Intentions | Power Circle Tutorial – A

Clarify Your Intentions In the New Paradigm ~

Clarify Your Intentions

A Mind Exercise to Let Go of the Old and Bring In New Intentions From Your Soul.

As we move into new ways of being and behaving, there are always challenges that come in the form of old agendas, intentions and agreements that have to be reformed in order to create beneficial conditions that are free of all the internal conflict that comes from lack of clarity. This short exercise is designed to help you handle the initial confusion and hesitancy in your mind.

There are five general types of intentions that could be causing some trouble for you:

  1. Intentions that have already been completed and are out-dated. If intentions that are irrelevant to your current situation aren’t cleared up and released, they can cause unnecessary confusion, hardship and conflict.
  2. Get rich quick or fantasy intentions that aren’t well thought out. Unintended consequences can be disastrous. Use cause and effect thinking to sort this out. “If I do (don’t do) _______, what is most likely to happen?” Pay attention to how things work out in Nature.
  3. Assumptions that we know what’s going on and are right. This conditioned behavior will keep us from listening to what others are telling us and prevent us from learning at a time when we really need both of those things.
  4. Intentions that are sourced from spite or a rebel identity. If everything and everyone is out to get you, it will be very difficult to manifest a peaceful, prosperous outcome. Ask yourself if you’re cutting off your nose to spite your face.
  5. Allowing malignant motivations to poison your intentions. An intention that’s motivated by perfection, revenge or resentment will have a completely different result from one that is motivated by joy, self-love and respect.

This tutorial will help you to honor what has been, while effectively clearing the way for a new paradigm to be created based on equality, Soul co-operation and sustainable prosperity!

Begin with some positive affirmations for your Soul:

“I ask to free myself from harmful intentions so I can follow inner guidance. I create greater harmony, peace and _____________ .”


Part I: Identify Harmful Intentions So That You Can Release Them

Imagine you can softly gaze into the center of #40 Mapacho Medicine and see ancient intentions like eggs or seeds waiting to be activated.

Not only do you see your own intentions and prayers, but also cultural, ancestral goals that no longer have life affirming motivations behind them.

Visualize them like ingredients in a soup that is spoiling your genuinely desired outcome. Imagine you can scoop out any unpreferred intentions and send them to the Sun:

“In this exercise, I remove or reform any out of date intentions that are harmful to me.”

“I release other people’s intentions for me.”

“I intend that all harmful energies and intentions be sent to the Light and purified.”


Don’t be surprised if those old intentions and ingredients bring up some uncomfortable fixated feelings. There could also be memories, physical tension or inner conflicts.

Gaze softly at #32 Condor and relax. Gently break up or melt those conflicts away (this medicine is also good for when your mind goes blank). Here are some useful affirmations:

“I consciously send a laser beam to any fixations or let them melt.”

“I see the pieces breaking up – dissolving into nothingness.”

“I free my mind and energy to perceive differently.”

Once you’ve done that, it would be a good idea to go back to Mapacho and see if some other old intentions need to  be cleared away.

Be prepared to see things differently.

Imagine that you can send #11 Raccoon up and down your spine to unlock your connection to any agreement that’s keeping any harmful intention going. Here are some suggested affirmations:

“I release my agreement to hold onto anything that is harmful to me.”

“I let go of being used or abused.”

“I let go of any agreement to contribute to harmful practices such as _________.”

“I let go of fantasies, complications, lies, sabotage, etc. ________.”

“My new agreement is to do my best to learn how to love myself and experience what that really means.”

“I take good care of myself and _______.”

“I do my best to ____________.”

Go back to Mapacho and clear old intentions again.


By acknowledging your Spiritual Self with #49 Old Sol, you can reconnect and allow your Soul to be in charge of how and what you manifest.

Old Soul“I let go of the idea that I know what’s supposed to happen here.”

“I let go of other people’s intentions and plans for me.”

“I follow the guidance of my Soul and Higher Self.”

“I acknowledge that surrendering to the wisdom of my Soul and Higher Self is probably the best plan.”

“In accordance with my highest good, I let go of any plans, tendencies or life trajectories that are harmful to me.”

“I realign my goals, plans and intentions to be in harmony with my Soul’s purpose.”


Clear any karma with #37 Seed that interferes with having a healthy intention in the present. That includes karma that you may have taken on from others, including ancestral traumas, curses, grudges, etc.

“I let go of karma that actually belongs to others.”

“I release any karma I have to hold or internalize other people’s intentions, emotions, etc.”

“I transmute my negative karma and set it right.”

“I use my beneficial karma to create beneficial intentions for the New Paradigm.”

Ask yourself: “Do I have the karma to successfully manifest my intention?”

If not, what do you need to do?

It would be a good idea to go back to Mapacho again and clear away old intentions.


Imagine that #24 Dissolving Destructive Blueprints from Soul Prayer Charts for can help you identify and dissolve any toxic imprints or patterns that may be perpetuating harm. As you meditate on the symbol, consciously visualize toxic energy clearing out of your thoughts and mind and going to the Sun.
That way, you can be sure that you’re not dumping debris on others or our precious Earth!
You’ll know you’re done when the energy calms down.

“I dissolve any entanglements with harmful or outdated intentions.”


Seal and heal all holes, leaks or pathways that compromise safety and protection with #8, Piranha. These openings may be in your mind, your energy field or in the space around you.

“All holes and harmful pathways are sealed and healed.”

“My intention is to spontaneously close holes and harmful pathways whenever it is needed.”


Close the “Bridge to Nowhere.” Free yourself from harmful ties or chords.

“I let go of a harmful connections and obligations to engage with dangerous or abusive situations.”

Let yourself move around a bit and let go of excess tension.


Part II: Bring In A New Intention from Your Soul:

Allow your energy to reorganize itself around your new Soul Wisdom and the spiritual center of your heart with #1 Animal Spirits.

“I am positioned correctly to succeed in the New Paradigm.”

“I am connected and empowered to live in harmony with the Circle of Life.”

“I come from the heart and communicate with my Guides, my Psyche, my Soul, my Power Animal and my Higher Self.”

Ask your heart:

“Are there any remaining intentions that would interfere?”

If so, go back to Mapacho and clear out interfering intentions one more time.


Confirm your readiness to begin manifesting your intention in alignment with prosperity and your highest good. With this symbol, check these questions:

“I genuinely want to create _______________.”

“With this intention in mind, am I  ready and willing to create happiness in alignment with my highest good?”

If you get a “yes,” great! You’re ready to start your intention. If you get a “no,” go back and reevaluate until you find an intention that checks out with the statement above.

Sometimes the timing is wrong, is that happening now?

Sometimes we need to rest after finishing a big project, could that be happening here?

Other times, something is stuck or we need to wait for the right time to start.

To help you access help from your Soul, take a deep breath and relax your body. Allow your Soul to download its resources – its wisdom and insight for these chaotic times:

“I am filled with the wisdom of my spirit.”

Move around and stretch if you want to.

Make a Course Correction ~

Imagine that your Soul is gently turning you in the direction that’s best for you at this time. This is your way. Your path. The way that your heart is guided to follow that includes inner harmony.

Congratulations! You have created a clear slate for your truly desired, beneficial intention!

Now is a good time to get out into nature. Take a walk or do something you enjoy. The time you take for yourself now will help you move beyond thoughts and prayers and into fully embodied action.


Before you go – Close the doors to this healing meditation so that you don’t keep recycling finished business! Use these affirmations to help you:

“I seal and heal all pathways that lead back to harmful intentions.

“I follow the direction of healthy protection.”

Closure for Mind Body Healing



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