space in a way that helps you feel safe and healthy.

The environment in your second chakra is very important to your self-care and emotional healing. When it’s balanced and healthy, it transmits a vibrant orange energy that is hopeful and attracts belonging and support. It’s also your creative center, the place where you generate your personal mana or creative energy. If it becomes stagnant, goes into shock or gets caught up in emotional entanglements, your physical, emotional and spiritual health suffers. In today’s environment, that’s something many of us are experiencing. This simple feng shui exercise is designed to help you go within and come up with important resources for staying healthy.

When you’re ready, pull out a piece of paper and something to write with so you can make notes as we go along…

Creating Internal Safety is based on SOS Mind Exercise #8: Setting Up a Safe Space

Creating Internal Safety by Setting Up a Safe Space In Creating Internal Safety, you’ll be utilizing your intuitive insight to implement very simple changes that can make a world of difference in how you’re creating stability and safety in your personal space. You’ll discover that your intuition and unconscious mind are much more aware of whats going on than your conscious mind is!

Go through this mind exercise by reading each step and then gazing softly at the Circle that goes with it to gain insight about what creative changes you can make in your internal and/or external environment that will help you.

Step 1. The goal of Creating Internal Safety is for you to get clarity about how well your personal space is supporting you and what you can do to make improvements. You might get insights about your body or your external environment. After all, they are connected and this is an important time to become aware of them.

First, take some time to slow down while you gaze softly at the Circle. Breathe in and out several times. Drop your shoulders. Relax your jaw. 

Move around and stretch if you need to.


Now that you’re more relaxed, imagine you can see the space within your Second Chakra (remember, that’s located about 2″ below your navel).

Zoom in, like a camera. See or sense it moving in slow motion.

What do you notice? Go ahead and make notes about what you sense.


Step 2. Gaze at this Circle for Divine Protection and ask for help so that you can get more aware.

Let’s start with very simple questions that we take one at a time…

Is there anything in your personal space or immediate environment that could be triggering an unsettling reaction in you? Is anything getting you down?

  • Is something missing? Is something present that shouldn’t be?
  • Is there any toxic build up?
  • What else do you notice that doesn’t seem right? Make notes so that you’ll remember.

Step 3. Physical objects in your environment carry a lot of energy through them, especially if they have been gifted to you or are second hand pieces. These could be books, equipment, furniture, pictures and other objects of art. Are there any objects in your home or office that are having a negative effect on you? If so, can you identify them?

What would remedy the situation?

Does something need to be moved, rearranged, cleaned or removed completely? Can something be brought in to remedy the situation?


Step 4. You could be preoccupied by other things that are causing you to be anxious. Like many of us, you may be reorganizing your work/living arrangements. Let this Circle help you relax and answer questions about how you need to nurture yourself now, under your new circumstances:

“Is there something I can let go of that will help ease the situation? If so, what is it and where is it located?”

“Have I forgotten something that I need to add to my space?”

“Is there anything else?”

Many times after a significant change, it’s a great help to rearrange or clean out certain areas of our homes. Especially crystals. Read more about that here…

Feng shui tradition also suggests to find at least twelve objects to move. This Circle may help you come up with the objects that would be most helpful for you to move!

Old Soul


Step 5. Now that you’ve considered your external environment, it’s time to check in with your body. Take a minute and use this next Circle to tune into yourself: What emotion(s) are running through you? Does that throw you off balance?

Is that dynamic helpful or harmful to you?

If it’s harmful, you might be experiencing a compulsion, obsession or phobia from the collective unconscious. If that’s happening, release your agreement to carry it any longer.


Step 6. Is there anything else that’s irritating you?

Identify it if you can.

What will remedy the situation?

Does something need to be moved, cleaned, cleared or rearranged? Does anything need to be removed completely?

Is there anything else?


Step 7. Is there anything that you could bring into your space or your diet that would help you be happier, more hopeful or more creative?

Would anything increase your good health or emotional stability?

Could anything be done to increase your sense of safety?

What might you add that would bring more beauty into your space?

Is there anything else you need to know?


Step 8. You can finish the game today by closing the door to any old pathways to suffering. Then remind yourself that your personal space belongs to you. How you take care of it has a profound effect on the rest of your life!

Closure for Mind Body Healing

Thank yourself for taking the time to go through Creating Internal Safety – a gift that will make your life a whole lot better! Bring the energy of gratitude in towards the center and let it connect with your heart.

Congratulations! Now is a good time to take a walk or go out into Nature to help this all integrate.

SOS Soul Oriented Solutions Develop Healthy Boundaries

Setting Up a Safe Space is one of nine self-care formulas and mind exercises from SOS Soul Oriented Solutions, a self-help journal for your inner journey from emotional stress to self-love by Rheanni Lightwater.


PURCHASE the Print Edition or a PDF Ebook HERE>>

Specialized Energy Clearing with the Author of Soul Oriented Solutions

Rheanni Lightwater - Creating Internal Safety
Rheanni Lightwater, Reiki Master Teacher

If you feel that Creating Internal Safety has helped, but hasn’t addressed all of your needs, Rheanni Lightwater, BFA, CHT, CKP is an expert in the art and science of mind body healing. She has 23+ years experience in dream tending, energy medicine, hypnotherapy and feng shui clearing. Contact her if you still feel exposed, lost, or overwhelmed.

Ms. Lightwater’s mission is to assist people in creating healthy balance and harmony in their lives. Sessions are available online or when you visit Santa Fe. Contact her at 505-271-4612 MST or email: info@soulresourcesllc.com.


This mind exercise should not be considered as an exclusive method of treatment. The appropriate medical or psychotherapeutic authorities should be consulted for the diagnosis and treatment for any medical or psychological condition. The information and practices described on this website are best considered as an adjunct to orthodox medical or psychological treatments.

Navigate Your Karma

Navigate Your Karma: Understanding How the Root Cause is the Answer to Resolution ~ with Rheanni Lightwater

Your Root Chakra Is Deeply Connected to Personal and Collective Karma that Influences your Physical Conditions.

Root Chakra - Navigate Your Karma

Your chakras are part of how you use your energy to manifest your goals and your root energy provides a foundation for your basic physiological and biological needs. This includes your needs for air, food (nourishment), water, shelter, warmth, sex, sleep and method(s) of communication. This exercise is designed to help you navigate your karma, especially around these basic needs by gently reprogramming your root chakra.

What do I mean by “karma”?

Being human at this time and on this planet is your karma (as well as mine) and we share that karma collectively. In my opinion, the best explanation of karma is simply the physical and spiritual law of cause and effect. “For every action, there is a reaction.” “What I put out comes back to me.”

Navigate Your Karma - Life Destructive Flow

Whenever you have a thought, decide to follow through on it and then take action, you have created karma. As far as the Cosmos is concerned, there is no judgement about it or suffering assigned to it, only consequences. In other words, there will be some kind of effect from anything that’s put into motion.

Let’s use the example of your birth. Certain thoughts, decisions and actions your grandparents took caused them to create the circumstances for your parents to conceive you. You incarnated! Your karmic seeds for being a human have ripened! For better or for worse. That goes for me too, both good and bad, or as I like to put it – preferred and unpreferred.

There is always a mixture of preferred and unpreferred karma. It’s never all bad or all good. Even the terms “good” and “bad” are only relevant to your goals and point of view. You may say that your job situation is bad karma, yet to another person, having any job at all could be seen as good karma to them. The individual’s perspective makes all the difference.

For example, you may see that new car as good karma today and tomorrow you get into a bad accident by driving too fast in it. Is it “good”, “bad”, a punishment? No, simply the natural consequences of actions you’ve taken. However, if you decide that it’s a punishment and then you act on that decision, you are technically creating the karma for “punishment.” The Cosmos is neutral, but you have condemned yourself.

If you then decide to deny your responsibility for your part in that accident and continue to lie to yourself about it, a karmic pattern begins to form (or continues). Denial only plants the karmic seeds for more denial and lies which then leads to punishment, then more denial, which then creates more lies… and so it goes – on and on and on. In Buddhism, it’s called samsara – the cycle of suffering.

The Way Out – You Can Navigate Your Karma by Setting It Right.

Situations are neutral and more often than not, our unpreferred situations actually help us to learn and propel us further on our spiritual journey.

Another more poignant example is our karma as it pertains to the coronavirus. The overall atmosphere of the pandemic and its accompanying financial upheaval has undeniably been a group experience and therefore a clearcut example of collective cause and effect.

Yet the disruption provides valuable experience as it assists us in understanding why we need to deal with social injustice or climate change. We might also discover ways to create more preferred financial structures and live together more peacefully.

So, how might you navigate your karma as an individual in the midst of this collective karma?

There are many choices and subsequent consequences. Some people could make a decision to ignore safety recommendations and follow through by going out without protection. “I went out. I got sick. I should have listened!” Some go out and have little or no immediately perceivable consequences. “I went out. I didn’t catch the virus. I’m all that.” Others do everything right and still have a terrible time. “I did everything right. I still got the virus. Why am being punished?”

The structures of the status quo tell us that we are “sinners.” However, the Cosmos is neutral. We are really our own judge and jury. Our perception and what ideas we buy into are the key factors for how we either resolve the karma or intensify it.

So here we all are, sitting in the middle of our pandemic karma. What’s the best thing to do? For me, the initial answer is to come clean with it. Accept my part in what’s happening and learn from it. Be open to new thoughts, make different decisions and then take action on them.

Sounds simple, yet so very difficult. After all, there are those pesky consequences to consider!

Here’s what I do, and it seems to work pretty well. I offer it up for your consideration:

  1. I accept what’s happening and how I feel about it (personal responsibility).
  2. I become open to new thoughts about hope and forgiving myself.
  3. I gather my courage and awareness to make a new decision based on what I would now prefer to experience.
  4. I take action on steps 1, 2 and 3 with care and patient consideration.

Navigate Your Karma - Life Affirming Flow

Taking Care of the Root Cause Through a Mind Exercise Using the Intuitive Learning Circles™

Let’s begin by changing our agreements around punishment and being so very black and white, good and bad about everything. Your nervous system holds the energy of those agreements. To let go, start at the bottom of the line and the bottom of your spine. As you move up, you can imagine a lock unlocking – freeing each vertebrae from the chains of outdated, oppressive agreements – all the way up to the top of your spine.

“I release the agreement that I am a sinner.”

“I let go of any agreements I have that karma is ‘bad’ or ‘good’.”

“I decide that karma is neutral. It’s what I do with it that matters.”

“I give up punishment.”

“I release my judgement and let myself off the hook.”

“I decide to accept what’s happening and learn more preferred ways of being, based on what’s needed now.”

What other agreements would you like to change?

Consider a current experience you’re having that you would like to navigate differently. Take a few minutes with this next Circle to turn down the volume and pay attention to what your current perception is.


Once you’ve calmed down, ask yourself:

“How am I perceiving the situation?

What are my fears?

Am I present in my body?”



Next, make sure that you’re fully present.

Continue to relax and let your 3rd Chakra get connected, open and balanced at your solar plexus (the area where your ribs go up in the front).

Your Essential Self is the embodiment of your instinctual nature and the keeper of your personal  energy. It’s most efficiently located in the 3rd Chakra to help you manifest, create happiness and maintain health.

In times of unpreferred Karma, it’s pretty common for the Essential Self to go into a fight or flight response. It may get angry and resist or it could go into hiding or even dissociate. Are you experiencing one of those responses now?

Remind your Essence that you have given up punishment, that it is safe and that you are completely forgiven. 

Imagine that you can pull yourself back from situations across time and space where you are still stuck in “punishment.”


Clear a space for preferred root causes to take hold within the Self.

Use this symbol to Dissolve Destructive mental and emotional patterns.
See the patterns like dark clouds that you can dissipate into sunlight and clear blue skies.
“I dissolve destructive patterns that interfere with my health and happiness
and send them to the Sun to be purified.”


Once the blueprints seem clear, tap into your Root Chakra to clear the energy there. It helps to imagine it as a brilliant, red vibration swirling in a clockwise direction at the bottom of your pelvis. It may feel stuck, reversed or clogged. Don’t worry! You can clear it through your intention and attention! Feel free to move at any time in any way to help you embody your experience. Take all the time you need to do that.


Once that’s complete, place the energy of Forgiveness in the center open space of the Circle. Let it replace the old, collective foundation of Sin and being a sinner! Visualize letting go of all the guilt, shame and fight or flight responses you may be holding there. Allow it to become the foundation for new preferred decisions and a life affirming karmic flow.

Complete the sequence by closing the pathways that lead back to punishment.

“I recognize how spirit guides me through events.
All holes are sealed and healed.
I follow the direction of healthy protection.”


Now that you’ve cleared up agreements about sin and punishment you can navigate your karma in much more productive ways!  In this next section, there’s a list of possible activities to follow through with depending on what makes the most sense in your situation.

Learning Resiliency - Extra-intuitive Activities

Additional resources to help you navigate your karma:

Old SoulYou may or may not need additional information that comes directly from your Soul or Higher Self first. Ask:

“Do I need additional information?”

If so, let your intuition choose a number between 1 -49 from Gifts from the Rainforest. Once you have that number, go to that medicine and read about it.

You might also need a past life clearing of other private session. If that is the case, contact Rheanni and schedule your private online session. Call (505) 271-4612 or email Rheanni at soulresources@gmail.com

You might also need to choose a Mind Exercise or Self-care Formula for more processing:

There are five processes that I recommend at this stage:

Daily Support. Do you need some daily support to increase your awareness and make sure you’re taking good care of yourself? Go here.

Warning. Is your Essence trying to warn you about possible dangers coming? If so, go to Staying Out of Trouble.

Boundaries. Do you think you may be lost in the chaos and busy thoughts of others? Check out Develop Healthy Boundaries.


Clarification. Do you still feel uncertain about trusting your gut instincts and Essential Self? Go here for greater clarity.

Set Limits. Do you suspect that you’re getting scapegoated or dumped on? Learn How to Set Limitations.

Once you have your process number, go ahead and click on the link to that number and follow the directions.

This is the intuitive way to decide which process would help you with navigating your karma right now!

Continue with the Seven Primary Chakras and Maslov’s Hierarchy of Needs

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If you feel that this Mind Exercise has helped, but hasn’t addressed all of your needs, Rheanni Lightwater, BFA, CHT, CKP is an expert in the art and science of soul retrieval, chakra clearing and transmuting past life karma.Rheanni Lightwater - Navigate Your Karma She has 22+ years experience in Reiki, energy medicine and environmental energy clearing. Contact her if you still feel stuck, confused, or overwhelmed.

Ms. Lightwater’s mission as a Mind Body Healing practitioner is to assist people in creating vibrant health, happiness and prosperity. 505-271-4612 or email:

This mind exercise should not be considered as an exclusive method of treatment. The appropriate medical or psychotherapeutic authorities should be consulted for the diagnosis and treatment for any medical or psychological condition. The information and practices described on this website are best considered as an adjunct to orthodox medical or psychological treatments.